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If you're creative and you know it, you might as well as show it!
iMAGine. Think & B.E..
Join us!
If you're creative and you know it, you might as well as show it!
iMAGine. Think & B.E..
Join us!

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Published by: ravnoor on Aug 04, 2009
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letters to the editor

Prabhjot Virk
I write-down to speak-up!
The Editor
Congratulations on your first outlet. As
scintillating is the essence of the word “iMAGine”,
I hope the publication leaves tremendous impact
on its readers and gets its much deserved
Dreams are the manifestation of our imagination
that catches the span of the moment. A dream is
abstractly defined as that you see during your
sleep. So when your screechy alarm rings tearing
your ears off, just snooze the button and dream a
little more. Dreams are depicted as aim &
pursuance of life, or even a step further as higher
motive in life and passion. But let me halt you for
a minute; aren't these the steps to achieve our goal
in life? They say ideas and thoughts just don't
come out of the blue but as a matter of fact, they
A dream, seen either during the day while you are
in middle of a lecture, or in the night during the
sleep actually scintillates you for an aim. It creates
a rousing, a craving that drives you to fulfill your
dream. The scintillation, nonetheless, may die in
the budding stage or go on to the extent of ultimate
zenith of the individual's life; as the case may be.
Quoting Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, he said, “Dream,
Dream & Dream”. A dream can be so worthy and
inspirational as an innovative idea that Einstein
had postulated and given hypothesis of relativistic
physics just on the basis of thought experiments!
So now you see that your seemingly worthless
dreams and out of the world thoughts can turn out
be quite fruitful if applied properly with utmost
optimism. So if you think you can dream then you
can dare to pursue it too. Remember making a
dream your aim is harder than pursuing it.
Navpreet Singh
UIET,Panjab University
The Editor
One of the most favorite places (not mine, please note) of my class to hang out while at college, is not Stu-C, or the green benches
to bask in sun, or the new canteen, or the cool PU market, but the cute little photostat shop residing peacefully near the stairs of
ground floor of the Academic Block 1, UIET Sector 25, conveniently adjacent to the class of Biotech 2010. Already the biotech
people are notorious for their highest number of subjects & huge syllabus, being in the vicinity of the photostat shop adds to their
joy & to my misery. They savour the tiny cubicle before & after every lecture, practicals, and in some extreme cases, even during
our rare bunks, like I may visit an apparel showroom or the Archies; for asking the Bhaiya for ANY NEW, repeat, ANY, notes, or
transparencies the teachers may have given. On the days there are none, they come back empty handed, eyes downcast with
sorrow, in total contrast to the jumps of joys and smiles of excitement when there are; as the whole set of 70 odd students gather
their way outside the shop. It has to be noted that the group also consists of a very reluctant me. They wave the warm sheets in air,
showing off. A day well spent. They return to their homes, eyes shining with the prospect of studying and cramming something
different and new, while, I, clutching the new notes look around hopelessly for someone, Anyone, who would share my feelings &
offer sympathy would agree that as students of UIET, we are not supposed to be so studious and obedient. Finding none, I keep the
pages in the back pocket of my bag, which has grown substantially heavy by the addition of these daily intrusions. I never get
around to open the pocket, let alone removing them from my bag and reading them, till the night before sessionals. Question is, am
I a True UIETian, or are They ?
Vidhi Verma
Biotech, UIET
The Editor
I am nearing almost 3 years in college and I am still without a girlfriend. Is it required to have a steady boy-
friend/girl-friend in college? "Chandramukhi ho ya paaro, ki farak painda hai yaaro!" The fleeting pleasures that
the college dudes and dames wake up with every morning from day ONE in college, is to become two from one!
Guys without girlfriends and bikes are treated as pariah in the college community. You can call them DESPOS
(and yes, that's what everyone becomes)! The Dream-boy/girl personifies in the figurative form of Angelina Jolie
(walking and holding hands on a beach), or Tom Cruise (sipping the fruit punch mock tails from the same glass).
The thoughts get wilder and more whimsical until they finally start going around with a person of their choice or
else they simply compromise just for the heck of the “committed status” symbol. Else they simply moan and groan
under the heavy yoke of “singleton-ism”.
In ‘Harry Potter and the
Chamber of Secrets’,
everybody at the
Hogwarts school of
Witchcraft is scared
because one by one,
students are being
petrified and nobody
knows by whom. A
friend asked what
petrified meant, and I
said, “Pathar-ified.” Did
it strike you that petros,
the Latin word for stone (and the source of
both petrify and petroleum) and our pathar
have the same consonants? Is it just a
coincidence? The answer is “No.” All the
languages of Europe, of North-India and of
western Asia have one common ancestor- the
Proto-Indo European (PIE) language- which
was spoken around 7000 years ago. Those
people then migrated in waves to different
parts of the Eurasian landmass, taking with
them their shared words. Millennia have
passed, but a few words still remain
recognizable across the tongues.
The Latin os means ‘bone’, hence the words
ossify and osseous. We call the bony remains
of a dead man asthi. A desiccated thing is
totally dried up, because the Latin siccus
means ‘dry’, exactly what the Punjabi sukka
and the Hindi sukha means.
The words potent, potentate, omnipotent,
impotent, potential, all centre on the Latin
root potis, meaning ‘powerful, able.’ The pati
of an Indian woman is her master and her
The words young, juvenile and junior have
the same consonants as our yauvan and
jawaan, and mean the same too.
We call our cattle pashu and the Latin word
was pecu. When money had not yet been
invented, the wealth of a man was
determined by the size of his flock. That is
how the Latin word pecuniarius which meant
‘related to cattle’ came to mean ‘related to
wealth’ and gave us both pecuniary and
Naash for us means death or complete
destruction. The Latin nox means ‘harm,
injury’ and nex, ‘death, murder.’ These roots
engendered innocent, innocuous, noxious,
obnoxious, pernicious, internecine, necrosis
and necromancy. For us, death is maut or
mrityu, and the act of dying, marna. The
Latin for death is mortis and morire means
‘to die.’ The words it produced are murder,
mortal, immortal, mortify, moribund,
mortuary, mortician and postmortem. Our
mythology said that Amrita (a-mrita) was the
drink of gods which could make one
immortal. Similarly, the Greeks believed in
Ambrosia, the food of gods (a- + mbrotos,
related to mortos , ‘mortal.’)
This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are
many more of such fantastic correlations
waiting to be discovered by you! Think what
you call your throat, sugar, your father and
your mother, or look up at the night sky.
They all will lead you to more such PIE
roots. Keep exploring! Have fun!
Irina Brar: Chandigarh Golf Icon, has been a winner all the way... The nation's
top ranked lady golfer at the age of 16! She faced a rough patch owing to spinal
injury in November, 2002, but here is the winner continuing...
1. You had won a medal in figure skating as a 4 year old. So how did golf happen
to you?
My mom is a golfer. So I used to go hang out at the golf club waiting for mom. I
thought it was too slow, but I got inspired to start while watching a PGA tour event
in USA in 1995. Then I bought a golf set, and realized I was really good at it, and
was hooked!
2. In India, sports other than cricket do not enjoy as much support, especially
financially; on top of that, women in sports earn only a small fraction of what
their male counterparts earn. Does this situation bother you?
We definitely need more sponsors to support golf and women's golf in particular. It
gets really expensive to play the tour, and until we get sponsors, the numbers won't increase. Cricket overshadows
every other sport into oblivion.
3. You became the nation's top-ranked lady golfer on your 16th birthday. That is something like doing a Sachin
Tendulkar in golf. How does that feel?
It felt good. I was lucky to have great social support, my mom would travel with me, dad would finance the travel,
and school and friends were supportive.
4. You saw a rough patch in your career when you fractured your lowest vertebra in November 2002. How did
you cope up with it?
It was hard to take a break when playing one's best. Mom was great, she kept me entertained and pampered even
when I was on bed rest. I am a very positive person, so there was no moping around; it was seen as an opportunity
to relax instead of a forced break.
5. Coming back after 11 months of a forced hiatus (after November 2002), you clinched the Punjab Ladies
Open Amateur Golf Championship title by a big margin. That really shows your class. What inspires
you/inspired you to go on?
I really missed the game during the break. I was dreaming golf, eating golf….so when I could play; I was just so
motivated and excited that when I was back, the scores took care of themselves.
6. You have modeled for a Mumbai jewellery outlet and are also the brand girl for Nike. How was that
It was interesting, my friends made so much fun of me though. Fame is fun while it lasts.
