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Vampire Heart

Vampire Heart


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I DONT OWN DIS B I WISH I DId it very sad
I DONT OWN DIS B I WISH I DId it very sad

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"You wanted to see me?" Bella murmured as she appeared in Edward's room. He looked over at her and

"Yes, I did," he said standing. He walked over to her and pulled her to him. His arm was secure around her

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Vampire Heart.

waist and one hand cupped her cheek. "Bella I'm in love with you. I can't focus on anything but you."

"Oh Edward," she gasped, "it's so wrong but I love you too. I have always loved you."

Edward smiled and kissed her. Her hands rested against his chest and as the kiss deepened she pulled him
tighter to her. She moved her head away to breathe and looked into his eyes.

"Make love to me for one whole month," she begged with a sultry pout as she began slipping her sleeves down
he arms.



Emmett and Jasper stood in the doorway of Edward's room with a video camera biting their tongues to keep
from laughing.

"Oh Bella you're so naughty," Edward sighed, rolling onto his side and smiling.

"What are you guys..."

"Shhhh!" Emmett clapped his hand over Carlisle's mouth. "Oh this is so sweet."

"Who taught you how to do that?" Edward mumbled. He grabbed his pillow and hugged it tight. "Mmm Bella
you're so soft and warm."

"He's strangely articulate in his dreams," Jasper muttered. Carlisle and Emmett nodded in agreement. They all
failed at stifling a laugh when Edward moaned and began to kiss his pillow. Really kiss his pillow.


"Oh Bella, oh Bella you're so soft and so warm and I want to hump your brains out," they teased in chorus.


"Oh come on Eddie everybody has wet dreams," Emmett laughed jumping away as Edward swiped for the

"It is a medical fact," Carlisle agreed.

"We just didn't know you'd be so vocal about it," Jasper added.


"What are you guys yelling about?" Bella asked as she came up the stairs. Edward would have gone several
shades of red were he able to and his brothers just burst into howls of laughter. Bella looked over at Edward
and did glow several shades of red when she saw Edward's tent.

"Yeah Eddie what are you yelling about?" Emmett asked.

"I will skin you alive!" Edward growled. He jumped onto Emmett's back and the bigger vampire shrieked.

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Vampire Heart.

"Dude! DUDE!"

"Em you know his genitals are happy and erect against your back right?"

Edward screamed and fell to the ground as Emmett bucked him off like a wild horse. Edward clapped his
hands over his erection and ran off.

"You boys are so childish," Bella sighed.

Emmett put his arm around Bella's shoulders. "Bella there comes a time in every brother's life when he must
torment his younger."

"Mmhm, believe me that happens with sister's too."

"Give me the tape boys," Esme ordered as she appeared behind them.

"What tape? There's no tape," Jasper said innocently.

Esme raised one eyebrow and folded her arms. "Is that so?"

Carlisle wavered when Esme shot him a look. "It's just some fun Esme."

"Dude can you say whipped?!"

"Hand it over now."

Going against Esme was like going against their mother, it just didn't happen. Emmett handed the tape over
and Esme gave them all scolding looks before pocketing it and walking off with Bella.

"I swear I don't understand them," Bella sighed.

"You never will trust me," Esme assured her. "How is Alice?"

"Coping," Bella answered grimly, "I'm happy for her but she's still so crazy about him. I don't know what to
make of it."

"Love is strange," Esme reminded her. "Listen, sweetie, I know you don't trust vampires, but you used to trust

"Until my sister had her eyes ripped out!"

"Now none of that," Esme scolded, "if you'll remember Jasper tried to defend her. Edward killed to save you
and Carlisle takes care of you both when you're sick."

"Trusting is a little harder," Bella mumbled. She looked out the window where she saw Edward chasing his
brothers. "He's a good person, Esme, but I can't...not after everything that has happened."

"Can't? Or won't?"

Jasper pulled away from them to steady Alice as she worked in the garden. Bella was ready to wring her

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Vampire Heart.

sister's neck! She was specifically told to avoid working and going about outside. But Jasper was ever patient
with her. Since she had lost her sight he had been there by her side to guide her and show her how to adapt.
Bella saw her look adoringly up at him. Or at least it was probably adoringly. She wore a white bandage
around her eyes these days because she knew it caused Jasper pain to see the scars. Not that Bella blamed her.
Sometimes it was hard to see the mangled flesh because it brought memories. To Jasper it was a reminder that
just being a vampire was enough to risk her life, and Bella saw a reminder of the cruelty within the vampires.

