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nov02.2013_b.docCSFI launches Kabuhayan 2013 Trade Fair

nov02.2013_b.docCSFI launches Kabuhayan 2013 Trade Fair

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CSFI launches Kabuhayan 2013 Trade Fair
CSFI launches Kabuhayan 2013 Trade Fair

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Published by: pribhor2 on Nov 02, 2013
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2, 2013

NR # 3275B

CSFI launches Kabuhayan 2013 Trade Fair
The Congressional Spouses Foundation Inc. (CSFI), led by its president and chairperson, Quezon City Vice Mayor oy !el"onte, has announced the holding o# a trade #air dubbed as “Kabuhayan 2013$ on %o&e"ber '()*, +*),. The #air, -hich ai"s to display #inest products uni.ue to e&ery pro&ince in the country -ill be held at the SM Megatrade /all II, 0 th 1e&el, Mega !, SM Mega"all in Mandaluyong City. Spea2er Feliciano !el"onte, r., Senator Cynthia Villar and Secretary 3regory 4o"ingo o# the 4epart"ent o# Trade and Industry (4TI) -ill grace the occasion. 4uring the press launch, !el"onte said the trade #air -ill gi&e s"all("ediu" entrepreneurs an opportunity to pro"ote and enlarge their "ar2et reach. 5It is not only the "icro(s"all("ediu" entrepreneurs that are being supported here by the CSFI, but -e also help the di##erent "arginalized sectors li2e cooperati&es, persons -ith disabilities (674s), correccional in"ates, -o"en organizations, the youth and "any "ore,$ !el"onte said. !el"onte said the pro8ect see2s to encourage s"all("ediu" business"en to increase their pro#it especially this Christ"as season. There are already ))* booths allotted #or e9hibitors -ho con#ir"ed their participation. 5So"e o# the spouses sponsored the pay"ent o# booths -hich -e o##ered to "icro( entrepreneurs to display and sell their products. This is the support e9tended by the spouses but the pro#it goes directly to the e9hibitors or sectors #ro" their respecti&e districts that they pledged to help,$ !el"onte said. :&ent Chairperson ;ristine Singson(Meehan #ro" the +nd 4istrict o# Ilocos Sur said the pro#it #ro" sales o# these products -ill go directly to the traders or s"all business entrepreneurs. 5The only assistance -e e9tend is help the" "ar2et and pro"ote their products here in the %ational Capital <egion (%C<) because "ost o# their products are only sold in their pro&inces and are not 2no-n to "any o# our country"en,$ Singson(Meehan said. oy Ta"bunting, -i#e o# <ep. 3usta&o Ta"bunting (+ nd 4istrict, 6ara=a.ue City), said their district -ill sho-case their #a"ous 6ara=a.ue doll and e"broidery products called “calado$ or an e"broidery techni.ue seen in their hand2erchie#s because o# their intricate e"broidery designs. These are "ade by the senior citizens in their co""unity, "ostly -o"en.

Mean-hile, /annah %u=o(Macrohon, daughter o# <ep. 1ilia %u=o (+nd 4istrict, >a"boanga City) said they -ill 8oin the trade #air and sho-case their #a"ous products despite the recent crisis that be#ell their pro&ince. 5I ha&e tal2ed -ith our correctional (pro&incial 8ail) in >a"boanga and -e -ill sho-case the products #ro" their li&elihood, products o# people -ith disabilities, ?a2an cloths and #ood products li2e our #a"ous @la&ar sauce and 5 lokot-lokot” or rice roll. I thin2 in Cebu they call it tinaktak,$ Macnohon said. She hopes that through this trade #air, the people in >a"boanga -ill be able to rise again. @s they say it in their dialect, 5Levantas ZamboangaA$ @lso, present during the press launch -ere 6aula Ca"ille !ondoc, CSFI :9ecuti&e 4irector, Michelle @ntonio #ro" @3!I@3 6artylist, <o"i de esus #to" 3abriela 6artylist, :dgar <ubiano #ro" the 1one 4istrict o# 6asay City and 1aarni <o.ue #ro" B th 4istrict o# !u2idnon. (,*) lvc

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