Are you ready Lo #langchaL?

• WhaL?
• A weekly Lwluer chaL for World Language
1eachers ln exlsLence slnce 2011
• ulscusslon Loplc voLed on by Leachers on 1wluer
• When?
• Weekly on 1hursday aL 3pmÞS1
• Who?
• World Language Leachers from norLh Amerlca
(and someumes beyond!)
#langchaL - a 1hursday meeung for language Leachers
who explore a dlñerenL Loplc each week
Are you ready Lo #langchaL?
• ModeraLors
• Lrlca llsher [callcospanlsh
• ulego C[eda [ulegoC[eda66
• uon uoehla [ur_uMu
• Sara-LllzabeLh Couerell [SLCouerell
• krlsLy Þlacldo [placldo
• CrlsLy vogel [msfrenchLeach
• Colleen Lee-Payes [coleesensel

Are you ready Lo #langchaL?
• ModeraLors wlll sLarL Lhe chaL wlLh
• ÞaruclpanLs usually lnLroduce Lhemselves
• Who you are, where you are, whaL you Leach
• ModeraLors LweeL ouL Lhe Loplc for lnlual
• ..and lL's oñ

Pow do l follow #langchaL?
1) Coogle º1weeLdeck" and slgn ln uslng your Lwluer accounL
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2) LnLer Lhe #langchaL hashLag Lo seL up a dedlcaLed column
3) WaLch Lhe sLream, lurk Lhen [oln ln!
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