7. The best compliment you ever got?
Don't remember. Probably that I inspired many girls to take up golf.

8. Could you tell us something about your future plans? Where do you see yourself and Indian golf 5 years
from now?
I am currently pursuing a second Masters degree in Sport Psychology from USA. Next year I start a PhD, and will
be a practicing sport psychologist. I also plan to get back to golf after my back heals. Indian golf is growing at a
fantastic rate. In 5 years hopefully we will have many Indians playing the PGA Tour, and hopefully Jeev would
have won a Major!
9. Whom do you look up to for inspiration?
Tiger Woods. Need I say more?
10. How have your parents' supported you as a professional golfer?
My parents have supported me in every way possible. Dad helped with the finances, Mom is my sport
psychologist, mentor, everything rolled into one. I would not be where I am without their involvement.
11. So what is it that really takes to be an 'Irina Brar'?
Interesting question. To sum it up, I would say: I am not afraid of being different. And I work hard to be the best
at whatever I am doing.
Quick Facts:
1. The book that you're currently reading: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
2. The last movie you saw and loved: Marley and Me.
3. What did you dream last night? I didn't get enough hours of sleep to dream!! Don't remember, usually I do.
4. One thing that you would want to say to the readers of iMAG? Life is 10% what happens to you and 90%
how you deal with it.
5. The craziest thing you've done? Moved to a different country to an alien place to pursue my dream.
Interviewed by:
Amita & Kriti
Japinder Gill
It’s beter to let people think you are an idiot, than to open your mouth and prove it!
Just For You
I always wanted to talk, but could never dare.
Whenever you came in front, I could not help but stare.
I had my ideas and feelings to share,
But still I wasn't convinced that you really care.
You had filled my dull life with zeal,
Just a talk with you had become a big deal.
There's so much about you, that I feel,
You will never know, how hard this was, to conceal.
Everybody's life does take a turn,
But for my mind, your memories were difficult to burn.
Evaluation of my past, tells me that I was wrong,
And here's how I have changed my love song.
There was a time when I could do nothing but stare,
But now my life has changed its gear.
I'm ready to say what you always wanted to hear,
Yes, yes I want you to come near.
Abhishek Kashyap
UIET,Panjab University
I died in the last hour somehow...I don't know Oh! He was an angel with those wings and that golden ring.
And God opened his gates - it was the time to go Maybe he was here to demonstrate the effect - (I'll miss but) the
I didn't lament dying as it didn't feel so bad heavens can bring.
Only the pain of my kin was what made me sad Though sad, I approached him and saluted with a spirited air.
Because forever in my life, at its every juncture, And he replied the following, tossing back his blond hair.
My life had been dear to me...but death had been the next great "O son of the LORD - as thou comest' here, be proud for thee see
adventure. the heaven from wherest' thou art' standing.
Thou art' the 7th man to comest' here and who hast' been fair in his
So I walked on... judgment and understanding."
On that path through a heavenly lawn.
I can easily recall, that not much had I walked, And suddenly it dawned upon me,
When on that cobbled track, I reached a fork. That I was the 7th man here to be.
On a signboard was written "RIGHT HELL" and "LEFT That's why the road was rugged and shriveled,
HEAVEN" BECAUSE it was the road less travelled!
And it also gave the direction to some cloud numbered 7. And I asked the angel if God was on the cloud 7
The way to hell was ragged and hard He affirmed, since the cloud favored the 'RIGHT'
While the same to heaven was handsome and smart. The actual way towards heaven.
And the cloud 7 was up there ....where no way went.
It just stood there...to the "RIGHT" slightly bent. And then a magnificent door appeared
And as I entered, my doubts all cleared,
But leaving that I thought about my whole life A deep divine voice spoke to me,
About all those times when I had put my parents through strife. That before, "The Heavens" I should see,
About those moments, when because of me my brother had cried I must know why and how I'm there.
And about all those insects...under my feet which had died. Although in my whole life I had been a liar
It's true that after death, you see your life as a movie. Although many sins I had committed,
And you have to decide whether it is horror or emotional, cruel or And to my many desires I had submitted.
groovy. Then why in the name of heaven.....in the hell I don't lie?
I had also shoplifted my favorite - Bryllcream hair gel And I was answered there and then...
And so I decided...that heaven may be good but I deserved the hell. Doubts and problems life puts forward when,
It never matters with God, whether you win or you loose,
And so heavily, hesitantly and unwantingly I took the right - the But it does matter with him...WHAT YOU CHOOSE.
way which was rugged and broken. The ways of the RIGHT or the ways of the WRONG,
Dry bushes, sand and stones were its only token. On these decisions of yours....his decisions about you throng.
With a regretting heart I noticed that the way was comfortable Because his destiny is not governed by man's talents or vices...
So much that I wondered, if hell was likable! But wholly, solely and only by....HIS CHOICES.
And as I approached the gates of the hell,
I could figure out Satan and he was dressed well! Love Upadhyay
Remembering his job, I felt pity on the devil's plight, UICET, Panjab University
And when I noticed it - I couldn't understand...DEFYING
¬a· =-= z= ·/
=-= =
+·// ¤=/ ·// ·¤/· v-/
·//z ·//z av = =-a
¬=¬ ·// ¤-* ¬/·
=¤ v-/
¤=/´ ¤=/´ va/ +·a ·/
=¬= +·a */=/ ·¤/
¤-* ·// =/¬/ ¬/¤/·/
¬=¬ +/ a¬= ·//
¬ra, =¤ +/ -¤/= ·//
=¬/ a/
¤n ·// a¬-/¤=/ =/
·/º/= ·/º/= */=/ +·a
=/= ·// ==+/ ·/º/=/
¤-* a/ a=·/ */¤/=/
z+ +-¤/ + ¤++·
= v-/
=*· ¬/· =º//= ¤=
·// =/,
·/=/ =*· =/= v-/
·/a/ u/ ¬/= vv=
¬/a v/a = /¤º¤/= ·/
¬/·¤/ ·// c+
n==+c ·//
·//= +/ ·// /=¤=/
v= ·/= */=/ +/ =/
v· +· = =+/ +c
·/z¤/ + +== v·
¤/´*=/ +/ =/·/ =/
·//= ·// ·/z /¤==//z
·/¬ º/r/ ¤= v+c ·//
¬v === ¤= /=¤/
·=// +·=/ =/¤/ ===,
¬/· +c ==/ ¬v=/
/*=// +· =/== ¤=
v-/ ¤/
¬v=/ =/·/ /v=/ ===
/=c/ + */rc = ·/a/
/+¤/ ·// === =¤
UIET, Panjab
Artificial hands, artificial sand...
Artificial hands and artificial sand,
What's then slipping???
Slipping out of hand.
No feelings, no opportunities,
What's there to lose?
When you've nothing…
Absolutely nothing,
from which to choose!
Why this worry?
Why this rush?
Carry on with your mundane task,
with peace and calm,
And maybe, just maybe,
you won't lose that charm!
It's this place, this world,
It's this time,
It's NOW!
Seemant Dadwal
UIET,Panjab University
If pun is bad, poetry is verse!
Books I like
Life Of Pi
Yann Martel
Genre: Fiction
Publisher : Penguin Books
(Winner of the Man Booker Prize 2002)
Piscine Molitor Patel, self-christened as Pi,
and interestingly named after a swimming
pool, lives in Pondicherry, where his father
owns a zoo. As the protangonist of the story he
comes forth as a sensitive, observant, earnest
young person who refuses to take facts for
what they are. Though born a Hindu, he
embraces Christianity's message of love and
also becomes a devout Muslim. As the priest,
pandit and imam tell him to choose one, Yann
beautifully moulds the frivolity of religious
When he is sixteen, his parents decide to
emigrate to Canada, taking an entire shipload
of now-yankee animals with them.
Tradegy however strikes when the ship sinks
and he is left to fend for himself, cope up with
the loss of his family, and, survive with a
hyena, a zebra, an orangutan and a 450 pound
royal Bengal tiger on a single lifeboat.
The story takes interesting turns as the true
nature of the human psyche rips apart in the
face of crisis.
The story is not just an effortless allegory but
infact an unputdownable adventure. Life of Pi
is a novel that sees, wonders, explores; a piece
of art that that challenges life itself with the
claws of survival, and enchants all with the
ripping quality of its being. Just when you
thought you were done with fiction, Yann
Martel makes you gobble those thoughts up,
with helpless certainty and unimaginable
Martel is powerful in language, simplistic in
thought and a master at storytelling the
perfect ingredients for an-edge-of-the-seat
voyage that excites, enchants, hypnotizes, and
most of all keeps you turning that page. Just
one more time.
