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What is a spreadsheet? A spread sheet is a grid of cells organized in rows and columns. Each column is given a letter, and each row a number. Formula A formula is an equation that tells the spread sheet what actions or calculations you wish to take on any spread sheet data.

Types of data found in a spread sheet: There are two types of data in a spread sheet: Labels and values
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Labels are non-numeric data that a spreadsheet would not use in calculations. Values are numeric data which can be calculated

Default values: -that automatically, unless you specify otherwise, numeric data is always displayed in the right side of the cell. Non numeric or text displayed on the left side of the cell.

TEXT ALIGNMENT -text alignment or justification is also common in a spreadsheet. The formatting toolbar includes 4 buttons: 1 Align left 2 Align right

A1/A2 Percentage %eg. Multiply *.. copy and paste Cut. used to determine the largest number in the range .eg.3 Centers 4 Merge and Center Other features: cut.A1*A2 Division /. 3.. automatically totals a row or column Average... Means to completely remove specific information adds the values in the range and divides by the number of cells in the range Max....A1% To start a formula enter a equal(=) sign first FUNCTIONS Defined as a built in mathematical formulae included in excel Four common functions are: =A1+A2 Subtract –. means to put the selected information into a specific location Anytime you see the pound symbol in a cell the value is too big! Formulas and functions Operators Add +. Means to create a duplicate of selected text Paste. 2.

Click on the cell with the data Step2.fill command instructs excel to copy cells including formulae. used to determine the smallest value in a range AUTO-FILL The auto. Step1. Move the mouse to the bottom right corner of the cell. row or column to adjacent cell.4. Min. The pointers should change to a thin cross-hair NB: A ROW AND A COLUMN COMBINED TOGETHER IS CALLED A CELL!!! PART2 PART3 . functions from one selected cell. Step3.