# 21, Street 432, Sangkat Boeung Tompon Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh Tel: (855) 15 798 099 E-mail !itha"!un#yahoo"$om!itha"!un#yahoo"$om CAMBODIA AGRICULTURAL VALUE CHAIN PROMGRAM %&&re!! #13', (oro&om Bl)&, Sangkat Tonle Ba!!a$, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh, Cam*o&ia Tel +12 ,4- +./ E-mail in0o#$a)a$kh"org %ppli$ation 0or po!ition o0 Dr !er Ba!e& in Phnom Penh 1ear S r"M#$#%
2 am !trongly intere!te& an& 3oul& really like to apply 0or thi! main po!ition a0ter 2 !a3 the announ$ement *y &e'( )e: &&&*+#%,r*+-% -. A/0()1231 2010* 2 3i!h to in0orm that 2 am &elighte& to $ontri*ute all my kno3le&ge an& !kill 3ith your $ompany" 2 3i!h to take thi! opportunity to !eek your $on!i&eration to allo3 me *e one o0 the $an&i&ate! ha)ing $han$e e4plore a*out my!el0 in the 0urther !tep!" 2 am $on0i&ent that 2 $oul& *e !uita*le $an&i&ate to meet the $riteria you ha)e *een !ear$hing 0or to 0ill a*o)e 5o* )a$an$y" 2t 3oul& *e an honor to meet you to e4plore thi! po!!i*ility an& to pro)i&e you the a&&itional 2n0ormation to !upplement 3hat appear on my re!ume"

2 gra&uate& at the R-4#l U. !er( )4 -5 L#& #.$ E+-.-% +( , ma5or in 0iel& o0 P0'l + A$% . ()r#) -." Short $our!e 2 ha)e *een !tu&ying the Cam*o&ia 1aily at pri)ate !$hool" So 0ar 2 ha)e no 3ork an& 2 really nee& thi! po!ition to get !alary to !upport my 0amily an& me" 2 ha)e 3 year! e4perien$e! 0or &ri)ing *ut 2 $an &ri)e 3ith !a0ety e)ery time" The kin& o0 the 3ork in 3hi$h your Company i! *eing engage& parti$ularly intere!t! me !o mu$h, an& 2 3oul& 3el$ome the opportunity that 3oul& lea& me to u!e all my a*ilitie! relate& to my !kill an& other !kill! an& internal an& e4ternal *rilliant $ommuni$ation" 2 am rea&y to *e $onta$te& *y you at anytime an& *e gi)en the opportunity to pre!ent at the inter)ie3 o0 your Company" Thank you 0or your $on!i&eration" 6our! Sin$erely,

S7( S2T8% 9Mr":

TRAINING COURSES 2++. 1. Criminal la3. 2++' 8a! !u$$e!!0ully $omplete& pa!!e& the e4am at R-4#l 0. Cam*o&ia" (855)15 798 099 ( ). %&mini!trati)e 2n!titution la3. 2ntelligent ?ight! la3.$ E+-.$ E+-. Sangkat Boeung Tompon. 8i!tory o0 international o0 relation!.-% +(* 8a! !u$$e!!0ully $omplete& the $our!e on Pu*i$ 2nternational la3.#*(0. Pu*li$ <un$tion la3 an& .. ..=2++2 1. Khan Mean$hey.3=1. !er( )4 -5 L#& #. Politi$ E$onomi$!.a!t (ame <i!t (ame Se4 1ate o0 *irth Pla$e o0 *irth (ationality Marital Statu! SUN SITHA Male +/. @*ligation la3. %pril.. Pu*li$ <i!$al la3. >ra&uate& Ba$helor 1egree at ?oyal 7ni)er!ity o0 ..-% +(" 8a! !u$$e!!0ully $omplete& the $our!e on Con!titutional la3.--*+-% PERSONAL DATA .. 8i!tory o0 politi$al an& So$ial E)ent!. .a3 an& E$onomi$!" Su*5e$t (70'l + #$% . Ci)il la3.'/ Phnom Penh Cam*o&ian Single EDUCATION 2++/=2++.) Toul Tom Pong 8igh S$hool Toul Tom Poung Se$on&ary S$hool Chey Chomna! Primary S$hool 2++2=2++/ 1. Phnom Penh. %&mini!tration la3.a*our la3. Metho&ology.anguage o0 R-4#l U. ()r#) -.CURRICULUM VITAE NAME ADD Tel E1%# l : : : : SUN SITHA #21. an& Engli!h language o0 R-4#l U.64#. Pu*li$ E$onomi$! la3. !er( )4 -5 l#& #. Banking la3. !er( )4 2++.egal Engli!h . Street 432.

. MS-E4$el an& 8-0. $on0i&en$e. honorBB RE8ERENCES (ame Po!ition Phone (um*er (ame Po!ition Phone (um*er P8%T K8EM%?% (ational 2n0ra!tru$ture Coor&inator 9'//:12 4'4 2++ S7( 1%(2T8 Sale! 1aparment at Bayon 8eritage Tra)el an& Tour!" 9'//: 1.$ E+-.. ?e!ear$hing 2nternet. . GOOD AT NEGOTIATION S:ILL ?ea&ing.i!ten to mu!i$. 9e#r C-0r(e at the ?oyal 7ni)er!ity o0 la3 an& E$onomi$!" 8a! !u$$e!!0ully $omplete& pa!!e& the e4am at Toul Tom Poung 8igh S$hool" Septem*er 2++/ OTHER IN8ORMATION .-% +(* %n& !u$$e!!0ully $omplete& 1ri)er Cour!e o0 23 Tola 1ri)ing S$hool" 2++/-2++8a! !u$$e!!0ully $omplete& a $our!e o0 B#( + -5 C-%70)er MS-Aor&.-5 L#& #. 8one!ty.anguage! Communi$ation Conne$ting 8o**ie! Poli$ie! Khmer Engli!h GOOD SK2. .$#) -.-3/ '. !u$$e!!. re!pon!i*ility.