The Google Story
David A.Wise
Genre: Non-Fiction
Publisher : Pan Books
It's the 'TO DO' book! It's not just a dry
account of how one of the defining turn points
of our time came to be, but is definitely more
than that. A lot more! It's an inspiration, how
to carry on even with the odds majorly
stacked against you and tread steady for what
you believe in even when the world goes the
other way.
The story has been given in a uniquely
capturing way. The best part is that it starts
from the very beginning… No kidding! It
kinda takes you into the minds of the two
brilliant 'Google Boys'. It starts with their
background to how they met to how they
materialized the one unfathomable task
without which we are paralyzed in today's
world, 'GOOGLE'. It also gives an account of
how Google functions, where its think tank
lies and how it continues to build up wonders.
So, if you wanna know how Google came into
being and how its thirty-two-year-old
founders managed to take Google from just
another search engine to a company that has a
market value worth billions, just grab yourself
a copy and start Googling!
Copy from one person and it’s plagiarism.Copy from more and it’s research.
The Death Cauldron
Sitting by the window side in my house, with a cup of coffee in hand, I can feel the zephyr
blowing on my face. The tintinnabulation of the sea waves and the sound of the cuckoos bring a balmy
feeling to me. My house is located on the suburbs of kanyakumari, away from the kerfuffle of the city. It
is not very far away from the sea, with a beautiful kaleyard with lanky trees in abundance. My wife and I
shifted to this beautiful house last year after getting married. With no kindred here, we had started our
married life with full zest. I am a doctor by profession and run my personal clinic. My wife Anamika,
was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, high on pulchritude, absolutely an angel. She was a
teacher by profession. She was as beautiful as a goddess. Her seducing eyes, outlined with kohl and the
kisscurl on her face made my heart flutter. She had the serenity and the innocence of a child on her face.
Her lissom body and her presence made the temperature sour upto several degrees. She made my heart
kindle with emotions. She was paramount to anything else in the world for me. Today, sitting by the
window side, I remember my dear wife. I am all alone. I feel completely knackered with a feeling of
being kaput.
It all happened three months after our wedding. It was a wonderful evening. Anamika was too
excited as she had been promoted and had received kudos at work. To celebrate her success, I decided to
prepare supper. She went to the kaleyard to collect fruits and kales. Suddenly I heard a klaxon in the
backyard and I heard Anamika scream. I rushed to the kaleyard and saw Anamika being pushed in a car.
Before I could rescue her, the car drove away. With my hands on my knees, I knelt on the ground. I was
shattered. The pain was unbearable.
Five months have passed now. The serenity suddenly turns into sounds of kookaburra. I hit my
knuckles hard. There is a yearning to get rid of my frustration. My heart begins to swelter with the heat
of retaliation. My life has been out of kilter for a long time. There is an urge to transform the jangling
discords of my mind into peace. I move out of the house, with proper kit I had arranged for this very day.
Driving the car through the countryside, I reach a cottage amidst a murky place on a small hummock. I
rush and open the lock. A woman is tied to a chair, almost unconscious. She is my wife. She had been
tortured enough. But today would be her end. This would be her final kip. I would put the kibosh on her
life. This knave woman will die today. I take out the kalashnikov from my kit and finally shoot my dear
wife. She is dead. I then take the petrol can and spill kerosene on her body and burn the corpse so that no
one would ever recognize her. I then pack the seared cadaver in a rucksack and dispose it off in a drain. I
am finally at peace. I am driving back home with a feeling of joy. I will kick off my life with new zeal.
She has finally paid the price of betrayal, for betraying my trust, my love for her, by indulging in an
affair with Ayaan. The fire started when one day I saw her with Ayaan outside her school while I was
returning from my clinic. I also heard her talking on phone with him. He was one person in her life about
whom I did not know.
I could not see her with anyone other than me. My intense love for her prompted me to get her
kidnapped, so that no one would have the sleekest idea that I did it all. And now I have achieved my
goal. I feel happy and contended, like a Kaiser. Now I will live life king-size. My life will no more be
kinky. I reach my bedroom and open her cupboard. I wanted to simply erase that woman out of my life. I
wanted to dispose off all her assets. Taking out all the knick-knacks, I find a diary under her clothes. I
read her diary. Her diary was the perfect epitome of her love for me. All she had written was that she
loved me a lot. The diary entry of the day before I got her kidnapped was:

“Today I met Ayaan. I did not tell about the meeting to my
husband. I know this is wrong. But this is all I could do. My
eternal love for my husband has prompted me to have an
affair with Ayaan or else he will kill my husband. I love my
husband a lot. I hope he will forgive me for my sins. God
please forgive me for my sins.
Please show me a way out. I am sorry. “
I felt a lump going down my throat. I wish I had read this
and known the veracity of the findings before killing my
wife. If I had trust on my wife, I would not have killed her so
savagely. Today, I am all alone, living in grief, in love of my wife, leading a life I have orchestrated
myself. I have shattered my life into smithereens. I have mucked up and vandalized my life myself. I am
paralysed and there is no motive of my existence. In the throes of gloom, I have locked myself in a
single room. Life is repugnant without her. I have my wife's diary as the only relic of her memory. I am
living vicariously with her and will die for her. I don't expect my wife to forgive me for my sins. I
deserve something more than death. I have created this cauldron of death myself….
Mansi Arora
UIET, Panjab University
T king e Le p... a Th a
Have you ever thought:
On asking a couple of UIET girls about their dream career, one said, on condition
"I wish I wasn't an engineer?”... not because it's tough to cram up 5-6 different of anonymity, "I wanted to become an FBI agent, because it's so adventurous and
subjects every semester, for 4 years, along with managing the lab work; but thrilling. I regularly used to watch serials like Medical Detectives, Tehkikaat and
because you feel you're not cut to apply yourself in the core technicalities of X-Files. However, I felt that my physique wasn't good enough for this".
your stream.
When asked whether she would pursue the same if given the
"I wish I wasn't a doctor, or a dentist, for that matter?”... not because it still opportunity now, the answer came as a surprising no. "I will
gives you a shiver when working with cadavers, or its overwhelming and not be much successful if I join FBI at this stage, considering
uninteresting at times to learn all about the physiologies and anatomies of the all the practicalities. However, I'd love to pursue it as a side
human body; but because you feel you wanted to achieve stardom, gain instant kick.”
money, and worry about the latest fashion trends rather than curing everyone Ah well, reality bites.
around you.
Are dreams not worth it? Is life not worth taking the leap?
"I wish I could have tried harder to convince my parents to send me off to the Says career counsellor, Varsha Verma, “A large section of
acting school?"... because you still feel more alive than ever while you are students are unaware of what they really want to achieve in
practicing for the annual college fest. life. This amounts to a situation like boarding a train without
knowing one's destination. Undoubtedly it may result in waste of precious time as
"I wish I hadn't given up my dream of joining the Men-In-Blue?"…just well as money. As such parents direct them to a safer option, which is not wrong
because your tutions seemed more important to you at that time, or your small either.”
city didn't have too many facilities to offer.
However, as it is evident from the fall of global
economy, it is unlikely that we would get the job for
In our college gang, hostel friends and everywhere in the people around us, we all which we have slogged for the past 4 years anyway.
know the joker of the group, the one who can make us laugh endlessly by his gags This is the time when our old dreams haunt us the
& pranks, yet didn't pursue his talent; and the girl who paints so well that your most. There's no way the psychiatrist is going to lose
eyes widen in appreciation every time you see the beauty she has created; or the her job, or the newspaper reporter will go starving (not
captain of the college cricket team (whose good luck every cricket player admires, literally), or the chef will be out of business.
but very few know it was due to family pressure that he had to give up his place According to Varsha Verma, presently, due to
on the Ranji Team); or the bubbly girl whose dressing sense is so 'chic' that you recession, jobs related to environment and nature will
used to wonder how she got her style, until she told you she'd missed the interview survive. Recession has 2 types of effects:
at NIFT barely, and didn't appear for the 2nd time, "for personal reasons". 1) Primary and Direct effect on IT sector, tourism, luxury, highly specialized jobs,
2) Secondary and indirect effect on conventional jobs.
