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M-346 jet trainer nears Mach 1 with software Talian-built jet trainer has reached near supersonic speeds in its Hight test program. Prototype aircraft No. 2 per- fornved three fights of about one ‘hour each and reached 2 speed of ‘Mach 0.96. A new release of fight-control software allowed the fighttest envelope to be ex Ts Alenia Aermacchi M46, panded, the company said, Be- fore the new software was in stalled, the aircraft had reached Mach 085, ‘The M-S40 Is being developed for increasingly competitive markets worldwide where air forces are either replacing aging Jettrainer fleets or looking to in- ‘roduce a jet into their flying gape training programs. The BAB Sys- tems Hawk Advanced Jet Train- cr and the KAIT:50 Golden Ea- le, based on the Lockheed Mar- tin’F-16 airframe, are among competitors. Aermiacchi, 2 Fin- ‘meecanica company, is pitching the M346 for the Eurotraining ‘program, an initiative to develop a conumon trainer for 10 Euro: ean alr forces Aermacchi said the Might-test program will pick up pace this year, leading to clearance of the full fight envelope, The firs: pre- production aireraft will ly in late 2007 Cubic to supply small-arms trainers to U.S. Amy tive Office for Simulation, ‘raining and Instrumentation awarded Cubic Corp. a $242. ‘contract ‘0 supply its En- gagement Skills Trainer 2000 (EST 2000) and other defense ‘raining systems. Under the award, Cubic'sSinna- lagion Systems Division in Ortan- do, Fla, will manufacture the small-arms training systems in- clucingthe EST 200%, which teach- esmarksmanship ski, spuadev- el callective defense and judg- I “shoot dont shoot” tae ties” The system teaches soldiers atthe U.S. Amy Infantry School how to use small ams, a well We .50-caliber M2 machine gun and the 40mm Mark-19 grenade launcher. ‘The Warrior Skills version of EST 2000 will allow mourced or dismounted soldiesto ergage er. Ts: ‘S. Army Program Exec ey targets as they move dough ‘avirtual urban environment Ua replicates current combat cori tuons and includes simulated im. provised explosive devices. Cubie has fielded more than 800 EST 2000s to military instal lations around the wold ‘Tne contract also calls for Cu A Traning & Seman Journal February/March 2007 Enscoment ‘Stils Talner 2000 can be used on fied sites or Uvensported Ina seit contained eployaole shelter. Dic to produce driver compo- nenis for the LAV 25 Advanced Gunnery Training System as a subcontractor to Lockheed Mar- tin, prime contractor for the vir- ‘ual trainer, which isused by the US. Marino Corps for combat gunnery training for light or ‘mored vehicle crews, US., German navies order P-3C trainers he US, Navy has awarded L-3 Link Simulation and Training 2 contract to provide a P3C (rion maritime surveillance air ‘craft Forward Deployed Trainer eon). ‘The Navy may procure up to hine aditional FDTS, Link ssid. The P-3C EDT supports im- rmersive training at three of the aireraf’s acoustic and nona- coustic sensor operator con- soles. ‘The trainer is modular, allow- ing consoles to be Mexibly arranged (o operate within the small footprint requirements found at austere overseas opera: tions. A PC-based instructor op- ‘erator station enables the desig. nated instructor to control the training exercise ‘The initial PIC PDT will be de livered to Naval Air Station Jack sonville, Fla, and is planned to reach ready-for-raining status in ‘March 2008 The last contract op- tion is scheduled to be exercised by the Navy during the latter part ‘of 2008, Ina separate deal involving P- 8C trainers, CAB was awarded ‘contract to develop a P-3C Orion ‘operational tactics trainer (OTT) for the German Navy. ‘The contract, valued at about $28 milion, calls for CAE to de- sign, manufacture and maintain anew OTT to train the rear crew sensor operators in the Orion. The OTT will be net worked with the aireraft's oper ational Might wal a Is upgrading, ‘The P-3C OTT is scheduled for delivery to the German Navy air wing in Nordholz in fall 2008, CAB's P-3C OTT program team includes Lockheed Martin and EADS, The German Navy acquired eight P-3C aircraft and a P-3C operational Might trainer frem the Royal Netherlands Navy in 5. AS part of the navy's P-3C Capability Upkeep Program, CAE was awarded a contract in 2005 to upgrade the Orion's flight trainer. CAE has already relocated the operational flight ‘rainer to its foclity in Stohlbers, Germany.