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Petition from the Swampy Cree of St. Peters Reserve

Petition from the Swampy Cree of St. Peters Reserve

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Shortly after Treaty One was signed in 1871, the Swampy Cree who had been placed with the Saulteaux at Reserve #1, at St. Peter's complained that they had not agreed to have a Saulteaux Chief and wanted a seperate reserve. Many in this petitioning group had Metis ancestry.
Shortly after Treaty One was signed in 1871, the Swampy Cree who had been placed with the Saulteaux at Reserve #1, at St. Peter's complained that they had not agreed to have a Saulteaux Chief and wanted a seperate reserve. Many in this petitioning group had Metis ancestry.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Nov 03, 2013
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Petition from the Swampy Cree/Metis of St.

March 18, 1875 During the 1870’s the Saulteaux and Swampy Cree/Metis ecame !penly antag!nistic t!ward !ne an!ther in the "arish !# St "eters$ %y 187& the gr!up was di'ided in tw!$ (he s!uthern hal# )Dyne'!r* was occupied by the Swampy Cree with the northern half (Peguis) being the home of the Saulteaux. (he #!ll!wing d!cument is a petiti!n #r!m 'ari!us +ndians that they may e all!wed t! separate #r!m the Saulteaux %and t! #!rm the Swampy Cree %and !# St$ "eter,s -eser'e$ (! the .!n!ura le Da'id /aird Minister !# the +nteri!r, and a mem er !# "ri'y C!uncil$ (he petiti!n !# 0ames 1sham, 0ames 0!hnst!ne, .enry C!chrane, 0ames Smith, "eter Smith, 0!hn (h!mas and !thers wh!se names are su scri ed hereunder, +ndians !# the "arish !# St$ "eter’s in the C!unty !# /isgar, and "r!'ince !# Manit! a hum ly shewith2 (hat y!ur petiti!ners are Swampy Cree +ndians and that they were 3!ined with the Saulteaux +ndians at the time !# the (reaty made in the year 1871, etween the 4!'ernment !# the D!mini!n !# Canada represented y .is .!n!ur then /ieutenant 4!'ern!r !# Manit! a and .enry "rince !n ehal# !# the +ndians residing in this "arish$ (hat y!ur petiti!ners were thus 3!ined with the Saulteaux under their Chie# .enry "rince and under the name !# St$ "eter’s %and !# +ndians #!r the purp!se !# recei'ing their annuities and participating in the ene#its arising #r!m the distri uti!n !# the pr!'isi!ns and !ther necessaries supplied y the 4!'ernment thr!ugh the +ndian C!mmissi!ner #!r this "r!'ince$ (hat they had n! '!ice in the neg!tiati!n !# that treaty, it eing c!nducted y the /ieutenant 4!'ern!r !# Manit! a and .enry "rince the Chie# !# the Saulteaux s!lely, it was n!t e'en signed y any !ne !# y!ur petiti!ners, n!r in #act y any mem er !# their tri e$ (hat the 5ld Chie# !# the Saulteaux, "eguis, was app!inted y the .!n!ura le the .uds!n %ay C!mpany and has een succeeded y his s!n .enry "rince$ (hat y!ur petiti!ners had n!t a '!ice in the selecti!n !# either #ather !r s!n s chie# !# the and$ (hat they ha'e ne'er een treated y the Saulteaux as mem ers !# their and ut !n the c!ntrary ha'e een systematically neglected !'erl!!6ed and ign!red y their chie# .enry "rince and his tri e wh! retain all g!'ernment supplies and ad'antages granted t! !ur and #!r their !wn use and ene#it, alth!ugh y!ur petiti!ners ha'e een c!nstituted mem ers !# the same and c!ncurrently 6n!wn as the St$ "eter’s %and !# +ndians, and !ught t! recei'e the same pri'ileges and ad'antages as the Saulteaux mem ers !# the and are p!ssessed !#$


