Using Free Windows XP Mode as a VMware Virtual Machine

It’s becoming hard to obtain a licensed copy of Windows XP. Yet, many IT professionals, including malware analysts, like ha ing Windows XP in their irtuali!ed labs. "fter all, Windows XP is still running on numerous personal and business systems. #ortunately, you can download a irtuali!ed instance of Windows XP from $icrosoft for free if you are running Windows % Professional, &nterprise, or 'ltimate on your base system. $icrosoft calls this irtuali!ed instance of Windows XP (Windows XP $ode,) and distributes it in the Windows *irtual P+ format. If you prefer to use *$ware Workstation or *$ware Player instead of *irtual P+, follow instructions below. ,ownload Windows XP $ode from $icrosoft. You’ll need to go through the Windows alidation wi!ard to confirm you’re running a licensed copy of the appropriate ersion of Windows %. You’ll ha e the option of downloading and installing Windows *irtual P+ software, but you don’t need it if you’ll be using *$ware.

Install the downloaded Windows XP $ode e-ecutable. The installation wi!ard will gi e you a chance to specify where the files installed, placing them in (+./Program #iles/Windows XP $ode) by default. This folder will contain, among other files, the 0123 file (Windows XP $ode base. hd) representing the hard dri e of the Windows XP irtual machine.

4aunch *$ware Workstation or Player. 1o to the #ile 5 Import Windows XP $ode *$ menu.

In both cases.*$ware will launch the wi!ard that will automatically create the Windows XP *$ware irtual machine using the Windows XP $ode files you installed in the pre ious step. 1o through the Windows XP setup wi!ard the same way you would do it for a regular Windows XP system. 'sing *$ware Workstation or Player. power on the Windows XP $ode irtual machine that *$ware created. you should ha e a *$ware irtual machine running Windows XP. You can download Windows XP. There two other ways of obtaining Windows irtual machines. *ista and % irtual machines from $icrosoft’s Internet &-plorer "pplication +ompatibility . "t this point. so if your base system has Internet access. so would the irtual machine. both using Windows *irtual P+. It will be connected to the network using the *$Ware (6"T) mode. you can download Windows *irtual P+ files and con ert them into the *$ware format by using *$ware +enter +on erteror by using #ile 5 Import or &-port7 in *$ware Workstation.

Tip0 Windows #irtual P$ is not required! if you not plan to use it.++ page. . Windows XP Mode is pre-activated by default! but the activation is normally lost when the virtual machine is ported to other platform. . =and<picked related items. . You’ll need to supply alid Windows licenses to acti ate these 98 instances: you may be able to use them for some time period in a limited manner without acti ation.*P+ Image page. . . $lic( on File drop down menu! and select Import Windows XP Mode VM. If this topic is interesting to you. 1ownload and install Windows XP Mode. 2.e erse<&ngineering $alware course.y running Windows XP Mode on #Mware! the virtual machine can ta(e advantage of more than one $P. 'sing *$ware for $alware "nalysis *$ware 6etwork Isolation for a $alware "nalysis 4ab > 8teps to 2uilding a $alware "nalysis Toolkit 'sing #ree Tools ? 4enny @eltser Run XP Mode in VMware Workstation or Player with Activation Intact The availability of Windows XP Mode is equivalent to a free license to Windows XP operating system. Windows XP Mode is basically a pre-configured and pre-activated copy of Windows XP Professional SP running in a virtual machine! with seamless application integration with host machine. "ormally! Windows #irtual P$ %#P$& is required to install and run Windows XP Mode %XPM&.est of all! #Mware can also run concurrently with Windows XP Mode.esktop +ore +onfiguration #. 'rom #Mware Wor(station + and #MWare Player ! the #Mware products are now Windows XP Mode compatible! where users of #Mware Wor(station or #Mware Player can import a Windows XP Mode virtual machine! and run the virtual machine full activated! without the need to enter a Windows XP license serial number or product (ey to activate Windows XP Mode.processor! render high-end graphics! integrate seamlessly with -nity! transfer files easily with drag and drop! and use shared folders.ere/s how to import and run Windows XP Mode on #Mware Player or #Mware Wor(station0 0. You can also download Windows XP and *ista *$s from the 6I8T #ederal . 'or #Mware Wor(station or #Mware Player users! there is no reason not to install #P$ again )ust to use XPM! instead of )ust using more advanced #Mware virtuali*ation solution. take a look at my . 3un #Mware Player or #Mware Wor(station.

Tip 40 To seamlessly integrate Windows XP Mode with host computer! install the VMware Tools. 7.ome Premium! Windows #ista! Windows XP or >inu5! the XP Mode is disabled! and user won/t even see the 8mport Windows XP Mode #M option.enabled < :T3-=. 8n Windows + . .vm5 configuration file! and ensure that an entry called 5pmode. Tip 20 #Mware is adhering to Microsoft/s requirement! which means Windows XP Mode in #Mware will only wor(s in premium editions of Windows +! including -ltimate! Professional and =nterprise. 5pmode. 6nce #Mware Tools is installed! clic( on VM drop down menu on the Windows XP Mode #M window! and clic( on Enter Unity to enable seamless applications publishing from Windows XP Mode to Windows + host. Select the Windows XP Mode and clic( Play #irtual Machine to run the XP Mode. 6nce process is completed! a new virtual machine named Windows XP Mode will appear in #Mware. #Mware will automatically import and reconfigure Windows XP Mode virtual machine to wor( with #Mware virtuali*ation engine! with a dialog bo5 with progress status bar. "ote0 8f the Windows XP Mode has never been started before! user will need to complete the initial setup.4. Tip 0 Windows XP Mode must be installed in order for the 8mport Windows XP Mode option to be available. ? e5tra Windows XP Mode Start Menu to access programs in the XP Mode #M will be displayed above the Start button when user mouse hovers over Start button. Tip 90 8f the Windows XP Mode is not activated after imported into #Mware! chec( the Windows Xp Mode.e.asic! Windows + . value! i.enabled has the :True..ome .

y default! all application software in Windows XP Mode will access! open and save to file location inside the virtual machine. . To allow Windows XP Mode to open or save to folders in Windows + host computer! go to VM menu and select Settings. Select the radio button for Always enabled! and tic( the chec( bo5 for Map as a networ dri!e in Windows g"ests. @o to Options tab! and select Shared Folders.Tip 70 . Then! clic( on Add button and follow the ?dd Shared 'older wi*ard to share folder.