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Metals Most Marvellous_ Metals of the Forgotten Realms

Metals Most Marvellous_ Metals of the Forgotten Realms


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Metals Most Marvellous: Metals of the Forgotten Realms

March 13, 2000 Simon Gibbs Francine Robert Edition 3.0 <simon.gibbs !ahoo.com" <frobert megacom.net"

#$$endi% &: Ric' (ross <b)gh)nter earthlin'.net" *ns$iration and m)ch of #$$endi% 1: +en ,i$'a and -osh Rintama'i <'rli$'a deathstar.org" .ote: This document is formatted to US Letter paper size. To reformat to ISO A4 size, make the side margins 3mm SMALL ! and top and "ottom margins #.#mm $I%% !.

This article is the outcome of a mini-project produced under the umbrella of the Forgotten Realms Porojects Mailing List. Francine sketched out the initial metal descriptions, and sent them to the list. I !imon" then fleshed out the s#stem, and $rote the document #ou%re reading no$. The aim of the project has been to e&pand and clarif# the kno$ledge base of lore on metals and allo#s used in the Forgotten Realms campign setting. Quality Equipment vs. Magic Equipment 'ne aspect of the official rules, and in most campaigns, that is hard to reconcile is the lack of good (ualit# $eapons and e(uipment. )# the official rules there are normal, standard (ualit# e(uipment and there is magic. *o middle ground. There is no real reason e&cept for ease of refining" for the fast-d$indling d$ar+es of the *orth to jealousl# guard the rich iron +eins of ,dbar, and no reason $h# some folk ha+e a reputation for producing the finest (ualit# goods. There is no pro+ision for $ell-crafted d$ar+en armour, or the lo+ingl# forged $eapons of a master craftsmen, made $ith special and rare metals that are hard to come b#. 'n top of this there is the fact that a $eapon must be enspelled before it can be of an# real $orth at all again alienating master craftsmen using rare materials and secret techni(ues". Inspired b# the e&cellent article b# -en Lipka and .osh Rintamaki, campaign rules for metals ha+e been re+ised. Metals from +arious T!R sources are described most notabl# from Volos Guide to All Things Magical" and a number of ne$ metals are detailed, focussing on those that are used to create armour and $eaponr#. Rick /ross has de+eloped a similar, #et distincti+e, s#stem that is detailed in ,ppendi& 0. Oriental Adventures introduced $eapons and armour of (ualit#1 items made b# the best craftfolk $ith the best materials but ne+ertheless non-magical. That concept is here e&panded, introducing +arious grades of special metals for these products, hopefull# $ithout upsetting game balance. ,lso the rules for $hat metals can hit creatures re(uiring 234 or better% ha+e been e&panded to account for +arious special metals. *ote that e+er# effort has been made to remain $ithin the core rules and to be at least partl# realistic in metallurgical terms. 5o$e+er, in an effort to create a distincti+e, cohesi+e and consistent s#stem some assumptions, generalisations and changes ha+e been made to promote pla#abilit# abo+e all. 6se an# of the follo$ing as #ou $ill, for as 7olothamp 8eddarm has said to 9d 8reen$ood1 “Minstrels would have you believe there are metals that can talk even before they are forged, and places where metal grows as trees, gleaming in glorious plenty for anyone who finds the hidden groves, but have yet to see such things with my own eyes! A dwarf would chortle at the scanty magical lore gathered here, and it will even look paltry to the eyes of most sorcerer"smiths, who know and use far more alloys and a surprisingly large number of additional rare metals than describe here#$

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


References :; %ungeon Masters Guide, T!R /ore Rules /< =.:, 4>>? 4; &mpires of the 'hining 'ea, )o&ed !et, !te+en !chend, T!R Inc, 4>>? =; (ity of )avens *luff, 9d 8reen$ood, T!R Inc, 4>>? @; Volo+s Guide to All Things Magical, b# 9d 8reen$ood and 9ric L. )o#d, 4>>A 0; The ,orth- Guide to the 'avage .rontier, !te+en !chend, 4>>A B; %row of the /nderdark, F'R=, b# 9d 8reen$ood, 4>>4 A; %warves %eep, FR44, b# 9d 8reen$ood, 4>>: C; Oriental Adventures, 8ar# 8#ga&, T!R Inc, 4>?B ?; Magic for *eginners, <ragon 40>, b# 8regor# D. <et$iler >; Always 0ear 1our *est 'uit, <ragon 40?, b# 8ordon R. MenEies 4:; ,ine 2ells )evisited, <ragon >4, b# 9d 8reen$ood 44; 4=; 4@;
2andbook of (hemistry and 3hysics, 9d1 Robert /. Deast, /R/, 4>C: &ncyclopedia *rittanica, 4>C: Mac4uarie %ictionary, Mac(uarie 6ni+ersit#, 4>>=

Internet Articles 40; 3lanar Metals, Internet article b# -en Lipka and .osh Rintamaki. , great article, and a great siteF Ghttp1HHmaniac.deathstar.orgHIkrlipkaHpsHJ, $hich pro+ided much inspiration. 4B; Metals of the )ealms, Rick /ross GbughunterKearthlink.netJ Realms-L posts. 7er# $ell $ritten pieces. 4A; (onstituents of Mundane 2istorical Alloys, ,<L<-L posting b# aEothath G,EothathKaol.comJ 4C; Armour of the .orgotten )ealms, !imon 8ibbs, =::: 4?; 0eapons in My .orgotten )ealms (ampaigns, !imon 8ibbs, =::: 4>; Magical Metals, ,<L<-L posting b# Mortdred GmortdredKi&.netcom.comJ, ,pril >> =:; Metals, posts to Realms-L b# R. !ulli+an G)oed#nL'/K,'L./'MJ, 4>>? =4; The /niversal 3rice 5ist 'ystem, 7ersion = Rolemaster", ..M. <a+idson, 4>>A ==; (oin metals- &lectrum, .ussi Pakarinen, 4>>A =@; *u6utsu- 'amurai )ules for *attle5ust, 7ersion 4.4, ,llan 8oodall, 4>>A

This $ork is M=::: !imon 8ibbs, Francine Robert and Rick /ross. ,ll Rights Reser+ed. Feel free to distribute the material for non-profit purposes, but please gi+e credit $here it is due. This $ork is an unofficial use of ,d+anced <ungeons L <ragons and Forgotten Realms gaming materials published b# T!R. ,lthough the use of these concepts is unauthorised, no infringement is intended. References to ,d+anced <ungeons L <ragons and Forgotten Realms are pro+ided as an aid for pla#ers and are not intended to be a substitute for, or a challenge to the /op#right status of the original material. The article includes a bibliograph# listing the sources used as inspiration, sources published b# both T!R and others. T!RN, Forgotten RealmsN, ,d+anced <ungeons L <ragonsN and ,<L<N are registered trademarks of T!R Inc., a subsidiar# of DiEards of the /oastN in Renton, Dashington, 6.!.,. DiEards of the /oast is a registered trademark of DiEards of the /oast. The author is not affiliated or endorsed b# T!R, Inc.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


War Metals of the Realms
Material #0ailabilit! (ost 1.ote 12 3eight #d4)stment 1.ote 22 #rmo)r #( bon)s 150e better2 Magic E6)i0alence 3ea$on S$eed #d4)stment 3ea$on 7o hit #d4)stment

/amage #d4)stmen

Iron & Steels Iron, Inferior !teel !tandard !teel Fine !teel !uperior !teel Special Metals ,randur /innabr#l !teel <arksteel <larun 8lassteel Meteoric Iron Mithril !il+er-Iron Titanium ,llo# durang" True Tungsten Adamant alloys From 7olos 8uide1 ,damantine !imon%s 7ersion1 ,damantine ,damantite ,damantium Other Metals )ronEe /opper 9lectrum 8old Platinum !il+er

/ommon /ommon 6ncommon 6ncommon 7er# Rare Rare 7er#, 7er# Rare una+ailableQ Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare 6ncommon Rare

&:.? &4 &B-4: &B: &B: &=: &@:: &=: &4B &4:: &=B: &=: &4: &=B

3=:O : P4:O P=:O : PB:O P4:O P4:O P4:O 3=:O P=BO : P4:O 34::O

: : : : : : 34 : : 34 34 : : 34

: : : : 34 34 3= : 34 34 3= 34 : 34

34 : P4 P4 : : : : : 34 : : P4 34

: : 34 34 : : 3@ : : 34 3= : 34 34

: : : 34 34 : 34 : : 34 34 : : 34

7er#, +er# rare








7er#, 7er# Rare outside dro$ cities

&B:: &B:: &4B: &:.? &:.CB &CB &4:: &4:: &=:

P=BO P=BO : : P=BO 3=BO 34::O 3=BO :

34 to 3B 3= 34 P4 P= P4 P0 P4 P=

34 to 3B 3@ 34 : : : : : :

P4 to PB : : : : : 3= : :

34 to 3B 3@ 34 : : : : : :

34 to 3B 34 34 : P4 P4 P= P4 P4 ! L P-t#pe"

7er# Rare 7er# Rare /ommon /ommon 6ncommon /ommon 6ncommon /ommon

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


E%$lanation of (ol)mns in 3ar Metals 7able:


Weight Adjustment Percentage of change from the object in steelR a 3+e number indicates an increase in $eight. =B; !ost Multipl# normal cost from P5) b# modifier. *ote that I ha+e set the prices +er# high, as the# are designed to parallel items of minor magic. If adjusting, then modif# ,LL the figures, not just one or t$o, so as to keep the s#stem intact. =A; Availa"ility affects chance the# $ill be able in an# shopHto$nHcit#. =C; Origin Dhere the metal is originall# from. ,long $ith magical e(ui+ilance it determines $hat creatures can be harmed b# the $eapon. =?; Magical Equivalence Dhat the $eapon is considered e(ual to for determining $hat creatures can be harmed. =>; A! bonuses or penalties to armour class positi+e indicates bonus" e.g. 8old /hain Mail $ould be considered ,/ > instead of ,/B". @:; Weapon Speed Adjustment#$o %it#&amage Adjustment positi+e numbers are bonuses. *o damage can be reduced belo$ 4hpH5<.

.otes for 3ar Metals 7able:
4. /ost modifier for items made $ith special metals compared to con+entional items usuall# made of standard steel". *ote that the minimum cost for an# item made of special materials is about B:P4::gp due to the scarcit# of metal, difficult# to refine, and because the master craftsmen $ho $ork these special metals can demand such. !o e+en a dagger of (ualit# steel ma# cost B:P4::gp, as $ould a (ui+er =:" of arro$s or bolts. , short s$ord $ould cost 4B:gp 4:& normal". =. *ote that for items made out some lighter metals such as bronEe or man# special allo#s, $eapons still $eigh the same. !miths use proportionatel# more metal than the e(ui+alent steel item. For 2inferior% metals this partl# makes up for their less resilient nature this then counteracts the tendenc# of some softer materials to break more fre(uentl# and armour to #ield more easil#". For 2superior% metals, the $eapons are more durable and effecti+e ha+e to hitHdamageHspeed bonuses" rather than being significantl# lighter.

3hat can * 8it 3ith 7his Metal9
The Magic &4uivalence column determines $hat creatures ma# be harmed b# a particular metal. Magic items are re(uired to hit an# creature re(uiring a 234 or better to hit.% The abilit# to actuall# hit man# monsters then poses problems, especiall# on lo$ le+els. !ome $eapons, because of their superior materials and (ualit#, can hit creatures that are normall# deemed to re(uire magic $eapons to hit. This follo$s the principle of allo$ing higher 5< monsters to strike said creatures from the <M8, 034 5< monsters are considered able to hit 234 or better%, A3= 5< can hit 23= or better% and ?3@ 5< can hit 23@ or better%". That is, like e&ceptional and po$erful creatures, special $eapons of e&ceptional (ualit#, design, sharpness and perhaps e+en latent magical (ualities the special nature of the metal or refining process" ha+e the abilit# to strike creatures that are immune to normal standard (ualit#" $eapons. !o, if a creature needs a 3= or better magical $eapon to be harmed, a metal $ith a 3= or higher in the Magic &4uivalence column could be used to harm the creature. Remember that though these metals are considered magical for purposes of creatures its able to hit the# are not inherentl# magical, and also do not gain standard magic pluses on 2to hit% and damage rolls. !ome, ho$e+er, allo$

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


targets to be struck easier afford a bonus to hit" and cause greater damage afford a bonus to damage". These bonuses are listed in the appropriate columns.

*tem Sa0ing 7hro:s
This sa+ing thro$ represents an itemSs general abilit# to $ithstand the effects of an attack form and is rolled like a characters sa+ing thro$. Table modified from %ungeon Masters Guide /<, Table =>"
Item Acid !rushng 'lo( &isinteg ration )all Magical )ire *ormal )ire !old +ightng Elect

Metal !teel /omparin g Metal, hard Metal, soft, je$eller#

4@ 4= ,<L< C 4@

C A 4st 9d1 A 40

4C 4A

@ auto


= auto

= auto

4= 44

= auto

4C 4>

= 0

= 4@

auto B

auto auto

44 4A

auto auto

!o, steel sa+es as metal $ith the follo$ing adjustmenst1 auto sa+e +s. fall, normal fire, cold, electricit#R 34 +s all others acid, crushing blo$, disintegration, magical fire, lightning". *ote on Magic Item Saving $hro(s ,ll magic items gain a 3= to item sa+es. Items $ith a plus a sword 78, for e&ample" gain that plus as a bonus to the die roll. Magical items $ith no stated pluses should gain a bonus relati+e to their po$er. , potion $ould ha+e a 34 $hile a miscellaneous magical item ma# ha+e a 3B or 3A. Further, if the sa+ing thro$ is +ersus an attack the de+ice $as designed to counter e.g., e&treme cold +s. a ring of warmth", an additional bonus of 3= is allo$ed. note this is 3B in ,<L< 4st edition".