(hat y!ur petiti!ners are ne'er c!nsulted !r e'en n!ti#ied y their chie# when any m!'ement is t! e made !r acti!n ta6en in any matter y the and alth!ugh they ha'e a per#ect right t! e s! n!ti#ied and c!nsulted$ (hey ha'e with 'ery #ew excepti!ns, ne'er participated in !r recei'ed any ene#it whats!e'er #r!m any appr!priati!n made t! them y the 4!'ernment, !r supplies #urnished y the +ndian C!mmissi!ner, with the excepti!n !# the (reaty m!ney !'er which their chie# has n! c!ntr!l alth!ugh they had a per#ect right and in 3ustice !ught t! ha'e recei'ed their due share !# the ene#its arising #r!m such appr!priati!ns and supplies$ (hat when their chie# .enry "rince recei'es supplies #r!m the +ndian C!mmissi!ner at 7innipeg he !nly distri utes such supplies am!ngst the mem ers !# his !wn tri e utterly ign!ring the wants and #!rgetting apparently e'en the existence !# y!ur "etiti!ners$ (hat their chie# has declared pu licly that he w!uld ne'er assist in any way either with g!'ernment supplies !r !therwise y!ur petiti!ners and has !n all !ccasi!ns acted in !pp!siti!n t! the interests !# y!ur petiti!ners and n!t as a chie# wh! had the wel#are !# his pe!ple at heart w!uld act$ (hat y!u petiti!ners ha'e laid the c!mplaint c!ntained herein e#!re Mr$ "r!'encher the +ndian C!mmissi!ner #!r this "r!'ince ut ha'e n!t recei'ed #r!m him the assurances and satis#acti!n which they #eel they had a right t! expect$ (here#!re, at a meeting !# their tri e y!ur petiti!ners determined t! present the c!mplaint and petiti!n c!ntained herein8 9!ur "etiti!ners hum ly pray that8y!u will ad'ise his :xcellency the 4!'ern!r 4eneral t! separate y!ur petiti!ners #r!m the Saulteaux, and c!nstitute them int! an!ther and t! e 6n!wn as the ;Swampy Cree %and !# +ndians !# "arish !# Saint "eters, with 0ames 1sham Seni!r as their chie#$ Dated at St$ "eters this 18th day !# March 1D, 1875$ Signed2 0ames 1sham1 0ames 0!hnst!ne< .enry C!chrane=

0ames 1sham (1815 1!"1) a .al#>%reed, was !rn ar!und 1815 at ?!rway .!use, the s!n !# "ierre 1sham and an unidenti#ied Cree w!man$ #ames married $li%abeth &ear (18'( 1!")) the daughter of #acob &ear* circa 18++. ,heir son -illiam .sham (b. 185+) became chief in 18!1. < 0ames 0!hnst!n )@irst ?ati!ns, !rn 18<8 t! 0ames 0!hnst!n and an unidenti#ied w!man* #irst married Margaret C!chrane ) !rn 18=5 t! 0!seph C!chrane and an unidenti#ied w!man* and then married 0ulia 4i !n )@irst ?ati!ns, !rn 1851*$ = .enry, !rn 18=A, MBtis, was the s!n !# .enry C!chrane and an unidenti#ied Cree w!man$ .enry C!chrane was educated, pr! a ly y catechist 0!seph C!!6, in the +ndian Settlement, als! 6n!wn as St "eter’s parish, #!r a career as a sch!!lmaster and interpreter$ C!chrane was a witness t! the signing !# treaties n!s$1 and 5$ +n 1880, he returned t! St "eter’s as sch!!lmaster$ .e died in 18C8$


0ames SmithA "eter Smith5 0!hn (h!mas& 1dam Dennedy7 Charles Sinclair8 (h!mas %earC -! ert %ear 1lexander @ildi!r 0ames (h!mas10 (h!mas "ratt 7illiam Sinclair11 1 ram (h!mas 7illiam %adger1< 0!seph %adger @rancis Sinclair 0!hn Ste'ens!n Charles "ratt1= (h!mas Sanders!n Da'id Sinclair 0ames 1sham1A ?athanael 1sham +sac 1sham15 0!seph 0!hnst!ne1&