So it's happened to all of us, or to someone who's close to
us. Engineering, Medical, Law & Commerce are the In a survey conducted by Team @ iMAGine, we asked some pertinent questions
predominant professions one can think of. All the parents (sample space 120 Students) and found that a whopping 69% of the respondents
want their kids to become one of the above or some of the were not pursuing a career of their choice. The main reason that they were stuck in
above, and for same old clichéd reasons: job stability more conventional, high paying jobs was mainly due to parental influence and
(though recession has changed the current equation friends.
everywhere!), money, and respect, even though it's a known P. Mannar Jawahar, Vice-Chancellor of Anna University, Chennai:
fact a "theatre production manager" would raise more says, “Graduates should continue the learning process and equip themselves in
eyebrows than a simple C.A.!! their respective fields even after graduation.”*
Which of course brings us to probe these rather ostensible facts of life. In the wake of the current crisis, here's hoping that we learn to think deeper, soar
Is money worth giving up your dreams for? Or are dreams meant to be dreamt higher, live more. Even if it means taking that leap.
and got over with, when the real world is as ugly as it can get? There's no denying
the fact that if you're not pulling yourself up, then someone will pull you down. I wish I could,
Nor that, non-science students (unless exceptional) are not treated with the same I wish I would,
respect that science students get. Nor the fact that while engineers (in non I know I should,
recession times) are on the financial joyride at 22, most artists move in to I wonder, I stood.
comfortable living posthumously.
Q1. Is your present career the one you wanted to pursue from the beginning?
Remember when you were 8 yrs old & your reply to the "What will you become
when you grow up?" Answers like Astronomer, Newspaper boy, Chef, Heroine,
Dancer, or even Superman came without the slightest hesitation. Of course, it is
unfair to compare because you were immature and hardly had any knowledge
except for the people around you. But what these answers reflect is your spirit of
adventure. We all think of our childhood dreams with a touch of nostalgia, yet few
work hard enough to get those dreams into action.
Q. How did you end up being an RJ?
M : I never wanted to become an RJ. I was more into theatre. I have done 17 plays, and was selected for a
movie opposite Dino Moreo. But my mom and dad didn't let me go to the Big Bad World of Mumbai.
I was very disappointed. I had won the Best Actress Award for 3 years consecutively at NSD, and I could
see my Bollywood Dream just crashing. Then radio happened. I went to this certain radio station, and from
more than thousand people, got selected in the top 3. So that's it! My journey!
Q. Why do you think people relate to you so well?
M : Basically I am a very expressive person. And more importantly, I'm very genuine in my show. It
doesn't make any difference to me whether I am "On air" or "Off air". I don't become some other
personality when I am in front of the mic. I am the same Meenakshi who's talking to you right now. I am
not like : "Yo man! Hey! Ho! You're listening to Blah Blah Blah .. “ I can't do it.
Q. How did you come up with this idea, of hosting a love show? Q. : It's not an easy task to keep a daily show alive. You need to have fresh
M : Because I truly believe in love. I love everybody. It's a never ending feeling ideas for every moment, because the audience is pretty constant. But you have
for me. It's like Meenakshi = Love. I can do any other show but love is the best. done this. What's the secret behind this creativity?
M : I am thinking about my show 24/7. Even while sleeping or eating. I see some
Q. How come you are so good at listening to people, solving their problems and weird guy on road and I think okay I'll talk about him today. I can't separate radio
most important, at match making? Your shows are always a great hit, with from my mind and lifeIn a nutshell, "Its a passion for me, so it's easy.."
calls pouring in and in.
M : I was like this right from childhood. Used to pair up my friends, first Q. What is the best thing that you like about yourself as an RJ?
approaching the gal from guy's side and then the guy's, with the girls' answer. I M : I love people! I just love people, and that's the biggest advantage I have. I
feel this is very natural with me. In fact, I used to solve up all the fights between haven't seen God, so the people are God for me.
my friends and family. So much so, that at the end of the day, the fight between
mom and dad was never resolved until Meenakshi interfered. It's natural for me Q. What qualities should a person have for being an RJ?
to listen to people and give them advice. M : Passion, and only Passion for your profession. You have to be passionate
about people, because they are the ones who'll make you successful. You can't
Q. How did you come up with this latest show of yours? "Fantasy nights?" fake this, because if you do, you can't sustain for long.
M : I thought that Meenakshi has brought so many people together and has
solved so many of their problems. What next? I needed to take things to a new Q. : How can I prepare to become an RJ? What about training?
level. The Chandigarh audience was pretty shy and liked to keep things in the M : Anybody can be an RJ, but he needs to have the above qualities. And as per
closet. No one believed me when they heard my idea. They said no one would training : the basic training starts at home. Have a recorder and tape yourself.
call up and we'd have to make fake calls. But I said I've never taken fake calls, You're the best judge of yourself. You'll know how good or bad you sound. But,
and won't take them this time too. I'd rather end the show. But when the show at the same time, if you've participated in Elocutions at school level, it really
actually surfaced, the response was amazing. It's such a hit now that I get calls helps.And about the formal training, I think theatre teaches amazing voice
till 1 at night... modulation. My experience in theatre has taught me a lot. It's better to do theatre
than to do training.
Q2.What made you join this field?
Quick Facts:
Belongs to: Chandigarh
Education: BSc. Chemistry (Gold Medalist)
Love to me is: Where you can be yourself
Qualities of an ideal partner: Real, passionate and a good sense of humour.
Last book read: The 3 mistakes of my life
Hate: Maths
Favourite movie: Dil Se
Believes in Blind Dating: Yes
Favourite dish: Vegetarian sizzlers
Ethnic or modern? Fusion
Beach or hill top? Beach
Favourite place to hang out around Chandigarh: Kasauli
What's more important for an RJ: Spontaneity or Sensibility: Spontaneity
RJ Meenakshi is the bubbly and vivacious host of MY FM, Chandigarh’s “Oye
Hoye Meenakshi!” Her show targets the youth of the city and helps them express
their love on-air. She invites listners to play the game of love and test their love
they share. She plays cupid on-air and helps those who wish to convey their
liking for someone by proposing on behalf of the caller. Her honesty ensures that
people confide in her.
Interviewed by:
Vidhi & Umang
Compiled by:
Jet fuel fire balls bellowed orange as two jet liners crashed through
and through the New York City skyline. The air turned black, acrid as
people screamed, squirmed, cried, in mute shock and utter disbelief -
at the blatant reality of the brazenly obvious.
If only, we had thought.
In the worthy words of Osama Bin Laden, 'We must understand our
religion. Fighting is a part of Sharia and hostility towards America is
religious duty. We will be rewarded.'
Well, if only we had thought.
The bloodiest attack, ever, on Indian soil.
3 Days. 183 Dead. 11 Targets. One Root.
Ajmal Kasab. Lashkar-e-taiba. Pakistan. One Root.
If only, we had thought.
Terrorism is the organized use of violence directed primarily at non
combatants. A recent report discusses how the face of terrorism has
been completely revamped in the times. Its not just a national problem
anymore, it's a global malaise. And it propogates the rule of the sword.
Blatant. Indiscriminate. Audacious. Impune.
The recent spate of terrorist attacks should help us get to the root of
this mess, if nothing else. The Godhra riots 2002, The Ayodhya
massacre (Babri Masjid), and the 1993 Serial blasts stand as grim
witnesses to a rather checkered history of religious riots.
To say that poverty is the root cause of terrorism is like saying that
obesity is the root cause of lung cancer. Terrorism in our age is fuelled
by the rich, wealthy, educated. Besides, there is poverty in many
regions of the world from which terrorism doesn't originate. Take
Africa for eg. poor, diseased and ignorant. Just how many terrorists
has it produced?
Forget the fact that terrorism requires an inordinate amount of wealth,
terrorism cannot, may not and will not survive without an ideology
behind it. An extremist, fundamentalist ideology, which meets
nefarious intentions and hits where it hails the bulls eye. Religion.
The attacks on the christians in Orrisa, and the Kashmiri Pandit issue
are among others in the sea of examples. And it is not merely that the
goals of the terrorists do not justify the means that they choose. It is
merely the means that they choose to tell us what their goals are.
Saddam Hussain, for eg was not really seeking to defend his people
but to subjugate his neighbours.
The LeT was not just creating a scare, but disrupting international
relations with the US in particular and the west in general.
You can't but it. And you dare not bargain.
You can't appease it. And you dare not ignore.
You can't win it. And you dare not dare.

Ah, well, if only we had thought.
