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Vampire Heart

Vampire Heart


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I DONT OWN DIS B I WISH I DId it very sad
I DONT OWN DIS B I WISH I DId it very sad

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Published by: teamjacobe on Aug 04, 2009
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Bella felt like screaming when she awoke the next morning. Her body ached in places she didn't even know
she had. She was aware of the blankets over her and an arm. She touched the hand and the events from the
night before came rushing back.

"Mom," she said, sitting up quickly but falling back when her body protested.

"Yes, Bella?"

"Oh mom it wasn't a dream," Bella cried, throwing her arms around Renee's neck, "you are here."

"I wish it were," Renee said sadly, "as much as I missed you and as happy as I am to see you I wish you were
far from this place."

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Vampire Heart.

"No, mom, we're together again, that's more important than anything."

Renee smiled sadly and touched her daughter's cheek. "You were lucky," she said gently, "you should see how
beautiful you are."

"I'm nothing special," Bella muttered, "you should see Esme."

"Is Esme your friend?" Renee asked, tucking some of Bella's hair behind her ear.

"She's more like the mom of the group," Bella said, "she looks out for us and holds us when we cry. She
reminded me of you because she was so gentle and caring."

"I'm glad you have someone looking out for you. What of Alice? Was she with you?"

Bella nodded and then her face fell. She hadn't thought of her sister since she arrived. How was she holding

"We're still together," Bella said, "or we were. She is happy where she is. Our vampires were kind to us.
Especially Master Carlisle."

"Tell me about your life with them," Renee said, still fidgeting with Bella's hair, a habit from their life as a
family that Bella missed.

"Carlisle is a doctor and he takes care of us. When his father whipped me so hard he was there to help me
when I got sick from the infection. Master Jasper is a bit on the icy side but he's a gentle person. He's very
quiet. Mistress Rosalie is frightening and too much like her father for my taste but thankfully she and her
husband live in a new house. Alice had the good luck when we were bought. Jasper is the favorite of Lord
Cullen's sons. Where as mine..."

Thinking about Edward hurt as much as it did to think about Alice. Bella sighed and looked down at her

"He's hard to understand. He's whipped me once at his father's orders and they didn't really scar. He was gentle
almost. He would tease me daily but it was always just that. He promised me that he and his brothers
wouldn't...wouldn't rape us or abuse us."

"You believe him?"

Bella nodded. "Mom I miss them all so much. I never dreamed that I would come to call vampires friends...but
I look at Esme who has been with Carlisle since they were children and they are the best of friends. In fact
they're in love."

"Love? With a vampire?" Renee wrinkled her nose at the idea.

Bella didn't say anything. She was in love with a vampire. That's what the feelings had to be. The reason she
missed Edward so much, even his teasing. She was in love with him. More tears began to leak down her
cheeks. He promised her that this would never happen. Would he even bother to save her?

"I have to go to work now," Renee said touching her cheek and kissing her forehead, "I'll see you at dinner."

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Vampire Heart.

"Where should I go?" Bella asked.

"I can't say, I'm sure he'll come for you.

"Mom I can't stay here. We can't stay here."

Renee looked at her daughter with painful eyes. She didn't say anything. She hugged her daughter tight and
left. Bella was alone. Right about this time she would be waking up to start her day and Edward would be
getting ready to tease her about this or that. She would look over at Alice after stretching and sighing and they
would promise each other to make it through the day with sanity intact and leave each other with a big hug.

"Sore pet?"

Bella jumped and a cold hand came onto her shoulder. "Come, I want to play."


Edward was laying on his bed completely and totally out of ideas. He had a scent and that was it. But there
were millions upon millions of vampires in the world! How was he supposed to narrow it down?! How was he
supposed to even start?! The scent had grown cold by the time he searched the market and the only reason he
was able to find it was because they must have spent more time there. There was no trail leading him to
whoever had Bella.

It was strange to him how months ago he would have hardly cared. He would have been angry because he
didn't like it when people took his things but he would have gotten over it. Now he was livid. He was finding it
physically difficult to be without her and that frightened him. He was combing the thoughts around him not
for thoughts about his mother as he was used to but thoughts about Bella. Alice was usually a good place for
that. Her mind was constantly on her sister. Memories ran through her like a river, showing Edward
everything they had been through together. There were happy times like sitting and playing clapping games
with their parents and cuddling up for a bedtime story and there were sad times like when Charlie was sick and
they were scared he wouldn't get better or worse of all the night they were separated. She was remembering
the look in Charlie's eyes when he was killed.