But Jasper still kissed her forehead and carried her across the garden. Lord Cullen had left almost instantly
after discovering them for his political life and he would be gone until the fall if all went according to plan.

"You look beautiful in the summer sun."

Bella turned and saw Edward. She looked around, wondering when Esme left. "Me?"

"Who else?" he asked leaning against the wall beside the window. Bella looked away from him but she knew
he was still gazing at her. He still had feelings for her, she was sure of that much.

"Look, Edward..."

"You don't have to explain anything to me," he said with a casual shrug, "I have no right to expect you to
come to me easily or at all. Looking at what you've been through and now what being in love with me could

"How can I trust you?" Bella blurted.

"How indeed? I have been your friend and I have tried to convince you that I adore you. I've always been there
to bail you out when you're in trouble. Hell I've even sat by you when you were sick."

"That's not fair and you know it."

Edward gave her a crooked grin, "life isn't fair kitten."

"I'm sorry I can't trust you as easily as Alice can."

"Tell me something kitten, when was the last time you tried? You know I'm different."

"And I also know that you want to screw me and frequently."

"You are incredibly attractive and very high on the sexy side," Edward agreed, "and when you give me the
green light I will gladly sex you until you faint, but you know that I am not going to hurt you. I am not going
to use you and abuse you for my own enjoyment."

"I see his face everywhere," Bella blurted, "I see him and I hear him and I feel him. I can't take comfort in
your touch because I will only feel his."

Edward stood strait and walked up to her. He touched her cheeks gently with his fingertips and she pulled
away. Quickly one of his arms slipped around her waist and pulled her to him and he lowered his lips to hers
in a gentle kiss.

"Mmf!" Bella protested. She pushed away from him. "WHAT DID I JUST SAY?! YOU ARE SUCH AN

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Vampire Heart.

"That works in the movies, I thought I'd give it a shot," Edward said with a shrug.

"This isn't a movie! This is real life!"

"Worth it though," Edward sighed dreamily, "to touch your lips just once."

Bella sighed and gave him a look. "Edward please get over it. We will never be anything."

Edward grinned and pulled her close again. He laid a soft kiss on her lips and another on each cheek. "I'm
Edward Cullen," he whispered against her skin, "I always get what I want."


The dream began as it always did. Bella sat in an icy room with a single 60 watt bulb above her. She clutched
herself in an attempt to stay warm and curled her legs into her chest. He came to her. The phantom of her
nightmares. His ice cold hands grabbed her and held her tight. She looked up into his face and he grinned.

Bella struggled against him but he just held her all the same. Cold hard lips explored her unwilling body and
she tried to scream but nothing came out. Two more hands curled around her from behind and a sickeningly
sweet scent wrapped around her.

"Because I love you," the voice purred in her ear.

The room was warm and dim from the flickering glow of a fire. His hands were cold but gentle. Bella tilted
her head back and opened her mouth but she still couldn't scream. His mouth, so strangely warm, caressed her
neck. His tongue flicked the shell of her ear. One hand against her jaw kept her head from moving and the
other worked her body. Cool and gentle hands massaged her breasts and teased her.

"You will love me."

She wanted him. Her body ached at the very thought of him. She gasped when his fingers slipped between her
legs and into her.

"Does this please you kitten?" he asked.

"Yes," she panted.

"My vampire heart belongs to you."

Bella turned her head and saw him there. Edward Cullen, the beautiful creature that owned every part of her.
His mouth fell upon hers and dominated it. Her hand slipped into his soft bronze hair. She could feel just how
much he needed her against her bottom. Her body burned for him. She needed him so badly.

The loud buzzing of an alarm brought her back to reality. Her eyes snapped open and she looked around. She
was in bed. She was in her bed quite alone. Edward was up in his and he would probably be wanting his


Edward knew he was in trouble when he came downstairs and the smell hit him like a ten ton wrecking ball.

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Vampire Heart.

Bella was alone in the kitchen. Her usually calm scent was spiked with something else. He could smell the
remnants of her arousal and even the subtle increases as she recalled something.

"Morning," he said.

The arousal spiked when she saw him. Edward felt himself puff a little. So she was turned on by him. Judging
by the way she was avoiding his eyes she had had a very naughty dream. Now more than ever he wished he
could break into her mind and discover what the dream was about. How many times had his dreamworld
counterpart scored?