Amanpreet Kalra
UIET, Panjab University
“The first crime was committed on the day when someone fenced a piece of land and
said, 'This is mine'. So mine and thine are the mother of all crimes in this world.
When somebody murders a person, only the convicted is punished. Why not the
weapon? No my friends I refuse to say so that religion is the root cause of terrorism.
If you have studied science you should agree that root of every invention is not the
theory it's the practical.
If you are familiar with biology you should agree that the root of diabetes is not the
sugar but the root is a weak pancreas.
The root of every solution is not the calculation but the counting numbers.
If you are a homemaker you must understand that it's not the salt but it's the vegetable
which is the basic thing you require.
Now today we are here not to talk about fiction we are here to talk about logics.
Religion can never be the root of terrorism. Just like theory helps to understand the
invention, sugar adds to diabetes, calculations make easy way to solutions, salts
adds to taste the same way religion adds fuel to fire.
It will be entirely wrong if I say the religion has nothing to do with terrorism but here
the theme is not about the different factors of terrorism it's about the basic root of
terrorism. The basic root of terrorism is not the religion but the human greed, the
greed to have more money, the greed to have power, and the greed to rule the people.
Apparently terrorists say that it is Jihad, but if they are fighting for jihad then I must
say that they don't know its meaning in the first place. This was a peek into just one
phase of terrorism. Where is the question of religion where terrorist groups like
LTTE work. Are you going to believe it that a terrorist like Daud Ebrahim is
conducting illegal activities for the religion? Not at all. It has nothing to do with the
religion. If Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist just because of religion then why
America, why London, why not India first?
Religion is never the root of terrorism though it adds fuel to fire. I am not saying that
religion only teaches us the peace and love. In today's era the world is quite topsy-
We have schools and colleges, that are supposed to educate us, which instead keep us
ignorant of real knowledge, while making us memorize useless facts (the battle of
Panipat was fought in Panipat in the year 1789) We have complicated Judicial
systems, where justice is often delayed, seldom delivered. We have medical
systems, which try to keep us forever sick, instead of making us healthy. We have
fashion which is less about clothes and more about nudity. We have governments
which instead of governing and protect us from looter, loot us through high taxes.
So it's quite natural that in such a world, we have religions that are supposed to be
about love, peace, compassion and harmony, but somehow manage to preach the
opposite and drive people to kill, burn, destroy and rape in its name.
Religion seems to create a peculiar 'my savior is better than your savior' type of
mindset. Is this much different from 'My Dad's richer than your Dad!'?
When we are speaking of religion, we are meaning something artificially placed or
superimposed on the living entity. After all, what was there before you started
calling yourself a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, or a Buddhist? What characteristics
of yourself existed before you started calling yourself any of those things? We've
already established that the first quality of the living being is that you are eternal,
spirit soul. You cannot take this quality away from yourself.
All religions are founded on the fear of the many and on the cleverness of the few.
The point is that those clever people have always used the religion as a tool.
When it rains, the prostitute and the Pope get wet just the same. But all these
factors are far away from establishing that religion is the root of terrorism. We must
divert our attention towards somewhere else and try to find out the roots of
UILS, Panjab University
Religion Is The Root Cause Of
It is not best that we all should think alike, it is differences of opinion that make horse races
Know Your Stars
Aries : Jupiter and Saturn are playing hide and
seek this summer, it'll be great if you can stay away
from the den. If your house has got a den, change
the house immediately, or better still burn down /
blow up the den. Life is bound to take a turn, for the better
or for the worse.
For better luck, follow the simple upayaya : add the digits
of currency number of the ten rupee note in your pocket.
Multiply by 5, add 3 and subtract 2. Add the digits till you
get a single number. Write this number on a paper.
Make a paper plane. Fly it from your terrace while facing
the south west direction. Your bad luck will fly away.
Taurus : If you're being bullish, remember you're
just being foolish. Watch your step. For the sun is
slowly but steadily slipping behind the moon and
may affect your balance. Physical or mental is yet to
be ascertained. If you never liked corns before, try again,
your tastes may have changed. You're acting way too cheesy
these days anyways.
Gemini : You might have a strong urge to go out
hiking, or biking. However the other half of your
split personality might want to stay indoors. So you
may act either way. To get rid of this split, try the
following upayaya: take out all the split ends of your hair.
Collect them, count them and add 3 to the number. Multiply
with 5 and now, throw it in the dustbin. A Piscean with a
golden incisor might help you bite in- to success.

Cancer : Love will come your way if you let it. If
you don't it'll hit you over the head and run away
really fast. Really really fast. For better luck, try
jumping a traffic light. I mean literally. Also, fruit
is about to give you a pending message. This message could
come in the form of a choking fit, a zinging-zap of pain in a
cracked lip from a citrus fruit, or possibly just spasmic,
uncontrolled excruciating bowel cramps. Whatever it is, try
peeling the fruit in an up-down manner, while facing the
south and only after the 18 , that's when the sun moves out
of the fit-ting orbit.
Leo : Keep track of the reality shows, you are
bound to be a pop star.
Eat more popcorn, act all corny and at night, don't
forget to gaze at the stars. If you can find your
name in a constellation, that's a sure shot indicator of star-
dum(b). The universe conspires to make you win if you can
find 'loser'. Chant 'mera naam chin-chin-choo', on a full
moon night while facing west for better luck at the
Virgo : You're in luck!
If you think it's my job to tell you that, you're
highly, highly mistaken. You're going down, Mr!
As upayaya, stand still (motionless as well as
expressionless) on 3 limbs (2 legs and one hand) near the
water cooler, while keeping the water flowing. Continue for
3 hours, 3 minutes and 3 seconds. Now use the free hand to
turn off the tap.
Libra : Today is not your lucky day. It's tomorrow
instead! So you can seek some solace while picking
up your broken teeth with a prosthetic arm. Keep a
white elephant to avoid a black eye. Always
balance the act. You must offer a lavish meal to Saturn and
Jupiter who are conniving against you. Offer at 6AM sharp,
while facing west. If it does not get accepted, consume it
yourself. No point wasting food in this time of global
Scorpio : I'll give you a hint in three words :
voluptuous, gorgeous, curvy. For you the future
comes in like a lion. Yes you're roaring, and you're
the king of the jungle. If only you live in one that
is. And the three words were my last three dictionary 'words
of the day', nothing to do with you, forever-craving animals.
Sagittarius : The sun is now in the fourth house
and the moon is right opposite in the fourth
window. To avoid influence, close all doors and
windows of your house. You will have a bad hair
day this entire week, so it's better that you stay
indoors anyway. A Virgo with polka dotted red socks will be
your lucky charm this week.

Capricorn : Venus is prone to hic(cups) this week.
Do not drink before /after dinner. The feeling in the
pit of your stomach is going to explode at noon. Or
sometime afterwards.
Do not read anything today. Not even a word. Or a letter. If
you just did, you will have bad luck for the next three days.
Aquarius : Change the frame of your specs to a
bright electric blue. Your vision will extend
beyond horizons and you will finally 'see' success
in all its true colours. Open your room lock 101
times in 3 minutes and the key to success is all
yours. Just iMAGine, it never was!
Pisces : The water God smells something fishy.
You're a small fish in a big pond and what's worse,
you even stink like one. Stop acting like a cold fish
even if all that you are fishing for is compliments.
Remember, there are plenty of other fish in the sea,
even if you're a master at the fish tale.
Any problem in career, family, or relationships?
Contact us :
Note: Meant only in serious humour. Not intended to hurt or endorse
personal belief. Follow at your own risk.
Goodbye Cupid, I'm not stupid...
Interestingly, I don't really know why such things happen around me. Or is it may be I notice too much. By the end
of December, the biggest gift galleries are loaded with super-cute collections of stuff toys, cards, gifts and what not!
You name it, & it's there. Yup, in the “bye-cya-tc” age is it that difficult to express love, that you need toys to mime
Well, LOL! Not really. No matter how much the so called “West” progresses it certainly doesn't really determine the
“East”. If you eat, drink, surf the net, check your mails, talk to friends or yell at your siblings, without the west
interfering with it; then why blame it for things like Valentine's Day. You've accepted it yourself.
However, this over-hyped concept of this most romantic day in the year, I believe is a cause of worry for many. Not
to those who don't have reasons to celebrate; but instead to those who have enough reasons to be happy. The one's
who are dating, are just so confused on “101-tips-to-be-a-great-bf” or replace it with gf instead. Just which out of the
101 tips, to follow man!
