Final Defence : February 18, 2012 Adviser : Dr. Ma. Chona V. Palomares Panellists : Mrs. Ma. Dolores D. Mercado Mrs. Emma Dejarme Dr.

Jofi V. Mahilum

Approved Title: Roles and experiences of the student nurses in the care of mentally ill patients. Suggestions/ Recommendations: 1. Describe first the study in the abstract and include the results and conclusion highlighting only those significant data 2. Consider to follow these objectives: This study aims: a. to determine the profile of the respondents in terms of age, gender and civil status b. to describe the experiences of the student nurse in caring mentally-ill patients c. to identify the gaps and challenges encountered during the exposure 3. Remove the word “effectiveness” 4. Regroup the data according to the seven roles and do ranking 5. Consider the revised the research flow in Mrs. Mercado’s copy 6. In the abstract, do not include where the sampling was made 7. Consider the page by page corrections and suggestions from the panels copy

Prepared by: Mrs. Rosario R. Paclijan, RN RM MAN Nursing research coordinator