**************************************** Winning Eleven 7 INTERNATIONAL Readme Version 1.

0 **************************************** key "X" = Enter (cpnfirm) , key "triangle" = Esc (back) , "Press any key" = "Spa ce"="Next" (the longest key of th e keyboard) ^ -|> shoot : key A to the directions selected with the keys <- and -> (direction arrows from the keyboard) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Se reinstaleaza pe USB8GB\PortableAppsPlatform\PortableApps\WinningEleven7Protab le peste continutul directorului precizat,fara stergerea acestuia,utilizand setup-ul core spunzator de pe SanDisk4GB din GPS "GarminNuvi250"(dupa copierea prealabila a acestuia pe desktop pt. a creste viteza de instalare).Dupa reinstalare se copiaza,în directorul precizat m ai sus, peste originalul deja instalat,crack-ul"WE7"(acesta se gaseste în acelasi fisier c u setup-ul jocului,pe memoria aditionala a GPS-lui sau se recupereaza crack-ul"WE7"deja exi stent înaintea reinstalarii în directorul precizat anterior,pt.a se recopia dupa reinstala re) **************************************** Table of Contents **************************************** 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) System Requirements Installation Autorun Menu Starting Winning Eleven 7 Uninstalling Winning Eleven 7 Controls Memory and Performance Troubleshooting Web Sites Technical Support

**************************************** 1) System Requirements **************************************** MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP Intel Pentium III 800MHz or equivalent processor (Athlon/Duron/Celeron) 128 MB RAM 4X CD-ROM Drive NVIDIA GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500 video card DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card DirectX 8.1 or higher (included on Disc 1) 640MB free hard disk space RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:

2GB free hard disk space SUPPORTED CHIPSETS: NVIDIA . 9500.Only available after you have installed the game. Insert CD1 into your computer's CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive. If the Autorun screen does not appear: 1. * Install . * Exit . Insert the next CD if prompted.Close the Autorun Menu. Click to install the game. 9700. 9600. Double-click Autorun. you're ready to play! **************************************** 3) Autorun Menu **************************************** The Autorun Menu will appear any time the Winning Eleven 7 CD-ROM is inserted in to the CD-ROM drive. ATI Radeon 9600.Radeon 9800. Click to remo ve the game from your hard drive. GeForce3 ATI .Only available if you don't have Winning Eleven 7 installed on yo ur system. To initiate the installation process: 1. 9200.1 to your system. 5200). 5800. 9000. * Settings . The Winning Eleven 7 CD-ROM contains an Autorun Menu that automatically guides you through the installation process. Follow the on-screen installation instructions. **************************************** 2) Installation **************************************** In order to play Winning Eleven 7. 2. 5600. you must first install the program on your co mputer's hard drive. 4. 3. Double-click on the MY COMPUTER icon on your computer's desktop. click INSTALL. make sure to install it from th e Autorun Menu before starting the game. Double-click on the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive showing the Winning Eleven 7 Inter national icon.1 or higher (included on Disc 1) 1. and click OK.1. . or higher DirectX 8. Click to start pla ying Winning Eleven 7.Install Microsoft DirectX 8.Click to change the display and button settings. GeForce4 Ti.Click to open the readme file.exe. If your computer does not have DirectX 8. * DirectX Setup .Windows 2000/XP Intel Pentium IV 1. Once the Autorun Menu appears. 5.Only available after you have installed the game. Once you have successfully installed the game. The menu has several options: * Play . 3. 8500 It may be necessary to update your hardware drivers before playing. * Uninstall .GeForce FX (5900. 2. * Please Read .4GHz processor 256 MB RAM 8X CD-ROM Drive NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti.1 compatible sound card DirectX 8.

KONAMI. insert the game CD1 into the CD -ROM/DVD-ROM drive and select Play.Winning Eleven 7 International). you may do any of the f ollowing: * Insert the Winning Eleven 7 International CD1 and select Uninstall from the Autorun Menu. Add/Remove Progr ams. * Click on the START button. and click on Winning Eleven 7 International to uninstall the game. choose Settings. * Click on the START button.Programs . click on the Winning Eleven 7 International icon found within the Konami Winning Eleven 7 International progr am folder. Alternatively. Winning Eleven 7 Intern ational. and click on Uninstall. Control Panel.KONAMI . (Start bar . choose Programs.**************************************** 4) Starting Winning Eleven 7 **************************************** To begin playing Winning Eleven 7 International. **************************************** 5) Uninstalling Winning Eleven 7 **************************************** If you need to uninstall Winning Eleven 7 International. **************************************** 6) Controls **************************************** Default Keyboard Controls UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT LONG PASS SHORT PASS THROUGH PASS SHOOT CURSOR CHANGE DASH STRATEGY/ATT/DEF SPECIAL CONTROLS PAUSE HELP* up arrow down arrow left arrow right arrow D X W A Q E Z C space bar F1 ________________________________________ Default Game Pad Controls UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT LONG PASS SHORT PASS THROUGH PASS SHOOT CURSOR CHANGE DASH Y Axis Y Axis X Axis X Axis Button Button Button Button Button Button + + 1 2 0 3 5 6 .

Regardless of your machine specs.konami." press Enter. and slide the Hardware Sound Acceleration bar to "Basic" or "None. This will open the Setting Menu. select KONAMI. SOLUTION: Try reducing the resolution size and quality. You will be able to decrease the resolution size and resolution quality from this menu. PROBLEM: My game runs too slowly. * Increase your amount of free hard drive space * Reduce the hardware sound acceleration level: Click on the Windows Start bu tton. **************************************** 7) Memory and Performance **************************************** Winning Eleven 7 requires at least 128 MB of RAM and a Pentium III 800MHz proces sor. click on the Windows Start button. Alternatively. To do this.hk . select Winning Eleven 7. select Run. SOLUTION: Try increasing the resolution size and quality. a faster pro cessor. you may also change the resolution size and quality from the Screen Settings Menu. and then s elect Setting. type "dxdiag. especially online chat progra ms. you may a lso change the resolution size and quality from the Screen Settings Menu. and a faster graphics card." * Reduce the resolution size and quality from the Settings Menu. * Regularly defragment your hard drive. You will be able to increase t he resolution size and resolution quality from this menu. **************************************** 9) Web Sites **************************************** Konami Marketing (Asia) Web Site http://www. the performance of the game will improve if you have more RAM.com. To do this. select KONAMI. click on the Windows S tart button. Alternatively. select Programs. select Programs. **************************************** 8) Troubleshooting **************************************** PROBLEM: My game runs too quickly.STRATEGY/ATT/DEF SPECIAL CONTROLS PAUSE HELP* Button Button Button Button 7 8 4 0 *The HELP option only appears on some menus. whic h can be accessed from the Game Options Menu in the game. and screen layout utilities. which can be accessed from the Game Options Menu in the game. click on the Sound Tab. virus checkers. you can i ncrease the overall performance of the game by doing the following: * Shut down all non-essential Windows programs. This will open the Setting Menu. select Winning Eleven 7. and then select Setting.

hercules.com Creative Labs www.com.com . please contact Konami Technical Support: Email: info@konami.nvidia.atitech. you may want to try updating your h ardware drivers before contacting technical support: ATI Technologies www.hk If you are having problems running the game.com NVIDIA www.Konami Global Web Site http://www.creativelabs.konami.com HERCULES www.com Turtle Beach www.turtlebeach.com **************************************** 10) Technical Support **************************************** If you experience any technical problems with your game that you are unable to r esolve.

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