# (ollection of 3ar Metals
Metals and allo#s are described under the follo$ing subheadings1 @4; 'ccurrenceH,ppearance @=; FeaturesHProperties @@; /orrosion @0; LoreH6ses

.ote on (orrosion
Most metals corrode o&idise in the presence of air". For simplicities sake I ha+e assumed fi+e rates or le+els of corrosion o+er time $ithout maintenance", noting that these are generalities and not necessaril# metallurgicall# correct1 !orrosio n +evel *onTarnish '&idisin E,planation little or no o&idisation under normal circumstances forms a thin stable o&ide surface la#er tarnish or patina" that dulls the sheen or lustre but protects the metal from further o&idation continuall# corrodes or rusts, e+entuall# destro#ing totall# o&idising" the metal. -eal World E,amples gold brass, bronEe

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms



Maintenance oiled and polishing" slo$s o&idising greatl#.There are three rates of full# o&idising metals unless other$ise noted, assume o&idising metals corrode at the same rate as basic steels"1 @B; Slo(ly O,idises forms a tarnish initiall# but, $ithout maintenance, full# o&idises o+er long time periods. @A; O,idises $ill start to corrodeHrust $ithin a tenda# if not maintained. @C; -eadily O,idises starts to corrodeHrust $ithin a da# if not maintained.

copper steel iron

In general, the less reacti+e the metal, the slo$er the rate of o&idation. *ote that metals found or mined in pure form are generall# less reacti+e as the# ob+iousl# don%t o&idise easil# in nature", so are less prone to corrosion. Metals found in ore form in chemical association $ith other materials" are more reacti+e and hence more prone to corrosion. TThis fact is $hat estimates of corrosion rates for the purel# fantas# metals are based on.U

Basic Irons & Steels
Occurrence#Appearance Iron is a +er# common metal, mined throughout the Realms and 6nderdark from large sedimentar# ore bodies mostl# hematite and magnetite", from $hich the pure metal is smelted. Iron is tougher but more brittle than steel. 5o$e+er, hea+# bludgeoning $eapons such as maces" are traditionall# cast from iron. *ote that in.erior grade steel as ma# be used in poor and isolated human areas and amongst man# humanoid cultures" is treated as iron for game purposes. )eatures#/roperties @?; Iron is a dark gre# metal $ith enough malleabilit# to be forged, cast or dra$n into all manner of objects. @>; Iron is harder than copper, easil# tooled, and fairl# malleable $hen annealed cooled slo$l#". Dhen $ater(uenched tempered" it becomes much stronger and more brittle. 0:; Lighter than copper, iron melts at a higher temperature than an# other common metal. Dhen heated until red hot, iron becomes +er# malleable and some$hat ductile, and it usuall# $orked in this state. It can be cold forged and $orked b# a smith cold $orking takes place at up to about @:: degrees celsius". 04; Deapons grade iron costs the =:O less than the same grade of steel, although it $eighs =:O more. Deapons suffer a 34 penalt# to $eapon speed, unless the $eapon is usuall# made out of iron e.g. maces and similar )-t#pe $eapons". 0=; Iron $eapons are often cast into a sand or fired-cla# mold. Most iron $eapons ha+e their surfaces casehardened b# cementation packing the iron object in charcoal in a closed furnace, then (uenching in $ater", lea+ing the interior of the $eapon more fle&ible iron. 0@; !a+ing thro$s as !teel. 00; /onductor of heat and electricit#, and is easil# magnetisable. 0B; Iron can be enchanted normall#, ha+ing an affinit# for potent d$eomersR and is used in spells and items relating to force and strength. ,lchemists +alue iron for tis dominant nature, reatining its properties e+en $hen mi&ed. 0A; /old-forged iron $eapons are especiall# effecti+e against some fiends, being able to hit e+en those usuall# re(uiring 2magic% $eapons to damage see indi+idual monster descriptions". 0C; Deapons of unallo#ed iron affect faerie creatures folk of the !eelie and 6nseelie /ourts" as sil+er affects l#canthropes and causes an additional 4hp damage per hit". 0?; <ruidic magic is strengthened b# iron 34 to an# enchantment if it is added as a component, or if potions are prepared in iron containers". !orrosion Readil# '&idises

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


Iron readil# o&idises in all but the driest climates, starting to rust $ithin a da# if not kept oiled. Deapons and armour need more fre(uent care than the e(ui+alent steel e(uipment brushing, oiling and sharpening". +ore#0ses Iron is the cheapest and most abundant, useful and important of all meatls. It forms the metallurgical base for all ad+anced cultures on Toril 6nther and Mulhorand are still predominantl# bronEe usersR and iron is e&pensi+e in MaEtica and some areas of -ara-Tur". ,nnealed iron is used in a +ast range of utilitarian and e+er#da# objects such as cook$are, fences, gratings, architecture". Tempered iron is used for some $eapons and armours, but more often for nails, tools and horseshoes. It is combined $ith other metals to make different allo#s, most importantl# $ith carbon to make steel.

, rare +ariet# of normal iron ore, it naturall# has a purple metallic sheen to it. This sheen is retained $hen purpure is processed into steel. Purpure steel $eapons are the arms of choice for !$ord /oast nobilit# especiall# $hen refined to fine (ualit# or superior grade". /ost is up to B times the e(ui+alent (ualit# steel, and seems more readil# enchantable 3BO" than normal steel. Purpure is mined from shallo$ deposits on some islands in the Trackless !ea notabl# Toarbridge, Mintarn and on scattered *elanther isles". Modified from the Dhite <$arf ad+enture, The 'unfire9s 2eart".

Occurrence#Appearance ,ll steels are hard metal allo#s of +ar#ing amounts of iron, carbon and other trace elements. The addition of carbon to iron makes it stronger, more resilient, and able to hold a much keener edge. !teel is generall# a mid gre# colour, that polishes to dull sil+er# sheen $hen $orked or honed. )etter (ualit# steels are a cold blue generall#, the bluer the steel, the better the (ualit#". )eatures#/roperties 0>; !teel #ields the greatest strength and hardest edge of all commonl# a+ailable metallic substances. B:; In this article, it is the basis on $hich all other metals are referenced. B4; !a+ing thro$s as !teel that is, it sa+es as metal $ith the follo$ing adjustments1 auto sa+e +s. fall, normal fire, cold, electricit#R 34 +s acid, crushing blo$, disintegration, magical fire, lightning". B=; It can be enchanted normall#, and accepts enchantments as easil# as iron. !orrosion '&idises !teel $ill start to rust $ithin a tenda# if not oiled regularl#, or faster in humid climates. Regular maintenance oiling, scouring and polishing" and carfeul heat treating minimises rusting. +ore#0ses !teel is the standard metal used in armour and $eaponr# throughout the Realms. It is also used for a $ide range of utilit# $ares e+er#da# objects such as pots and pans and $heels". In more ad+anced humanoid cultures, stamped steel is often used as coinage.

*nferior Steel
!teel used among poor and isolated human areas and amongst man# humanoid cultures is usuall# of inferior grade. Iron of lo$ purit# ma# be used due to poor smelting techni(ues. 'utdated metal treatments are practiced1 such as poor-(ualit# case hardening. Inferior steel is treated as iron for game purposes.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


Steel 1Standard Steel, S:ordsteel2
This is standard grade steel, the a+erage of $hat is found across the human lands of the realms, and used in most areas that ha+e steel age technolog#" for $eapons and armour. 6se standard stats for $eight, cost, speed, etc. of armour and $eapons. !teel $eapons and armour are made b# careful case-hardening and subse(uent forgingR as $ell as b# la#ering and $elding together steels of +ar#ing hardnesses, to produce hard #et durable items.

Fine Steel 1<)alit! Steel2
This is high grade .ine steel that either1 B@; comes from unusual or e&ceptionall# pure iron deposits, and ha+e undergone special refining and allo#ing processes, often $ith unusuall# pure carbon and using rare or secret amalgams, or B0; has been $orked and crafted into (ualit# e(uipment b# e&ceptional craftsmen $ith more time, skill and care than the a+erage smith. Master craftsmanship 'R the highest (ualit# materials are the hallmarks of fine steel. ,rms and armour made using fine steel b# e&pert craftsmen ha+e had more time spent in general tempering and finishes, the balance of the $eapon or the cut and $orking of the mail or armour plates. Vualit# $eapons are carefull# made to be perfectl# balanced, light in the hand, but hea+# in the blo$. )lades and sharp $eapons ma# be forged from the finest steel for fle&ibilit# and sharpnessR the steel carefull# folded, hammered, and tempered to a superb edge. 'ther $eapons are speciall# hardened, hammered and $eighted. Items cost BP4:& as much as normal steel. <ue to the $orkmanship, armour made of Fine !teel $eighs 4:O less than normal. Deapons gain a 34 to hit and P4 speed, as the# are e&ceptionall# $ell-balanced, light, or (uick. /arefull# made $eapons and armour made of fine steel are commonl# referred to in te&ts as 2(ualit#% items. *ote that poorl# maintained fine steel $ill e+entuall# degrade to lesser (ualit# steel. Much of the arms and armour made b# d$ar+en craftfolk is of fine steel, $hich accounts for their popularit# and e&pense, so most e(uipment of d$ar+en manufacture can be assumed to be of this (ualit#. The most skilled human smiths of -ara-Tur are also major producers of (ualit# arms and armour see Oriental Adventures". !ome el+en communities produce elven steel, $hich is a t#pe of fine steel and $hich can also be allo#ed $ith small amounts of mithril to produce the allo# used in making enchanted el+en chain mail". 2amaad or calishite war metal" is refined, hea+il# tempered and folded steel that corresponds to (ualit# steel see &mpires of the 'hining 'outh, p4>=", and appro&imates the famous <amascus or Toledo steels of 9arth. Vualit# e(uipment ma# not be immediatel# apparent to normal folk, but the craftsmanship or materials is immediatel# recognisable to those proficient in that $eapon or armour t#pe, or $ith appropriate *DPs such as blacksmithing, $eaponsmithing or armourer. In addition, nearl# all d$ar+es can tell the the (ualit# of metals and e(uipment in addition most can identif# an# metals kno$n to them, and man# tempering substances and forging techni(ues".

S)$erior Steel
This is the most e,ceptional grade o. steel a+ailable1 it is mined from the most pure of iron deposits, and has been carefull# refined $ith the purest of carbon and secret amalgams, and has undergone numerous allo#ing and forging processes, creating a steel that is superior to all other common allo#s. This metal is onl# a+ailable from the most skilled of metallurgists, those $ho spent their li+es furthering the arts of refining, tempering and folding steel allo#s. Items fabricated of this steel must be lo+ingl# made b# master craftsmen. )oth e&ceptional craftsmanship ,*< the highest (ualit# materials are the hallmarks of superior steel. Items cost =:PB: times normal. ,rmour $eighs =:O less than normal that is, it can pro+ide the same effecti+eness from =:O less material than normal steel". Deapons gain 34 to hit and damage as $ell as gaining a P4 bonus to $eapon speed. *ote that poorl# maintained superior steel $ill e+entuall# degrade to lesser (ualit# steel.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


The best d$ar+en e(uipment is often of superior grade so man# e&perienced d$ar+en fighting folk $ill ha+e access to superior items". The famed echo blades, made b# the d$ar+en artisans of the 5all of 9choes in the <eep Realm 9arthheart" and much sought after in the south, are usuall# of superior grade. 9l+en steel and hamaad, $hen $orked b# true masters of their craft, produce superior items. 'n earth this corresponds to the +er# best of the folded .apanese s$ord steels of the later part of the 'ld !$ord period, bet$een 4@:: and 40B:, a time dominated b# the superb smiths of the fi+e s$ordmaking schools1 )iEen, Wamashiro, Wamoto, !oshu !agami", and Mino" and modern-da# tool steels. $he di..erence "et(een .ine and superior steel Fine (ualit#" steel is e&ceptional in either the (ualit# of its materials and its refining process, 'R in the forging and craftsmanship of the item itself. !uperior steel is e&ceptional in both. If a lesser craftsmen uses the best iron and carbon, and the best refining and forging process, the# can still onl# produce (ualit# items, at best. Like$ise if the most skilled master craftsman can onl# access common materials, he too can produce (ualit# items at best, no matter ho$ much time and care he takes.

Special Metals and Alloys
from Volo+s Guide to All Things Magical" Occurrence#Appearance ,randur is a rare natural metal found in igneous rock, usuall# as streaks of blue-green ore amid +itreous glass. !o that it does not become as brittle as the glass it is found in, it must be tempered $ith the blood of a red or blue dragon in its forging so high-grade ,randur is understandabl# rareF" The finished forged metal is sil+er-blue $ith a green reflecti+e shine. )eatures#/roperties BB; /an be used pure or easil# allo#ed $ith other metals. BA; ! or P-t#pe $eapons made primaril# of arandur is 34 to damage due to its abilit# to hold a strong keen edge and hard finish. Deapons made of ,randur ha+e a magic e(ui+alence of 34. BC; ,rmour or shields made of arandur partiall# absorb magic missile energ#, taking ld=hp less damage per magic missile bolt directed at them, to a minimum of 4hp. T<epite $hat it sa#s in 7olos 8uide, a $eapon has too small a surface area nd +olume to absorb and disperse the energ#. I gi+e $eapons 34 damage instead.U B?; Item !a+ing thro$s are as !teel 3=. B>; Items can be enchanted normall#, and it is the usual metal used for s$ords of sharpness and +orpal $eapons. !orrosion Tarnishes 5olds a good edge e+en $hen not $ell maintained. +ore#0ses 'nce the e&clusi+e secret of the gnomes, this legendar# metal has since been $orked b# el+en smiths of 9+ereska and 9+ermeet. Man# gnomish locks and hooks, as $ell as some fabled el+en $arblades, ha+e been forged of arandur, though ne$ forgings and folk $ho kno$ ho$ to $ork the ore" are both rarer than e+er toda#.

(innabr!l Steel 1Red Steel2
from 'avage (oast:)ed 'teel /ampaign !etting"

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


Occurrence#Appearance This is steel residue left after the 2depletion% of the metal-like cinnabr#l. Most famous on the $orld of M#stara, it is found on Faerun in small (uantities of rough but (uite pure steel in the !hining !outh and 6tter 9ast perhaps indicating that all natural cinnabr#l on Toril must ha+e deca#ed to red steel long ago". 5as a +ermillion deep red" cast to the steel $hen $orked or tarnished, $hich can be shined to a blood red colour. )eatures#/roperties A:; Red steel beha+es as normal steel, though onl# $eighs half as much, and can hit creatures that need 34 or better to hit. A4; , small amount of pure cinnabr#l at least = ounces $orth" $orn ne&t to the skin, protects against harmful curses 3= on sa+es, though it deca#s a$a# at a rate of X ounce each time a curse sa+e is called for". A=; /innabr#l steel resists enchantments, e&cept those specificall# increasing its combat abilities. Thus its onl# magical application is for $eaponr#. !orrosion Tarnishes+ore#0ses Most often forged into $eapons, to make use of its special proporties. 9+il and militant folk of the south are kno$n to prefer red steel because of its sheen that is the colour of blood and so has a potential to strike fear into the hearts of their foes".

from Volo+s Guide to All Things Magical and FR44 %warves %eep" Occurrence#Appearance This is a rare steel allo# $hose composition and refining $as a secret of the lost Ironstar d$ar+en clan. The allo# is sil+er# in hue $hen polished or cut, but its e&posed surfaces ha+e a deep, gleaming purple lustre, and reputedl# almost as hard as adamantite. /an can found rarel# as ingots from old treasures chambers or old d$ar+en mines, or alread# forged into $eapons and armour. The secret of its composition and manufacture seems as lost as the Ironstars themsel+es. )eatures#/roperties A@; Item sa+ing thro$s as !teel 3= 30 +s lightning". A0; <arksteel beha+es like steel but is lighter, and $hen coated in certain oils $hose formula is kno$n to fe$ and heated in e+en a small fire, it becomes molten, and can be poured into molds e+en simple sand molds" to be cast into a ne$ shape. AB; Remarkabl#, darksteel can be melted and recast $ithout destro#ing or usuall#" altering e&isting enchantments on the metal. Moreo+er, darksteel is durable and takes ne$ enchantments readil#, e+en if it is alread# d$eomerladen. It has the further propert# of absorbing all natural and magical lightning or electrical energ# not heat, and not magic missiles or other pure energ# pulses" into itself, $ithout conducting an# of it or its damage" to a $earer or being in contact $ith it. !orrosion !lo$l# '&idises Tarnishes to a deep gleaming purple lustre, and +er# slo$l# o&idises o+er time. +ore#0ses The uni(ue properties of darksteel make it +er# +aluable, and it is eagerl# sought b# d$ar+es and b# ad+enturers of other races. /ertain smiths in *e+er$inter and Daterdeep ha+e standing offers of C,::: gp or more for an intact darksteel ingot. It is then re$orked into $eapons and armour often magical".

