SECOND SERIES TEST – AUGUST 2013 EC09 L25 BIOMEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION Time: 2 Hrs (All questions are compulsory

) $!r A (Each question carries 2 marks) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What is residual volume? What is plethysmography? What do you understand by phonocardiography? What is the use of an EEG machine? o! is the patient protected from ha"ards due to electrical shoc# in a biomedical instrumentation system? To !": 50 M!r#s

%2 & 5 ' 10 M!r#s( $!r B (Each question carries 5 marks) 1. 2. 3. 4. $ifferentiate bet!een polarisable and nonpolarisable electrodes. $escribe the principle of operation of impedance plethysmography. What do you understand by the harmonic analysis of blood pressure !aveforms. Write short notes on Electromyogram. %5 & ) ' 20 M!r#s( $!r C (Each question carries 10 marks) 1. E%plain !ith the help of a diagram the !or#ing of &pirometer 2. $iscuss the !or#ing and principle of electromagnetic flo!meter %10 & 2 ' 20 M!r#s(

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