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List of Poems in Dead Poets Society

She Walks In Beauty - Lord Byron The Ballad of William Bloat - Raymond Calvert The Prophet - Abraham Co ley To the !ir"ins# $ake $u%h of Time - Robert &erri%k The Road 'ot Taken - Robert (rost The Con"o - !a%hel Lindsay A $idsummer 'i"ht)s *ream - William Shakespeare Sonnet +!III - William Shakespeare ,-%erpt from .lysses - Alfred Lord Tennyson ,-%erpt from Walden - &enry *avid Thoreau / Captain $y Captain - Walt Whitman / $e0 / Life0 - Walt Whitman Son" of $yself +!I - Walt Whitman Son" of $yself Se%tion 12 - Walt Whitman