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Name of video: Get Pearson SuccessNet! Back round: Pearson screenshot !o"or#$%pe#Si&e ofsi&e: 'ont: Screen .......... !o"or screenshot with /6:01 oran e 2:31 3:4 te(t )o(es to cover PPI and oran e te(t )o( with )"ack "etterin * Pearson +e)site www*pearsonsuccessnet*com ,ctua" te(t: Description of this scene: View Roster part II Screen 6 of Narration: Printing
Parent Letters Parent letters explain how to access and log in to SuccessNet. Use the Class/Group Roster page, you can print a parent letter and send it home with your student to get the whole family involved in the learning experience. To print a parent letter: Go to the Class/Group Roster page. Click the check ox next to the student!s name for whom you want to print a parent letter. "ou can select as many students as re#uired. $o select all students in a class, click the check ox in the header row.
5Sketch screen here notin co"or1 p"ace1 si&e of raphics if an%6

Click Print parent letter. $he parent letter appears with printing options. Click Print or Print All.

,udio: Se"f Voiceover $ransition to ne(t c"ip: S"ide wi"" fade in and fade out to the ne(t s"ide* ,nimation:

Inspiration for this document: -aricopa !ommunit% !o""e e* http:##www*mc"i*dist*maricopa*edu#authorin #studio#inde(*htm"

,udience Interaction: ,udience wi"" read te(t )o(*

Inspiration for this document: -aricopa !ommunit% !o""e e* http:##www*mc"i*dist*maricopa*edu#authorin #studio#inde(*htm"