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Help to Identify Deployment


Access the Battle Command Knowledge Site (BCKS) to obtain information

on requirements for your deployment into and redeployment out of the

• Access and access the CFLCC

folder to obtain information such as:
1. CFLCC Handbook for Deploying Units.
2. CFLCC deployment SOP.
3. Deployment FAQ’s.
4. PBUSE TAC addresses.
5. CFLCC Redeployment SOP.
6. SBE/TPE information.

• LOGNET provides you with a forum to ask questions and receive feedback on
your various questions relating to property management.
• To access lognet, you must have a valid AKO userid and password.
Help to Identify Deployment
For More logistical information and links, access the G-4 page through
Army Knowledge Online (AKO).

A sample of what the G-4 page provides are:

• The Deployment Asset Visibility System (DAVS) online.
• The TPE/APS deployment planning tool.
• The most current documents and messages
• AMC and other logistical command.
• Major Program Executive Offices.