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The institute recognizes that faculty with rich academic & research credentials and dedication are the major building block of any education institute. Concept is proud to have such faculty high repute and talent testified by the growing number of successful student. Faculty of Concept with a student centric approach is known for its experience, expertise and effectiveness in the field of coaching.

Er. Prem Sharma Exp. 9 yrs (B.E. MNIT Jaipur) Er. Lalit Middha Exp. 3 yrs (B.Tech.Jaypee,noida) Mr. Brajesh Sharma Exp. 7 yrs (M.Sc., M.Phil.) Mr. Deepak Laddha Exp. 6 yrs (M.Sc.)

Mr. Sunil Gaur (M.Sc., M.Phil.) Dr. Kapil Jain (M.B.B.S) Mr. Gaurav Kejriwal (B.V. Sc. & A.H.) Exp. 12 yrs Exp. 6 yrs Exp. 6 yrs

Er. Bhupendra Middha (B.E.) Mr. Sunil Bhojak (M.A.) Mr. Tarun Kumar Nayyar (M.Sc.,M.C.A) Er. B.S. Charan (B.Tech.) Exp. 10 yrs Exp. 6 yrs Exp. 5 yrs

Mr. Abhishek Singh Exp. 6 yrs (B.V. Sc. & A.H.) Rakesh Verma (B.V. Sc. & A.H.) Exp. 2 yrs

Exp. 2 yrs

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