0ames Smith Cree, !rn 18<5, was the s!n !# 0ac! Smith and 0ane Mc?a $ .e married .arriet (h!mas, !rn 18=5 t! 0ames (h!mas and an unidenti#ied w!man$ 5 "eter Smith, Cree, !rn 18=0 t! 0ac! Smith and an unidenti#ied w!man$ .e married Mary Mc?a a MBtis, !rn 18A0 t! 0!hn Mc?a and an unidenti#ied w!man$ & 0!hn (h!mas, Cree, !rn 18<0 t! Dana6aney$ .e married 0ane 7illiam, MBtis, !rn 18<5 t! 4e!rge 7illiam and an unidenti#ied w!man$ 7 1dam Dennedy, MBtis, !rn 1810/ 1815 t! 0!hn Dennedy and an unidenti#ied Cree w!man$ .e married %etsy %ird )MBtis, !rn 18<5 t! 7illiam %ird and an unidenti#ied w!man*$ +n 1871, .enry "rince was declared Chie# !# the St "eters +ndian %and, replacing his #ather, Chie# "eguis$ ?umer!us %and Mem ers were listed in articles in the Daily @ree "ress, including 1nt!ine Dennedy, 0!hn 4 Dennedy, 0!hn Dennedy, 1dam Dennedy, 0!hn Dennedy, 1lex Dennedy, .enry Dennedy, 0!seph Dennedy, (h!mas Dennedy and 1lex Dennedy 0r$E )(he Daily @ree "ress, .pril '1* 18/).) 8 Charles Sinclair was !rn !n 0anuary 1=, 18A7$ .e married Fict!ria (h!mas$ Charles was the Metis s!n !# 7illiam Sinclair an 5r6neyman )17C0>18&<* and :liGa eth 1nders!n a Metis )180<>187<*$ C (h!mas %ear )@irst ?ati!ns, !rn 1810 t! 7apas6* married +sa el %eardy )@irst ?ati!ns, !rn 18<0*$ 10 0ames (h!mas, Cree, !rn 1810 t! (h!mas (h!mas$ .e married .arriet$ 11 7illiam Sinclair !rn 18A0 was the !lder r!ther !# Charles listed a !'e$ .e was #irst married t! Maria Dennett then married Margaret Dennedy$ 1< 7illiam %adger, Cree, !rn 18<0 t! 7illiam %adger and an unidenti#ied w!man$ .e married :lise C!!6, Cree !rn 18<< t! Charles C!!6 and an unidenti#ied w!man$ 1= Charles "ratt, Cree, !rn 18<& married Catherine Ste'ens!n, !rn 18=7 t! 0!hn Ste'ens!n and an unidenti#ied w!man$ 1A 0ames 1sham, MBtis, !rn 18A8 0ames 1sham Sr$ and :liGa eth &ear (18'( 1!")). 0e married Christine Dennedy )@irst ?ati!ns, !rn 18AC t! Charles Dennedy and an unidenti#ied w!man* 15 +saac 1sham, MBtis, !rn 18A5 t! 0ames 1sham an an unidenti#ied w!man$ .e married Mathilda (h!mas, MBtis, !rn 18A& t! 0!hn (h!mas and 0ane (h!mas$ 1& 0!seph 0!hnst!ne $ 1810 -ed -i'er Settlement H#ather n!t identi#iedI, +ndian 1ncestry and "r!testantJ Sp!use2 Mary Sanders!n $ 181= -ed -i'er Settlement her #ather was 4e!rge Sanders!n$


0!hn (h!mas Sr$17 0!hn (h!mas 0r$ 7illiam 1sham 0!seph Camer!n 1lex C!chrane18 0!hn Sinclair1C (h!mas Daniel -e#erence2 (he identi#ying #amily in#!rmati!n !n these petiti!ners which appears in the #!!tn!tes c!mes in large part #r!m2 ?!rma 0ean .all$ St$ "eter’s "arish/ Kthe +ndian Settlement’/ "eguis’ Settlement !n line at2 http2//halln3ean<$w!rdpress$c!m/res!urces/de#initi!n>pr!'isi!nal> g!'ernment/the>pe!ple>elect!rate/st>peters>parish/ 5n @e ruary <8, 1878 @rancis -!se writes t! the Minister !# the +nteri!r repudiating the acti!ns !# this gr!up wh! ha'e elected 0ames 1sham as Chie# and s!me c!uncill!rs$ .e says they are !nly 15 in all$ 1ugust <A, 187A, "etiti!n #r!m ?etley Cree6 +ndians !# St$ "eter,s c!mplaining against the administrati!n !# +ndian 1##airs in their area$ 7ant t! separate #r!m the Saulteaux$ 1ppended is a purp!rted rep!rt !# 1ugust =, 1871 where they said they can n!t accept .enry Chie# as their Chie#$ Signed as sh!wn el!w$