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


from Volo+s Guide to All Things Magical" Occurrence#Appearance This bone-$hite metal can take a high polish and is often mistaken for i+or# $hen seen in finished items, but it has a distincti+e greenish sheen in candlelight and $hen in the presence of magical radiances. <eri+ed from roasting cla# dug from the banks of certain ri+ers, dlarun is first gathered as $hite chips among the fire ash, $hich are then melted in a hot crucible filled $ith a secret mi&ture of li(uids most from plants of the deep !outh". , lump of soft, soaplike metal results that can be readil# car+ed b# an#one $ith a sharp knife. Dhen the desired end result has been achie+ed, a second heating in the open flames of a fire fueled and supplemented b# secret ingredients, this time" transforms the metal into light$eight rigidit#. )eatures#/roperties AA; <larun is used in pure form, and is not allo#able. AC; If used in armour or a $eapon, dlarun $ill function as steel. A?; Item sa+ing thro$s as !teel. It can be enchanted normall#. A>; Dill stead# the mind of the being in direct bare flesh" contact $ith at least a pound of the metal 34 on sa+es +s enchantmentHcharm and illusionsHphantasms, or similar psionic effects". !orrosion *on+ore#0ses <larun is a little-kno$n metal mined e&clusi+el# b# halflings from the southern realm of Luiren, $ho guard the secret of its forging, and sell onl# the finished metal. <larun is usuall# encountered after ha+ing been formed b# halflings into animal or plant-shaped figurines, inla# plates, and hilts for $eapons guard, grip and pommel adds up to the pound needed to confer its special abilities". It is also fashioned into light helms, to make the most of its light $eight and its mind-protection properties.

Occurrence#Appearance This is steel that has been enspelled $ith the glassteel $iEard spell. Legends suggest a natural form of glassteel can be mined from certain areas of the 5ordelands the !irenum d$ar+es of the Firepeaks are kno$n to sell small (uantities, ha+ing mined it out of the surrounding cr#stalline skystone". )eatures#/roperties C:; ,cts as normal steel e&cept it does not conduct electricit#", but costs &4B and $eighs 4:O less. C4; !a+es as the best of steel and glass. C=; It sho$s up as slightl# magical under a %etect Magic spell. It is considered magical for purposes of creatures its able to hit can hit creatures that need 34 or better to hit". !orrosion *onIt $ill not rust like steel as it is no longer a metal" but needs to be kept polished and possibl# sanded so at least the same le+el of maintenance is re(uired". +ore#0ses

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


8lassteel is e&pensi+e as onl# po$erful $iEards can produce it. The small amounts a+ailable are generall# used for a +ariet# of laborator# e(uipment, $indo$s in $ealth# +illas or spelljamming +essels, or for an e&otic-looking $eapon or armour suit. The e&ceptionall# rare $inged el+es the ,+ariel" priEe glassteel, using it for much of their armour# and architecture $hich suggests the# ha+e an alternati+e suppl# or means of manufacture".

Meteoric *ron 1Starmetal2
Occurrence#Appearance This metal is onl# found on the Prime Material and e+en then is rare at best. It is forged from ore garnered from meteors that ha+e fallen to Toril%s surface. It cannot be har+ested from amongst the rocks of space because it is the process of entering the atmosphere that gi+es starmetal its special properties. !tarmetal appears as a +er# dull, dark form of normal iron. )eatures#/roperties C@; It suffers from the same $eight penalt# as normal iron. Items made of Meteoric Iron $eigh =:O more and cost 4::& as much. C0; Deapons gain a 34 to hit bonus, do 34hp damage, but suffer a P4 penalt# to speed, and ha+e the abilit# to strike creatures $hich normall# re(uire 34 magical $eapons to harm them. ,rmour gains a 34 bonus. CB; 'bjects made of starmetal sa+e as !teel 34. CA; Items can be enchanted normall#. !orrosion *onMeteoric Iron is dull and can sustain little shine. *e+ertheless its origin, and the changes brought about b# its passage through the atmosphere, make it immune to normal corrosion. +ore#0ses 6suall# used to produce $eapons and armour. Meteoric iron is considered hol# b# a number of faiths, especiall# the churches of !elune, !har, !hargaas, !ehanine and /orellon.

Mithril 1Mithral, 7r)emetal, Moonsteel2
from Volo+s Guide to All Things Magical and FR44 %warves %eep" Occurrence#Appearance Mithril is a pure, sil+er#-blue, shining metal especiall# priEed b# el+es and d$ar+es $ho call it truemetal", and $ho are both e&pert in smelting pure mithril from its glittering, soft sil+er#-black ore. This rare metal is found in +er# small deposits all o+er Faerun from the depths of the 6nderdark to surface rocks", particularl# in the easternmost !$ord /oast northlands. )eatures#/roperties CC; Mithril is the lightest and most supple of metals hard enough to be used in the making of armour. It is astonishingl# resilient durable and fle&ible under stress". Items made of mithril $eigh =BO less. Deapons gain a 3= hit bonus and 34hp damageR ,rmour gains a 34 bonus. ,dditionall#, $eapons made of mithril ha+e the abilit# to strike creatures $hich normall# re(uire 3= $eapons to harm them, and $ill affect creatures +ulnerable to sil+er. C?; !a+ing thro$s as !teel 34 3B +s crushing blo$". C>; ,gainst magical attacks, it has an unpredictable nature1 $hen magic contacts a substantial amount of mithril basicall# an armour suit or more" it is altered B:O of the time1 gi+ing a 3 4 sa+ing thro$ bonus or lessening damage done b# the magic b# 4 point per die to to beings +er# nearb# in other $ords, the $earer of mithril armour". The result more fa+orable to the mithril $earer should be chosen.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


?:; ?4;

/an be enchanted to make the most po$erful of items. Items of mithril often glimmer slightl# in the presence of moonlight.

!orrosion *on7er# resistant to corrosion. +ore#0ses Mithril is one of the most treasured metals in the Realms, both for its e&cellent combat performance and because it affects creatures as sil+er. 9l+es hoard mithril using it in the making of most of their magic arms and armours", and tr# to control areas $here it occurs. <eposits are scattered in small +eins and pockets all o+er Faerun, but concentrated mostl# in the easternmost lands of the !$ord /oast *orth such as beneath Mithril 5all and scattered beneath the 5igh Forest". Mines are usuall# under the control of $ar# el+en or d$arf clans. The secrets of its $orking are closel# guarded. Mithril is used to make fine je$eller#, (ualit# armour usuall# mail" and e&cellent $eaponr#. Mithril is usuall# used pure. It can be allo#ed $ith a small amount of steel $ithout diminishing its special properties. The famous el+en chain mail, an northern el+en specialit# and semi-secret. *ote that el+en chain uses small amounts of precious mithril allo#ed $ith (ualit# steel to gi+e strength and fle&ibilit# to the fine chain links. !uch el+en chain gi+es the protection of normal chain mail, and #et is fle&ible and light enough to be $orn though (uite noticabl#" under bagg# clothing. *ote that the fine and intricate construction process is just as important as the material used". Legends sa# that mithril can be allo#ed $ith superior steel in secret processes to make adamantite, but the +eracit# of this is not kno$n.

from <ragon 40>" Occurrence#Appearance !il+er-iron is not an allo#, but rather a semi-magical or alchemical" bonding of sil+er and cold iron. The finished products, almost al$a#s $eapons, ha+e a mottled black and sil+er appearance. )eatures#/roperties ?=; Functions as steel e&cept that $eapons made of sil+er-iron ha+e a 34 magic e(ui+alence, and ma# ha+e additional effects on creatures $ith particular +ulnerabilities to either cold iron or sil+er. ?@; If the $eapon is hit b# a rod of cancellation, anti-magic ra# or the beam from a $and of negation, the sil+er, cold iron, and handle if such e&ists" separate from each other. The sil+er and iron components must both make sa+ing thro$s as Metal in the case of most magical attacks to pre+ent them from separating into a masses of jagged chunks of pure sil+er and iron". The bonded nature of the metals gi+es a sa+ing thro$ of 4: +s. rusting attacks like those of a rust monster. !orrosion Tarnishes sil+er" and Readil# '&idises iron", so is maintained like a cold-forged iron $eapon. +ore#0ses !il+er-iron $eapons ha+e a striking mottled appearance. In the Realms the# are generall# produced in d$arfholds or around the 7ilhon Reach and legends sa# the# $ere first made b# the d$ar+es of lost 'ghrann" and are considered a preferred sidearm of man# of the affluent of that region.

from &mpires of the 'hining 'outh, p4>=" Occurrence#Appearance

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


!olbar is an allo# of sil+er, steel and se+eral reagents. It is produced in tin# (uantities b# se+eral skilled metallurgists in the !hining !ea region of south$estern Faerun, though kno$ledge of its refining $as more common during the ,ge of !hoon. It is noted for its light blue-gre# sheen that ne+er tarnishes, and is often mistaken for electrum $hich is brighter and more blue". )eatures#/roperties ?0; Functionall# the same as steel. /osts up to ten times normal steel. ?B; Item sa+ing thro$s as steel 34 +s lightning". ?A; !olbar accepts enchantments as normal steelR but readil# accepts enchantments dealing $ith electricit# or lightning 34BO" and is used in some related alchemical preparations. !orrosion *on+ore#0ses It is said to be preferred b# southern mages $hen producing magic items, especiall# rings it $as of old often seen in the famed !hoonrings" and items dealing $ith electricit# or lightning. In $eapons and armours, it corresponds to normal steel, $hile maintaining its untarnishable nature.

7itani)m 1/)rang2
Occurrence#Appearance Titanium is a lustrous $hite metal. Titanium is mined from igneous ore bodies, from the minerals ilmenite, rutile and sphene. <$ar+es jealousl# guard most of the kno$n deposits of titanium durang in <ethek" and +alue it highl#. )eatures#/roperties ?C; Titanium is strong and light$eight, ductile $hen pure and malleable $hen heated. ??; Titanium sa+es as !teel 34 +s. acid and fire". ?>; Items of allo#ed titanium are e(ui+alent to fine steel. >:; Titanium is readil# enchanted 3BO to item creation rolls". !orrosion *on- to tarnishes Titanium is kno$n for its e&cellent resistance to sea $ater. +ore#0ses Titanium is principall# used in a range of allo#s to impart strength, and is priEed in $eapons grade steels. Items of pure titanium are used $hen heat resistance is re(uired.

Occurrence#Appearance Tungsten is a steel gre# to tin-$hite metal. It is rare in nature, being mined from tin# deposits of $olframite ore in the nothern mountains and adjoining 6nderdark. Its $orkabilit# decreases $ith impurit#, so at present onl# d$ar+es possess the metallurg# skills to purif# the metal sufficientl# to put it to good use and $ho feel akin to its enchantment-resisting propert#". This pure tungsten is referred to a essential or true tungsten. )eatures#/roperties >4; Tungsten has the highest melting point of all normal metals, and is as hea+# as gold almost three times iron". It can onl# be $orked in the hottest of forges, usuall# either magicall# heated or those $ith access to geothermal +ents magma is the most efficient heat source".

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


>=; >@;

Items of true tungsten make sa+ing thro$s as !teel P4 +s. crushing blo$s, 34 +s. acid, 3@ +s. fire". Items of true tungsten though annealed the increase durabilit# and toughness" can be considered to beha+e like meteoric iron, but $eigh t$ice as much as the e(ui+alent amount of steel. >0; Tungsten resists enchantments and is not used in magic rituals. !orrosion Tarnishes +ore#0ses Tungsten is used in small (uantities in special allo#s to produce the hardest tool steels kno$n, and $hich ha+e e&cellent heat resistance. If of sufficient purit#, this true tungsten can be used for making items of e&treme toughness and heat resistance, such as $eapons, armour and forge tools. Tantalum a gre#, hea+# and +er# hard metal that is difficult to e&tract from its parent ore" can be considered to act the same as tungsten.

from Volo+s Guide to All Things Magical" Occurrence#Appearance This rare, durable, amber-to-red ferromagnetic metal is thus far, at least" found onl# in mountains and del+es around the Lake of !team particularl# near !aelmur" and in certain sand-scoured fissures in the heart of Raurin. It is a +er# soft metal, and because of this is ne+er used in pure form, but rather allo#ed or used to sheath other metals. It can be added to other metals in perfect bondings, apparentl# +anishing into them in allo#s that assuming all the properties of the other metal. )eatures#/roperties Dhen added to other metals the resultant allo# has all the properties of other metal note that it cannot be added to an e&isting allo#, like steel, but onl# other pure metals". ,llo#s of EardaEil gain one additional beneficial propert#1 the abilit# of an# item partiall# or $holl# composed of it to bod# phase $ith the first being $hose blood it spills. Dhen a EardaEil blade $ounds its first creature, it ine&orabl# begins a spell-like internal alteration that takes a full turn though it can be used normall# during that time and does not look or feel an# different". ,t the end of that turn, the EardaEil $eapon beha+es as it has al$a#s done for and to all other beings in Faerun, but it cannot e+er harm the being it first $ounded again. Instead, the $eapon passes through the bod# of that being harmlessl#, as though the bod# is not present, in a manner similar to, but not e&actl# like, an ironguard spell see FR0 The Magister or 3ages from the Mages". !uch $oundings are often done deliberatel# to enable a being to carr# a concealed $eapon1 The $eapon is simpl# slid into the bod# and carried internall# until needed, $hereuponY$ithout bloodshed or internal damageYit is plucked forth for use. 6sed b# se+eral Daterdha+ian noble ladies in recent #ears to defend themsel+es against attackersR it is suspected that ,rdrethra Laurindar, a professional sla#er $ho has posed as an e+ening escort in /alimport and Destgate to gain access to her targets, also emplo#s such a $eapon. ,s long as at least a (uarter of the $eapon allo# is EardaEil, the entire $eapon enters a state of bod# phase1 It is able to coe&ist $ith the bod# it is linked to, and out of the reach of all magics such as heat metal, enlarge, or other spells that spell casters ma# attempt to appl# to do harm to the $eapon carrier. This causes it to fall right through the bod# of the carrier unless a nonmetal part of the $eapon is present. 6suall# a leather hilt grip or a loop of cord strung through a hole in the pommel is used to pre+ent this. The $eapon hangs, s$inging freel# inside the bod#, from this nonmetal part, so the part is usuall# fastened to an anchor on bod# armour or a harness in the shoulder area. The presence of a bod#-phased EardaEil blade does not affect the bod# containing it in an# $a# $eight, bodil# processes, spells cast on the person, and so on are all unchanged. The blade mo+es $ith the bod# if magic or ph#sical actions cause the bod# to tele port, change planes, and the like, but is itself lboth metal and pro truding nonmetal portions" unaffected b# magic" e+en $hen this causes it to part compan# $ith the bod# it is linked to. )lood, poi sons, and other contaminants a blade might ha+e ac(uired $hile in use are not communicated to the bod#

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


$hen the blade is slid back homeR it is in bod# phase rather than being in direct contact $ith organs, bones, and flesh. *ote that a EardaEil blade does not pass through clothing $ith is all-metal and contains EardaEil, so a s$ordpoint that might hap pen to protrude from a t++isting or bending bod# need not be unco+ered and dangerous. 9&cept b# such an emergence, a EardaEil blade in bod# phase does not betra# its presence in an# $a#, including to magical scr#ing or metal detection. Multiple nonmetal anchors, such as leather thongs tied to fine chains affi&ed to the top and bottom of a sheath and incorporated into e&ternal garments could $ell pre+ent unintended e&posures of EardaEil $eapons. !ome anchors ha+e been cle+erl# $o+en into long hair or other$ise concealed so that seemingl# defenseless prisoners ha+e surprised their captors b# producing $eapons. 9&cept $here the special propert# of EardaEil comes into pla#, items containing EardaEil make all sa+ing thro$s as the metal the EardaEil is bonded $ith. !orrosion !ame as the metal it is allo#ed to. +ore#0ses <ue to the special propert# of EardaEil, it is mainl# used to make smaller bladed $eapons.

Adamant-based alloys
In the follo$ing section t$o +ersions of adamant-based metals are described. The first +ersion is as listed in Volo+s Guide to All Things Magical. The second +ersion is b# !imon, and $as $ritten to reconcile conflicting interpretations of adamantHadamantiteHadamantineHadamantium in the %ungeon Masters Guide, %warves %eep, %row of the /nderdark and Volo+s Guide to All Things Magical. !imon also endea+oured to make each allo# different and uni(ue from the others.

