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Eternal Internal Fight

Eternal Internal Fight


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Published by Florin Dumitru
One of my favorites, it is the battle within ourselves, laid in words as I saw it in the light of a full moon....
One of my favorites, it is the battle within ourselves, laid in words as I saw it in the light of a full moon....

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Published by: Florin Dumitru on Aug 04, 2009
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Eternal internal fight
The two were staring pal at the dying candle, Too afraid of casting eyes at the living They felt the shiver there's nothing ever to handle, In the infamous work of resisting being... The one who sows wit, broke the pressing apathy Nevertheless not to gain the other's sympathy : I've never cared about your feelings my brother, And now I know there's no way further... I know you were pulsing underneath my esteem So warm sharing like no midday sun beam, I should have bent to your lightning call Of fighting senses, and still, I embraced the fall. And I fell with you for its mortal pleasure, Feeling maybe, touch is part of loving leisure, I closed my given angel inside blinding dark Singing faded the last call of the preached ark. How can we look at our thoughts and feelings Bowing to the worms of rotting flesh, And yet we call ourselves God beings, While cheating infinity in our painted limits. Scared, I was lost in the sea of sparkles souls

And you opened yourself in so many doors, I was craving for the warm of Holly Ghost While you were raving in the misty frost... Now, though I see the path of love, I stumble in the past of crying sins, God, forgive my fears for the coming end... Brave souls will never become sand ! I tried to make my limits ever lasting, And I've never understood why do crows Are feasting on flesh in people shows... To mock death in their own casting ! Don't fear for tomorrow, don't fear for today, Mind, fear forever for your soul, And you my soul, mind forever for your kind, Made of love, breathe love and love shall find
Florin Dumitru 2001-2005

There have been wars of 30 years... of 100 years...but there is one for about 7500 years we're ignoring serene. It is held beyond many of us, inside many of us. It's the mind and soul war against body.

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