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Games Get Serious Another area to have substantially grown this year i the Serious Games Showcase & Chatenge (Lobby, Hall C), which this year ie being eponsered by HP [Booth 2415), Autodeak Government (Booth 25715) and Alicn Science and Technology (Beoth 1215). The ‘growing interest in this section of the evert: shows the ever closer ties between the M&S and geming communities. This yaar, nine companiae have bean chosen for the showcase with a further three receiving honorable mentions. One of the com panies that caught te Show Dali’s eye, at @ time when regioral leaders at gathered at Annapole, VA ta discuss a Pal peace dal, is Pes The Peacemater simulation turns the tracitonal strategic wargame concept on is head to produce @ confict resolution garne booed on reel events in the Middle Geet, Playere can take the rot of either the Israeli Prime Minister or the Palestinian President. and react to unpredictable real wor'd events. ‘The other games on display run through e whale renge of poten tial uses for simulation and training appl GAME and Hunt, focus on simulating technology, Others focus on humen elemerrs, such as combet care, or tactical skuatonel awerenece training, ‘The sponsors imite everyone to come and take a look at the vari- us participants and meke their own choice as to which is the most inriovative solution. The Challenge has three dfferert categories for chidente, indviduale /emall busineesee and lange busine tiniartsracl ioe, Soma, euch What does your training future hold? Lares Today, at 1130, in the Lobby of Hall C. the organisers will announce the People's Choice Award and the Best Small Business Awerd. Ls 141640 Grp Aveton Nntonane Enea SANE} Camber = et ‘egereees Pec Caspian Learning - Ready to Work teri. —Aesporz Red Claboretory Interactive Letring Reach - Sora Anes Ther & Comper Slatons - Teco Combet Cosiny ere Tal Langugs & Galsrs Tranny Opto = Teta Fal erst Grup = Vues owl = Cre! Ting Toning Indl - Es Sider «Seer Energi = TAC Army Theme for I/ITSEC 2008: Learn. Train. Win! The US Armys Program Executive Oiice for Simulation Training ‘and Instrumentation (PEO STAI proudly takes the reins of I/[TSEC 2008. As part of their reapcnsibilty eo the lead service for nex yeer, PED STRI unveiled tocay the thame for ned: yaer's canter. fence: Learn. Train. Wint ‘We chose this theme te cap: ture the spirit of the confer- ence. I/ITSEC 2008 is the 30th anniversary of the confer cence. Over three decades, we forged a partnership with indus: ‘uy, academia and tne mittary services that provides value to our nation, Learn. Train, Win! Is the bast way to instil the essence of what we ere about,” Dr Jemes Brake, program executive officer for PEO STA. teld the Show Daily, The theme was selacted in quite @ novel way, exolained Kristen Dooley, US Army PEO STAI Public Affsirs Officer. PEO STAI senior leaders opaned the selection of the theme to the entire workforce. GF the approximately 10 proposed themes, ‘Learn. Train. Win! was chosen. ‘Nove year’s theme ie concies, yot compn ‘wards ambaty the magnitude ard essence af the world's mast prominent smulation and training conference.” said Blake. The theme encompasace the many aapects of I/ITEEC by high lighting the oppartunities this conference provides to the military, ‘government, industry, academia and alied partners to collaborate, ‘cooperate and combine forces. (carina ‘enciva. Theee three = we 2 SHOWDALY