Quickly she shook the thoughts from her head and walked on but Edward saw them return. This time at the
Center. He saw the memory of the confusion that was going through the shower. The woman, whom he
assumed to be Renee, was holding both Alice and Bella tightly to her. Alice remembered then being sorted
and pulled away from her mother before they were locked in their cages. She scrambled into Bella's arms and
both girls cried.

Edward couldn't watch anymore. He felt horribly sick to his stomach. He stood up and was about to go for
another walk to clear his thoughts when there was a soft knock on the door.

"Come in," he said.

"Hey stranger."

"Tanya? What are you doing here I thought you were in school."

"I know but I missed you Eddie, I thought I'd come and visit."

"I'm kind of busy," he said.

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Vampire Heart.

"Homework can wait," she purred, kissing his cheek and wrapping her arms around his shoulders. "Right

"Someone has stolen Bella and I need to get her back."

"Oh just put out an alert and forget about it," Tanya groaned, "Eddie she's just a human."

She was right. Bella was just a human. But she was his human. She was funny and smart in her own way and
he was kicking himself daily...hourly...for letting her go to the market without him.

"She's my human," Edward growled, "she's become a friend to me and I am not going to abandon her."

"So you're blowing me off for a human?" Tanya asked, pulling back.

"Yeah," he said simply, "a human that never asked me to do weird shit in sex that I wasn't comfortable with
when she knew that."

"How was I supposed to know?!"

"Because I kept voicing that it didn't like it!"

"Oh Edward you're such a prude."

"I don't love you anymore, Tanya," Edward said, "and to be honest I'm not sure if I ever did. I think I just told
myself that I loved you."

Tanya was enraged. She slapped him and he sighed. "You can't dump me!"

"I just did."

"You will regret this Edward Cullen just you wait."

Tanya stormed off and Edward sighed. Right now he kind of wished that Emmett was around to make him
laugh but he and Rosalie were off living in their new mansion with their new baby. He could go to Carlisle but
what good would that do? He didn't have any new problems he needed advice on, besides his brother's mind
was clearly elsewhere. No matter how much he cared about Bella he was too distracted by his new
engagement and his love for Esme.

But there was Esme. Edward turned the corner and saw her dusting the glossy wood tables. She looked sad,
like any woman would if she lost a child.

"Esme," Edward said quietly.

"Oh, Edward, Tanya was here did you see?"

"Yeah, we broke up," Edward said, "I think I'm in love with Bella."

Esme put the rag and dusting spray down. She walked over and hugged Edward. "Oh honey," she sighed. She
kissed his cheek and smoothed his hair. "I'm sorry, you must be hurting so much."

Page 103

Vampire Heart.

"I don't know where to go I don't have any thing to go off of! All I know is that she's been having nightmares
and I have a scent."

"Do you recognize the scent?" Esme asked.

"Just that he's a vampire and he was horny. God Esme I can't even begin to imagine what he's doing to her...I
don't want to. But someone as beautiful as her won't be untouched for long. What if he..."

"That is a definite possibility," Esme agreed sadly, releasing him and folding her hands like she did when she
was anxious. "If that is the case, when you do find her she isn't going to be the same."

"It's her worst fear," Edward said, "she told me when we were locked up. She saw it happen to her mother and
that scares her most of all."

"You have to find her Edward."

"Yes I know that! But how?! How do I even begin to find her?! She could be anywhere!"

"Did you send out an alert?" Esme asked. Edward nodded.

"Carlisle dropped it off on his way to work."

"Do you have any leads at all? Did she mention a vampire stalking her at all?"

"No, but he was having dreams. Nightmares. A vampire named Vincent."

"Well start there," Esme said, "it's better than nothing."

Edward nodded. He hugged Esme again and ran off.


Bella could only hope that he was done for the day. She laid helplessly on the cold stone floor. She was so
tired and so weak.

"You look tired," Vincent sighed sitting next to her, "I don't think you've eaten today either. Hm. well, I will
give you a snack if you do something for me."

Bella didn't answer and she turned her head. She wasn't interested in any offer he had to make.

"Call me your master," he said.

She wasn't going to give him satisfaction and whatever answer she gave he was only going to hurt her again,
somehow. He had already given a list of things for her to be afraid of. He was going to rape her again, or
maybe gag her with his penis or just slap her and laugh when she bled. She remained silent. That made him
angry and he grabbed her.

Bella knew what it meant but she didn't willingly go along with him, though she was sure he was going to
break her teeth out one of these days. He parted her lips effortlessly and sighed.

"I love that hot little mouth of yours," he sighed happily.

Page 104

Vampire Heart.