"Morning," she mumbled quickly, looking away.

Edward noticed a problem almost instantly. She was ashamed of her reaction to him. Surely she noticed the
way her body reacted. He knew enough about an aroused female to know that there was an obvious change (if
it wasn't obvious to everyone else). He noticed the way that she was trying to tighten the muscles in her thighs
and keep her legs together, as if to apply pressure.

Oh this was too good. Edward bit his lip. If he was a vampire of lesser morals he would have gone up and felt
for himself just how ready she was. Her cheeks had a pink stain and her hands trembled slightly. Edward
noticed then a delightful development. She was still very much aroused and very much in need of a release
(whether or not she knew it herself).

Edward noticed something less delightful. His body was reacting. He felt the all too familiar tingle and he
would have to cut this short. He left quickly and made it up to his room just as his problem was becoming

"Stupid sexy Bella," he grunted going into his bathroom. He turned on the shower and stepped in.


Alice was trying to hard to stay optimistic. She saw only fuzzy shapes at best. It usually put too much of a
strain on her to use her almost completely useless eyes so she didn't very often. It was easier to keep the
bandage on and forget about it. Though she liked that she seemed to be able to hear better and her sense of
touch seemed to improve as well.

She liked that bit. Especially now when she was cuddled up with her vampire. His strong arm was around her,
keeping her close to him, and he was reading to her. His smooth voice was like the softest silk and she loved
it, she could feel his cool breath when he spoke. He smelled sweet. She snuggled into his side and heard a soft
break in his silken words as his lips placed a soft kiss on her head.

"I don't want to know the ending," Alice said, "just tell me that the soldier remains with his lover forever."

Jasper tossed the book aside. The soldier killed his lover by mistake in the ending. "They are together forever,"
he promised. Alice felt his arms around her and he shifted her so that they were laying side by side. "How do
you feel today?"

"The headaches are better," Alice admitted, "Carlisle said that it's a sign my body has adapted. But still, I like
having the bandage on so I don't try to focus."

"Even though he hates my choices, father has named me his successor. I will be off to graduate school soon."

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Vampire Heart.

"What does that mean for us?" Alice asked.

"He has expectations for me. Expectations that I can't fulfill but I can't refuse. As much as I hate to admit this,
your injuries are mild to him. The fact that you are with me now is proof of his sick mercy."

"I will follow you wherever you lead me," Alice said, "I will not get in the way of a marriage."

"Don't say that," Jasper said sharply. "I won't get married. You are the only woman I love and the only woman
I will love. Alice I can't follow in his footsteps not anymore."

"What do you mean?"

Jasper nuzzled her hair and bit his lip. He held her tighter. He didn't say anything.


The ball flew through the air with a crack like thunder. Emmett grinned and sped to the bases.

"So basically," Edward said, watching Emmett round first and head to second, "you are going to go learn how
father manipulates parliament and how to be a soldier."

"Something like that yeah," Jasper said, "he's not exactly giving me a choice. What with Carlisle being a so
called disappointment and a loudly proclaimed pacifist and you being pretty much disliked by the old bastard
that doesn't leave many options. Hell if Rosie was a guy she'd be his perfect son."

"EEW!" Emmett called as he stood on third. "YOU BASTARDS ARE SICK!"

Edward and Jasper laughed and there was another loud crack and another ball went flying, sending Emmett

"Alice said she will follow me but how can I take her?" Jasper asked. "Put her closer to danger like that..."

"Well I suppose you could always say no."

"Yeah because that always goes over well with our father," Jasper grumbled, "Edward don't play dumb."

"I'm serious! Claim it's a crime of passion and you want to be something else."

"Yes because he'll believe that. He knows that if I suddenly tell him that I don't want to that it's because of her.
He kept her alive only so that I could see the evidence of my inability to protect her every day."

"Jazz I'm your brother and I love you. You've been my best friend since we met. I can't tell you what to do
because I don't know what you're going through."

"He'll expect me to get married and have children. If I do stay with Alice she'll be just an affair. I want more
than that. I want to marry her."

Edward's eyes widened. Jasper was still watching the game. Emmett was pitching and already he had struck
one batter out. Edward continued to gape and Jasper pretended to ignore him.

"Are you insane?!"

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Vampire Heart.


"Father will kill you."

I love her Edward, more than you know. I feel like my whole life I had been waiting for her. Edward when I'm
with her I feel complete.

"It isn't going to be easy," Edward said so quietly Jasper could barely hear him.