@ersion 1: 1as $er Volo's

uide to All !hin"s Ma"ical2

from Volo+s Guide to All Things Magical" Occurrence#Appearance Adamant is the pure metal form of the hard, jet-black ferromagnetic ore kno$n as adamantite, from $hich the famous allo# adamantine is made. ,damant is rarel# found in nature, but $hen it is, it is al$a#s be in large spherical pockets in hardened +olcanic flo$s. ,damant is a gleaming, gloss# black. ,n# reflections seen in it ac(uire rainbo$ edges, and this peculiar optical propert# is the sure-fire $a# to identif# this surprisingl# light, +aluable metal. Adamantine 1o. adamant2 silver and electrum3 This allo#, of fi+e-eighths adamant to t$o-eighths sil+er and oneeighth electrum itself a natural allo# of sil+er and gold" retains the hardness of adamant, but combines it $ith a rugged durabilit# that makes adamantine so hard to shatter that it is the fa+ored substance for the making of $ar hammer heads, the best non-mithril armour, and harbor chains. Adamantine 1o. mithril2 steel and other rare metals3 )# one of the miracles granted b# the gods, adamantine can also be deri+ed b# combining steel and mithrilYif one kno$s ho$. The process is almost as arcane as that necessar# for making a philosopherSs stone and re(uires a smith, a mage, a priest, and an alchemist at least" to complete. ,damantine is trick# to make, and must be forged and $orked at +er# high temperatures b# smiths $ho kno$ e&actl# $hat the# are doing and $ho ha+e access to special oils to slake and temper the hot metal in. ,lmost all such e&pert smiths are d$ar+es, as the <eep Folk guard the secrets of $orking adamant jealousl#, but a priest or $iEard seeking to enchant items can make use of finished adamantine items and need not necessaril# ha+e to $ork $ith a

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


smith to create an adamantine $ork ane$. <$ar+es are fore+er searching for e+en better allo#s than the famous adamantine. )eatures#/roperties >B; ,damant is one of the hardest substances kno$n on Toril, but it is also brittle. , s$ord made of adamant could slice through most metals, but $ould snap off if struck b# another blade or e+en a smartl# $ielded $ooden cudgel. It sees use in Faerun onl# in d$ar+en e&perimentations and in st#luses used to etch metal $ith names, strike chased ornamentation, and imprint inscriptions. !uch a st#lus shatters if dropped to the floor, though the chips can be used to scratch things. >A; ,damant is $orth fi+e times its $eight in gold and takes enchantments readil#. !ome d$ar+es ha+e $orked together $ith human $iEards to make adamant plate armour bound about $ith enchantments so that $hen it shatters, the pieces hang together around the $earer, pro+iding some albeit fla$ed" protection. >C; Items made primaril# of adamant automaticall# succeed in all item sa+ing thro$s +s. normal fire, cold, and electricit#. The# recei+e a 3 A bonus to all item sa+ing thro$s +s. magical fire and a 30 bonus to all item sa+ing thro$s +s. acid, disintegration, and lightning. 6nless items are enchanted to compensate for adamantSs brittle nature, ho$e+er, the# recei+e a -0 penalt# on all item sa+ing thro$s +s. crushing blo$ and fall. ,damant shields against all fire and heat, magical or nonmagical, that it comes in contact $ith, so a $earer of adamant armour can stride through a small fire one $hich still allo$s him the use of some o&#gen to breathe" unscathed and e+en emerge from a fireball blast suffering onl# 4dA points of damage from fier# damage to e&posed areas. >?; Items made primaril# of adamantine sa+e as !teel 3@. >>; $eighs CBO as much as steel 4::; easil# takes the most po$erful of enchantments. !orrosion *on+ore#0ses 6sed mainl# for armour and $eaponr#, to make the most of its properties of incredible strength and e&traordinar# resilience.

@ersion 2 1SimonBs modifications2

!uperior to and rarer e+en than mithril, this is the most po$erful of the metals found on the Prime. Its natural form is onl# found $ithin the depths of the 6nderdark and as such, is usuall# onl# found in the hands of those $ho li+e deep underground. )ecause of its rarit# it is highl# priEed, and the small deposits are jealousl# guarded, mostl# b# dro$ and duergar. It is a hard, jet black ferromagnetic ore found around hardened +olcanic flo$sR and is refined b# e&acting and largel# secret methods into one of t$o allo#s1 the dark, fle&ible adamantine adamantium if of insufficient purit#" and the durable but difficult-to-$ork adamantite. )oth are in+ariabl# dull black, and $ill not normall# shine. If hea+il# honed or polished the allo#s ha+e a soft green sheen.

From FR44 %warves %eep" ,damantite allo# is second to none in terms of strength, hardness and durabilit#. , fe$ clans of deep-del+ing d$ar+es mine rare deposits of adamant and laboriousl# refine it using secret methods into adamantite, creating might# $eapons and armour to aid their desperate conflict against the fell races of the 6nderdark. The fe$ adamantite-allo# items that e&ist on the surface $orld are almost certainl# d$arf-made.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


Items made from adamantite $eigh =BO less and cost B::& normal. Deapons gain 3@ to hit and 34hp damageR armour gains a 3= bonus. Deapons are able to affect creatures re(uiring 3@ enchantments to harm. ,damantite takes far longer to smelt $ith the rare allo#ing materials, and man# times longer to $ork than other steels d$ar+es sa# this is $h# the laE# dro$ short-cut the process b# irradiating adamant into adamantine instead of manuall# $orking the adamant into adamantite".

#damantine 1/ro: Steel2
from %row of the /nderdark, p.??" <ro$ of the 6nderdark are rumored to hoard an abundance of adamantine, an allo# of adamant made malleable b# carefull# e&posing the allo# components to a specific combination of radiations and enchanted materials. This process takes a long time, and hence is on-going1 the adamant ore that $ill be used in the adamantine allo# ma# spend a #ear or more baking in the cold, hard radiations of a guarded, highl#-priEed natural c#st-ca+ern, in the heart of $hat $as once a magma flo$. The resultant adamantine is used to create the legendar# (uasi-magical items of the <ro$. Irradiated adamantine has po$erful properties, $hich are further enhanced through enchantments cast b# <ro$ sorcerer-smiths. These items do not radiate a magical d$eomer, e+en if further enchanted, and $eigh =BO less than e(ui+alent steel items. Dhen items are first irradiated, the# sa+e as !teel 34. Deapons are P4 bonus to speed, 34 to hit, 34hp damage, and ha+e a 34 magic e(ui+alence. ,rmour is 34,/. If the# are further enchanted o+er time $ith man# irradiations, or in the same $a# as normal magic arms and armour are produced" the# take on more po$erful abilities up to 3B". Items made of adamantine correspond in all other $a#s to normal magic items $ith regard to cost and stats dro$ mesh armour is e(ui+alent of 34 to 3B chainR their bucklers are e(ui+alent to 34 to 3@, and their $eapons most often short s$ords and maces" can be enchanted up to 30". ,damantine is unstable and $ill break do$n in direct sunlight. Dhen e&posed to the sun for more than = rounds at a time and an# e&posure totalling B rounds in a B da# period", irre+ersible deca# begins. Dithin =dA da#s, the items lose their properties, and crumble to a $orthless po$der that ma# ha+e alchemical uses, but cannot be reconstituted into adamantine". <ro$ items, $hen not e&posed to the 6nderdark radiation sources and if the# are carefull# protected from the sunlight, lose their properties after 4d=:3@: da#s, thereafter performing as normal steel items though still =BO lighter and non-corrodable, of course". The# retain their shape and usefulness as normal items indefinitel# as long as the# are not e&posed to sunlight. To retain their full properties, a dro$ item must be e&posed to a radiation source in the 6nderdark for one $eek in e+er# four. Most such areas are jealousl# guarded b# the dro$, $ho build their settlements close b#. These radiation sources onl# appear on the Prime and probabl# in the domains of the <ro$ pantheon" and, oddl# enough, dro$ adamantine immediatel# begins to deca# as if affected b# sunlight" $hen taken to another plane. *on-irradiated adamatine is rumoured to ha+e been produced in ancient times b# d$ar+es combining mithril and steel FR44 %warves %eep, pB", but the truth of this legend is not kno$n.

This is simpl# adamantine allo# of insufficient purit# or properties to maintain an irradiation. <ro$ sell significant (uantities of adamantium to other 6nderdark races $hen the# disco+er it $ill not hold an irradiation. ,damantium is deliberatel# refined from adamant allo# b# derro and duergar, $ho usuall# do not ha+e access to the radiation c#sts to create adamantine. Dhile it is not as strong as adamantine, it has the ad+antage of not deca#ing in sunlight, and so is used b# 6nderdark peoples $hen raiding the surface. Items made of adamantium $eigh the same as their steel counterparts and cost

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


4B:& more than normal. Deapons gain a 34 to hit and 34hp damageR ,rmour gains a 34 bonus. Items count as 34 magical $eapons and sa+e as !teel 34. )eatures#/roperties o. all adamant alloys 4:4; ,damant and its allo#s are among the hardest substances kno$n on Toril. ,damant itself is also brittle, so much so that it must be allo#ed to produce effecti+e combat e(uipment. 4:=; ,damant and its allo#s $eigh about =BO less than steel and readil# take the most po$erful of enchantments. 4:@; Items made primaril# of adamant automaticall# succeed in all item sa+ing thro$s +s. normal fire, cold, and electricit#. The# recei+e a 3 A bonus to all item sa+ing thro$s +s. magical fire and a 30 bonus to all item sa+ing thro$s +s. acid, disintegration, and lightning. 6nless items are enchanted to compensate for adamantSs brittle nature, ho$e+er, the# recei+e a -0 penalt# on all item sa+ing thro$s +s. crushing blo$ and fall. ,damant shields against all fire and heat, magical or nonmagical, that it comes in contact $ith, so a $earer of adamant armour can stride through a small fire one $hich still allo$s him the use of some o&#gen to breathe" unscathed and e+en emerge from a fireball blast suffering onl# 4dA points of damage from fier# damage to e&posed areas. 4:0; Items made primaril# of adamantite alloy sa+es as !teel 3@. ,damantine items sa+e as !teel 34 to 3B, depending on their degree of irradiation and enchantment see abo+e". ,damantium sa+es as !teel 34. !orrosion *on+ore#0ses 6sed mainl# for armour and $eaponr#, to make the most of its properties of incredible strength and e&traordinar# resilience.

Cther Metals and #llo!s
, brittle, lustrous $hite metal occurs in nature as pure metal or as a steaked sil+er# cr#stalline ore, stibnite. Found in +eins and hot spring deposits, or as a b#-product of lead-Einc and mercur# mines. The ore must be smelted to obtain pure antimon#, $hich is then used in a +ariet# of allo#s most importantl#, it is mi&ed $ith tin and lead to make pe$ter", metal treatments and paints, and in alchemical mi&tures especiall# associated $ith medicines and $eaker poisons".

Pure arsenic is a steel gre#, +er# brittle, cr#stalline, semi-metallic solid. 6suall# found in an ore form called realgar a orange-red mineral" and as orpiment a canar# #ello$ ore", associated $ith sil+er and lead ores, and sometimes $ith tin ores. *ot mined specificall#, it is a b#-product of sil+er, lead and Einc mining. ,rsenic is used in medicines, paints and as a +irulent poison.

Occurrence#Appearance )rass is a durable though some$hat brittle #ello$ allo#, consisting essentiall# of copper and smaller amounts of Einc up to @:O". !ee ,ppendi& @ for details of +arious brass allo#s. )eatures#/roperties 4:B; Malleable and some$hat, it can be dra$n into $ire onl# $ith difficult#, so is usall# beaten into plates.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


4:A; 4:C;

!a+ing thro$s as Metal. /an be enchanted normall# readil# takes enchantments dealing $ith fire".

!orrosion Tarnishes +ore#0ses )rass has a long association, and is most popular, in cultures right across southern Faerun, the !hining !ea lands and Zakhara. 5ere it is $idel# used in utilit# $ares especiall# pots, plates, bo$ls and braEiers", architectural ornamentation, furniture and ceremonial objects. It is popularl# used throughout the Realms for funnel-shaped musical instruments horns". It is rarel# used in $eaponr#, but some armour plates ma# be constructed of beaten brass more for looks than effecti+eness", such as that of the cit# $atch of ZaEesspur in Teth#r kno$n collo(uiall# as the *lue and *rass". 'richalcum is a distincti+e red-orange brass, that is occasionall# found in pure form in small deposits in the mountains of the Tashalar. 7alued in 6nther and Mulhorand for millenia for use in religious rituals and the decoration of temples. These realms ha+e traditionall# hoarded both the material, and the secret of its making. 6nlike most brass it is non-corrosi+e though not as stable as gold".

Occurrence#Appearance , reddish to dark gold coloured metal allo# made from copper and tin see ,ppendi& @", bronEe is an attracti+e metal but still inferior to common iron and steel. Like copper, bronEe is beautiful $hen cared for properl#. 9as# to emboss $ith crests or insignia, $ell-$orked bronEe shines like gold and can be polished to the sheen of a mirror. )eatures#/roperties 4:?; Items made of )ronEe cost :.?& that of !teel, but $eigh the same. ,rmour suffers a P4 penalt#. 4:>; Dhile functionall# similar to steel, it is a softer metal. !a+ing thro$s as Metal. 44:; It can be enchanted normall#. !orrosion Tarnishes !ubject to some o&idation $hich gi+es a protecti+e dull patina. 'bjects are usuall# not oiled, the patina gi+ing ade(uate protection once it is de+eloped. +ore#0ses !ome cultures especiall# in the 'ld 9mpires region" use bronEe e&tensi+el# due to its greater a+ailabilit# and cheaper cost than steel. It $as once used throughout southern and eastern Faerun for $eapons and armour, before the $idespread adoption of steel. )ronEe plate armour pieces are still used b# cultures $ho do not use steel on a da#-toda# militar# basis such as 6nther and Mulhorand". These cultures ha+e de+eloped the skill of forging bronEe into a high art, making armour that looks like gold but $ears like steel. The softer metal is often $orked into a decorati+e design. Toda#, bronEe is man# used for statuar#, je$eller# and ornamental objects. ,s the earliest allo# de+eloped b# man# cultures and so the first metal suitable for man# craft and militar# uses", it has a special place in man# popular lore, and so features in the ceremonies of man# older religious faiths.

Occurrence#Appearance /hromium is refined from chromite, a rare ore mined from $idel# scattered deposits in 7aasa, /alimshan, -ara-Tur, near 9asting, and in some mostl# d$ar+en-held" areas of the 6nderdark.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


)eatures#/roperties 444; /hromium is a steel gre#, lustrous, hard metal that polishes to a mirror-like finish. 44=; !lightl# lighter than iron, it is +er# hard and brittle. 44@; Items made of pure chromium act as standard steel, but sa+e as Metal. 440; /hromium is sometimes used in the casting of preser+ation and light spells. !orrosion *on- to Tarnishes. !teels made $ith chromium are considered [stainless\, and can be used e+en in salt$ater. +ore#0ses /hromium is seldom used in pure form, due to its rarit# and costR and because it is so beneficial $hen allo#ed $ith other metals. /hromium is primaril# used in p#rochrome form fired $ith carbon" to harden and gi+e corrosion resistance to allo#s, especiall# steels. It is thought to be a principle component in the e+erbright process. It is also used to colour glass gi+ing a distincti+e green".

