; FLTK preferences file format 1.0 ; vendor: anpo.republika.pl ; application: unknown [.

] ; This is example file for language translation. You can use it as ; a template for your translation. You can create translation file ; from GMapTool using button "Save translation" in "Options" tab. ; Button is visible when you turn on advanced options. ; This file has FLTK format, you can find details in FLTK 1.1.9 ; documentation. Each text definition consist of name, double point ; separator and text string. Strings are for "C" language, some strings ; contain printf format fields like "%s". Some strings contains spaces ; at the end. ; GMapTool looks for all *.lang files in program directory and can use ; it for user interface. Rename this file into "translation.lang" to see ; how it works. ; Following definitions are mandatory: ; "Program:GMapTool" - File identification, do not translate it. ; "LanguageName:English example" - This is language name for menu ; in "Options" tab. Should be different then any other language name. ; "ProgramCode:1033" - This is language code used for choosing ; translation, when you set "System" as a language. ; "Translation:anpo.republika.pl" - Author of translation. Program:GMapTool Version:ß LanguageName:English ProgramCode:1033 WindowsCode:1045 Translation:anpo.republika.pl CodePage:1252 [./GUI_Main] lb_AdFaLa:Add to Favorites lb_AlFiLa:All Files (*) lb_CuFiLa:Custom Filter lb_ExFiLa:Please choose an existing file! lb_FavLab:Favorites lb_FilLab:Filename: lb_FiSyLa:My Computer lb_MaFaLa:Manage Favorites lb_NeDiLa:New Directory? lb_NeDiTo:Create a new directory. lb_PreLab:Preview lb_SavLab:Save lb_ShoLab:Show: lb_noText:No lb_yesTxt:Yes lb_okText:OK lb_cancel:Cancel lb_closeT:Close FilesT: Files Option: Options JoinTx: Join SplitT: Split WriteT: Write LogTxt: Log UseBre:\nUser break!\n

img)\011Typ file (*./GUI_Options] Appear:Appearance Langua:Language VerOut:Verbose output AdvOpt:Advanced options ExpOpt:Experimental options Cgpsma:cGPSmapper MaptkT:MapTk TxHelp:? MCWEOC:Maps created with experimental options can lock your GPS!\nDo not load th is maps to internal GPS memory.EndTxt:\nEnd.unl) SFTRFL:Select files to remove from list. PCWBSD:Program created with Bloodshed Software Dev-C++ IDE. IBWCGT:Interface build with C++ GUI toolkit FLTK v1.1. use flash cards instead.typ)\011Unlock Code (*. InpFil:Input files InpDir:Input directories AFMITF:All Files (*)\011Maps (*./GUI_Join] OutFil:Output File MapNam:Mapset name AdNeUC:Add new unlock code SeMaFi:Set mapset FID FidTxt:FID PidTxt:PID ReUnCo:Remove unlock codes ReAuDN:Remove autorouting data NOD CrDeMa:Create demo map ReAlDD:Remove altitude data DEM ShoHea:Short header DoCrMS:Don't create MPS subfile .\n SavTra:Save translation LanFil:Language file AllFil:All Files (*) System:System GtkPPT:GTK+ Plasti:Plastic [. [./GUI_Files] AddFil:Add Files AddDir:Add Directories InfoTx:Info Detail:Details HelpTx:? FilNam:File name SizeTx:Size Mapset:Mapset OpeErr:open error ReaErr:read error Subfil:subfile OthDat:other data OuOfMe:\nOut of memory!\n SeFFID:Select files for info display.\n [. SFFDID:Select files for detailed info display.9.\n ProSta:Program start.