"Yeah, but she's worth it."


The humans had a nice bathroom by usual standards. It was made when one day Esme dramatically sighed to
Lord Cullen that the reason the humans couldn't start earlier was because at the time ten of them were trying to
stumble over two showers after listening to his complaints. It helped that Lady Cullen was with him at the
time and she gave him a severe look until he had called a contractor.

Because she couldn't see, Alice was to have a babysitter in the bathroom. That babysitter was usually Bella.
Renee helped as well. Bella could see her fidget sometimes as if she wanted to help her as well. It was her

"I remember when you girls were little and you let me bathe you," Renee sighed dramatically as Bella
undressed and slipped into the tub the size of a hot tub (thanks to Carlisle who wanted a place to share with
Esme when nobody was home).

"Mom, really?"

"I never got to bathe my own children but I used to bathe Edward and Jasper when they were little," Esme
sighed as she leaned against the tile. "I'll tell you trying to bathe a vampire toddler now that is an adventure."

"Clearly you never had to try to bathe Bella as a toddler," Renee challenged with a laugh. Esme thought for a

"You may have a point," she agreed.

"You two know I am right here and can in fact hear you right?" Bella asked as she helped Alice into the tub.

"She has a point, you've always been a rebellious person."

"You all are traitors," Bella grumbled. "Dip back."

"Yes mother," Alice mocked. Bella splashed her and she splashed back. Bella washed her hair gently and
Alice sighed.

"Geez I've seen tumbleweeds less tangled."

"At least my hair doesn't feel like wire."

"Girls grow up," Renee sighed with a smile.

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Vampire Heart.

"Oh lord I could tell you stories about when Edward and Jasper were kids and they would have to take a bath.
Sometimes I would have to call Carlisle and he would have to come and help me."

"I can't imagine taking care of a little vampire. Didn't his parents do that?"

"Well Lady Cullen died in his birth and his father worked most of the time. Carlisle and I practically raised
little Edward."

"Raising those two has been the best thing that could have ever happened," Renee sighed happily looking over
at her daughters. Bella was carefully washing Alice's back and they were laughing, completely in their own

"Jasper is really in love with her," Esme sighed as they left the bathroom.

"You think so?"

"I do. Jasper is very loyal to his father. All of his life he has wanted to be a military officer and a politician like
Lord Cullen. I think his father knows that he is in love for real. It scares him."

Renee glanced back over her shoulder, "after what happened to Alice...I can't say I'm thrilled with their
relationship. I want her to stay away from him."

"That's not going to happen," Esme promised her. "Help me with the sheets?"

"Sure," Renee agreed, "so you know him better than I do. How does he feel about her?"

"He was going to die for her," Esme said looking over at her, "he is in love. Madly by the look of it. He has
never dated before."

Renee sighed. This was the last thing she could have ever wanted for her daughter.


"Jasper I have taught you everything that you need to know about being a proper man," Lord Cullen said as he
walked down the gleaming halls of the capitol building. Jasper glanced up at him. "I promised your mother
when she died that I would take care of you and I have. You may think my actions were harsh concerning your
human but it was the only way you would learn. I promise you it was all for the best."

"Yes, father," Jasper said in a monotone.

"You are twenty-one and you are more than old enough to settle down."

"You're arranging a marriage for me?!"

"Not quite yet," Lord Cullen said with a dry chuckle. "I am suggesting a match. I want our family tied to the
Denali family. Edward managed to screw that up as per usual and now I will suggest that you date Tanya."

Jasper bit back a shudder. The idea of dating that horrible vampire was scary. Not to mention his brother had
quite the grudge against her and it was taking all of his will power not to beat her into the ground.

Page 158

Vampire Heart.

"Father, Tanya..."

"Good family, attractive, good genetics, I don't see where this is a bad idea. Surely you aren't in love with
someone else?"

Jasper bit his tongue and dropped his head. Lord Cullen sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"You will be with Tanya or I will have your human killed do you understand me?"

"Yes, father," Jasper mumbled, dropping his head.


Alice awoke when she felt a hand on her shoulder and a hand over her mouth.

"It's me," Jasper whispered in her ear. "Come on."

Alice felt him take her hand and lead her out. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her near.

"What's wrong?" She asked, "what's time is it?"

"Midnight or so," Jasper said holding her tight, "Alice my father has more or less engaged me to Tanya. If I
don't he will kill you. I am going to be impulsive."