Occurrence#Appearance Found in most t#pes of rocks and ore +eins, the copper-bearing rocks often ha+e a green colouration due to copper presence it is occasionall# found in pure form". /opper is mined throughout the Realms, but most especiall# in the !outh. In metal form, it has a distincti+e pinkish or red-gold sheen. )eatures#/roperties 44B; /opper is a +er# soft and malleable metal. It is about as hea+# as iron but more resistant to corrosion. /opper is an e&cellent conductor of heat and electricit# second onl# to sil+er". 44A; /opper is too soft to be used for $eapons and armour, unless it is allo#ed $ith small amounts of tin and Einc, and possibl# nickel and sil+er, see ,ppendi& @". !uch items sa+e as Metal P4. 44C; ,n# $eapon forged from copper allo# $ill break if it makes a natural to-hit roll of 4 or a = if #ou use critical misses on a roll of 4" and does 4hp less damage. Like$ise, copper armour is not as protecti+e P=,/ $orse", but $eighs onl# CBO as much as the e(ui+alent steel armour. 44?; It can be enchanted normall#. /opper is a $ell kno$n magical purifier and neutralising agent $iEard and priests seeking to $ork $ith a substance or item not suited to their purpose can make the offending item usable b# adding at least half the itemSs $eight of copper to the item". The touch of o&idising copper is thought is ease the bone ache of old age arthritis", and copper bracelets or torcs are commonl# $orn b# older folk throughout the Realms, especiall# those d$elling in cold, moist climates. Philters of lo+e often include tinctures or salts of copper. In /orm#r, lo+e charms and betrothal gifts incorporate pure copper as a tasteful in+itation or memento to ph#sical intimac# bet$een the gi+er and recipient. Prostitutes, dilettantes, Lliirans and !unites $ear copper je$eller# as a s#mbol of passion. !orrosion !lo$l# '&idises /opper tarnishes (uickl#, so copper items re(uire regular upkeep to retain its sheen. It then o&idises slo$l# to a dull bro$n, or in humid or polluted conditions, to and green-blue +erdigris". Items must be oiled and polished to keep them from o&idising. +ore#0ses 'ne of the first metals to be used in the making of armour, $eapons, and +arious other utensils, copper is a relati+el# soft metal compared to iron. Toda# copper is mainl# used for utilit# $ares, je$eller#, ceremonial objects, in magical and alchemical e&perimentation, and as a base metal allo#ed $ith tin to make bronEe or $ith Einc to make brass". 8old and sil+er is often allo#ed $ith a small amount of copper to increase their durabilit# and stain resistance. It is also used for plumbing and tubing, roofing, $ire, tanning and as a spell component.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


/an rarel# found in pure form notabl# in deep mines in the southern realm of 5alruaa", but more often man-made as an allo# of gold A:O", sil+er 4BO", copper 4BO" and Einc 4:O". )oth forms ha+e a distinct metallic blue sheen, though nati+e pure" electrum is considered more +aluable. Items of electrum sa+e as Metal. Most electrum produced is used for coinageR or in art$ork and decoration, highlighting its bluish hue.

Occurrence#Appearance , distincti+e soft, dull #ello$ metal. Found as a pure metal in rock se(uences associated $ith (uartE and p#rite, and in allu+ium especiall# as nuggets in ri+er beds". 'ccurs in +eins, sometimes associated $ith sil+er and $ith copper ores. /an be a b#-product of copper smelting. Mined throughout the Realms, especiall# in the !outh and east. )eatures#/roperties 44>; The softest, most malleable and ductile of $orkable metals, gold items sa+e as Metal P=. 8old is usuall# allo#ed $ith copper, sil+er, Einc, nickel or palladium, see ,ppendi& @" to impro+e its durabilit# and possibl# other properties such as colour. 4=:; Pure gold is too soft and hea+# to be used for making armour or $eaponr#. 'ccasionall# $ar e(uipment is made of gold allo# b# austentatious nobilit#. Items made of gold allo# $eigh 4::O more. ! and P-t#pe $eapons do =hp less damage and suffer a 3= penalt# to $eapon speedR ,rmour suffers a P0 penalt#. 4=4; 7er# good conductor of heat and electricit#. 4==; 8old has the important abilit# to hold multiple enchantments e+en conflicting ones" and keep them from affecting each other or the stabilit# of the gold-adorned item. !orrosion *on+ore#0ses The most reno$ned and traditional of precious metals, gold is normall# used in je$eller#, art objects, cermonial items and in coinage. <espite its high +alue, it is relati+el# common and is fa+ored for use in ornamentation and in the making of magic items.

Is a soft pure form of carbon found in nature, called [lead flo$er\ b# miners, and occurring in black to dark gre# foliated masses $ith metallic lustre and greas# feel. Found in metamorphic rocks such as cr#stalline limestone, schists and gneisses. The deposits are rarel# large and are easil# mineable. 8raphite is used b# scribes as a $riting tool, and as a dr# lubricant in d$ar+en and gnomish machiner#. Important component of steel and allo# manufacture in the 6nderdark, due to the shortage of $ood charcoal or coke being the usual source of steel carbon on the surface". 'ften used as the carbon component in making special steels (ualit# grade and better" and in making refractories heatproof objects".

Occurrence#Appearance , dull sil+er#-$hite metal deri+ed from certain hea+il# leached soils from the /hultSs jungles. ,lso called light sil+er or lightning sil+er, due to its light $eight and the difficult refining process re(uiring electricit# to smelt the

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


ore". It is harder than sil+er and softer than steel, though is rigid enough to support substantial $eights. Refining the metal is a process kno$n onl# to a fe$ mages, metallurgists and smiths of 5alruaa hence the name of the metal". )eatures#/roperties 4=@; 5alrulite is as strong as steel in pure tension and compression, but neither as hard nor tough cannot $ithstand the impact of combat as $ell". It $eighs =BO less than steel. 4=0; Functionall# the same as bronEe $hen used in $eapons and armour. 4=B; !a+ing thro$s as MetalR sa+es +s fire and magical fires is 3= if the metal fails it $ill not melt but be badl# deformed". 4=A; 5alrulite is seldom used in magic research, and does not take enchantments $ell P4:O to item creation rolls". It is a good heat conductor, is non-magnetic and non-sparking. !orrosion Tarnishes 5alrulite tarnishes to a flat sil+er#-$hite, $hich is then resistant to further corrosion. 5alrulite is more resistant to corrosion than most metals in humid climates such as $ould be found along the southern coast of Faerun". +ore#0ses 6sed mainl# in 5alruaa for components re(uiring rigidit#, rust resistance and light $eight. /ommonl# load-bearing sheets, bars and rods are made of halrulite, used in intricate machines and for +ehicle frames. 8ondsmen from Lantan are constantl# attempting to disco+er or steal" the formula and refining techni(ues for halrulite. T5alrulite e(uates to something like a tougher +ersion of 9arth%s aluminium.U

from Volo+s Guide to All Things Magical L FR44 %warves %eep" Occurrence#Appearance This e&tremel# rare $hite metal is named for its long-ago d$arf disco+erer and is found onl# in scattered, but +er# rich, deposits deep in the 6nderdark as a soft, greenish-gra# cla#like ore or a flak# mud. Its preparation is comple&, re(uiring man# smeltings, and is a secret kno$n onl# to a +er# fe$ senior d$ar+en smiths and elders If e+en a single element of the process is $rong, the hiEagkuur remains mud and not a usable metal. If successfull# transformed into a metal, hiEagkuur must be cast, $orked, or forged into final form $ithin a da# and thereafter can ne+er be $orked again. If an item made of hiEagkuur is broken, onl# magical mendings accomplished b# limited $ish or $ish spells can repair it." If hiEagkuur is left untouched for that =0 hours, it becomes inert and un$orkable unless either a $ish or limited $ish is cast and properl# $orded to allo$ a second chance at $orking it. )eatures#/roperties 4=C; 6sed pure, cannot be allo#ed $ith other metals. 4=?; *ot used in $eapons or armours, as it is too soft and is as dense as gold. 4=>; 5iEagkuur is unsuitable for use in the crafting of magical items or items that are to be $orn because once it has cooled and hardened after being $orked, it reflects all magic cast at it 4::O back at the source. It also deals =dl= points of electrical damage per touch or per round of continued contact" to all beings coming into contact $ith it. 4@:; Items made primaril# of hiEagkuur automaticall# succeed in all item sa+ing thro$s +s. normal fire, cold, and electricit#. The# recei+e a 3A bonus to all item sa+ing thro$s +s. magical fire and lightning and a 3 4 bonus to all item sa+ing thro$s +s. acid, crushing blo$, fall, and disintegration. !orrosion *on+ore#0ses

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


<$ar+es of the !outh jealousl# horde the precious $hite metal, and $ill go to $ar o+er o$nership of e+en ra$ deposits. The great southern d$ar+en realms use 5iEagkuur as protecti+e sheeting for fortress gates, +ault doors and treasure chests.

Occurrence#Appearance Lead is deri+ed from the mineral galena $hich is sil+er coloured and forms cubes, found in ore deposits throughout Faerun in association $ith Einc and sometimes iron ores. 6suall# found in large deposits in limestone rocks as +eins or masses, $hich are then smelted to obtain pure lead and Einc. )eatures#/roperties 4@4; Lead is a dull dark gre#, $ith a bluish-$hite lustre onl# $hen recentl# cut. 4@=; 7er# soft metal softer e+en than gold", as dense and malleable as gold, and is a poor conductor of electricit#. 4@@; !a+ing thro$s as MetalR sa+es +s fire are at P@, +s magical fire at PA, +s fall at P=. 4@0; Lead is the most inacti+e material to$ards magic, and is imper+ious to man# magic attacks though it does not protect an#thing nearb#". It cannot be effecti+el# enchanted. Lead is +er# efficient in pre+enting the passage of all d$eomers and magical effects1 and so is particularl# useful in shielding against scr#ing, di+ination and teleportation-t#pe spells creating a barrier e&tending into the border ethereal", none of $hich can penetrate e+en a thin la#er of lead. It is also proof against most psionic effects. 4@B; There is a @ in ? chance of neutralising organic components stored $ithin lead containers. 4@A; Lead is poisonous o+er time, inducing madness if consumed directl# so is used in some slo$-acting poisons" or if dissol+ed for e&ample, if li(uids are consumed from lead cups or pipes". !orrosion Tarnishes Immediatel# tarnishes $ith a dull black gre# crust $hich then +er# resistant to corrosion. +ore#0ses In e+er#da# life, lead is used for pipes and tubing, as a solder, and cast into $eights for fishermenSs lines, shot for slings and firearms, and as ballast. Po$dered lead is used as a $hite pigment in paint and po$ders, and to make fine (ualit# glass both [cr#stal glass\ and lead-lighting". Lead is famous for is use for shielding against magic, and so is used on $alls and other surfaces to pre+ent scr#ing and teleportation in $iEard abodes, fortresses and ro#al chambers. It is often allo#ed $ith tin to make pe$ter and in this form is not dangerous".

Occurrence#Appearance Magnesium is a light, ductile, soft, sil+er $hite metal. It is refined from brines or sea$ater b# /alishite $iEards, $ho use lightning spells to separate out the tin# amounts of magnesium. Magnesium burns $ith a daEEling $hite flame [a magical fur#\" and fierce heat both in air and under $ater $ater does not douse the flames". )eatures#/roperties 4@C; Magnesium is +er# light, soft, ductile and (uite tough. 4@?; Magnesium is +olatile1 it readil# burns if finel# di+ided into sha+ings, po$der or grains. It is too +olatile to be used in pure state. 4@>; Magnesium is used in a number of fire-based spells the addition of sha+en magnesium $ill add 34hpH5< damage to all fire spells" and alchemical compounds such as greek fire".

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


!orrosion Tarnishes. +ore#0ses !mall amounts of magnesium is added to Einc, steel and halrulite to aid their $orkabilit#. Magnesium is an important ingredient used in p#rotechnics crackers, sparklers and flash po$der used b# performersR in the fire$orks of -ara-Tur, and possibl# in 8ondian smokepo$der". It is also used in paints and some alchemical formulations.

Manganese is a light, brittle, hard gre# metal found in ore form in nodules all o+er the beds of Toril%s seas. It is har+ested b# undersea races, and some is sold to surface traders. 8nomes also mine some manganese from p#rolusite ore. Manganese is added to steel and bronEe, and sometimes *ickel-sil+er, for $orkabilit# and impact strength. Manganese steels are used for thin-bladed $eapons, armour plating and plo$shares. Manganese bronEes are duller than pure bronEe, but are stronger items e(uate to iron". Manganese has no effect on corrosion resistance of the metal.

Occurrence#Appearance Mol#bdenum is a +er# hard $hite metal, found in natural state as an ore associated $ith some granites and pegmatites. The ore also called blue-lead flo$er occurs as SrosetteS shaped cristals. It is mined in small deposits, sometimes associated $ith Einc or copper deposits. )eatures#/roperties 40:; Mol#bdenum is brittle and +er# hard, and has a +er# high melting point. 404; Items of Mol#bdenum can be considered to beha+e like nickel see belo$", and make sa+ing thro$s as !teel P4 +s. crushing blo$s, 3@ +s. fire". 40=; Mol#bdenum has a fe$ magical uses ser+ing in spells and items designed to resist heat". !orrosion '&idises +ore#0ses Mol#bdenum is used to impro+e the hardenabilit# and toughness of (uenched and tempered steel. !uch steels are capable of $ithstanding high temperatures and abrasion, to be used in facing for machiner# parts. Priests of 8ond and d$ar+es ha+e found that Mol#bdenum ore mi&ed $ith greases increase the resistance to heat of mo+ing machiner# parts.

Morda')r 1()rse=bearer, /oomroc'2
Occurrence#Appearance *ame gi+en t#pe b# d$ar+es and gnomes to a dark bro$n and #ello$ banded rock and also a dark gre# sil+er# ore these t$o ores are often associated". !ometimes associated $ith rich sedimentar# gold deposits. )eatures#/roperties 40@; The ore has similar characteristics to iron ore. Dhen refined Mordakur beha+es similarl# to steel, but is some$hat lighter P=BO" and is coloured like dull gold. !a+ing thro$s as steel. 400; Its abilit# to be enchanted is not kno$n. 40B; Mordakur is considered 2cursed% as it supposedl# causes a debilitating disease after a period of contact treat as continual cause disease effect1 sa+e +s. poison 4Hda# or suffer mummy rot".

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


!orrosion '&idises +ore#0ses Mordakur has a cursed reputation amongst miners, supposedl# causing a $asting disease $ith effects not unlike mummy rot. The s#mptoms are frightening and onl# po$erful magical healing or supplications to the gods can cure a miner e&posed to the metallic ore. Its association $ith some rich gold underground deposits is $ell remembered and feared in the annals of d$ar+en histor#. !ome daring d$ar+en and gnomish smiths ha+e tried to refine the ore, but onl# to get a more potent cursed metal that kills its bearer $ith gruesome effect $ithin a tenda#. It is reputed to be refined and cast into fell $eapons that can confer upon those hit the debilitating curse" b# some darker 6nderdark races.

Occurrence#Appearance *ickel is a hard, sil+er# $hite, ductile and malleable metal, $hich can be polished to a lustrous finish. It is mined in scattered deposits throughout Faerun, -ara-Tur and the 6nderdark in conjunction $ith copper deposits, and refined from its ore form, niccolite. Meteoric iron contains small amounts BP=:O" pure nickel, $hich contributes much of its hardness and corrosion resistence. )eatures#/roperties 40A; Though hard, nickel is rarel# used as $eaponsHarmours, being too brittle to $ithstand the impact shock of combat. If a pure nickel $eapon is used against an armoured opponent, it must sa+es +s crushing blo$ on e+er# successful strike or break. 6sed against unarmoured opponents or for monsters of base ,/> or less, before bonuses" the $eapon has no modification to hit. ,rmour of nickel must sa+e +s crushing blo$ on e+er# successful strike or small pieces $ill chip or snap off P4,/ per sa+e failed". 40C; !a+ing thro$s as Metal. *ickel $ithstands acids better than most metals 3= on sa+es", and is unaffected b# so+ereign glue. 40?; *ickel is easil# magnetised. 40>; *ickel allo#s easil# $ith man# other metals, conferring on those metals some of its corrosion resistance, malleabilit# and ductilit#. *ickel-plated steel does not a sharp edge $ell, ho$e+er, so it is usuall# used in thin piercing $eapons like rapiers and stilettoes. 4B:; *ickel can be enchanted normall#. It can be combined in small (uantities" $ith man# other metals $ithout affecting the other metals properties $ith regards to magic. It is used in alchemical preparations and spell rituals dealing $ith preser+ation and abjuration. !orrosion *on*on-corroding in pure state. Dhen allo#ed to other metals it has a small beneficial effect on that metals corrosion resistance. +ore#0ses *ickel is mainl# used in making allo#s, to add hardness and durabilit# to soft, malleable metals. )# far its major use in the Realms is in coinage, $here the nickel is added to copper, sil+er, gold or platinum to increase their $ear resistance and to lo$er cost". *ickel is also used b# d$ar+es in some metal treatments, especiall# those in+ol+ing harnessed electricit# electroplating". In the 6nderdark, it is used as coinage in pure form. In southern Faerun, gnomish communities control man# nickel deposits.