2. should be 1. 8.\n ResuOk:Result OK.\n ExeErr:\nExecution error..\n WFVIFS:Wrong FID value %i.\n WPVIPS:Wrong PID value %i.\n WBSISB:Wrong block size %i. 16..\n JoSeMa:\nJoin selected maps.65535.\n WPVIPS:Wrong PID value %i.\n WrSLVS:Wrong South limit value %s.65535. FID should be in range 1 .\n .65535.\n WfUnCo:Wrong unlock code.CoToNt:Convert to quasi-NT format InOtDa:Include other data SeBlSi:Set block size KibTxt:KiB JoiAll:Join all JoiSel:Join selected InfoTx:Info ClearT:Clear HelpTx:? OutFi2:Output file AllFil:All Files (*) OuFiNM:Output file name missing.\n OutDir:Output directory AllFil:All Files (*) OuDiNM:Output directory name missing. FID should be in range 1 . PID should be in range 1 .\n [.\n WFVIFS:Wrong FID value %i./GUI_Split] Direct:Directory Create:Create FiFoMa: files for Mapsource SinMap: single maps MaByFi: mapsets by FID Subfil: subfiles EmpMap: empty maps ShoHea:Short headers MapNam:Mapset name SeMaFi:Set mapset FID FidTxt:FID PidTxt:PID CoPrMa:Compile preview map LiPrMa:Limit preview map LiMaAr:Limit mapset area S_Text:S N_Text:N W_Text:W E_Text:E SeCoPa:Set Code Page CpText:CP AdEmDe:Add empty DEM CrTVWP:Create TDB v3 when possible SplAll:Split all SplSel:Split selected InfoTx:Info ClearT:Clear HelpTx:? RCFPMC:Running compiler for preview map compilation.\n WrNLVS:Wrong North limit value %s.\n ComErr:Command error %i.\n JoAlMa:\nJoin all maps. PID should be in range 1 . 4.65535.

\n WVFCPI:Wrong value for Code Page %i.\n [.\n WrSNLD:Wrong South .\n [. FID should be in range %i .65535.\n WrWELD:Wrong West . should be in range 0 .65535.\n WPVISB:Wrong priority value %i. PID should be in range %i .\n WVFCPI:Wrong value for Code Page %i.WrWLVS:Wrong West limit value %s.\n WPVIPS:Wrong PID value %i. should be in range 0 .\n WrInSM:\nWrite into selected maps.\n WrInAM:\nWrite into all maps.\n RouPar:TRE parameters WRPVIS:Wrong routing parameter value %i.\n NaFoMF:Files name WCIFNF:Wrong charactes in file name for Mapsource./GUI_Log] Search:Search NextTx: Next StopTx:Stop ClearT:Clear HelpTx:? .255.\n WoUnCo:Wrong unlock code.255.\n SpAlMa:\nSplit all maps.\n SpSeMa:\nSplit selected maps.99999999.North limit definition.\n WMIVIS:Wrong map ID value %i.East limit definition. should be in range 1 .\n WrELVS:Wrong East limit value %s./GUI_Write] Mapset:Mapset SetTra:Set transparency Transp: transparent Opaque: opaque SeDrPr:Set draw priority InUnCo:Insert unlock code OnFoFi:Only for FID FidTxt:FID PidTxt:PID CpTxtT:CP DemFla:DEMO flag RemDem: Remove DEMO SetDem: Set DEMO ChMaId:Change map ID Absolu: absolute AddVal: add value Substr: substract IdText:ID CorTyp:Correct TYP ModLab:Modify labels UppCas: upper case LowCas: lower case FirUpp: first upper NoAccT: no accents ReHeDa:Refresh header date WriAll:Write all WriSel:Write selected InfoTx:Info ClearT:Clear HelpTx:? WFVIFS:Wrong FID value %i.

