AROMATHERAPY COURSE: First Aid Cures By AbdessSalaam Attar

Who is this course designed for? This course is desi !ed "or those #ho are loo$i! "or a sa"e% !atural alter!ati&e to cure commo! health 'roblems% sim'ly by usi! a "e# esse!tial oils( Ma!y ailme!ts are able to be resol&ed usi! esse!tial oils i!stead o" relyi! o! doctors% hos'itals% a!d 'harmaceuticals% #hich o"te! ha&e !e ati&e side e""ects a!d o!ly treat the sym'toms% !ot the root o" the 'roblem( This course is also mea!t "or established health 'ractitio!ers #ho #ould li$e to o""er a!other thera'y to be!e"it their 'atie!ts% a!d as #ell e)'a!d their $!o#led e i! the "ield o" aromathera'y( The e)celle!t results that aromathera'y ca! bri! are illustrated o! my blo % #here * docume!ted some o" my e)'erie!ces i! Timbu$tu( htt':++###('ro"umo(it+blo +i!de)('h'+,-.-+-/+aromathera'y0i!0 timbu$tu0the0earache+ htt':++###('ro"umo(it+blo +i!de)('h'+,-.-+-/+aromathera'y0i!0 timbu$tu0ri! #orms0a!d0other+ htt':++###('ro"umo(it+blo +i!de)('h'+,-.-+-/+aromathera'y0i!0 timbu$tu0tric$s0a!d0reci'es0the0toothache+ This course sy!thesi1es ,2 years o" e)'erie!ce *3&e had usi! aromathera'y daily( IMPORTANT SAFETY ADVICE The MOST *MPORTA4T sa"ety 'recautio! "or those usi! esse!tial oils is the da! er "or the eyes( E&e! a &ery small amou!t #ill bur! a!d cause 'ai!( 4E5ER USE 6ATER to #ash esse!tial oils out o" the eyes% as you #ill 7ust s'read it e&e! more( Use oli&e oil or a!y oil% "at% butter% etc( Oils a!d "ats dilute the esse!ces% as #ell as ho!ey( Esse!ces 8O 4OT mi) #ith #ater(

Similarly% some esse!ces are &ery harm"ul "or the s$i! 9ci!!amo!% thyme% ore a!o% lemo! rass% etc(:( They #ill bur! &ery delicate s$i! ty'es( *" this ha''e!s% rub oil or "at immediately o! the s$i! to dilute their a ressi&e 'o#er( Fortu!ately% !o!e o" the ; esse!ces i! the basic $it ha&e a! irritati! e""ect o! the s$i!( Aro !ther!"#

Aromathera'y has bee! arou!d "or a "e# decades i! Euro'e% ho#e&er the Arabs a!d *!dia!s #ere the "irst to use the distillatio! 'rocess a!d ha&e bee! usi! 'er"umes "or much lo! er( Aromathera'y is &ery similar to our traditio!al alter!ati&e medici!e because a ma7or 'art o" it co!sists o" aromatic 'la!ts( Essenti!$ Oi$s There are ma!y di""ere!t ad&a!ta es to usi! the esse!ces i!stead o" actual 'la!ts( The co!ce!tratio! o" the esse!ces co!tai!s hu!dreds o" $ilos o" medici!al 'la!ts i! a small &olume% a!d it has a much lo! er shel" o" li"e tha! the "resh or dried 'la!t( The esse!ces ha&e a much stro! er e""ect tha! the 'la!t% because o" the chemical 'urity o" the acti&e 'ri!ci'les% a!d there"ore ca! be used 'ure i" !ecessary or diluted i! order to re'roduce the e""ect o" the 'la!t itsel"( Additio!ally% the esse!ce% the 'la!t3s most ethereal ma!i"estatio!% allo#s its <s'iritual= or <&ibratio!al= dime!sio! to 'o#er"ully i!"lue!ce the body3s &ital "orce( Effects The "ast a!d 'o#er"ul actio! o" the esse!ces% #ithout side e""ects% ma$es aromathera'y i!com'arable to other thera'ies "or the treatme!t o" acute ill!esses a!d emer e!cies( E!s# to %se The Aromathera'y First Aid >it is &ery easy to use because it ca! sol&e almost all commo! disturba!ces #ith 7ust a "e# !umber o"

inger+ Ment!$ S"ort+ Anti-Sh!r. esse!ces alo! #ith the 'rese!t uide "or this course( T&E SI' ESSENCES IN T&E AROMAT&ERAPY (IT )!*ender+ Mint+ Incense+ . esse!ces chose! i! the $it:( *t is also e)tremely i!tuiti&e a!d * o"te! disco&er !e# 'ro'erties o" the esse!ces either by usi! them to cure my o#! aches a!d 'ai!s% or throu h the i!tuitio! o" other 'eo'le #ho use these . /0 1 )AVENDER: Pro"erties2 !nt "oison+ diuretic+ !ntico!gu$!nt+ !n!$gesic+ cic!tri3es Affinit# org!n: Kidneys Pro"erties: neutralizes poisons S# "to s2 Whenever you do not know what to use This is the mother o" all esse!ces( You ca! !e&er o #ro! #ith usi! la&e!der to cure a!y 'roblem( *" * had to choose o!ly o!e esse!ce it #ould be la&e!der( This humble "lo#er 'ossesses the 'o#er o" humility( Humility ca! mo&e mou!tai!s: it ca! tur! situatio!s u'side do#! #ithout direct actio!% 7ust by its 'rese!ce( ?a&e!der is a s'ecial i"t "or childre! a!d old 'eo'le( The first i "ort!nt "ro"ert# of $!*ender is to stimulate the re e!eratio! o" the tissue( 6he! somethi! is dama ed duri! i!7ury i! our body% our &ital "orce #ill re'air the dama e a!d the tissues #ill be reco!structed( ?a&e!der #ill add its o#! &ital "orce to ours% a!d #ou!ds #ill heal i! &ery short time( *t #ill hel' bro$e! bo!es% bum's% cuts% etc( heal &ery @uic$ly( This is the reaso! #hy it is 'articularly use"ul "or the last third o" our li"etime% #he! our &ital "orce becomes #ea$e!ed( .esse!ces% #ithout a!y de ree o" da! er 9the .

