Teacher’s name: Durea Gina Elena Date: 2nd of October 2008 School: Scoala cu CLS I- VIII Gherăeşti Form: III C Level: e!inner" Form Size: #$ "tudent" Time: %0 &inute" Lesson Type: Co&&unication Lesson Title: 'nit # (ello) Le""on # (ello) *ice to &eet +ou) Main Skills: ,c-uire ne. /ocabular+0 nu&ber" #-$ Ob ectives: b+ the end of the le""on "tudent" .ill ha/e been able to: O!: reco!ni1e "2ecific En!li"h "ound" O": to !et the &ain idea of a "i&2le "entence O#: articulate "ound"0 re"2ectin! the accent and intonation O$: re2roduce "i&2le "entence" or 2art" of a "entence O%: re2roduce "2ecific 2hra"e" u"ed in dail+ co&&unication O&' .rite different .ord" O(' &a3e the difference bet.een the .ritten and "2o3en En!li"h O): under"tand the ho&e.or3 a""i!n&ent Teachin* ai+s: -"chool te4t-boo3 -dictionarie" -blac3board and chal3 - hand out"

ac-uired Li"tenin! 3no. le""on Ob"er/at ion" Cla"" or!ani1ation Li"tenin! S2ea3in! %8 9ar&-u2 Li"tenin! 28 5eacher be!in" the Co&2rehen"ion le""on u"in! additional Li"tenin! acti/it+ &aterial :fla"h-card" illu"tratin! nu&ber".led!e .rite" on the blac3board and *oteVocabular+ e42lain" the 2o""ible ta3in! un3no.Techni-. ac-uired 3no.2re2arin! the cla"" for the ne./erif+ .ritten7 6o"t readin! acti/it+ E4ten"ion acti/itie" S"7 are a"3ed to re2eat nu&ber" #-$ and S2ea3in! e4erci"e 2ronunciation 5eacher a"3" the S"7 to re"ol/e e47 $ 2a!e % S2ea3in! u"in! the ne.led!e and the !i/en e4a&2le %8 -to "tir intere"t and 2ro&ote di"cu""ion -to rai"e e42ectation" and create in/ol/e&ent in the !i/en ta"3 -to introduce nu&ber" #-$ -to enrich S"7 /ocabular+ . le""on and chec3" if the+ are all 2re"ent7 (o&e.ord under"tandin! #08 88 #%8 .n .Sta*es Activities. 5eacher .to introduce .ord &eanin! in En!li"h -to encoura!e S" to learn and re&e&ber nu&ber" in En!li"h .ord"<e42re""ion"7 *u&ber" #-$ are al"o .es S3ill" 5he teacher &a3e" "ure the cla"" i" 2re2ared for the ne.to under"tand and a22l+ ne.or3 chec3in!7 5eacher 2re"ent" the &ain to2ic of the le""on and a"3" "tudent" to o2en their boo3" on 2a!e % 5i&e 6ur2o"e" .

to &a3e "ure S"7 under"tand ne.(o&e.ith ne. .ord" and ac-uire ne. e42re""ion" .or3 .or3 a""i!n&ent S"7 are a"3ed to re2eat nu&ber" #-$ and re"ol/e e4erci"e =<% *oteta3in! 28 and abilit+ to . /ocabular+ .

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