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Name of video: Get Pearson SuccessNet! Back round: Pearson screenshot !olor"#$pe"Si%e of &ont: !olor screenshot 'ith oran e te(t bo(es usin black te(t) Pearson *ebsite ''')pearsonsuccessnet)com +ctual te(t: Description of this scene: Leveled Reader Database Screen 9 of Narration: Search the
Leveled Reader Database Step ,: Select Grade Level Step -: Select Grade Level Step .: #$pe in /e$ *ord Step 0: Select Lan ua e Step 1: Select entire database Step 2: !lick on Search

+udio: Self 3oiceover

#ransition to ne(t clip: Slide 'ill fade in and fade out to the ne(t slide) +nimation: +udience 4nteraction: +udience 'ill read te(t bo( to understand 'here to click to o)

4nspiration for this document: 5aricopa !ommunit$ !olle e) http:""''')mcli)dist)maricopa)edu"authorin "studio"inde()html