For bro$e! bo!es% use ?a&e!der mi)ed #ith Fra!$i!ce!se% #hich has the 'ro'erty o" @uic$ly hel'i! the "i)atio! o" calcium i! the bo!es( The second "ro"ert# of $!*ender is that it is a! a!ti0 coa ula!t a!d this is 'articularly e&ide!t o! hematomas( *" you 'ut it o! a !e# #ou!d% it #o!3t s#ell or tur! i!to a bruise( *" you 'ut it o! a bruise% it #ill disa''ear much "aster tha! !ormal( *ts a!ticoa ula!t e""ect is also e&ide!t i! the ability o" this oil to remo&e hemosideri! de'osits 9those s'ots o" color that ra! e "rom blac$ to blue a!d usually accom'a!y &aricose &ei!s es'ecially i" 'hlebitis is 'rese!t:( This 'ro'erty is also ty'ical o" the cy'ress% #hich is the esse!ce i!dicated "or &aricose &ei!s( C!ution2 8O 4OT 'ut ?a&e!der o! bleedi! #ou!ds( *t is a!ti0 coa ula!t( Use it #he! bleedi! has sto''ed% as its re e!erati! 'o#er #ill reco!struct the tissue a!d e&e!tual scars #ill be much smaller( *" your childre! o"te! comes to you #ith bleedi! #ou!ds% you should al#ays ha&e ho!ey ready( Pour a little o! the #ou!d a!d it #ill sto' the bleedi! immediately( )!*ender4s fr!gr!nce h!s ! co forting !nd c!$ ing effect % e&e! 7ust "rom smelli! it( A"ter usi! it a "e# times o! your childre!% as soo! as you o'e! the bottle to cure them they #ill sto' cryi! ( *t is also &ery ood "or childre! #ho ha&e slee'i! di""iculties a!d+or a!)iety or !er&ous!ess( )!*ender is ost usefu$ for e$der$# "eo"$e because their &ital "orce is less 'o#er"ul a!d a!y dama e #ill ta$e a lo! er time to heal( ?a&e!der #ill hel' them to heal @uic$ly by addi! its o#! &ital "orce to theirs( ?a&e!der is a s'ecial i"t "or old a e( )!*ender is !$so !n !n!$gesic( *t is &ery e""ecti&e to'ically "or #ome!3s me!strual 'ai!s( 9A''ly ..dro's o! the area i! 'ai! a!d let it 'e!etrate(: E)'erie!ce su ests that the a!al esic e""ect o" la&e!der is more use"ul "or 'ro"ou!d 'ai!% u!der the s$i!% "or the muscles% as #ell as rheumatic 'ai! or i!tercostal 'ai!s a!d less use"ul "or locali1ed s$i! discom"ort( This @uality seems to be i! some #ays com'leme!tary to .-0.

dro' o" la&e!der #ith oli&e oil to calm 'ai!:% s#elli! 9le s% #ater rete!tio! #ith lym'hatic massa e:% headaches% co!&alesce!t 'eo'le "rom trauma% "rom sur ical o'eratio!s% #ou!ds% hair loss 9a "e# dro's o" it #ith oli&e oil or 'ure o! the hair a"ter #ashi! #he! still #et% stomach 'ai! "or babies 9massa e the belly #ith .0B dro's 'ure:% me!ses 'ai!% 'a!ic attac$s 9actors% be"ore 'er"orma!ces% 'ut o! chest to be calm:% 'er"ume the bed o" the child to slee' ood% a ai!st i!sects% rela)i! 9massa es:( Reco end!tion2 Choose la&e!der "or a!y 'roblem that you are !ot sure ho# to treat( 501 PEPPERMINT Pro"erties2 E)'ectora!t% a!al esic% a!ti'yretic% a!ti0emetic 9!ausea: Affinit# org!n2 lu! s% i!testi!e Fe!tures2 'uri"ies #ater S# "to s2 Heat Mi!t is o!e o" the most 'o#er"ul esse!ces( *t3s i!com'atible #ith homeo'athyC .idne#s0 *t is a diuretic( For $id!ey sto!es% a''ly the esse!ce o! the bac$ arou!d the area o" the $id!eys a!d ma$e a aromatic 'er"usio! 9see a''e!di):( INDICATIONS: bum's% hematomas% a!y $i!ds o" 'oiso!ous bites a!d 'oiso!ous 'la!ts% ear i!"ectio! 9.'e''ermi!t esse!ce i! the mi) <Me!tal S'ort= "or the treatme!t o" 'ai!( ?a&e!derAs 'ro'erty o" diluti! the blood is also ood "or headaches( For stretch mar$s% oli&e oil mi)ed #ith la&e!der is "a!tastic but e&e! 7ust oli&e oil alo!e #ill 're&e!t stretch mar$s( An other i "ort!nt "ro"ert# of )!*ender is that it is a!ti 'oiso!ous% that is% it3s ca'able o" !eutrali1i! a!imal+i!sect &e!om( The molecules o" la&e!der combi!e #ith the &e!om to !eutrali1e it( )!*ender h!s ! s"eci!$ !ffinit# for the .