And just imagine the ambiguity in the minds of those who are two-timing or probably three-timing. How
unconventional would be the way of dealing with three phone calls after 11pm. One needs to learn the art of “time-
management” from such great luminary chieftains. And how can they actually break through the waves like a
Why Young India, wants to take center-stage and perform the Romeo and Juliet (Version 2009) every now and then.
Frankly, the more this part of India, tries to be the hot-topic, latest proofs of their idiotism are achieved. The epical
love story ends in nothing but, an exaggerated Indian “saas-bahu” soap; adding another episode to the list.
Oh please, get the latest fashion statement right; what is happening is “not happening”.
If we ought to take out one day like V-Day from the year, for those we love then there is more to it.
Originally, V-Day is nothing but the day when the martyr St.Valentine is believed to have been buried. And the
Catholics thereafter, wanted peace and chimes of amity to be everywhere after his execution. So, they
indiscriminately did sprinkle love everywhere. And not just gave a piece of it to their spouses, alone.
The enchanting red rose, was the favorite of the Roman Goddess of Love Venus. But, never did she set any rules
that it could only be given to your girlfriend? Ever tried thinking of giving one to your mother? I don't think one
needs to be so self-absorbed.
You certainly can buy an iPod-nano for your dad, if your bf's got a 'Rolex' from you. It costs almost one-tenth.
Why can't any of us break-free from the stereotypical ideology of spending
the fourteenth day of the second month of each year, away from family? I
just can't comprehend.
For that, I've just got few words for the little baby with wings, for the
Cupid. For if you can strike your golden arrow at everyone who matters to
me, my entire world; then let me tell you I'm completely indoctrinated by
your love potion.
And say, if you cannot, I still adore you. But then I'll need to rethink and
reflect and say, “Goodbye Cupid, I'm not stupid...”
Ishana Luthra
UIET, Panjab University
One Miss Call
It's 10 o'clock at night and I've just received a missed call from a friend. According to our norms, it means that
she had done with her dinner and refreshments and has just sat down to study. I smile. She's my old class fellow
from school days, back in Haridwar, my hometown. We've been friends for long but now she's away, in Jhansi.
Watching the “1 missed call” message on my mobile simply tells me that she misses me as much I do. And that
I'm really not alone and forgotten in this strange city of Lucknow where I stay, alone, to take care of my
However, I return to my studies. Struggling with physics, it's soon 11:30 & I definitely need a break. Ah! Here's
one... Suddenly my cell flashes &and vibrates for maybe a second. This time it's another friend from Chandigarh
who must be feeling the need of a break too. She's a childhood pal. A buddy with whom I spent many evenings
with, playing Badminton, Hide and Seek, and numerous other small-children games. Seeing her name, I suddenly
feel full of energy as nostalgic memories of our jovial and candid friendship brush past me. A perfect timing, I
realize. Surely the mind wireless system works accurately. I pick up my cell and launch a reply missed call to her
before keeping it aside to start struggling with another set of physics problems. My name flashing on her mobile
must have assured her that her friends are in the same boat as she is, in strange surroundings, loads of studies,
heaps of work, and away from parents and home. The community feeling of belongingness hasn't lost its way
Never mind, I'm back again to my books. It's over an hour since I last received a missed call. Of course, it's not
late in coming. Before that, I launch a reply call to my best friend in Pantnagar, who had buzzed in for exactly
two rings at 2am the last night, signalling me Good Night & that it's time for me to sleep as well. As soon as I put
away my mobile, it starts ringing, and rings and rings. I see the caller. It's a classmate from the same city. The
phone rings for 50 seconds before hanging up. I do not make any attempt to pick up as it's a rule among us that
whoever has a dialler tone set up must not pick up in the first call. She must be taking a break, I realize, listening
to the latest Fanaa melody. Getting bored with studies. I smile. This missed call business has surely fetched me a
lot of smiley moments today, heart to heart connections with my buddies, without ever tampering with my cell
phone balance. Soon its 2am, my sleeping time. Studies over for the day, I launch a final call to my best friend
again, calling it a day. All my dearest friends, so far, yet so close to my heart. Giving me a sense of security, the
feeling of love, support and concern. I drift off to a deep sleep, only to be woken up in the morning at 6:30 am by
a Beethoven symphony my ringtone. The phone rings for a good twenty seconds before getting quiet. I blink my
eyes, stare at the screen and groan. Its mom, telling me to wake up and get going.
The power of Thought, the magic of the Mind!
The P in PhD
When you think about it, it's hard to write about 'PhD'. People don't do a PhD for the sake of a
PhD; they do it because they're interested in something that's worth the time that a PhD takes.
This, if you're wondering, is near five years. And honestly, stating such blatant facts doesn't
even get you anywhere near a PhD. So having put things in a bit of a 'perspective', why even
bother with one? Good point. Let me tell you a little something about the doctorate.
It's fun. Trust me. You'll go four days trying to squeeze in time to write an article for a
magazine, and when do you finally get the time? Two in the morning, after you just came
home from the office finishing up a report that you're supposed to mail your advisor before the
next morning, having been reading up on pending journal articles (no you silly thing, I don't mean the secret diary of
Adrian Mole, aged 13 and three quarters) all evening, that since you couldn't take some decent time out during the day
from the classes and labs. So, fun, right? If you knew me, you'd know I'm saving my big rusty box of sarcasm for later.
When people ask me what kind of research I do, here's what I tell them- The work I do tries to figure out why and how it
rains. I'm selling the notion that you've gotta love what you're doing. Keeping an eye on a million droplets (we love fancy
words- think of a droplet as something that's a hundredth the size of what falls on your head during rainfall) buzzing
around in a cloud-gone-ballistic isn't the sort of thing most people would get a kick out of.
Don't be fooled though, not everyone I know here lives at the office, and 'visits' the house for food and a quick nap. Heck,
most people I know don't! So doing your doctorate isn't inherently about working 20 hours a day, and not saving up
enough time for a shave. It isn't- you could probably very well do with 8. But you've gotta be willing to work, because at
the end of the day, being successful here is no different than being successful at an MBA- which, I'll tell you, more often
than not wrenches out 30 hours a day from you.
Where do I go from here? And the answer to that is- I have only a faint clue, which is
really a good thing. You need to have a slice of uncertainty going about, because if you
eat it right, you'll sense a funny feeling that I call optimism. It's good to have optimism. It
lets you pick the better of three doors, when the best two shut themselves on your face.
And what you can bet your bucks on is that little lantern of 'doing what I like, and doing it
right'. Heck, even with our research, we like stochastic turbulence better than
deterministic, because it's more challenging, which really, makes it more FUN!
Harmandeep Khare,
Graduate Student, UD
CAT Scan.
Things are never the way they seem. Sometimes things never should be the way they seem. Lots of us realize this painful
lesson at some point of time or the other... getting dumped by someone, flunking in exams, just an overwhelming feeling
of nothingness... without rhyme, without reason.
A lot of us had that “something's wrong” feeling after CAT. Something dreamt about slowly, but surely
vanishing into the thin smoky realms of dead aspirations. For many of us there was just one B- School
in India, IIM-A. The pride of being “Branded for Life”. There was optimism also. An absolute,
unheralded, never say die optimism about the whole thing. Results came. IIFT started the trend. It was a
no-go, but once again the optimism kicked back. “Not even interested in Foreign Trade for God's sake
man”. “I heard that the only thing kick ass about the institute is the chicken parantha waala outside the
campus” (true!). The whole campus was rife with the scores, but mixed in somewhere, under the excited chattering, and
slightly nervous calculations was the expectation. Would the call come? Would the score in English clear the- cut off? The
cut- offs in a state of perpetual motion would never cease. One morning they would be inexorably high, to be crossed by
only the mighty few, by the evening they would have touched depressing lows, vaulted across easily by the vast hordes.
The results came out. The depression followed. For some it was a brilliant result. Cause of even more depression for the
rest of us. Foul play some cried. “That person dint study at all. I know because we marroed gehris together. How did he
get the call and not me?” but we all knew the bitter truth. CAT rewards the bright, not the harder working. A day's result, a
year's hard work, a lifetime's dream, didn't add up somehow. Some played safe. Took GRE and TOEFL and thought of
higher technical education with a bit more enthusiasm. Some took solace in the fact that at least they had a job to go to
after college. Some of us hung on still...a few good colleges still willing to take a chance. What riled the most was the
rejection for the calls.. 'Sorry, while we do believe you are brilliant, you just aren't good enough for our institute'. Some of
the calls for the GDs started coming in. Tutorials for the same started. New fundas, new ways to 'present' yourself and
newer college interview panels to please. Interviews over, it was finally time to unwind.