.ic'el=sil0er 1False Sil0er, Sem$har Sil0er2

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


, sil+er $hite allo# containing +ar#ing amounts of copper, nickel and Einc and occasionall# manganese, see ,ppendi& @". In the Realms nickel-sil+er is mainl# used across eastern Faerun and the 5ordelands $here nati+e sil+er is rare. /olour and shine akin to pale sil+er, and it is often called [false sil+er\. )eatures#/roperties 4B4; 5as similar characteristics to bronEe, and beha+es similarl# in $eapons and armour. 4B=; !a+ing thro$s as Metal. 4B@; !eldom used in magic research, and does not take enchantments $ell P4:O to item creation rolls". !orrosion Tarnishes *ickel-sil+er tarnishes in the same $a# as sil+er, but more slo$l# this corrosion resistance is its main feature". +ore#0ses 6sed as a harder substitute for sil+er especiall# $here corrosion resistance is desired" as sheeting or plating on other metals, or in decorati+e $ork. It is also used for making je$eller# and fine utensils like dra$ing instruments.

'gamur is a rare black allo# of iron and tin, $ith trace elements of mithril, (uicksil+er and the rare metal +anadium. The secret of ogamur%s manufacture is guarded b# the d$ar+es of the !outh though the shield d$ar+es of <elEoun e+identl# possessed the technolog#, as ogamur items ha+e been brought forth from ruins in the *orth". 'gamur possesses trul# e&traordinar# elasticit#, and so is ideal for springs and impact-absorbing de+ices. It is most commonl# used in locks, traps and on siege artiller#. ,fter the components are melted, allo#ed and beaten into shapeR a long, slo$ firing softens the item and brings out the allo#s elasticit#. Much of the skin of the item sloughs off in the kiln, ho$e+er, so onl# small components are t#picall# made from ogamur.

Occurrence#Appearance Vuite rare, platinum is a +er# dense, beautiful sil+er#-$hite metal, like pale sil+er but harder. 'nce erroniousl# called 2moonsil+er%, platinum is found +er# occasionall# in nuggets in ri+er beds placers", or as +eins in in mountain ranges in ophiolite or sperr#lite ore". )eatures#/roperties 4B0; Dhen pure platinum is malleable and ductile, and denser than gold. 4BB; Platinum is usuall# allo#ed $ith copper and Einc and ma#be cobalt or sil+er" to increase strength and durabilit#, see ,ppendi& @. 4BA; Items of platinum allo# sa+e as Metal, and are functionall# similar to electrum. !orrosion *on<oes not o&idise in air, but corrodes at the rate of iron" in the presence of man# pollutants. +ore#0ses Platinum is used in +arious allo#s, in laborator# de+ices, for je$eller#, and in alchemical studies.

<)ic'sil0er 1Merc)r!2

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


, hea+#, sil+er-$hite metal, remarkable for being li(uid at normal temperatures. Vuicksil+er is found in natural form as a li(uid or as cinnabar a +ermillon-red ore", usuall# in recentl# cooled +olcanic rocks and geothermal +ents. )eatures#/roperties 4BC; Vuicksil+er is the onl# common metal found naturall# in a li(uid state. It onl# solidifies in e&tremel# cold conditions, or $hen subjected to cold-inducing spells. 4B?; It is a shin#, sil+er#, dense li(uidR and a poor conductor of heat. 4B>; Mercur# is slo$l# posionous, causing bleeding teeth, pals#, indigestion, deafness and birthing defects. 4A:; Mercur# is used in magical spells and rituals in+olo+ing shapechanging, teleportation, rapidit# and fluidit#. It is the most +ital component of $hat little $ild magic research occurs. Man# $iEards use mercur# to aid [a$akening\ the metals used in magic item creation. Mercur# is used in man# alchemical formulations. !orrosion *on+ore#0ses Mercur# is used as a poison, pigment, in salt form as an antiseptic, and as part of man# alchemical and magical preparations. It is used in small amounts to soften other metals, to facilitate their use in cements and decorati+e $ork.

Occurrence#Appearance , famous metal $ith a brilliant $hite metallic lustre. Found in pure +eins or in ores such as argentite, sometimes associated $ith gold and $ith lead and Einc ores. In natural form a black surface coating forms o+er time in contact $ith air. !il+er is mined throughout the realms, but mostl# in the *orth and the northern 6nderdark. )eatures#/roperties 4A4; !il+er is +er# soft but harder than gold" and +er# malleable. It is usuall# allo#ed $ith copper, nickel andHor Einc to impro+e its durabilit# and resilience. 4A=; !il+er allo# items make sa+ing thro$s as Metal. !il+er $eapons and armour are actuall# composed of silverbrit an allo# of sil+er, copper, nickel and Einc" or, in anti(uit#, made of thick beaten plating of pure sil+er o+er a core of iron. The# are slightl# inferior to steel $eapons, so ! and P-t#pe $eapons made primaril# of sil+er do 4hp less damage. ,rmour suffers a P= ,/ penalt# to its protecti+e +alue. 4A@; Dhile normall# reser+ed for je$eller# and monetar# uses, there are certain creatures $hich are particularl# +ulnerable to sil+er1 especiall# undead, l#canthropes and some planar beings. ,s such, ad+enturers and soldiers usuall# keep a sil+er-allo# $eapon on hand. 4A0; 9asil# enchanted for most t#pes of magics, especiall# those that in+ol+e moon-related magics, electricit# or lightning, and pure energ# discharges. !il+er is the best heat and electric#t conductor of all metals. !orrosion Tarnishes-!lo$l# '&idises depending on climate" !il+er $ill tarnish to matt black $ithin a #ear, earlier in polluted areas. It must be occasionall# polished to sta# bright. +ore#0ses !il+er is $idel# used notabl# across the northern Realms" in je$eller#, ornamentation, utilit# $ares especiall# mirrors" and coinage, usuall# allo#ed $ith small amounts of other metals especiall# copper". 7er# fe$ items are made from pure sil+er, as the metal%s ph#sical properties are impro+ed significantl# b# onl# a small amount of allo#ing, $ithout affecting the beneficial magical properties of the metal. This relati+el# common +aluable metal is kno$n to the el+es as [the sheath and shield of ,rt\ because, of all metals, it is the most associated $ith and suitable for magic. !ome Faerunians belie+e sil+er is the hardened tears of the

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


goddess !elune. In the eldest d$ar+en tongues, the name for sil+er meant [the blood of allo#s,\ referring to its +ersatilit# in allo#ing $ith other metals the <eep Folk are kno$n to combine sil+er $ith other metals especiall# mithril" to make man# special allo#s". Man# d$ar+es use sil+er in +arious allo# formulae of their o$n de+ising or that ha+e been handed do$n through clans for generations". Most of the beaut# of metal$ork do$n through the ages has been associated $ith the gleam and hue of mirror-polished, untarnished sil+er, and it has al$a#s been associated $ith the adornment of magical items. /ertain el+en folk, and some senior 5arpers, are kno$n to command secret processes that e&ploit the magical benefits of sil+er.

7elstang 17r)esil0er, 7r)st! Metal, Singing Metal2
from Volo+s Guide to All Things Magical" Occurrence#Appearance Telstang is a dull sil+er in hue, rather like pe$ter. 'riginall# a gnomish secret, this allo# of copper, mithril, platinum and sil+er has been adopted b# the halflings and b# certain el+en and orc peoples in the !$ord /oast *orth. Its formula and refinement is kno$n to fe$, and in man# $ritings it is hidden behind the term [truesil+er,\ $hich has also been applied to mithril, or the phrase [the trust# metal,\ often misunderstood b# human sages to mean steel or perhaps bronEe the +er# mistake the $riters hoped the# $ould make". )eatures#/roperties 4AB; -no$n as the singing metal because it gi+es off a clear bell-like tone $hen struck. 4AA; It is nonferromagnetic but readil# forgeable, though it tends to be brittle and easil# snapped off or shattered in large pieces. 4AC; Telstang items make sa+ing thro$s as Metal 3= +s acid, disintegration, magical fire and lightningR automatic sa+es +s normal fire, cold and electricit#." 4A?; Telstang and all organic material in contact $ith or encased in at least a pound of it" cannot be altered in state as $ith pol#morphs, petrification, shape change, and similar attacks". 5o$e+er, the $earer cannot benefit from state-altering magics either eg, spider climb, $ater breathing..." T*ote1 7olo%s also adds paral#sation and disintegration here, $hich I ha+e remo+ed, because neither are state changes1 paral#sation is a mentalHmuscular attackR and disintegration is a destructi+e attack like damage causing fire, cold, electricit# etc."U !orrosion *onIt ne+er o&idiEes and so lasts fore+er if not struck or dropped. +ore#0ses TelstangSs ph#sical shortcomings make it unsuitable for use in $eapons or armourR but it is highl# +alued as bracers, buckles, brooches, pendants, and the like because of its resistance to state-altering magics.

Occurrence#Appearance Tin is a soft $hite shin# metal deri+ed from an ore form called cassiterite, $hich is found in +eins near granitic rocks or in pegmatite. Tin is similar in $eight and appearance to sil+er, though it is $hiter, much softer and more cr#stalline. 6ncommon, tin is mined mostl# from the 7ilhon area, east through the 'ld 9mpires region. )eatures#/roperties 4A>; 7er# soft and malleable and so easil# $orked", tin is not durable enough to be used for $eapons and armour.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms



!a+ing thro$s as MetalR e&cept sa+es +s. acid at P4, sa+es +s. fire are at P@ and magical fire at PA if the item fails it $ill melt". 4C4; <oes not hold enchantments $ell, so is not often used for such. !orrosion !lo$l# '&idises, particularl# in colder climes, $hen it becomes gre#er and less useful. +ore#0ses Tin is mostl# allo#ed $ith copper to produce bronEe for general useR or $ith lead to make pe$ter, for use in fine utensils. , small amount is used in pure form for utilit# $ares, in thin sheets for mirrors, for ornamentation and as a roofing material.

Occurrence#Appearance Zinc is a bright bluish-$hite lustrous metal, usuall# found in ore deposits associated $ith lead andHor copper. Zinc occurs in a range of minerals, most importantl# sphalerite $hich is translucent and pale #ello$ or russet red" and calamine silicate. 6suall# deposits are found in limestone rocks as +eins or masses, $hich are then smelted to obtain pure lead and Einc. )eatures#/roperties 4C=; /old metallic Einc is brittle and cr#stalline, but $hen heated gentl# it becomes (uite $orkable. 4C@; /an be used in armour or $eaponr#, but is some$hat hea+ier and less durable than steel. Items are e(ui+alent to electrum or platinum items 3=BO $eight, P4,/ for armour, P4hp damage for $eapons". 4C0; !a+ing thro$s as Metal. 4CB; It can be enchanted normall#, but is seldom used in magical items or ceremonies, e&cept as a component in protection and preser+ation spells. !orrosion !lo$l# '&idises +ore#0ses Too brittle to be used as coinage in pure form, Einc is often used as a plating or allo# for coins and other items. Most Einc is allo#ed $ith copper to make brassR in combination $ith copper and nickel to make nickel-sil+er, or as a component of electrum. It is also used as a protecti+e plating o+er iron in metal sheeting or cladding for roofing, nails, tabletops and altars $here its protects and slo$s the corrosion rate of iron and steel". The d$ar+es alone kno$ of the secrets of gal+anising, $hereb# a fine coat of Einc is attracted b# electricit# onto the surface of other metals, pro+iding efficient long-lasting protection from corrosion. !ome d$ar+en metallurgists of the !outh also use Einc in combination $ith other metals for creating electrical currents. The corrosion product Einc o&ide is used in paints, inks and d#es.

Su""ested prices for metals in the Realms
This table suggests standard prices either pure ore e&tracted or for refined metals direct from the mines or smelters. *ote that numbers ma# be different to the e+entual costs of items notabl# $eapons and armour" made from these items, as this table does not take into account the difficult# of $orking, casting, forging or finishing of the material, nor of the special e(uipment or skills that ma# be needed to produce items made of the material. ,lso note that the prices of metals are cheapest close to $here the# are mined andHor smelted, and $ill be more e&pensi+e in other areas. 'ther things being e(ual, base metal prices $ould be cheaper in large trading centres than smaller to$ns. , $ide range of base metals are generall# a+ailable at a+erage prices in d$arfholds that indulge in trading.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


Metal Steel ,damant ore ,damantine ,damantite ,ntimon# ,randur ,rsenic )rass )ronEe /innabr#l !teel /opper /hromium <arksteel <larun *ati+e 9lectrum 8old 8raphite 5alrulite 5iEagkuur Iron

!ost per pound 4 sp5 B: gp 4:: gp 4:: gp 4 gp 4: gp 4: gp = sp = sp 0 gp 4 sp 4 gp 4::gpQ" 0 gp 4: gp 4: gp 4 gp 0 gp =:: gp 4 sp

!ost compared to steel ,6 &=B: &B:: &B:: &B &B: &B: &4 &4 &=: &:.B &B una+ailable &=: &B: &B: &B &0: &4::: &:.B

Metal Lead Magnesium *ickel-sil+er Manganese Mithril Mol#bdenum Mordakur *ickel 'gamur 'richalcum Platinum Vuicksil+er !il+er !olbar Telstang Tin Titanium )ase Tungsten True Tungsten ZardaEil Zinc

!ost per pound 4 sp 4 gp 0 sp 4 sp B: gp 4 gp unkno$n, if an# B sp 0gp Asp 4: gp =: gp 4 gp =gp @: gp = sp = gp = gp B gp =:: gp 4 gp

!ost compared to steel &:.B &B &= &4 &=B: &B &=.B &=: &@ &B: &4:: &B &4: &4B: &4 &4: &4: &=B &4::: &B

It is possible to short-circuit the usual dealers markup b# selling directl# to a metal smith, but if a metal is mined directl# b# a P/, purit# of the material $ill be assessed as the ra$ metal is rarel# as pure as metal obtained b# smelting. *ote that an item fashioned from an# metal is usuall# more +aluable than its metal base cost due to the time and labour in+ol+ed in constructing the objectR and the intermediate costs bet$een miner and finished goods seller transport, on-selling etc".