0!hn (h!mas, MBtis, !rn 18<0 t! 0ames (h!mas and an unidenti#ied w!man$ .e married 0ane (!m , !rn 18<5 t! 0acLue (!m and an unidenti#ied w!man$ 18 1lexander C!chrane Sr, )18A5>1C<7* was married t! ?ancy .arper$ 1C 0!hn Sinclair, Cree, !rn 18=5 t! 0ames Sinclair and an unidenti#ied w!man$ .e married 0ane Daniel, !rn 18=7 t! 0!hn Daniel and 0ane -!se$


?ext is an!ther Petition of March 6, 1888, #!r the Swampy Cree t! separate #r!m the Saulteaux$ (his petiti!n is turned d!wn as well$ :$ McC!ll +nspect!r !# +ndian 1gencies descri es the petiti!ners as the ;leading men am!ng the Swampy +ndians !# St$ "eters$ (hey as6 again t! e separated #r!m the Saulteaux as they are always !ut '!ted y them and get n! c!nsiderati!n !# their needs$ McC!ll n!tes that the Swampies are increasing in num ers$ (he +ndian 1gent n!tes the c!mplicati!n that there are #ew #amilies that are either pure Swampy Cree !r Saulteaux$ .e n!tes that the ex>chie# .enry "rince Mis>6!!>6e>new )-ed :agle* is married t! a %adger, a Swampy Cree w!man, and the present chie# 7illiam "rince is married t! Sinclair a .al# %reed Swampy Cree w!man$ Signed2 0ames 1sham Sr$ 0eremiah 0!hnst!ne 7illiam 1sham 7illiam Sinclair 0!hn (h!mas 0ac! (h!mas Chiefs and Leaders: Chie# .enry "rince 181C>1C0<, Mis>6!!>6e>new )-ed :agle* was the y!ungest s!n !# Chie# "eguis and his wi#e Fict!ria$ .enry was married t! Sarah %adger )18<&>18C8*, a Swampy Cree w!man$ 1#ter his #ather Chie# "eguis died in 18&A, his s!n, .enry ecame Chie#$ +n 187&, .enry "rince was Chie# !# the St "eters %andJ the %and C!uncill!rs were 0!hn and 7illiam "rince, Matwe6a6et!!t and Maguamewagnum$ +n 188<, .enry "rince was #!ll!wed as Chie# y his s!n, 7illiam .enry "rince ) $ 18=0*$ (he C!uncill!rs were 0!hn ;/!ng 0a6eE "rince )1858>1C10*, Matwa1a1e1oot* 0!hn @lett )18<&>1888* and (h!mas Smith ) $ 18=0*$ +n 18C1, 7illiam 1sham was elected as Chief* replacing Chie# 7illiam .enry "rince$ (he C!uncill!rs that year were 0!hn ;/!ng 0a6eE "rince, 1lexander @idler, 7illiam .arper, and 7illiam Sinclair$ +n 18C2, 7illiam 1sham was re>elected as Chie#, and ser'ed until 18C . !he C!uncill!rs during that peri!d were 0!hn "rince, 7illiam .arper, 7illiam Sinclair and 7illiam 4reyeyes.


+n 18C , .enry "rince replaced 7illiam 1sham as Chie# #!r the next tw! years J c!uncill!rs were 0!hn "rince, 7illiam .arper, 7illiam Sinclair and 0!hn @lett. 0ames 1sham (1815 1!"1) a .al#>%reed was !rn ar!und 1815 at ?!rway .!use$ .e was the s!n !# "ierre 1sham and an unidenti#ied Cree w!man$ 1r!und 18AA>A5 0ames married :liGa eth &ear (18'( 1!"))* a Cree w!man #r!m the Cum erland .!use area$ (heir s!n 0ames 1sham 0r$ was !rn is 18A8$ 0ames 0r$ married Christina Dennedy$ Chief "i##iam $sham, a#so the son of %ames $sham and &#i'a(eth )ear was (orn in 185*. +e married %ane Mary !homas ,(. 1855-.

C!mpiled y /awrence %ar6well C!!rdinat!r !# Metis .eritage and .ist!ry -esearch /!uis -iel +nstitute


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