The tip gagged her again but she held it back. She hated this. It was humiliating and the taste was awful. He
wasn't creative though so she wasn't surprised. She hated having to swallow but he wouldn't pull her head up
until she did. She was sure she was going to get sick. She wondered how much longer until he was tired. How
much longer until she could stagger back into her mother's arms. Renee would probably clean her up again
and then she would nestle into her mother's arms and pretend that everything was okay. That thought brought
her a little comfort even though she knew it wouldn't last.


"Alice," Edward said walking into Jasper's study. His brother looked up and Alice crawled out of his lap.


"I need you to think about everything you can remember about the night you were taken."

Alice paled a little. Clearly she didn't like thinking about it.

"Edward be reasonable," Jasper growled, "don't hurt her like that!"


"Please, Alice, just remember the vampire's faces."

Alice nodded and went back into her memories. Edward saw a whirl of faces until he saw the ones he was
looking for.

"Which one of them is Vincent?" he asked.

Alice brought his face up instantly. The laughing mocking face of the vampire hunter as he dragged them
along. Dark haired and red eyed. Edward memorized his face and when he was done he hugged Alice tight and


"You're in love with him aren't you?" Vincent asked as he jerked his hips upwards again.

Bella whimpered and tried not to cry.

"She told me where to find you, his girlfriend did. Do you like that he has a girlfriend? She tells me that he's
crying like a little baby because you're gone."

Bella tried to tune him out after that. Edward was upset because she was gone. He wanted to find her. That
made her heart fill with joy for the first time since she was here. He loved her. Her vampire loved her. That
brought a new pain to her heart. He loved her and it was his girlfriend and a hunter that were doing this to her.
He was going to find her but how long would that be? Would Vincent even let her live that long? How long
would it be until she was too used for his liking.

"How do you feel pet?" Vincent asked. "I told you that I would fuck the spark out of you."

Edward was going to find her. He was going to save her. That was all she could believe in.

Page 105

Vampire Heart.

"Edward will find you and kill you," Bella promised.

She was rewarded for her remark with such force that she blacked out.


Edward ran into the center and into the back room where he knew someone would know who he was looking

"Can I help you?"

Edward recognized the vampire as the one who helped him buy Bella. Rick was it? It didn't matter. "I'm
looking for a vampire named Vincent."

"I don't know him," Rick said.

"Oh I know you do," Edward growled, "and I know that you know who I am and who my father is."

Rick faltered a little but kept a straight face. "How valuable is the information to you?"

"You expect me to pay you?"

"Yes, I do," Rick said simply, "I man has to make a business and you are asking me to sell out my best

"How about this, I leave your face intact."

Rick laughed and then vaulted over the table. Of course Edward saw this coming and dodged. He grabbed
Rick's arm, forced it against his back and pushed him against the wall.

"I'm warrior class," Edward reminded him, "I've been studying various martial arts and combat styles since I
could walk. My class strength out ranks yours by far, and I have been having a few very bad days, now give
me the information I'm looking for or I will find it myself."

"In the cabinet," Rick said, "he has a file."

"Thank you kindly," Edward said letting him go and swallowing the little bit of venom that had begun to
collect. He went to the cabinet and opened it. He found files and found one on Vincent. It had an address and
that was all Edward needed. He kept the file just incase and left.


Bella didn't remember how she came to be alone in the freezing room. She was pulled tighter against a barely
warm body. Her mother was going to keep her as safe as she could manage. Bella felt her heart warm at that
thought and it hurt her as well. Renee would die here just so her baby could have the chance to live. Live to
face more pain.

"Mom...I can't..."

"Can't what baby?" Renee asked.

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Vampire Heart.

"Don't try to keep me alive,"

Renee hugged her tighter even though it hurt them both. Vincent had brought her in as well. This time it was
Renee who watched helpless and Bella who tried not to scream. Then it was both. Bella hurt more knowing
that she caused the pain. If she had only stayed quiet Renee would have been unharmed.

"You're so cold," Renee whispered, "just like in the winters back when you were young."

"You and dad wrapped us up in all the blankets because they were too small for all of us. Then dad made you
bundle up with us."

"Your father was a good man," Renee said fondly, "lord do I miss him but I am happy that he never had to see
you in pain like this. He loved you so much."

"I can't feel anything," Bella mumbled, "I can't feel my hips anymore."

"Hold on baby, please, hold on for me," Renee whispered, "I can't lose you again. I can't stand it. My little

"I love you mom," Bella sobbed, "I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too."

They sat in silence. Renee smoothed her hair and tried to keep her as warm as she could.