\n dd_TFLTBB:Total file length too big (blocks).\n dd_SBUHUF:Size: block %u.\n TWWRCB:\nThere were warnings. sub-files %u\n dp_SuFiFL:\nSub-file fat length\n dp_MLSFCP:\nMap length s-f CP prio PID FID name\n dp_DatMps:\nData MPS\n dp_DaSLeU:\nData %s: length %6u dp_Bitmap:Bitmaps dp_SizeTx:size dd_RWDIFS:Read. block %u\n dp_MaUSFU:maps:\011\011%u. file %9llxh. %uk).\n dd_WDDNRF:==Warning: DEM data not removed from NT map %s. length %llu\n dp_FiFoEI:File format errors (%i)\n dp_HeSSXX:Header:\011\011%s.MPS\n dd_OtherT:other dd_WriHea:Writing: header\n dd_TFLTBK:Total file length too big (sectors %X. file %llu\n dd_Indexe:indexes dd_DatTrf:data TRF dd_DatTyp:data TYP dd_MapsNt:maps NT dd_MapMpc:maps MPC dd_InFiMi:Input files missing./GUI_Help] GmaHtm:gmaptool_en. file %9llxh.\n dp_LenTxt:len.\n dd_TFLTBT:Total file length too big.html [.\n dd_DSFXFX:data %s. EnSeTe:Enter search text: [.\n InpFiS:Input file: %s. header %u. fat %5xh\n dd_FileST:file %s\n dd_MSFXFX:map %8s.\n\n dd_WNDNRF:==Warning: NOD data not removed from NT map %s.%Xh.%Xh . sub-files %2u\n dd_Writin:Writing: %s\n dd_WrDaMa:Writing: data MAPSOURC./gmt_all] TWERIF:\nThere were errors. fat %5xh.30s%s] not found.\n dd_WCTNFW:Conversion to NT format wasn't done. wrong data in file %s.%02u)\n dp_MapseS:Mapset:\011\011%s\n dp_FXXXBU:fat:\011\011%Xh .SSNoFo:[%. dp_MapTxt:map dp_Region:region dp_DateTx:date dp_Locked:locked dp_Transp:transparent dp_CPText:CP dp_FidTxt:FID dp_PidTxt:PID dp_NameTx:name dp_Priori:priority dp_Levels:levels dp_ZoomTx:zoom dp_DemLay:DEM layers dp_FiSLeU:File:\011\011%s.\n . xor %02Xh\n dp_MapSUU:Mapset:\011\011%s (%u. result is faulty. result can be faulty. %s. map %s.

\n gw_FSUCSA:File %s unlock code %s already exist.50s] into MPS subfile.\n fn_OpErFS:Open error.\n fn_WrSEFS:Write structure error.\n fn_ReSEFS:Read structure error. file %s. file %s.\n gw_WrInMS:Write into map %s. file %s.\n== Current map ID %u (%X).\n gw_MaSCoN: Map %s codepage not supported.\n gw_FSUCIS:File %s unlock code inserted [%s].\n gw_TCFSFU:TYP correction: file %s.\n .\n gw_MaSPUC: Map %s priority %2u %c\n gw_WWNMIN:\n== Warning: wrong new map ID number.\n od_WHFSFS:Wrong header (fat size).\n gw_NPTIUC:No place to insert unlock code.\n od_BDITSF:Bad data in TRE subfile.\n gw_DFASIF:DEMO flag already set in file %s.\n od_WHDGFS:Wrong header (DSKIMG GARMIN).\n== no changes made.\n od_BDIRSF:== Warning: Bad data in TRF subfile.\n fn_COFEFS:Create output file error.fn_OuOfMe:Out of memeory.\n gw_FSWMNS:File %s write mapset name [%. file %s.\n gw_NPTIMN:No place to insert mapset name.\n gw_MaSLaE: Map %s label modification error. file %s. file %s. file %s. file %s.\n fn_OFAEFS:Output file already exist.\n== no changes made.50s] into header.\n gw_ReHDFS:Refresh header date. file %s. ignored.\n gw_DatMpS: data MPS %s\n gw_DFSIFS:DEMO flag set in file %s. file %s.\n od_BDILSF:Bad data in LBL subfile. CP %u\n gw_WMTSIF:\n== Warning: multiple TYP subfile in file %s.\n fn_WrErFS:Write error. file %s. file %s.\n gw_DFRFFS:DEMO flag removed from file %s.\n gw_MaSLaF: Map %s label format not supported. FID %u.\n gw_WFMMSS:Write.\n od_WHBSFS:Wrong header (block size).\n== Map ID %u (%X) mp_FileST:.\n od_WHFFFS:Wrong header (first FAT).\n od_NoMRFS:No MPS records.\n gw_WFHDFS:== Warning: file has DEMO flag set. file %s. file %s. FID mismatch.\n od_HLNEFS:Header length not even.\n mp_WRMINM:\n== Warning: repeated map ID number.\n fn_WrUnCS:Wrong unlock code %s.\n\n gw_FatSST: FAT %8s -> %8s\n gw_TreXXT: TRE %08X -> %08X\n gw_SubfiS: subfile %s\n gw_MdrXXT: MDR %08X -> %08X\n gw_WUSOMS:\n== Warning: unknown structure of MDR subfile.\n== Subfile %s.\n fn_SeErFS:Seek error.\n gw_MaSUnL: Map %s unknown LBL structure.\n od_BDIYSF:== Warning: Bad data in TYP subfile. file %s.\n\ n gw_MaSLaM: Map %s labels modified.\n od_MaAnEr:Map analyse error. file %s.\n od_MuDaMI:Multiple data MPS. PID %u.unl too long %s. file %s. file %s. new map ID %u. file %s nt_UnSHeF:Unknown %s header format.\n od_FiUTLS:File .\n fn_WrUCLS:Wrong unlock code length %s. (%X).\n gw_FSWMNM:File %s write mapset name [%. file %s. file %s.\n fn_ReErFS:Read error.\n gw_DFARFF:DEMO flag already removed from file %s. file %s.\n od_InCIFS:Invalid characters in file %s.\n gw_NPTIUO:No place to insert unlock code or mapset name. map skiped %s. file %s.