8o !ot use the mi!t o! the body o" the !e#bor!% a!d dilute it i! oli&e oil "or small childre!( The smell o'e!s your lu! s( Mi!t is be!e"icial "or all ty'es o" res'iratory 'roblems% breathi! di""iculties a!d o'e!s a bloc$ed !ose( *t i&es "resh!ess a!d de'th o" breathi! a!d soothes irritated lu! s( Mi!t is the ideal remedy "or a !octur!al cou h caused by i!cessa!t irritatio! o" the bro!chi 9Fra!$i!ce!se oil may ha&e the same medici!al 'ro'erties i! the case o" to!sillitis a!d lary! itis:( Use a dro' o" mi!t o! a lum' o" su ar "or childre!% or 'ut a small amou!t o! the ti' o" your "i! er a!d a''ly it u!der your to! ue( Smo$ers #ho use it i! this #ay #ill breathe better duri! the !i ht a!d e)'el the mucus i! the mor!i! % elimi!ati! some o" the 'oiso! they i!haled duri! the day( O! the other ha!d% i! the case o" short!ess o" breath associated #ith a!)iety% mi!t i&es de'th a!d a !e# rhythm i! breathi! ( Mi!t is the $i! o" remedies "or headaches( Headaches are o"te! associated #ith three disorders: !ec$ a!d shoulder 'ai!% stomach 'ai! #ith or #ithout !ausea% a!d si!usitis( Ho#e&er it is less e""ecti&e "or other ty'es o" headaches% such as cluster% tri emi!al% etc( Al#ays use the mi!t "or all ty'es o" headaches% deali! #ith the 'ai! by a''lyi! it #here&er it is located 9!ec$% to' o" the head% side o" the head or "ace:( You ca! the! treat the other a""ected areas% massa i! the shoulders #ith the esse!ce a!d% i" the stomach is i!&ol&ed #ith 'ai! or !ausea% 'our B dro's 9o!ly o!e dro' "or small childre!: o! a su ar cube% or a s'oo! o" "ructose or a small 'iece o" bread the! s#allo# a!d ha&e a si' o" #ater( *t #ill be!e"it immediately the headache as #ell as ma$i! breathi! better a!d dee'er because #he! #e ha&e headaches #e te!d to close oursel&es u' i!side a!d shorte! our breathi! ( The mi!t also be!e"its si!usitis% !ot o!ly o" the headaches caused by this disease( DA''ly it i! the 'ure "orm o! the "orehead% es'ecially at .

!i ht be"ore bed( *t #ill clea!se the ca&ities o" the "ace co! ested #ith mucus% you #ill e)'el it i! the "ollo#i! mor!i! ( For childre! si!usitis% #et the ti' o" your "i! er #ith a little esse!ce a!d 'lace o! the "orehead abo&e the eyebro#s( Be care"ul o" the eyes( The! at !i ht #he! they are aslee'% #et the ti' o" your "i! ers a!d clea! them o! the "abric close to #here they are breathi! ( *t #ill hel' them breathe better% a!d hel' them to u!loc$ their !ose( Pe''ermi!t is a &ery stro! a!al esic #ith a lo! 0term e""ect% more durable tha! that o" la&e!der o! a!y ty'es o" 'ai!( For e)am'le% i! case o" sti! s "rom i!sects or bur!s% la&e!der i&es 'ai! relie" "or . hours( *t is also e""ecti&e "or a toothache% i" you do!3t ha&e clo&e oil( The mi!t has the ability to rela) the muscles% a!d "or this reaso! it is used i! all the massa e oils "or athletes( 9See EMe!tal S'ortE: Mi!t is the best esse!ce a ai!st the Estomach ache(E 5ery o"te! the stomach ache is due to the co!tractio! o" the muscles o" the 'ylorus astric s'ecies% the actio! o" the muscle rela)a!t i! mi!t 'lays a! im'orta!t role as a! acid0re"lu)% di esti&e% a!d stomach 'ai! relie&er( Three dro's o" mi!t o! a lum' o" su ar or a 'iece o" bread% "ollo#ed by a si' o" #ater% #ill sto' all ty'es o" stomach aches @uic$ly 9B mi!utes:( The use o" this esse!tial oil is to 'rotect us "rom a!aemia associated #ith the use o" a!tacids a!d too o"te! u!reco !i1ed( Mi!t is the best esse!ce a ai!st !ausea a!d the best remedy "or mor!i! sic$!ess duri! 're !a!cy( 9Fust #et your "i! er #ith a little Ao" esse!ce% a!d i&e a little touch u!der your to! ue:( A!d Ai! "act Mi!t a!d ?emo! are the o!ly sce!ts that 're !a!t #ome! #ill e!7oy at all times( 5ery rarely #ill 'eo'le "i!d mi!t dis usti! % but i! this case you ca! use A!ise esse!tial oil i!stead o" mi!t "or u'set stomach% as #ell as astroeso'ha eal re"lu) a!d !ausea( Mi!t #ill lo#er the "e&er( .mi!utes% a"ter #hich youAll !eed to 'ut more% #hile to ether #ith mi!t 9Me!tal S'orts: it has lasti! e""ects "or u' to .

