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CrazyTalk CamSuiteTest Report

Reallusion CrazyTalk Cam Suite Test Report

Reallusion Inc. Version v1.01 2008/12/12

Copyright ©2008 Reallusion Inc.


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1 Install Test $.no/n Issues .. .0 Test Report Version $. ! . . ..... .CrazyTalk CamSuiteTest Report Ta le of Contents 1.$ Compati+ility Test -. .. .. .0 "roduc In#ormation ..! ... .. .! . Copyright ©2008 Reallusion Inc.. !. .0 %unction Test $..0 ....... .0 Test System Spec *. ...* ... ....$ .! ..! .. ..8 .! C"' (oadin) Test $. Confidential 2 of 8 .2 &pplication %unction Test $. .0 Introduction 2.8 .. . ..

2'(2.0 6ninstall CrazyTalk Cam Suite &2.erman+Italian+"ortuguese+/utch+0ungarian+.0 /ate Test Report Version #ersion (.apanese +-rench+Spanish+. Confidential 3 of 8 .reek+Thai+ Russian+"ortuguese 1razialian+Turkish "roduct 0ame "roduct Version Supported (an)ua)e 1S Compati+ility 2indo%s 3" + 2indo%s #ista !.00 (.0.0 %unction "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS Result Copyright ©2008 Reallusion Inc.0 "roduct In#ormation CrazyTalk Cam Suite &2.eneral user account "rograms CrazyTalk Cam Suite &2.0 #2.0 %unction Test $.CrazyTalk CamSuiteTest Report 1.0( /escription 4o&em er 2' !2008 2ecem+er 123 2008 $.0 Introduction This document is the test report of CrazyTalk Cam Suite! The item included "roduct Information! Test Report #ersion! The item of function testing listed! system re$uirements and kno%n issue listed 2.1 Install Test Test Item Item Installation 4odule Installation Install 6ninstall 5dministrator account .) *nglish+Traditional Chinese+Simplified Chinese+.

Confidential 4 of 8 .allery "ath 5&atar 8i&e + 7ouse Tracking 5&atar 8i&e +-ace Tracking Camera setting 7ain -unction Capture "age Set the camera properties Snapshot Resolution /elay Shooting :)seconds.2 &pplication %unction Test Test Item Item 7ain "rogram Settings Splash #ideo Chat 4odule %unction 8aunch 5pplication *na le #ideo Chat /isa le #ideo Chat "references Select camera *na le 5uto 9oom 5uto pre&ie% after captured CamSuite . Record Record 5udio /elay Shooting :)seconds.allery "re&ie% /elete Thum nail &ie% 8ist &ie% 5&atar 8i&e "age 5pply 5&atar 7ore 5&atars /efault 5&atars+-a&orite Content +7y 5&atars 7anage 5pply *motion /efault *motions +-a&orite Content +7y *motion 7anage "re&ie% 7agic 7irror "age 5pply 7orph Strength "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS Result Copyright ©2008 Reallusion Inc. .CrazyTalk CamSuiteTest Report $.

Select ackground music 7essenger Skype "5SS "5SS :<kno%n issue(.CrazyTalk CamSuiteTest Report Test Item Item 4odule 7ore 7orphs /efault 7orphs +-a&orite Content +7y 7orphs 7anage "re&ie% #oice setting #oice 7orph #olume setting 7ute #oice 1alance %unction Result "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS :<kno%n issue(. Confidential 5 of 8 . 7S4 =ahoo 7essenger 0elp 7enu> ?nline 0elp Support ?nline Content Reallusion on the 2e #isit CrazyTalk Cam Suite %e site 5 out CrazyTalk CamSuite "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS Copyright ©2008 Reallusion Inc.

2GB 5&g@ '2.! Cam Suite C"' (oadin) Test 5pply Cam "erformance CTCS 5&atar 8i&e "age Resolution )20<2'0 Cam on+*na le 5&atar C *motionC -ace Tracking ResolutionE'0F'80 on C-ace Tracking 7agic 7irror "age Resolution)20F2'0 Camera on CComic *ffect ResolutionE'0F'80 Camera on Comic *ffect Capture Record Resolution)20F2'0 Resolution E'0F'80 Capture Snapshot Resolution)20F2'0 Resolution E'0F'80 5&g@ 'E.08B Camera *na le 5&atar C*motion 5&g@D8.A(B Copyright ©2008 Reallusion Inc.0AB 5&g@'8.A'B *na le 7orph 5&g@2E.(DB 5&g@ DD. Confidential 6 of 8 .A(B *na le 7orph C 5&g@)8.2DB 1efore 8aunch CTCS Test System Spec Item( 5&g@(.D8B 5&g@ A2.CrazyTalk CamSuiteTest Report $.

7 of 8 .Compati+ility Test 6e+ Cam (ist Vender .enius Slim ()2254odel "5SS Result -.erman Italian "ortuguese /utch 0ungarian .CrazyTalk CamSuiteTest Report $.0 Test System Spec Confidential Copyright ©2008 Reallusion Inc.reek Thai Russian "ortuguese 1razilian Turkish (an)ua)e "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS "5SS Result $.$ 4ulti5(an)ua)e Test Test Item Item 7ultiH8anguage *nglish Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese ..apanese -rench Spanish .

5 card! Jey oard 7ouse! 7icrophone! Speaker /irect3 (0 2indo% #ista /irect3 ?peration System /irect3 G.CrazyTalk CamSuiteTest Report Item C"6 ( Intel:R. 5tom:T7. 0ote Copyright ©2008 Reallusion Issues Item ( 2escription There is some noise during &ideo chatting pro a ly due to 41 7icrophoneKs noise. C"642A0 (. Confidential 8 of 8 .0z R57 5ccessories (0(E71 /upleF sound card! #.5 card! Jey oard! 7ouse! 7icrophone! Speaker 2.0 .00.1 RTJ#0/5 sound card! #.0c 2indo%s 3" *.80.0z 2 57/ TurionI E'<2 7o ile Technology T8HDE (.E0.