len.MPS\n pd_WriHea:Writing: header\n pd_TFLTBK:Total file length too big (sectors %X.\n pd_FSOOMA:File %s out of mapset area.\n pd_UnMaSS:== Unused map %s %s. try opion -f.\n pd_SBUHUF:Size: block %u. dp_Parame:parameters dd_DatMmr:data MMR gw_MSPUCR: Map %s priority %2u %c.od_WMRSDS:Wrong MPS records size. file %s\n pd_SpMDFS:Split map.\n pd_WDSSLU:Write data %8s -> %16s. header %u. TRE parameters %u %u %u\n pd_Indexe:indexes pd_DatTrf:data TRF pd_DatTyp:data TYP pd_DatMmr:data MMR pd_MapsNt:maps NT pd_MapMpc:maps MPC gw_TrfXXT: TRF %08X -> %08X\n gw_WCMIMS:\n== Warning: changing MID in MMR subfile is unsupported. fil . creating TDB aborted. %9u\n pd_WrDaSS:Write data %8s -> %16s\n pd_WMSSFH:Write map %8s -> %16s.\n pd_WNAMWU:== Warning: not all maps were used. creating TDB aborted. header %6Xh.\n pd_SplMaS:Split map %s. using %u.\n pl_WoMPII:== Warning: Multiple products in img.\n pd_TFLTBT:Total file length too big.\n pd_MSOOMA:Map %8s out of mapset area.\n pl_MPIICD:Multiple products in img.\n pd_MiInFi:Missing input files. codes %u\n pd_WriUnS:Write unl %s\n pd_WrErFS:Write error.\n\n gw_WCMIST:\n== Warning: Changing MID in separate TRF subfile is unsupported. file %llu\n pd_SpFSIM:Split file %s into mapsets. data file %s. file %s.\n pl_FiMCTD:FID missing.\n pl_WriFiS:Write file %s\n pl_MuCPUU:Multiple Code Pages. pl_FilMis:File missing: pl_AboIns:aborting install pl_AdReKe:Adding registry keys. len. file %9u. pl_CoPrMa:Compiling preview map. len. pl_TBWUMF:This batch will uninstall map from Mapsource. %9u\n pd_WriSuS:Write subfile %s\n pd_Writin:Writing: %s\n pd_OtherT:other pd_WrDaMa:Writing: data MAPSOURC. block %u\n pd_WrMaSS:Write map %8s -> %16s\n pd_WDDNAT:== Warning: DEM data not added to map %8s\n pd_WrUSCU:Write unl %s.\n pd_TFLTBB:Total file length too big (blocks).\n pl_MNMCTA:Mapset name missing. creating TDB aborted. %uk). file %s.\n pl_TBWIMF:This batch will install map for Mapsource pl_MapTxt:Map pl_FidTxt:FID pl_PidTxt:PID pl_PETCOC:Press Enter to continue or Ctrl-C to abort.\n pd_WrDSLU:Write data %s. %9u\n pd_WriDaS:Write data %s\n pd_WrSSLU:Write subfile %s.\n== no changes made.\n pd_UOFSFM:Using original file %s for mapset.\n od_ReaFiS:Reading file %s.

e %s.\n\n gw_WRMINM:\n== Warning: repeated map ID number.\n== Map ID %u (%X) od_WFFSSF:Wrong FAT for subfile %s. file %s.\n== no changes made.\n .

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