#nspellin" Metals
'ptional ruling it seems one that it is commonl# broken". *ormal $eapons and armour can be enspelled into true magic items using established rituals, components and spells including 9nchant an Item and Permanenc#. 'nl# the best made normal items can undergo the enspelling. *ote that innate magic-like properties of special metals ma# be dampened during enchantment, or e+en used as a po$er source for desired properties. Thus, actual pluses of the metal after enchantment ma# not correspond to the unenchanted metal. Metal or Alloy Ma,imum enchantment .or (eapons or armour7 )ronEe, /opper, 9lectrum, Fine !teel, 8old, Iron, 3= Platinum, !il+er, !il+er-Iron, and all other materials !uperior !teel, 8lassteel, /innabr#l !teel 3@ ,randur, <arksteel, Meteoric Iron 30 Mithril, ,damant allo#s L all planar metals 3B ; From the 4st 9dition <M8, page 4A0 $ith some modifications e.g. steel blades of 3@ enchantment are commonplace"

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


*ote that if #ou look through an# sourcebook of magic items, the rules for this are broken (uite often e.g. !haEEilert the bronEe scimitar from FRA, the ancient items from FR4:..." *ote that there are places of special po$er in the Realms, that make enchanting items easier, and gi+e added (ualit# to the objects forged or cast there. 'ne such place is 9+erfire in the *orthern 6nderdark. [<$ar+es come from all o+er the *orth to a certain rift beneath !undabar kno$n as 9+erfire. 5ere, the d$ar+es forge the finest blades kno$n in Faerun--blades that readil# take enchantment and outlast the people $ho $ield them. 9+erfire is guarded b# a dedicated band of d$ar+es $ho are fed, armed, and healed b# !undabarians. This band, kno$n as the 7igilant, fight off dro$, duergar, and greed# humans seeking to gain control of the molten-rock rift]\ From The ,orth- Guide to the 'avage .rontier, The Dilderness, pp. A4-A=."

$p%eep of Metal Items
,ll metal items need regular maintenance and upkeep, or else the# $ill start to deteriorate o&idising in air, so that the# loss shine and edge, e+entuall# becoming corroded, brittle and useless". !ome metals re(uire more than the usual upkeep1 including irons and copper, $hich corrode easil#. )ronEe, most steels and sil+er re(uire 2t#pical% upkeep. 8old, mithril and the adamant metals re(uire less upkeep, but their +alue $ill ensure the# are $ell maintained. ,ll planar metals need little upkeep $hilst on the inner and outer planes, but at least moderate upkeep $hilst on the Prime. Dhat is moderate or usual upkeepQ I $ould suggest1 if the item is in use armour $orn, $eapon used in combat or practice" cleaning, minor panel-beating and possibl# oiling at least once once a $eek for armoursR and polishing, honing and sharpeining once a da# for $eapons. If the# not used metal items can last $eeks, months or #ears depending on the t#pe of metal and the preparations1 in storage, $rapped and oiled..." Maintenance of different metals takes different forms. !pecial metals ma# ha+e special re(uirements. ,damantine items need to be irradiated b# an 6nderdark radiation source one $eek in four. 8lassteel items are buffed and polished instead of oiled. Planar steels ma# re(uire that the# be returned to their nati+e planes once in a $hile, for con+entional maintenance, or e+en so the# can reabsorb the special radiances of those planes like adamantine does in the 6nderdark". *ote that some of the metal treatments listed belo$ $ill change the maintenance re(uirements lo$ering it enormousl# in the case of blueshine and e+erbright treatments".

Metal !reatments
Metal objects can be made more attracti+e, more +aluable and e+en more enduring through appl#ing some form of treatment to its surface. /ommon treatments in human lands include enameling, engra+ing, or plating $ith a uni(ue metal. <$ar+en smiths are master of man# forms of metal treatments chiefl# concerned $ith inhibiting o&idation and other forms of corrosion, or in altering the shine and hue", and ha+e de+eloped se+eral uni(ue treatments1 including the blueshine and e+erbright processes. The decoration of personal arms and armour can indicate the identit# of the o$ner and his social class, or can simpl# be an e&pression of current fashion. <ecoration beautifies and increases the +alue of man# items, bringing both greater $ealth and distinction to the o$ner. <ecoration need not be based upon an indi+idualSs personal taste. Rather, it ma# indicate membership in an organiEation or nationalit# in much the same $a# heraldr# does. For instance, priests and crusaders of Torm are reno$ned for their purple-stained armour.

Metal 7reatments for #rms and #rmo)r

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


!ost o. decoration Increase in value o. 18 o. item3 item7 !imple Finishing =P?gp :PBO 9namelling BO 4:O !imple engra+ing 4:O B:O /omple& engra+ing B:O 4::O 9laborate engra+ing 4::O @::-B::O ; Figure gi+en is a percentage based on the normal price of the item decorated.

&ecoration method

$ime required 4 da# 4-A da#s 4-= $eeks 4-@ months C-4= months

/ecorati0e ;lating 3ith ;recio)s Metals
0sa"le metals !ost o. plating7 Increase in value o. item77 /opper 4::O 34:O )ronEe 4::O 3=BO !il+er 4::O 3B:O 9lectrum 4::O 34::O 8old 4::O 34B:O Platinum 4::O 3=::O Mithril 4::O 3=::O ,damantite 4::O 3B::O ; Plus base metal to the e(ui+alent of =B: coins of the desired metal for armour, or B: coins for a $eapon ;;Figure gi+en is a percentage based on the normal price of the item plated. *ote 4CA; Time re(uired for all plating treatments1 4-0 $eeks or more. 4CC; 8ilding and inla#ing take double the time or more", cost half that of plating and onl# re(uires half of the base metal", and increases +alue about =H@ as much.

Sim$le finishes: R)bbing, Staining and ;ainting
These simple processes are the most basic treatments commonl# applied to arms and armour. )ecause of their relati+e cost, most mercenar# companies, militar# units and e+en successful bandits and pirates use these simple finishes on their combat e(uipment1 to make it look better, stand out and to identif# its members. Rubbing in+ol+es the $orking onto the surface of the metal +arious coloured po$ders. !taining in+ol+es sponging on +arious li(uid inks. Painting is just that1 brushing on coloured paints. The metal surface must be polished and uncorroded before appl#ing a finish. , number of coats are usuall# applied to the e(uipment to build up the finish. Paint tends to crack and chip so is usuall# onl# used on shields as its cheap and eas#, and detailed designs such as crests can be created". Rubbing is generall# used on metallic armour and $eapons and applied in man# coats to gi+e a deep coloured hue though not comparable to blueshine or e+erbright". !taining is applied to $eaponr# and leather-based armours. Deapon stains are generall# reapplied as necessar# from a bottle and brush carried b# the o$ner. Leather-based armours ha+e a stain impregnated into the surface b# an armourer or leather $orker and are long-lasting.

The fusing of a glass# usuall# opa(ue" substance, lac(uer or +arnish onto the metal surface for ornmentation and protection. 9namelling has no effect $hatsoe+er on combat, nor does it significantl# increase an itemSs encumbrance

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


for game purposes. 5o$e+er, the +alue of the item is generall# increased b# 4:O if properl# enamelled. 9namel cannot be used on leather, padded or other fle&ible armours, and is rarel# used to coat more than the hilt or handle of most $eapons. Limners and some specialiEed armourers perform enamelling. The dra$back is that enamelled items can chip and flake during rigorous mo+ement or combat, decreasing their o+erall +alue. Thus, enameled armour and $eapons must be touched up $hen the $eapon is ser+iced. This repair $ork costs an e&tra 4^4:O of the original +alue of the repaired item at each ser+ice.

*ote that here engra+ing includes chaising, chiselling, etching, car+ing, embossing, bas-reliefs and other comple& artistic treatments. Inla#ing of precious stone falls under this categor# as $ell remember to add the cost of stones used to total cost". 9ngra+ed armour and $eaponr# is popular throughout the ci+ilised Realms, especiall# amongst nobilit#. It is $orn at ceremonies and social functions, and is seen as a mark of social status and high fashion. <$ar+en armour is usuall# intricatel# engra+ed $ith runes and m#thical creatures. 9l+en armours are often engra+ed $ith fantastic and abstract s$irls and shapes. ,rmour from Turmish is reno$ned for its ornate blend of human and el+en st#les. !imple engra+ing denotes uncomplicated lines and basic etchings on the armour or $eapon in (uestion. /omple& engra+ing, in addition to adding complicated decorati+e etching and s#mbols, includes the addition of heraldic de+ices and nonmagical runes and script. 9laborate engra+ing denotes fine, original art$ork, incredible detail, and the o+erall resulting beaut# of the item $orked upon. 9ngra+ing $ork is generall# reser+ed for +arious t#pes of plated armour, but leather-based armour can also be $orked, as $ell as shields and +arious $eapons. These items so decorated ma# be damaged during combat. If armour is sufficientl# damaged <M%s discretion" the# the# lose 4^=:O of their +alue until repaired $hich costs a like amount". <amaged metallic items $ith comple& engra+ing ha+e a =BO chance of being unsuitable for restorationR all leather items and those metallic items $ith elaborate engra+ing ha+e a B:O chance of being unsuitable for restoration. True magic items that ha+e been engra+ed can al$a#s be restored. 6nfortunatel#, professional engra+ers are fe$ and rare, and their $ork is highl# co+eted b# nobilit#. It $ill be difficult for the a+erage character to obtain the ser+ices of such an indi+idual, because it is not simpl# a matter of ha+ing the mone# a+ailable. 9l+es are master engra+ers, and the <M ma# add =BO to all stated fees and B:O to all resulting +alues of the items obtained through el+es. 8nomes are also (uite skilled and ma# add 4BO and @:O to these +alues, respecti+el#.

/ecorati0e Metal $lating
, large number of metals can be plated onto steel arms and armour, including1 sil+er, electrum, gold, and platinum, copper, bronEe, mithril, and adamantite. This categor# also includes metal inla#ing and gilding. The process of plating $ith an# metal $ill cost the bu#er the +alue of the item to be $orked upon this does not include the cost of the armour onto $hich the plating is to be applied"R the bu#er must also pro+ide the armourer $ith the e(ui+alent of =B: coins of the desired metal see Table @ for other details". Plating has no effect on combat, nor does it add to the encumbrance of the plated item.

Special !reatments and &'arven (inishes
modified from Volo+s Guide to All Things Magical, FR44 %warves %eep and (ity of )avens *luff" Reno$ned smiths especiall# d$ar+en master craftsfolk" kno$ man# $a#s to make metal $eapons and armour beautiful, durable, and rust-resistant. There are almost as man# of these secret treatments as there are smiths at $ork. The most $ell-kno$n of these are blueshine and e+erbright, practiced b# d$ar+es for centuriesR another is

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


!tealthslake, a treatment that impro+es the abilit# of a metallic $eapon to be emplo#ed co+ertl#. The last section discusses the infamous orcsla#er metal used b# !arphilian d$ar+es to destro# the orcish realm of 7astar.

(ro:n of Sil0er 1$silomelane chalcedon!2
*ot a treatment, but a precious stone that can pre+ent rusting of an iron or steel object if po$dered and added to the metal slurr# during the item%s creation. 9ach 4:gp stone included in the mi&ture $ill protect one object for a #ear or more. /ro$n of sil+er is thought to be used in both the e+erbright process belo$" and in the manufacture of !olbar allo#.

,n e&clusi+l# d$ar+en treatment, blueshine is used b# used b# d$ar+en mastersmiths throughout the northlands to treat the $eapons and armour. )lueshine is normall# ac(uired through a comple& series of precisel# timed healings, slakings, and prolonged baths in arcane mi&tures. There are a number of recipes for these special components, all of $hich utilise po$dered electrum, and $hich are said to +ariousl# use cockatrice feather distillate, drops of the blood of +arious draconian species, and s$eet $ater potions. )lueshine gi+es the metal a gleaming deep blue appearance. 6sable on most metals to gi+e a resistance to acid 34 bonus to item sa+es" and rust resists rusting for t$ice as long as the metal normall# $ould. Dill completel# resist one rust monster attack, after $hich the blueshine blackens, cracks and sle$s off the metal". Most $eapons of combat troops and nobilit# in affluent d$ar+en areas of the northern Realms $ill be blueshined the southern d$ar+es prefer e&pensi+e decorati+e treatments for their $eapons". , human $iEard, Toth of /alimport, recentl# de+eloped a spell that duplicates the effects of blueshine and $as slain b# the Red DiEards for his efforts". TothSs spell had alread# been stolen b# a ri+al mage before his demise. 'lueshine Range1 /omponents1 <uration1 /asting Time1 ,rea of 9ffect1 !a+ing Thro$1 1Wi9 :; Alteration3 Touch 7, !, M Permanent 0 The metal parts of an# one item that is less than the casterSs o$n bod#-+olume in siEe *one

This spell ser+es to alter and protect metals. The caster touches one item, $hich ma# be crafted of an# number of inorganic substances joined together but must not be larger in total +olume than the casterSs bod#, and the blueshine instantl# takes effect. 'rganic substances, such as glues, can be present in the object, but if the# make up more than a tenth of its total +olume, the spell fails. ,n# fractures or $eaknesses e&isting in the item are co+ered though the# still affect the strength of the piece", so that the# look like ne$, and are free of blemishes. In addition, the metals are made more resistant to acids. ,n item treated $ith blueshine gains a bonus of 34 on all item sa+ing thro$s +s. acid and all corrosi+e effects, from +enom to +arious bloods to ochre jell# secretions to black dragon acid. , blueshine spell also pre+ents future rusting and purges the metals of all o&idation, causing affected metal to re+ert to its former state, not merel# melting rust a$a# and lea+ing the item thinner or $ith gaps and holes. ,ll metals treated $ith a blueshine spell glo$ $ith a deep blue sheen $hen the# catch a+ailable light. The material component for this spell is a small piece of cobalt blue glass or a chip of a blue-hued gemstone.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


9+erbright is the most reno$nned of the d$ar+en metal finishes. This treatment gi+es all metals an enduring bright shine like the chromed stainless steel of 9arth", and absolutel# pre+ents an# tarnishing, discolouration, acidic corrosion and rusting e+en b# rust monster antennae". The passage of time does not affect the efficac# of e+erbright protection, but it can be broken if a protected item is shattered into more than three pieces or is subjected to forgefire, earth-fire la+a" or dragonfire. 6ntil then this finish is permanent. The process of e+erbrightening objects is a guarded secret of d$ar+en craftfolk though occasionall# other cultures ha+e disco+ered or stolen the secrets of the process" and in+ol+es comple& electrol#tic dipping in a solution that probabl# includes cro$n of sil+er psilomelane chalcedon#, and ornamental stone", pure chromium, and ma# include po$dered 5iEagkuur a rare $hite metal used b# d$ar+es for its special properties of reflecting magic and storing electrical energ#", after $hich the coated metal is subjected to the intense heat of a forgefire to bake on the coating. This long, difficult, and e&acting d$ar+en process is kno$n to a fe$ smiths of other races, but it has thus far defied all efforts to duplicate its end results $ith a spell. ,t least three mages ,thlagh of the Man# Locks $ho resides in Firepost To$ers in the Tashalan cit# of Ithmong", 5alandrar /ro$ncloak of 6lkan, and !pelargh of PhelEol in !emphar" and one archpriest, )eltor+an <uircragh, Right )lade of Tempus in the )loodbright Temple of <olselar, ha+e mounted long-running, continuing researches to this end $ith no success. T*ote1 $here is 6lkan and <olselarQ !uggestions an#oneQU

Stealthsla'e 18abalarEs Stealth2
The onl# $ell-kno$n metal treatment de+ised b# humans is the process of immersing and boiling items in a bath of stealthslake. The secret formula for stealthslake is kno$n onl# to, and guarded +iciousl# b#, the 5ouse of 5alabar merchant clan in Murann rumours sa# the descendants of 5alabar are rumored to engage in dark espionage and assassination". 5alabarSs stealth renders metallic items nonferromagnetic, nonreflecti+e, and silent, not clanging e+en $hen struck against other metals or stone $ith force. Treated items are able to take d#es and paints, so that e+en bare s$ord blades can readil# be changed in colour and thus concealed from long-range detection. Treated items still strike sparks at sharp impacts and $hen broken and conduct electricit# and heat as $ell as e+er.