to 2 dro's o" mi!t( *! .2 mi!utes the "e&er should dro's( 6he! "e&er ma$es the 'erso! "eels cold% the! use the esse!ce o" i! er% i!stead o" mi!t( Fe&er i! childre!: a&oid dru s to lo#er "e&er i" !ot absolutely !ecessary% because the "e&er is i! itsel" a de"e!ce a!d 'uri"icatio! o" the body as #ell as a! im'orta!t sym'tom that ca! i&e us &aluable i!"ormatio! o! the 'ro ress o" the course o" ill!ess( Fust $ee' the "e&er u!der co!trol% but do !ot try to sto' it( <U!der co!trol= mea!s that it should !ot be allo#ed to rise too hi h( Firstly remo&e bla!$ets a!d clothes% a!d a''ly ice or a s'o! e( Mi!t a!d i! er are also used to co!trol "e&er( Mi!t is the best esse!ce to 'uri"y #ater #he! you are tra&elli! #he! you thi!$ that the #ater is !ot 'ure( Add a dro' o" 'e''ermi!t 'er litre o" #ater% a!d sha$e #ell( The taste is delicious% it is e)tremely re"reshi! % thirst0@ue!chi! % a!d elimi!ate all harm"ul micro0 or a!isms that may be 'rese!t i! the #ater( APP?*CAT*O4S: "e&er #ith heat se!satio!% di""iculty i! breathi! % stomach 'ai!% muscle te!sio! 9#ith massa e:% all $i!ds o" headaches% acute 'ai! #ell locali1ed% si!usitis% !ausea% &omiti! % di11i!ess% &erti o% me!tal co!"usio!% !er&ous cou h% bro!chial cou h% #ater 'uri"icatio!( A touch o" mi!t u!der the to! ue is o"te! *MME8*ATE?Y e""ecti&e i! crises o" lary! os'asm% asthma% cou h% !ausea a!d &omiti! % sometimes 7ust smelli! it is e!ou h to sol&e some acute sym'toms( 9A ty'ical e)am'le is the !ausea o" 're !a!t #ome!:( B(FRAN(INCENSE Pro"erties2 &e!$ing of 6ounds+ c!$ciu Affinit# org!n2 the ucous e fi7!ti*e+ disinfect!nt 8r!nes+ 8ones . ty'es o" "e&ers: i" the 'erso! "eels cold a!d #he! the 'erso! "eels hot( Mi!t is used "or the ty'e o" "e&er that ma$es you "eel hot% because it is cool a!d re"reshi! ( Massa e the "eet o" the 'erso! #ith .There are .

Fe!tures2 !n7iet#+ night !res S# "to s2 6ounds Fra!$i!ce!se is the medici!e o" the Arabs( This substa!ce comes "rom a desert tree( The resi! s'routs #he! cuts are i!"licted o! the tru!$ a!d bra!ches( *t has the "u!ctio! o" 'rotecti! the #ou!d a ai!st a! attac$ o" bacteria a!d "u! us( *! biblical times Fra!$i!ce!se #as #orth its #ei ht i! old !ot because o" its !ice smell but rather because it is a li"esa&i! remedy( The 'roductio! o" Fra!$i!ce!se o! the 'la!et is &ery limited( Somalia a!d Oma! are 'roduci! most o" that small @ua!tity a!d it is @uic$ly sold a!d co!sumed( There"ore the 'rice o" Fra!$i!ce!se is rather hi h( The first "ro"ert# of incense is its ability to heal #ou!ds( You ca! use it success"ully "or all those #ou!ds that are di""icult to heal% such as ulcers o" the di esti&e tract% a!al "istulas% 'ressure sores a!d bur!s( The second "ro"ert# of incense is to treat the "lu% colds a!d i!"ectious diseases a!d all their sym'toms: cou h% sore throat% lary! itis% to!sillitis( The Arabs use to boil the resi! i! #ater a!d to dri!$ it "or all these 'roblems( Three dro's o" esse!tial oil o! a lum' o" su ar% .+B times a day or more% this is the #ay #e #ill use it( Put the su ar i! the mouth a!d "ollo# #ith hot tea( *" the cou h is dry% #ith i!ce!se the mucus #ill li@ue"y a!d this #ill hel' to e)'el it "rom the lu! s a!d !ose( Also mi) it #ith oli&e oil a!d rub it o! the chest o" childre! #ho are cou hi! a!d ha&e cau ht a cold( The incense h!s "s#chic "ro"erties( 6ear it as a 'er"ume% s'read it o! the chest% a!d it #ill act as a 'rotectio! a ai!st the !e ati&e i!"lue!ces o" the 'eo'le( * $!o# that ma!y thera'ists a!d .

'sychothera'ists use it "or this 'ur'ose #ith satis"actio!% "ollo#i! my ad&ice( The night !res of chi$dren !nd !du$ts #ill disa''ear #he! "ra!$i!ce!se is used o! the chest% or 'er"ume o! 'y7amas be"ore slee'( Fr!n.incense is 8enefici!$ for !ture s. dro's o" Fra!$i!ce!se i! a 'alm% add a "e# dro's o" oli&e oil% mi) i! the 'alms o" the ha!ds% rub the 'alms o" the ha!ds a!d 'ass this oil moisturi1er o! the "ace% !ec$ a!d ha!ds( The! you ca! #ash your "ace #ith soa' a!d #ater a"ter .IN.ER Pro"erties2 !nti"#retic+ !nt!cid Affinit# org!n2 Digestive system Fe!tures: Dry cough S# "to s2: Everything that is cold Gi! er is o!e o" the ma7or 'la!ts i! Chi!ese medici!e a!d also i! Ayur&eda% as #ell as i! Arab a!d A"rica! traditio!al herbal medici!e( *t is o"te! used as a catalyser to bri! sy!er y to mi)tures o" di""ere!t 'la!ts( The u!der rou!d 'art o" the 'la!t is used a!d des'ite this ori i! it has the @ualities o" all s'ices% #ho are a co!ce!trate o" su!li ht e!er y% Gi! er li$e all s'ices has these @ualities: heat a!d dry!ess( .2 mi!utes to a&oid ha&i! your "ace reasy( APP?*CAT*O4S: #ou!d heali! % stomach ulcers% blisters i! the mouth% "lu% cou h% sore throat% lary! itis% to!sillitis% a!y 'roblems i! the mouth such as bur!s% ulcers a!d i! i&itis% ood "or the e!tire di esti&e tract% !i htmares% s$i! care( 9 .in a!d has a re7u&e!ati! e""ect( For this 'ur'ose% you ca! use it as Cleo'atra did thousa!ds o" years a o( To ma$e your o#! re7u&e!ati! cream 7ust #ash your ha!ds #ith #ater% do !ot dry them but 'our .

