Green Reading Set A - Level #5

Phonogram Booklets
Materials: Rug or Table

!18 booklets, one to correspond with each phonogram featured in the 18 baskets. Each booklet contains 9 pages, with a different word on each page containing the designated phonogram. The word is printed in black, with the phonogram in red. The phonogram is printed on the cover in red. !A basket in which the booklets are kept !A 19 booklet contains 18 pages, with a different phonogram on each page. The cover of this booklet has no title.

thump moth thrill path

thick throb broth thud thin

sh shall fish shrimp flush shack shop brush dash polish .

ch bench ostrich chimp brunch chomp chest munch pinch chicken .

a_e pale cape rake mistake name flame scrape pale trade .

i_e wipe fine strike brine time expire bride pile crime .

o_e stole rode mope home broke zone note drove froze .

ar darn part garb farm spark hard tar harp target .

or born adorn forgot corks cord sort orbit storm pork .

oo bloom troop oops goof poof scoot mood noon cool .

ai mail paid faint strain hair gain claim raisin waist .

ea peat heat reap streak bead fear jean gleam eaten .

ay display gray pay bray stay holiday way sway day .

ee glee need seem greet free keep peel week tweed .

oa load soak float roar coax moan board goal boast .

ou loud bound joust scout pout sour count proud ground .

ow down frown crowd plow brow howl powwow trowel crown .

qu quiz quick liquid quit quack quest squint quilt quill .

y cavity funny milky rocky bumpy dressy happy puffy tummy .

throb shellac fade dome mentor brunch swipe snarl goop .

main display goal growl crabby cream beef sound quit .

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