Edward caught the scent immediately when he reached Vincent's home. This was him. The vampire that had
his Bella. He ran into the house, ignoring the startled humans and tried to find Bella. He could see her in some
of the minds. The new arrival that the master loves.

He ran down the stairs into the cold basement and found her scent was strongest down here. He could smell
her fear and her tears and worst of all the stale scent of sex. Edward ran through the rooms of the basement
finding her scent everywhere.

He checked every room until he reached the back. He felt cold as he approached the final door. He opened it.
His breath caught in his chest and his body froze.

She was there. She was laying as if in sleep (or at least Edward told himself it was sleep). He ran to her and
fell to his knees. Renee went into protective mode and moved before her daughter. Edward hissed at her and
gathered Bella into his arms.

"She is mine," he growled.

"She is nobody's," Renee growled back.

Edward didn't bother with her after that. He touched Bella's cheek, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry I didn't protect you,"
he whispered.

"Not as sorry as you will be for breaking in here."

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Vampire Heart.

Renee took hold of her daughter. Edward turned and snarled at Vincent.

"She is mine," he snarled. Vincent laughed.

"What do I care? You were a fool not fucking her properly. Well I have done that for you."

Edward stood. "I will personally see to it that you die."

"You think you can take me on little boy?" Vincent laughed. "Kid I've been in this business for years. I've got
your entire life on you."

"I generally don't like beating the elderly."

Vincent hissed and charged at him. Edward saw each move in his head and jumped out of the way. He flipped
in the air and landed on Vincent. The vampire yelped and kicked Edward hard in the stomach. By birth
Edward was in the warrior class, his skin was tougher and he was stronger. He had other advantages on his
side such as venom he could summon.

He was summoning it now. He didn't like using this particular defense but Bella was in danger. The room was
freezing and he had no idea how long she had been in here. Enough venom could kill. Edward just found
himself wishing that he had been able to produce it like his father could. Lord Cullen could produce an entire
mouthful in just seconds. Carlisle too but he had only done it once when thugs threatened his little girl.

Edward felt it dripping from his teeth. He charged Vincent and leapt on him. He landed and clung to his
shoulders like a little monkey. Vincent tried to throw him off but he couldn't get a good grip behind him.
Edward sank his teeth into the vampire's hard neck. The venom poured into the vampire. He knew it wasn't
enough though. For someone of Vincent's size anyway. His father had never properly trained him like he had
trained his other children so Edward was going off of what he read in books. This was the first time he had
ever had to kill before. That was a scary thought. He wasn't a killer and he knew that. The venom flow began
to weaken and Vincent threw him off. But he was most certainly in pain.

He took Bella. He raped her and beat her. Your Bella. Your sweet and beautiful Bella. He laughed as she
screamed. You can see it in his mind.

The thoughts helped the venom flow. Vincent screamed as the poison coursed through him and burned his
body. Edward didn't stop. He tackled Vincent again and bit him again. The venom surged this time like it was
supposed to. He pumped even more into him for good measure. He would take no chances, this vampire
would die here and now. He could see Bella in his mind. Her frail and weak body shivering in the cold.

Edward pulled away and Vincent was dead. Yellowish liquid was oozing from the crescent shaped wound on
his neck. Edward spit the remaining venom onto the ground and felt his mouth clear. He turned to look at
Bella. He went to her and knelt down. He found that he was almost nervous. He was shaking. Part of it was the
thrill of the fight and the shock that he had actually killed someone but most of it was he was afraid of when
Bella awoke. How angry would she be with him for letting her be kidnapped? What if she wasn't going to
wake up?

"How long has she been here?" He asked, trying to control his shaking voice.

"Almost an hour at best guess," Renee said, "where are you taking her?"

Page 108

Vampire Heart.

"Home," Edward said lifting her up carefully as though she were a soap bubble. "You helped her."

"She's my child."

"You look different from when I saw you last," Edward observed. "Come, you and Esme will know better than
I will of how to care for her."

Renee followed. Edward reached his car and laid Bella in the back and Renee sat with her. He watched as the
older woman comforted her and sobbed silently. Bella was alive, but very cold and very weak. He could tell
that Renee was still wary of him, years of abuse built a strong distrust that wasn't going to disappear because
one vampire saved her daughter. Edward tried to search her mind but found little. She wasn't as silent as her
daughter, but she was definitely quiet. He could mostly just pick up tones. Right now she was afraid.

Edward turned the heater up as high as it would go and tried to direct the air streams back. "Is she warming

"A little, yes."

"We'll be home soon," Edward promised.


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