2 mi!utes the "e&er should dro' a!d the 'atie!t "eel better( Gi! er oil is be!e"icial "or #ea$!esses i! articulatio!% rheumatism a!d arthritis% es'ecially "or the $!ees 9. to 2 dro's o" i! er( *! .S'ices are co!ce!trates o" solar e!er y a!d they i&es heat to the body a!d to the soul( The "ro"ert# th!t 6e sh!$$ !in$# use "rom i! er is its heati! 'o#er% "or disturba!ces related to cold!ess a!d humidity( Flu a!d colds% cou hi! % "e&er% sore throatH a "e# dro's o" i! er i!to a cu' o" ho!ey to eat e&ery . i! er o! a lum' o" su ar:( INDICATIONS Flu a!d colds% cou hi! % "e&er% sore throat The fresh ginger root is the most e""ecti&e remedy "or heartbur!( Slo#ly che# or $ee' i! your mouth a small 'iece o" "resh i! er% the bur!i! #ill disa''ear i! 2 mi!utes( Usi! it 7ust a "e# times #ill cure com'letely this 'roblem e&e! thou h the 'erso! has had it "or years( :0 MENTA) SPORT ?a&e!der% Rosemary% 'e''ermi!t% ra'e"ruit . hours% 'ure #ith a s'oo! or #ith hot tea( *t is a! easy #ay to cure the childre! because it is delicious a!d they lo&e it( *t #ill com'lete the e""ect o" Fra!$i!ce!se( Massa e the "eet #ith a "e# dro's "or the ty'e o" "e&er i! #hich the 'erso! "eels cold( Massa e the "eet o" the 'erso! #ith .-0.-I o" the esse!tial oil i! oli&e oil: For !ec$ 'ai! that causes headaches% use i! er there a!d i! a!y achi! 'art o" the body that "eels cold u!der the ha!d cold 9bac$% "orehead% etc(:( You ca! use i! er #ith "ra!$i!ce!se "or its sy!er istic actio! es'ecially "or osteo0articular disorders related to e)'osure to cold 9. dro's "ra!$i!ce!se% .

urns2 a''ly the 'ure esse!ce immediately o! bur!s% the 'ai! #ill disa''ear i! .urns+ effecti*e in !cute gout# !rthritis S# "to s2 A$$ th!t 6hich is s6o$$en The older the Rosemary 'la!t% the stro! er it becomes( *! old a e it blooms #ith "lo#ers( The esse!ce stre! the!s a!d rei!"orces the #ea$ 'arts o" our body a!d our tired mi!d( Use it to rei!"orce the $!ees% articulatio!s #ith re ular a''licatio!s% a!d also the hair( Ment!$ S"ort is *er# tonic o! the body a!d "or the mi!d( Rosemary i&e it the 'ro'erty to stre! the! the body #ho has bee! #ea$e!ed by disease or i!7ury% Pe''ermi!t i&es it a!al esic 'ro'erties a!d soothi! e""ect o! the muscles( ?a&e!der ma$es it heali! by hel'i! i! the re'air o" dama ed tissues( For these reaso!s it is the 8est essence to use for !ss!ging the bac$% !ec$% le s% "eet% a!d shoulders( *t ma$es muscles stro! by massa i! them% a!d also stre! the!s articulatio!s #he! a''lied o&er them( It is 8!$s! ic !nd fresh+ it refreshes hot s'ots o" the body #hich are tired a!d s#olle!( Use o! the chest as a balsamic oil duri! the !i ht #he! someo!e is cou hi! or has a cold( Me!tal S'ort is a! e)celle!t to'ical a!al esic "or the 'ai! that seems to o!ly res'o!d 'artially to mi!t or la&e!der( *! our e)'erie!ce it seems to be ideal "or out 'ai! #ith immediate a!d lo! 0lasti! e""ects( *ts actio! as muscle rela)a!t is also 'articularly e&ide!t #he! #e use it "or muscle cram's as #ell as co!tractures i! e!eral: try it to belie&e itC 4ot so use"ul i! co!tractures o" lumbar dis$s due to her!ia% it is &ery use"ul i! cases o" muscle strai! but be care"ul% i" you ha&e a muscle tear a!d you use Me!tal 'ort% the co!tracture a!d the 'ai! #ill disa''ear ra'idly% but the muscle remai!s #ea$% i! this case you should remai! at rest u!til the muscle resumes its !atural to!e% at least three #ee$s( . mi!ute a!d they #ill heal @uic$ly( .Pro"erties2 Musc$e re$!7!nt+ !n!$gesic Affinit# org!n2 muscular system Fe!tures: .