Results came in.
Some with top institute calls couldn't convert any, some with just one good college cracked it, some didn't care by that
There was a lot of growing up we did as individuals. Realized the truth of the cliché “life ain't fair” and kind of made
peace with it. Right from the friend who took a piece of the brick of the IIM-A wall for motivation to the guy who decided
to pursue a PHd, life did go on. Because you see, this CAT thing isn't really all it is cracked up to be. It is an exam at the
end of the day pure and simple. Not the life and death scenario it is made out to be. One year post the carnage, I say with
confidence that the CAT was one of the biggest learning experiences of our lives yet, but not in the ways we probably had
imagined. We didn't learn faster ways to calculate as much as the art of staring at failure and still trudging on. We didn't
learn proper grammar usage as much as understanding ourselves. Life will not come to a stop because of one paper and we
have more strength than to let one paper get us down. And now we look at the future a bit differently...not with less
optimism... but with more wisdom. Knowing that sometimes things work out if only you give
your best and just forget about the result!
Shakespeare probably said it best...
‘Tis over, this fight, who cares who won, for,
a battle may not decide, the tide of the war'.
Karandeep Singh Kapany
Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard
Hirdesh Madan is the regional head of
renowned CAT coaching institute of Chandigarh-
Bulls Eye. He is engineer MBA with consistent
university ranks. He is also an expert career
counselor and a regular speaker at CII seminars.
IMAGine: Why do you think students should
aspire for MBA? Do u think every student is made
for MBA?
HM: A student shouldn't definitely go for MBA .It
is just a shorter path to reach higher level where
lots of responsibility and leadership is required.
MBA makes it easier.MBA is basically an
American concept and MBA people have better
skill set, so industries started accepting them.
Conclusively, it is just a chase for money. And No,
every student is not made for MBA.
IMAGine: How many hours should a student
spend for CAT preparation?
HM: Two hours everyday of consistent self study
can help the student to crack CAT.
IMAGine: More IIM institutes shall be opened in
India soon; do u think it is a good decision or will
it compromise on the quality?
HM: This decision was a long overdue, 40 years
and only 7 institutes in country as big as India! The
gesture is a good intention and will serve good for
people though quality will be challenged to some
IMAGine: What is your take on the reserved seats
for SC/ST in B-schools?
HM: Inspite of all this being politically motivated,
none of the admissions in these reserved categories
have percentile less than that of 98. So they very
well deserve it.
IMAGine: What do you think that engineers
possess which makes them better performers in
CAT than others?
HM: The potential of engineering students is
filtered at class X level. They are good in mental
aptitude and have practical knowledge. So,
undoubtedly they are better performers and don't
lack anything.
IMAGine: What makes Bulls Eye unique?
HM: Faculty makes Bulls Eye unique from other
IMAGine: What made you decide to go for MBA?
HM: Initially I thought of taking the gate
examination, but then my mind changed and I
decided upon MBA.I took IMS material and
studied from it. After my graduation I went for 1
year of job and then sat for MBA entrance exams.
After completing my degree, I went for job for one
year again and then finally decided to go for
IMAGine: If not at Bulls Eye what would you
have been doing?
HM: Working in the corporate sector.
Quick Facts:
1) Last book read? - The book of numbers.
2) Craziest thing done in B-School? In the classes,
we rotated chairs.
3) Last movie you saw? GURU
4) The next best institute after Bulls Eye? Career
5) Describe 'The Hindu, An interesting read'. I
don't read Hindu.
Interviewed by: Amita & Tanvi
i’s on U
T e olle e Anatomy h C g
t's b en close t t e ye r at ol e e now. Here is an utp ur on he vario blends o g o c e a ross in a I e o hre a s c l g o o t us f uys y u om c
co lege l .
The D de u
Just ce w ll t nd n d ni l if we st r h r ce di g wit h ngs oth r t an n o e to The Dude a d h s u e-ne . e D d w th a apit l fir d') i c a st ' i i i s a i e a a t t e p o e n s h t i e h a d n i d d ss Th u e ( s
n indi idua ho, s er h ercepti n o t e non-D de is de ined t ha e a ba l o ti uri g t e en ire run of t e coll ge The Dude is rima f ci a v l w a p t e p o f h u s, st o v l f me d n h t h e . p a e
g o - o king h s a ex ertis n woo t lks a d t u , m na es to i d a mm diate a d fr quen e koni g i th therwis ovet d f o d l o , a n p e i - a n h s a g f n n i e n e t r c n n e o e c e u town l n s p a e o
th qually good ooki g l di s t th ollege. T ings usu ll en p fal ing w ll i pl ce w thout m ch f n ef or n h s art, an he s s en ma ing a e e l n a e a e c h a y d u l e n a i u o a f t o i p d ' e k
publi pp aran e ev r d y w th his gi l rie d fo th e f he c lleg en r . Not o men ion, i coll ge t nur s sua ly ma k d w th nsubd ed c a e c e y a i r f n r e r st o t o e t u e t t h s e e e i u l r e i u u
r mors f is ve t r s m n st the gi l o o he coll ge as w ll H , i s cret w ll be hu le e o gh o attrib te his m te r c shoot t gl ry to he u o h n u e a o g r s f t r e s e . e n e , i mb n u t u e o i o o t
oncept of MTV & th ss ci te ti bits lin o fas ion, da n y ! atti ude etc g , h m a ! t .). The Dude i us al y p udo intellec u l but hi a r ke h m a p ar c e a o a d d ( s u l se t a s u a ma s i p e
wit y and Mr K o -it a l. e i u ual y g ve to so h sti ation & la ish ess. t . n w - l H s s l i n p i c v n
Variants of e D d a in lu e t e one bl ss d w th o d b a ns as we l. I h s c se, The Dude wil e t e Zeus a d wil o d w immorta in t e Th u e m y c d h e e i g o r i l n t i a l b h n l g o n l h
h sto y f he c ll ge nd fables o hi wil e n r ated t th bse ue t g ne a ions. i r o t o e a f m l b a r o e su q n e r t
T e W n abe h a n
Th W nnab el n s o t e most t riv ng nd rapid y g owing br ed i th ol ege. The an abe is ba ical y a Cut-Co y-Pa te p s id nt ty. The an abe f ars e a e b o g t h h i a l r e n e c l W n s l e i W n e
is f ll w wan abes f r t ey igh ou shi e h m t some p int of ime O h ther han , The anna e ke ps on u ti g opp rtu i ies for ek ng h e o n o h m t t n i a o t . n t e o d W b e h n n o n t se i
attenti n o a b i f st nt wit stard m. Th W nnab igh m na e to et a girlfr end f r imsel d r ng is vani y fair at t e co le e, but th t'll ep nd n h s o r r e i h o e a e m t a g g i o h f u i h t h l g a d e o i
lu k, i exte t o be ng Wan ab nd he girl. c h s n f i a n e a t
W us act ally c n ide cert in t p ca anna es he e y e m t u o s r a y i l w b r b :
T e W nnab u e dol ses h u e of th ollege an be rie ds him so a t gi e an m ressio to the world tha e is a p rt f the c ol an w gon. He h a e D d : I i t e D d e c d f n s o v i p n t h a o o b d a
pos s nd a es ha d in ord r t co e a ar wi h Th u e. e i f ue ce c n b e n in is f shi n whi h i marr d by he st l e ha b rr w d f om e a f k r e o m t p t e D d Th n l n s a e s e h a o c s e t y e h s o o e r
lsewhe e The Wa n be wil e sp tt d adorning himsel w th low lun jeans an - irts w th one l n rs ta g ti g t e la i s The W nnab u e w ll e r . n a l b o e f i s g d T sh i - i e r e n h d e . a e D d i
