9op and #ottom margins at %.+E. >eft and right at %.+*E.

Candidate’s Name (Don’t change font size)
Street address, City, State, Zip (Don’t change font size) • username@u.washington.edu http!""we#site address ($%&) '$()*&+, ($%&)($')-(-* (fa.)  optiona/

EDUCATION (this is regular caps; don’t deviate from this preset font si e and st!le" 0une $%%( UNI#E$%IT& O' (A%)IN*TON Seatt/e, 12

Candidate for Master of Business Administration, concentration listing • 2cti3ities such as c/u#s. 4ormat 5fficer tit/e, C/u# name6 C/u# name • Certificate programs /isted Fou can decrease size to '%.* or '%. '' is idea/. Gut #e consistent through the resume. • 2dditiona/ acti3ities, awards, honors 7ay '88& UNDE$*$ADUATE IN%TITUTION Bachelor degree description, concentrations • 2chie3ements, honors • 9hesis, study)a#road program, etc. :eep this section concise. E+,E$IENCE $%%%);resent CO-,AN& NA-E. INC/ (T)I% I% %-A00 CA,% %T&0E" City', Country'"City$, State a##re3 $ City, State a##re3 $ /etters

Title, Division or Subsidiary if applicable An optional line describing company’s business, to help recruiter contextuali e bullet points! • <ach #u//et shou/d descri#e responsi#i/ities and achie3ement. Can use mu/tip/e phrases. <ach #u//et shou/d #e ')( /ines /ong. =roup responsi#i/ities and acti3ities /ogica//y to the reader • >ist #u//ets in the order starting with one that #road/y descri#es your ?o# from the '%,%%% feet /e3e/. • ;roceed with additiona/ #u//ets that dri// down to @ey responsi#i/ities, descri#ing the acti3ities with action 3er#s, using /itt/e passi3e tense (is, are, there is, were accomp/ished). 9ry to inc/ude num#ers to Auantify Fou can decrease size to '%.* or '%. Bdea/ is your achie3ement ''. Gut #e consistent through the resume. • >ine spacing #etween each emp/oyer /isting is * point. '888)$%%% CO-,AN& NA-E 1 CO$,O$ATION
"for this position if different from other position#

City, State a##re3 City, State a##re3

Title $, Division $ or subsidiary$ if applicable • • • '88&)'888

2pp/y same princip/es for de3e/oping #u//ets as mentioned ear/ier. 2 note a#out formatting #u//ets. Bf you /ose the formatting of a /ine, don’t rep/icate it manua//y. 9he tric@ is to go to a /ine where the formatting is o@, se/ect some te.t, hit the ye//ow paint #rush #utton on the tas@ #ar. 9hen go to the messed up /ine and p/ace the cursor somewhere in that /ine. 9he new format shou/d copy o3er.

Title %, Division % or subsid % if applicabl (4or this position if different from other position) City, State a##re3 • 9e.t of the #ody is a// set at '' point font. Bf you really need more space, /ower to '%.*. 7inimum is '%pt. >ea3e the category (<duc, <.p, S@i//s and acti3) and contact info at the preset size. • Character spacing is condensed at %.$point. 9o manipu/ate character spacing, se/ect the desired te.t, and go to 4ormat C 4ont C Character Spacing. Drop down and pic@ DcondenseE and reduce it #y %.$. Fou can p/ay around and see what you get. %O-ET)IN* IN%TITUTE City, State a##re3


Title, Division or subsidiary • 2s the position #ecomes /ess recent, you might ha3e fewer #u//ets for the position. Fou might condense what were ( #u//ets into one. 9he assumption is that o3er time you ha3e ad3anced in your career, and the interesting content is at the more recent positions.

/icenses.%2I00% AND ACTI#ITIE% • • =roup /i@e items together. Fou can decrease size to '%. 7ay#e one /ine for specia/ computer s@i//s. this is a resume. Don’t ma@e it too /ong. Gut #e consistent through the resume. '' is idea/.* or '%. . Hemem#er. /anguages >ump persona/ ho##ies or acti3ities into ' /ine.

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