# : a''ly be"ore a!d a"ter e)ercisi! the areas that #ill be strai!ed% muscles or articulatio!s( They #ill ha&e more resista!ce a!d !o side e""ects #ill sho# u' "rom too much e)ertio!% such as muscle or articulatio! 'ai!( INDICATIONS2 Te!se muscles% hard 'oi!ts% shoulders% co!tracted muscles% cram's( Stre! the!s muscles a!d articulatio!s% headaches% a!al esic% s#olle! a!$les a!d le s% bur!s% bum's% me!tal tired!ess% hel's study( < ANTI S&AR( ?a&e!der% Gera!ium% Pe''ermi!t Pro"erties2 Anti-inf$! !tor#+ !nti-!$$ergic+ !nti-"oison Affinit# org!n2 the Fe!tures2 $ife-s!*ing S# "to s2 s6o$$enness+ redness+ itching+ "!in Use"ul "or a!ythi! that causes itchi! % all si !s o" i!"ectio! or i!"lammatio!% a!d all ailme!ts that seems too serious to be treated #ith aromathera'y 9see here a!d here: Anti sh!!niu % because it has a <cortiso!e0li$e= e""ect( Pe""er int com'letes the 'roduct #ith its stro! a!al esic 'ro'erties( Al#ays use it "or a!y $i!d o" i!sect bites% sti! s% "ish% medusa% as #ell as 'la!t sti! s a!d &e!oms li$e !ettles a!d i&y( .S"orts !nd . is our ost "o6erfu$ "roduct to cure the 6idest r!nge of he!$th "ro8$e s0 It 6!s designed origin!$$# !s !n !ntidote for "oisonous insects !nd fishes0 The ma7or da! er i! 'oiso!ous bites is !ot so much the 'oiso! itsel" as the 'ossible aller y o" a 'erso!( A si! le bee ca! $ill a! aller ic 'erso!( For this reaso!% #e use )!*ender+ #hich !eutralises the to)icity o" &e!oms% a!d .

s ost "recious "ro"ert# is !g!inst !$$ergies 9aller y0 related s$i! 'roblems% but also res'iratory aller ies a!d "ood aller ies: A!ti Shar$s #ill alle&iate a!y itchi! due to "ood aller ies or aller ic reactio!s( ( For the &a i!al itchi! 9!ot o" aller ic ori i!:% ho#e&er% it is 're"erable to a!other 're'aratio!% s'eci"ic "or #ome!% the EBoccioli!oE( For s$i! aller ies% a''ly it to the area co!cer!ed( For res'iratory aller ies% #et your "i! er #ith a little o" esse!ce% the! touch it u!der your to! ue( For "ood aller y #ith a rash all o&er the body% cure the sym'toms o" itchi! by s'readi! a "e# dro's o&er the #hole body #hile #et 9a"ter a sho#er: a!d eat B dro's o! a su ar cube( *t does !ot lose its e""ecti&e!ess i" it is diluted to .-I i! oli&e oil% "or e)am'le o! the ty'e o" catarrhal otitis e)ter!a or her'es 1oster i! early sta e( A!ti Shar$s is a stro! a!ti0i!"lammatory a!d has the ability to 'e!etrate dee'ly% "rom the s$i! sur"ace all the #ay to the i!"lamed tissues( A!ti Shar$s ma$es i!"ectio!s heal "aster such as abscesses or sim'le 'im'les% her'es or ca!$er sores( INDICATIONS2 Re'els i!sects% cures 'oiso!ous bites a!d sti! s% 'oiso!ous "ish% li$e medusas etc(% her'es 1oster% li' her'es% i!"ectio!s% i!"lammatio!s% itchi! % red s#olle!!ess% s$i! disease% ec1ema% s$i! i!"ectio!s% ri! #orm% boils a!d 'im'les% 7u&e!ile ac!e% i!testi!e #orms% ear i!"ectio! a!d ache% all ty'es o" itchi! % all ty'es o" aller ies% res'iratory a!d s$i! aller ies( ACCESSORY ESSENCES FOR DAILY USE .Anti sh!r.

both for prevention and for pleasure and health. They are also able to cure serious ailments in a fast and effective way and are free from side effects for diseases whose conventional treatments available otherwise often come with multiple serious side effects. BOCCIOLINO Tea tree% Patchouli% ?a&e!der% Gera!ium% Clary Sa e% Myrrh% Cy'ress Pro"erties2 8isi!"ecta!t Affinit# org!n2 the uri!ary a!d e!itouri!ary system a!d the di esti&e system Fe!tures2 a'hrodisiac% a!ti"u! al% ec1ema Boccioli!o is a com'ositio! o" esse!tial oils ori i!ally desi !ed "or daily i!timate hy ie!e( *t has a! a!tise'tic% "u! icide% heali! a!d deodora!t e""ect( *t bala!ces hormo!es( You ca! use it "or daily hy ie!e a!d i!timate "ra ra!ce "or me! a!d #ome!% but use it es'ecially a"ter the me!strual "lo# to bala!ce a!d stimulate the hormo!al system( Boccioli!o ca! be used to assist the treatme!t i!: 'reme!strual te!sio!% me!o'ause% &a i!itis% % ame!orrhea% dysme!orrhoea% leucorrhoea% ec1ema% &a i!al itchi! a!d sores a!d ca! be used i! 're !a!cy( *ts tale!t 'redomi!a!tly seems to be a!tise'tic% rebala!ci! o" the bacterial "lora both i!ter!al a!d to'ical( Pro&e! e""ecti&e i! the case o" uri!ary tract i!"ectio!s a!d 're&e!tio! o" i!"ectio!s i! case o" hematuria 9blood i! uri!e: or "or treatme!t o" the sym'toms o" chro!ic 'rostatitis 9so !otoriously di""icult to eradicate by commo! a!tibiotic substa!ces:( 6e success"ully tested it as a treatme!t "or t#o ty'es o" i!testi!al i!"ectio!s: i!"ecti&e to)i!s 9&ery use"ul #he! tra&elli! : a!d those related to a!tibiotic use #ith a!ti0microbism 9such as 'seudo .Some essences are useful for so many problems that they are used daily or at least regularly.