h ve a ir of r o ance for re sons unk o n even t hi se f Al in a l, e Wanna e D d s n ad ec ive th t symb li es "The Fal of Dude l ". a n a a r g a n w , o m l . l l Th b u e i a j t a o z
h Wann b o k a : Thi g nre o w nnab s i t e n xt gen r ti n p enomena. The de r e of be ng anna e is the hi h s un er th s bc te o y. Th W n ab T e a e R c st r s e f a e s h e e a o h g e i a w b g e t d i su a g r e a n e
Rock tar s inc te y his rroundi g t evel p a sudde ap et te fo r ck us c in he first y ar of c lleg . He m na es to giv n ea t erta n trac s fro ce t in s i i d b su n s o d o n p i r o m i t e o e a g e a r o c i k m r a
ock ban s o a month W at o lows soo is hi rec r ste ing him e f as a 'met lh ad an gro ing u o ge lock H a es it a poi t t p at h us c sectio of i r d f r . h f l n s h i n s l a e ' d w p l n r s. e m k n o u d e t e m i n h s
p of le o s cial n tworking web te w th n el bor te l st of ands r ngin r ght f o Jeff r on i plane, lash o Me ugga . o o forge , Th r i n o e si s i a a a i b a g i r m e s A r C t sh h N t t t e
Wanna e Ro kst r hasn't l stened t m st o them nd as co ie th ist fr m h r fil f pr ba l noth r wan abe r ck ar H oves o sp r b c a i o o f a h p d e l o t e p o e o o b y a e n o st . e l t o t
T- h r s f an s which r r f r bl unhe r he has ' eard he as we l n t h t m l ) nd ound co l The Wa n be R cks ar s a t t o g . B f re S i t o b d a e p e e a y a d ( a s o . n a o t i sm r h u h e o
w arin th se -Shirts, e mak s it a poin o c ec n o Wik p di e arding the n me of h an m mbe s an ist of p p la n mbe s. n e g e T h e t t h k i t i e a r g a t e b d e r d a l o u r u r O
eing a ed a o t t e ba d t sh rt he i wearing, he v nts out t e Wikip di o e o k nd s hai ed t erea t r. b sk b u h n - i s e h e a h m w r a i l h f e
T e W n a e Int ll ctual: Th Wan ab ntellec u l id ntifie the f ct t at i t ll ctual p rs i s i h rin hi recognition a d t u sh ns, in h a n b e e e n e I t a e s a h n e e u u t m g t b g m n h s u
hi word ' orl ly pleas res' w d u and r sorts to t mul ti g his grey c ll H et b red so n and thus en s p st yi g a wan abe. s e s i a n e s. e g s o o d u a n n
he B ig t Bigs ot T r h h
Th r ght Bigsho is h e i o i us and the righ eous one. The Br g t Bi shot ha t ings w ll i pl ce for i and w ll st y w ll H s o use e B i t t e m r t r o t i h g s h e n a h m i a e . e i f c d
nd unders an s th t he mu tud ha d ec use t is is what h s upposed o b o ng. Conse ue t y The B i h ig ot et g o rad s a t d a st s y r b a h e i s t e d i q n l , r g t B sh g s o d g e
h o g o t and is known to he pr f ss rs of t e coll ge The B i h ig hot has hi o n metho s of etting (no s eking t e attenti n b be ng u ck e o gh o w i e a t r u h u t o e o h e . r g t B s s w d g ) o y i q i n u t r t
C + code or set ing u h on ec ions dur ng he pra ti al se si n . Se min ly, he B i h ig ot as qualms in a cepti g t at he is a bi shot an th r f r hi o ficial + t p t e c n t i t c c s o s e g t r g t B sh h c n h g d e e o e s f
statemen t the el ve th our o t e ex min ti n i alwa s ike " ya y a , k ch hi ahi aata K a r u b n P r aps h r es to play he tr nq i iz r o express mpa hy ith th s rry t a e n h f h a a o s y l ". e h , e t i t a u l e r e t w e o
t te of t e non-b gsh ts o pro ab y i ' j st h s way of l o ing cool b gi i g an mpression that h idn't study mu h b t man ge to go o oring spree H s rest of s a h i o r b l t s u i o k y v n i e d c u a d n a sc . e i
the cl s r ad r ck ne o la sch dule ongoin s b ect opics and w et er h ex lec u e i t e b n ed or not N t t nt on, t e Bright B gsh t i t e show a s' e y e o r n c ss e , g u j t h h t e n t t r s o b u k . o o me i h i o s h
poi er when i ome to a b n ing. e Bright B gsh t and g ts ha py arin a jo e w th noth r B gsh t about how h n e co mitted s l t c s m ss u k Th i o e p sh g k i a e i o e o c m a
stupi s n ax e ro in a c mpute pro r m. d y t r r o r g a
The Band t i
The Ban i s n ev l ti n r co seq ence. In ther o d v ry e en er h ol eg s an it I s f er r es of cademic resu ts or ot er d t i a o u o a y n u o w r s, e f w t t e c l e a B d s. t i a t a se i a l h
ev nt a ol ege th t a Bandi is o n. It's n inbo n urse on The Bandi h t m ke i s resen e f lt a his st ge Be ore a y fu t er r ic la ion, we e s t c l a t b r a r c t t a a s t p c e t t a . f n r h a t u t
mu ons de t e ch ef ari nt o The B ndit st c i r h i v a s f a .
" used to be n ce" Ba dit: This c te ory mu t e piti d upon. Th an it bel ngin to thi ca egory i an r t h le br ll ant s u en . ard l ck I i n a g s b e e B d o g s t s e s w i i i t d t H u
too a to l u o i and he e d d u etti g b d g a es or oupl f e pp ars n the ex m Thi mark t e be i ning of a v ci u c r le o k l p n h m n e p g n a r d a c e o r a e i a s. s s h g n i o s i c f
f il res nd he lad g v s i . e k ep o f rom stu i s e en t th st cruc al hou s an stays in his own ivin s ac o ng othi g The t ac ers a u a t i e n H e s f f d e v a e mo i r d l g p e d i n n . e h
e uke hi a d v ct mize him of he r d r s r asm' The l dies esp se hi The B i h ig ots mo k at him in t eir convers ti n and The Dude r b m n i i t i ' a k a c . a d i m, r g t B sh c h a o s
h r ly otice him ec use h s u y lsewhe e a d n s b a e i b s e r .
You g t a s? " B ndit: Ano h r k nd f The Bandi s he one who s ured by the hi h o the hum n min . rugs that i . he Ba d t, in t i ca o g ts th o l " o f g ? a t e i o t i t i l g s f a d D , s T n i h s se f r e e w r d
outside an r es hi e f throughou th ay y sta ing sto ed o ling a oint Excus e w il ki t e sky n nd r l j w th i endrix r onin " e m h e I ss h " d se v ms l t e d b y a , i J mi H c o g
i th ac g o n . l eg s assé. n e b k r u d Co l e i p
Th nde gr u d an e U r o n M
T e U de g oun Ma s n u sung he o t th ollege. e h s ertai di ingu she talen s ut ev r c mes un er th imelig t. he h n r r d n i a n r a e c H a c n st i d t b n e o d e l h T
n erground w ll o h ac be ches of he c assroo a d i la g ly ve sh dowe by he Dudes, the Wa n be and the Brig t Bi sh ts an if U d d e s n t e b k n t l m n s r e o r a d t n a s h g o d
ared by them, i bul ie by t e Ba d t. e U d rgr und Ma isn t e ce ti n ll go d a ca emic I ases, e mig t b s ad s Th sp s l d h n i Th n e o n ' x p o a y o t a d s. n ce tain r c h h e a b a e
an i , but t en ou o ldn't asso ia e th o d mea ingl ss w th im. uc is not known ab u . A l in ll he i a ay rom B d t h y w u c t e w r ' n e ' i h M h o t h n e gr u d T e U d r o n l a , s w f
r co niti n and la i s e g o d e .
S , which b ll o y u fit i ?? o i d o n
PS Any re e blance to p rso , e d or live is p re y coincident l : s m e n d a a , u l a .
Bhu inde Singh p r
UIE , P n ab n ve ity T a j U i rs
I'll talk, they'll turn deaf Restrictions I'm in But think you don't want to
I Don't Know
I'll come, they'll blind I like it, I hate it; I want you to see
From friends I want, but But feel you can't
Handcuffs I'm in, I
Family not, I don't know I want to continue
don't know why;
Insecure I am
But I'll stop,
With my failure,
I want to talk but am silent
of people, I don't know
You know why
they'll leave
I want to act, but am still
If I fall, I'll keep
They'll go, they'll vanish
I want everything, yet not, I
Cheistha Kochhar
don't know why;
I'll be waiting, I don't
I'm sinking in the
Sri Venkateswara
know why;
I want you to listen
ground, I don't know why;
i ' s o n u : b e c a u s e w i n n e r s d o n ’ t w r i t e d i f f e r e n t t h i n g s , t h e y w r i t e t h i n g s
d i f f e r e n t l y

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