"What do you mean impulsive?" Alice asked.

He took her hands and pulled back. "Alice," he said kneeling.

"What are you doing? I can't see you."

"I'm kneeling on one knee before you," Jasper said, "Alice will you be my wife?"

"Jasper...you're serious?"

Jasper nodded. He stood and kissed her forehead. "Alice, I love you. I refuse to marry Tanya or anyone else.
More importantly I refuse to let my father use you against me. You are my only love. Please, Alice, marry

Alice looked up at him. He kissed her eyelids and then her lips. "Jasper I love you. But how is marrying me
going to solve anything? It isn't even legal."

"We're going to run away," Jasper said.

Alice took a step back from him. "You're serious?"

He nodded. She waited. She gave him a look that clearly demanded an answer. "I nodded."

"I didn't see that!"

"I'm sorry, it's just habit."

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Vampire Heart.

"Jasper please be rational. You're good at being rational."

"I can't be rational in an irrational relationship!" Jasper cried, "Alice, I have never been this way before. I have
never wanted to throw everything into the wind for someone before. Alice I want you to run away with me."

Alice turned away from him and felt around for a place to sit. Jasper swept her into his arms and sat her down
in the parlor.

"Jasper...I love you. You know I do, but I can't leave. I can't be away from my mom..."

"You were before!"

Alice shot him an angry glare. "Not by choice if you'll recall. Besides I can't be without Bella. I can't leave her
behind. Being without my mother was hard enough but Bella is my sister and my best friend. I need her and
she needs me. She still has nightmares about being abducted and she is dealing with so much right now."

"She's dealing with so much? Alice you lost your eyes!"

"I still have them they just don't work anymore."

"That isn't the point! You babysit her as if..."

"She's my sister," Alice reminded him calmly. "Jasper you don't understand. Growing up I didn't have
anybody but them. If you hadn't bought me and only Bella...god I would have died."

"So you love me but you aren't willing to leave with me?"

"Don't be like that," Alice sighed standing, "please Jasper don't put that on me."

"Stay with me tonight at least," he asked. Alice softened and turned.

"Not tonight. I want you to be alone so you can think with the right head," she sighed before turning and
walking off.

"Alice you're going the wrong way."

"I knew that," she said turning. Jasper sighed and turned her in the right direction. He wrapped his arms
around her and kissed her cheek.

"When it comes to you my love, there is no right head."

"I love you so much, you know that."

"Always, and I'm sorry for being rude and making you walk out."


"Brilliant. Now, let me walk to you bed."

They reached the servants quarters and Alice turned. "My answer is yes to the first proposition."

Page 160

Vampire Heart.

Jasper smiled and kissed her. "We'll figure out the second."

Alice smiled and he led her to bed then left.

"Alice?" Bella asked groggily. She turned and felt for her hand. Alice squeezed it. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Alice whispered, "I love you Bella."

"I love you too," Bella mumbled. She smiled and brushed some of Alice's bangs from her face. "Your hair is
getting longer."

"Jasper says it's cute when you feather it."

"Well I'm glad Jasper approves," Bella laughed quietly. "I'm sorry for being so angry with you about him. I
realize I never apologized."

"Don't worry about it," Alice said, shifting to lay on her stomach, and giving her hand a squeeze. "You're my
sister and you're just looking out for me."

Bella smiled and closed her eyes. Their vampires always pegged her as the defender and the stronger one. But
she knew it was her sister. Alice was the calm maternal one. The one that kept her sane and cooled her down
when Edward riled her up. Bella could hear Alice's soft snores, indicating that she had fallen asleep and
smiled. She was jealous of her sister's ability to trust their vampires so easily and to admit to the feelings in her

But then again Alice was always the mature one.


DC: I don't own it

Thank you to my reviewers!

So a few things to address since I don't have time to reply to everyone.

First is a question about the venom and if vampires can change humans. As far as the vampires know there is
no way to change a human into a vampire. There is one way that they kind of know of but it's treated as more
of a myth or something like that because there is no medical proof to back it up. Kind of like how we believe
that eating chicken soup when sick can cure the flu but there is no actual proof (and if there is then meh I'm
not medical at all).

Second is Alice's blindness. It is permanent-ish. Her pupils were damaged except for a small portion of them.
Kind of near the top. She can see very fuzzy and very dim shapes but it hurts too much to try to focus (both
her eyes and she gets headaches), kind of like trying to see without glasses after a stretch of time.

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