membra!ous colitis:( *t also has a! a!ti"u! al e""ect to'ically o! the s$i! a ai!st a #ide &ariety o" "u! al i!"ectio!s( 4otes: Boccioli!o may stimulate the libido( APP?*CAT*O4S: For hy ie!e e&eryday me! a!d #ome!: a''ly . tables'oo!s o" yo urt i! la&e!der i!side "or J. hours the! ri!se B times a day% a!d this allo#s you to elimi!ate the use o" a!tibiotics a!d 'ai!$illers a"ter such sur ery( Furthermore% the heali! o" tissues occurs i! a reduced time( Bacetto addresses ma!y o" the 'roblems o" the oral ca&ity% um i!"ectio!s% 'eriodo!tal disease% bad breath% sore throat% colds a!d "lu% to!sillitis% lary! itis% a!d also cou h a!d bro!chitis( *t ca! be used i! ar li! as #ell or o! a lum' o" su ar accordi! to the case 9#ith su ar "or small childre!:( The @ua!tities i! all cases is . dro's o! #et "i! ers #ith #ater a!d s'read #ell o! the area( For 'reme!strual te!sio!% cystitis% 'rostatitis% me!o'ause% &a i!itis% itchi! % ame!orrhea% dysme!orrhea% leucorrhea: a''ly . to B dro's( . tables'oo!s o" yo urt i! la&e!der i!side( Ca!dida: 2 dro's mi)ed #ith . dro's o" #ater o! #et "i! ers a!d s'reads( 5a i!al Sores: 'our or s'read directly o! the #ou!d or .days( .ACETTO Fe!!el% Fra!$i!ce!se% Gi! er% Clo&es% Ore a!o Pro"erties2 A!ti0i!"lammatory% a!al esic% disi!"ecta!t Affinit# org!n2 the buccal ca&ity a!d 'hary!) Fe!tures2 a ai!st halitosis Bacetto #as i!itially desi !ed "or use a"ter mouth sur ery( Use it e&ery . dro's 2 dro's mi)ed #ith .days( For cystitis a!d 'rostatitis also ta$e B dro's o! a lum' o" su ar t#ice a day "or a #ee$ the! o!ly i! the e&e!i! to com'lete J.

(: Esse!ces "or s'eci"ic disturba!ces Some esse!ces * use to cure o!ly o!e ty'e o" disease or disturba!ce( They are &ery use"ul "or . or . or . dro's: daily( Bacetto hel's 're&e!t a!d treat colds% sore throat% cou h% bro!chitis a!d i!"lue!1a( Use i! a ar le 9. reaso!s: the "irst o!e is that the disturba!ce is &ery commo! 9arthritis "or i!sta!ce:K a!d the seco!d reaso! is that the disturba!ce itsel" is &ery 'ai!"ul althou h !ot li"e e!da! eri! 9toothache "or i!sta!ce:( ARTRI' . dro's o! the brush% mor!i! a!d e&e!i! ( This esse!ce is also used i! the same #ay to sto' tooth decay a!d relie&e toothache( Bacetto ca! cure halitosis because o" its 'o#er"ul a!d delicious "ra ra!ce #hich is a &ery e""ecti&e oral deodora!t( Ho#e&er the cure o" this disorder is i! the actio! that the esse!ces a''ear to ha&e o! the di esti&e system #here the root o" this 'roblem lies( 6he! halitosis is caused by i!"ectio!s i! the ca&ities or i! the ums% Bacetto is also e""ecti&e( Use i! ri!si! the mouth 9.For um hy ie!e% Bacetto has disi!"ecta!t 'ro'erties a!d a!al esic 'ro'erties( *t is used "or um i!"ectio!s such as 'yorrhea% i! #hich case o!e should ri!se the mouth or 'lace . or . dro's: e&ery hour u!til you "eel better( APP?*CAT*O4S: 'ost0sur ery care o" the oral ca&ity% commo! cold% "lu% to!sillitis% lary! itis% sore throat% bro!chitis% um i!"ectio!s% halitosis Ha&e a mouth ri!se or ar le #ith Bacetto: 'our a "e# dro's o" the esse!ce i! your mouth% the! ta$e a si' o" #ater 7ust e!ou h to ri!se or ar le #ith 9do !ot 'our the dro's i! the lass:( For emer e!cy halitosis a!d smo$er3s breath: Pour a dro' o" the esse!ce o! the toothbrush or o! the ti' o" a "i! er a!d #i'e the ums a!d teeth .

Pro"erties2 An!$gesic Affinit# org!n2 osteo!rticu$!r s#ste Fe!tures2 s !$$ doses !re sufficient S# "to s2 =oint "!in Elderly 'eo'le #ho ha&e tried this esse!ce $ee' it li$e a ood luc$ charm( 6e started to test the e""icacy o" this com'ou!d more o! the 'ai!s i! the 7oi!ts a!d A?? articulatio!s% be"ore the commo! arthritis 9sore bo!es that accom'a!y se!esce!ce% de"ormati&e arthritis o" the e)tremities: !oti! that its e""ecti&e!ess de'e!ds &ery little o! the co!ce!tratio!( By diluti! it #ith oli&e oil to .-I% there #ill be !o decrease i! its thera'eutic e""ect( This com'ou!d is e""ecti&e i! all ty'es o" arthritis "rom traumatic both acute a!d chro!ic to autoimmu!e #ith a co!sta!t a!al esic e""ect( For bo!e micro traumas% its actio! seems to be heali! a!d !ot o!ly a!al esic i! the strict se!se( E&e! co)arthrosis 9osteoarthritis o" the hi's i! older i!di&iduals: seems res'o!d 'ositi&ely to this 're'aratio! #he! a''lied o! the roi!% 're'ared at 2-I i! oli&e oil( *ts e""ecti&e actio! has a &ery lo! term( A""$ic!tions All 7oi!t diseases o" a!y $i!d a!d locatio! diluted i! oli&e oil ..I( CYPRESS Pro'erties: To!ic% hormo!al &asoco!strictor A""i!ity or a!: the &e!ous system Features: haemorrhoids% &aricose &ei!s Cy'ress is e)celle!t "or relie&i! the sym'toms o" haemorrhoids% a!d o"te! @uic$ly reduces the sym'toms u!til com'lete heali! ( *ts actio! is immediate a!d stu!!i! ( .

-I i! oli&e oil( Positi&e results are comi! to us "rom usi! .-..oo.Mi) cy'ress #ith oli&e oil% dilute J.dro's 'er .-I i! oli&e oil i! the case o" 'rostatic hy'ertro'hy #ith reductio! o" PSA &alues( The Cy'ress is use"ul "or "emale hormo!al 'roblems: irre ular me!strual cycle or its abse!ce% e)cess or scarcity o" the me!struatio!% me!o'ause a!d its sym'toms% etc(( A!y treatme!t o" aromathera'y o" these issues should start a''lyi! cy'ress a!d oli&e oil o! the outside a!d may sol&e the 'roblem strai ht a#ay( APP?*CAT*O4S: haemorrhoids% &aricose &ei!s% &aricocele% me!strual disorders( C)OVE *t is &ery im'orta!t to ha&e clo&e oil o! ha!dC Clo&e oil is your de!tist i! a bottle( *t #ill immediately calm toothaches% #ill sto' tooth i!"ectio!% a!d cure halitosis( Ta$e a small em'ty bottle such as those o" so"t dri!$s: clea! it% "ill it a third #ith #ater o" oil( The solutio! should be a''lied o! haemorrhoids e&ery time the 'erso! oes to the bathroom% a"ter #ashi! #ith #ater 9a!d o!ly dryi! #ith toilet 'a'er:( 6he! the case is at a! ad&a!ced sta e a!d there is bleedi! % a''ly also a little "ra!$i!ce!se a!d . dro' o" Pe''ermi!t diluted i! oil i! the same #ay( Cy'ress is use"ul i! sym'tomatic remissio! o" &aricocele 9i! "irst a!d seco!d sta es but !ot i! sur ery sta e:% a!d #or$s #ell o! &aricose &ei!s% diluted to .s2 .ml:% a!d add L dro's o" clo&e oil( Sha$e it &ery #ell% u!til it becomes #hite( Ma$e a mouth #ash #ith o!e "ull bottle ca'( *t disi!"ects teeth% $ills bacteria a!d sto's i!"ectio!( .

The Fragrant Pharmacy by 5alerie A!! 6or#ood The Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils by Fulia ?a#less Our . to 2 dro's o! the i!!er 'art o" the le"t elbo# a!d massa e it #ith you ri ht #rist "or a mi!ute u!til it is all absorbed by the s$i!( Re'eat #ith the other elbo# a!d #rist( Di$ution in o$i*e oi$: o!e ram o" esse!ce is made o" about J.dro's( A .dro's o" esse!ce i! ..-I dilutio! mea!s J.dro's o" i! er esse!ce% mi) e!er etically u!til the ho!ey ta$es a #hitish color( .it c!n 8e "urch!sed !t2 htt':++###('ro"umo(it+'er"ume+'rodotto(as'M'idN2-O/ You may a''ly the i!"ormatio! shared therei! "or your o#! be!e"it a!d "or curi! others% #ithout ha&i! to 'urchase our $it( You ca! ma$e your o#! <Mental sport= a!d <Anti shark”% as the i! redie!ts are #ritte! a!d !othi! is le"t out( Ho#e&er% my ad&ice is to at least 'urchase the $it o!e time i! order to ha&e a sta!dard o" @uality that #ill ma$e you able to com'are the @uality o" our esse!ces #ith that o" your su''liers( *" you "eel you are !ot able to reco !i1e the @uality o" the esse!ces by com'ari! their smells% you ca! also co!trol the @uality o" the e""ect o" such esse!ces% a!d ma$e sure that they are #or$i! 'ro'erly( The heali! 'ro'erties o" esse!ces de'e!d o! their @uality( Heali! #ith aromathera'y is &ery easy% but "i!di! ood @uality esse!tial oils is &ery di""icult( AdesSalaam Attar Com'oser Per"umer APPENDI'2 Aro !tic "erfusion2 'ut o" oli&e oil% or 2dro's i! hal" ou!ce o" oli&e oil( Di$ution in hone#: 're'are i! a cu' 2 small s'oo!"ul o" li@uid ho!ey% add .

Mouth 6!sh or g!rg$e2 Pour . dro's o" esse!ce directly i! the mouth% ha&e a si' o" #ater a!d ar le or ha&e the mouth #ash( .

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