Dlood metal 1orcsla!er steel2
!ince the da$n of metallurg#, legends ha+e been told of metals that are especiall# effecti+e against certain species. Their +er# touch is poisonous to a $hole race. In the lo$er planes, the fell metal tantulhor is kno$n to prefer goodaligned pre#R but no such 2blood metals% are presentl# kno$n to e&ist in the Realms, nor the kno$ledge to create them. The onl# historical instance of a metal created to be be +irulentl# effecti+e against a certain race is the famous orcsla#er steel of the ancient 7ast. In the Wear of !pellfire A4:<R" !arphilian d$ar+es under the leadership of the <eepking Tuir !tonebeard, con(uered the lands of the 7ast, o+ercoming the orcish realm of 7astar. The d$ar+es had $orked in secret $ith a fe$ men and el+es to de+elop a steel poisonous to orcs, and $ith its aid broke out of the mountain ca+erns to, in the $ords of the sage Fairin Icemantle, [run in $aist-high riot across the land.\ Fairin had gra+e misgi+ings about the use of the orcsla#er metal, fearing it $ould be onl# the first step in the making of man# allo#s harmful to other races, bringing ruin to all. 5is Treatise Against *lood"Metal sur+i+es in libraries in !embia, /orm#r, and Daterdeep and perhaps also in the ruins of M#th <rannor", gi+ing us the onl# first-hand account of the d$ar+en +ictories. !uch steel $as supposed to ha+e incorporated copper and a blend of

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


alchemical concoctions. Through a specific rune ritual, $eapons made from the steel $as tempered and (uenched in the blood of a chosen creature, and after$ards ga+e bonuses to hit and damage +s. an# creature of that race or species bonuses depend on the rune ritual, but likel# at least 34d0hp damage per hit $ith a M-siEed $eapon". The +ictorious d$ar+es dro+e the orcs far to the north and south into the mountain heights. /laiming all the 7ast as their o$n, the d$ar+es founded a surface kingdom in A4: <R. The Realm of 8limmering !$ords $as short-li+ed, $ith +engeful orc hordes s$eeping a$a# both the kingdom, and all kno$ledge of the orcsla#er steel, in A0><R. !ince that time, no $eapons displa#ing the abilit# to cause e&tra damage b# touch ha+e become kno$n to the greater Realms% leading some to speculate that the so-called orcsla#er steel $as in fact a poison applied to other$ise normal $eapons, and not a trait of the $eapon steel itself. !till, $ho can be sureQ Perhaps the reclusi+e d$ar+es of !arphil guard their secrets $ell]

The appendices present1 :; a discussion of ho$ different metals operate on the +arious planes of e&istence, and includes some ne$ and +er# e&otic planar metalsR 4; an un.inished literature sur+e# of mining products b# region follo$ing the pattern used in the Grand Tour of the )ealms booklet"R =; a table b# ,Eothath sho$ing the proportion of metals in +arious historical allo#sR @; a +er# concise alternati+e +ie$ of metals in combat b# Rick /ross. Dell, thats the s#stem as it stands. 9njo#F Simon Gibbs <simon.gibbs !ahoo.com"

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


#$$endi% 1: Metals and the ;lanes
Metals can ha+e different properties depending on their plane of origin see belo$". Deapons constructed on the Prime are less effecti+e if remo+ed to another plane this affects magic, (uasi-magic and non-magic $eapons". , number of metals that are onl# mined on planes other than the Prime are detailed belo$. Most metals found on the Prime are also found on some other Plane, gi+en the +astness of the Multi+erse. There are a number of e&ceptions, ho$e+er the +arious reasons for their absence are unkno$n"1 4C?; Red steel and associated substances like +ermile and cinnabr#l" are not found on planes other than the Prime. ,n# item of red steel becomes inert $hen taken to another plane and ma# start to break do$n immediatel#, depending on the local en+ironment". 4C>; Meteoric iron onl# occurs on planets of the Prime, leading some !pelljamming sages to conjecture that its origin is in the phlogiston +oid bet$een the cr#stal spheres remembering that the phlogiston is someho$ cut off from all other planes". !tarmetal%s properties are affected the like other metals $hen taken to other planes. 4?:; <arksteel is a secret allo# of the lost Ironstar clan of shield d$ar+es, $ho disappeared centuries ago. Perhaps if it is produced an#$here toda#, it is in the halls of the d$ar+en hea+ens. 4?4; Like$ise adamantine are seldom found outside the Prime and the home planes of the <ro$ and <uergar pantheons, due to the absense of radiation c#sts on most other planes. ,damantite is the allo# of choice of e&traplanar $orkers of adamant.

Metals and ;lane of Crigin
'rigin of a metal is important as all $eapons are less effecti+e if taken a$a# from the planes on $hich the metal originates. *ote this a..ects only the (eapons magic equivalence. Its other bonuses or penalties still appl#, as the $eapon is still a (ualit# piece of gearR $ith a raEor-sharp edge, e&ceptional balance etc. ,rmour acts the same an#$here1 4?=; Prime $eapons are P4 e(ui+alence in the 'utlands and on the ,stral and 9thereal Planes, and P= on the Inner and 'uter Planes. 4?@; 'uter Planar $eapons are P4 e(ui+alence in the 'utlands and on the ,stral and 9thereal Planes, and P= on the Prime Planes. 4?0; Deapons originating from the 'utlands or the ,stral and 9thereal Planes are P4 on the Inner, 'uter and Prime Planes. 4?B; 6nless other$ise stated, assume all $eapons $ielded b# primes are prime in origin, and all $eapons $ielded b# planars are planar in origin. In all cases, +ulnerabilities that donSt rel# on magic still appl#1 a $ere$olf is still harmed b# sil+er regardless of the origins of the metal, or the plane the $ere$olf is on. ,lso note that it is the origin of the metal that is the issue, and not necesaril# the place $here it $as $orked into a $eapon or suit of armour. !o, if a mithril s$ord from 9+ermeet on Toril is taken to the ,b#ss, it still gets its regular bonuses 3= attack bonus and 34hp bonus damage". 5o$e+er its magic e(ui+alence is dampened b# P=, so it strikes as a normal 3:" $eapon so it cannot strike creatures $hich need 34 or better to harm them".

)e' *lanar Metals
Parts of this section modified after1 4?A; ,ine 2ells )evisited, <ragon >4, b# 9d 8reen$ood 4?C; 3lanar Metals, Internet article b# -en Lipka and .osh Rintamaki Ghttp1HHmaniac.deathstar.orgHIkrlipkaHpsHJ

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms



(ost 1.ote 12

3eight #d4)st 1.ote 22

#rmo)r #( bon)s 150e better2

Magic E6)i0

3ea$on S$eed #d4)st

3ea$on 7o hit #d4)st

/amage #d4)st

Sa0e as, #d4)stment

/ranor ,rjale <aja++a )aatoran 8reen !teel" ,b#ssal Red !teel )loodsteel" Laen Tantulhor )anesteel" 8ith Mithril 8odsteel )lackrock"

&4:: &=:: &=B: &@:: &0:: &B:: &B:: &4:::

P=BO P=:O P4:O P4BO P=:O P4:O P4:O P=BO

34 34 3= 34 3= 3= 3@ 30

34 34 3= 3= 3= 3@ 3@ 30

: P4 P4 P4 : : : P4

34 34 34 3= 3= 3= 3= 3@

: : 34 34 34 34 3= +. good" 34 3=

Metal, 34 3B +s elecHlightn" !teel, 34 !teel, 3= !teel, 3= Metal, 3= 3B +s all fire, 3: +s cold" !teel, 3@ !teel, 3@ !teel, 30

Planar metals are found and forged into arms and armour on the outer and inner planes. The# are thus +er# rare on the Prime, but are occasionall# traded b# plane$alkers, or $on as battle trophies $hen ad+enturers best other$orldl# fiends. <ue to their rarit# and properties, such metals $ill bring +er# high prices if shre$dl# sold on the Prime.

(ranor 17ree=gold2
This material isnSt actuall# metal at all, but a +er# hard, metal-like sap dra$n from e+ergreen trees from the forests of ,rborea, ,rcadia, and the )eastlands. 'nce treated $ith arcane reagents and hardened, the sap resembles amber but is stronger than normal steel. /ranor is highl# resistant to fracturing and denting, but it is prone to chipping. <espite this potential problem, tree-gold is highl# priEed b# ad+enturers1 not being metal, it is essentiall# immune to electrical attacks. Legends sa# tree-gold can actuall# store electricit#, but this remains unpro+en." Items of /ranor $eigh =BO less and cost 4::& more than normal items. Deapons gain 34 to hitR ,rmour gains a 34 bonus. /ranor items sa+e as Metal but recei+e a 34 to all sa+es, and 3B +s. lightningHelectricit#.

, pale black metal mined from scattered sources in )aator, ,cheron and 8ehenna, arjale is light in $eight, easil# $orked to a smooth surface, and can be brought to a raEor-sharpness. !ome is forged and $orked in pure form into $eapons of $ar particularl# in ,cheron, and amongst the #ugoloths of the Lo$er Planes" but most is allo#ed $ith small amounts of (ualit# steel to produce daja++a see belo$". Talismans of some po$erful baateEuHde+ils are made of arjale.

/a4a00a 1Daatoran Green Steel2
, planar metal commonl# used for armour and $eapons on the Lo$er Planes, daja++a is used in the )lood Dar because it is far superior to normal steel. Items made of 8reen !teel $eigh 4:O less and cost =B:& normal. Deapons gain 34 to hit, P4 bonus to speed, and do 34hp damageR ,rmour gains a 3= bonus. ,ll items also ha+e a 3= to sa+es and can strike creatures re(uiring 3= enchantment. The finished steel has a dull green-gre# hue, that intensifies to bright, sickl# green in the presence of magical radiances. <aja++a is occasionall# but rarel#" found in pure form in

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


)aator. More commonl#, it is produced as an allo# of arjale and fine steel. In its allo#ed form it can be annealed until (uite pliable, and the metal $hips of Moloch and other )aatoran lords are made from it.

#b!ssal Red Steel 17anarBri Dloodsteel2
,nother standard armament in the )lood Dar, this metal is +er# similar to <aja++a but a little more scarce. Items of )loodsteel $eigh 4BO less and cost @::& normal. Deapons gain a 3= to hit,P4 bonus to speed, do 34hp damage, and can strike creatures re(uiring 3= to hit. ,rmour gains a 34 bonus. ,ll items also ha+e a 3= to sa+es. This steel has a dull red-gold sheen to it, that seems to throb faintl# to goodl# folk. )loodsteel is mined sporadicall# throughout the ,b#ss and /arceri, $ith occasional deposits mostl# untapped" in Pandemonium, the 8re# Daste and perhaps e+en the 'utlands. In d$ar+en folktales, it has a reputation for engendering a+arice in its possessor.

,aen 1Steelglass, Smo'esteel2
This is another non-metal that is popular $ith planar smiths. Laen is a form of cr#stalline gem that is mined on the Vuasi-9lemental Plane of Mineral, but $hich can be found rarel# in small deposits in a number of planar mountains. In ra$ form, the gem is a dark gre# colourR but $hen refined for $eapon or armour use, it becomes translucent and smok# gre#. !teelglass acti+el# resists heat, dispersing it harmlessl# thus e&treme cold must be used to $ork the material". Items of Laen $eigh =:O less and cost B::& more than normal items. Deapons gain 3= to hit and damageR ,rmour gains a 3= bonus. Laen items recei+e a 3= to all sa+es, but 3B +s. fireHheat and no bonus to cold attacks.

7ant)lhor 1Danesteel2
Tantulhor is a +er# rare metal mined in a fe$ guarded deposits in the lo$er depths of )aator. ,bout the $eight of iron, it can be $orked to a smooth finish, and is apparentl# unbreakable once forged. Deapons fashioned of tantulhor are said to supposedl# cut an#thing the# touch, e&cept stone. Dhile this is unfounded, the s$ords ha+e a fell po$er seldom e(ualled e+en amongst the planar metals. Methods for forging and $orking tantulhor are basicall# unkno$n outside )aator. The secret of its forging is that the blood and flesh of d#ing sentients is mi&ed in at critical stages of its production legends sa# the souls of the d#ing gi+e the metal its fell po$er". This imparts $ithin the metal a not-(uite-ph#sical keenness for bloodshed or a$akens an inherent aura for such", and gi+es it po$erful bonuses in combat. Deapons cause more damage to all targets 3=H34" and especiall# good-aligned ones 3=H3=". ,rmour made from tantulhor feels chill $hen donned, a discomforting feeling said to gna$ at the soul and conscience of the $earer. Items of tantulhor radiate a faint e+il aura $hich M,W be picked b# a sensti+e detect evil". Talismans of se+eral po$erful baateEuHde+ils are made from tantulhor, as is the infamous Rod of <ispater. Tantulhor is not thought to be related to tantalum of 9arth.

Gith Mithril 1Githril, Mindsteel2
This unusual planar metal has a shimmering sil+er# surface, resembling the sil+er e&panse of the ,stral Plane it has been said that the surface of a gith mithril item looks like the reflection of storm clouds rushing o+er still $ater". 8ith consider it their e&clusi+e propert#, and $ill hunt do$n others kno$n to be $ielding items of this metal. ,ll of their special !il+er !$ords are made from mindsteel, as $ell as the armour $orn b# 8ith of high standing. It has the added benefit of not hindering psionic acti+it# i.e. no penalties for $earing metal armour if made from 8ith Mithril". Items made of 8ith Mithril $eigh 4:O less and cost B::& normal. Deapons gain 3= hit, and do 34hp damageR ,rmour gains a 3@ bonus. ,ll objects ha+e 3@ to sa+es and can strike creatures re(uiring 3@ to hit.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


Godsteel 1So)lsteel, /:ar0en Dlac'roc'2
The rarest, most precious and most reno$ned of the Planar metals. It is found onl# in the +er# depths of the <$ar+en Mountain in the 'utlands and Mt. /lenedaggen in ,rcadia. It is a lustrous black metal that glo$s faintl# $ith an inner light. Items made of this metal $eigh =BO less and cost up to 4:::& normal steel $hen a+ailable at all". Deapons gain 3@ to hit, P4 bonus to speed, and do 3=hp damageR ,rmour gains a 30 bonus. 'bjects gain 30 to all sa+es, and can harm creatures re(uiring 3@ to hit.

#$$endi% 2: Mining in the Realms 1)nfinished as !et2
, collection of mines and mineral deposits described in T!R sources. --------------Ideas .or this section 4??; cite references in T!R sources as Francine has done most of". 4?>; create master list $ith these, and original sources to flesh out the reference. 4>:; organise b# regions as described in the /ampaign !et.

M! s)ggestions from notes abo0e:
,damant1 found onl# in the 6nderdark, in large spherical pockets in hardened +olcanic flo$s. ,randur1 found in igneous rock, usuall# as streaks of blue-green ore amid +itreous glass. /opper1 mined throughout the Realms, especiall# in the !outh. 'b+iousl# plentiful in the 'ld 9mpires, !hining !outh and Zakhara as bronEe and brass are popular in these places". Found in most t#pes of rocks and ore +eins, the copper-bearing rocks often ha+e a green colouration due to copper presence it is +er# occasionall# found in pure form". <larun1mined (uietl# b# halfllings of Luiren from cla# dug from the banks of certain ri+ers. 9lectrum1 /an rarel# found in pure form notabl# in deep mines in the southern realm of 5alruaa", but more often man-made as an allo# of gold and sil+er. 8old1 Found as a pure metal in man# rocks se(uences but mainl# (uartEite areas, and in allu+ium especiall# as nuggets in ri+er beds"". 'ccurs in +eins, sometimes associated $ith sil+er and $ith copper ores. Mined throughout the Realms, especiall# in the !outh and east. 8raphite1 old +olcanic areas metamorphic rocks" 5alrulite1 /hult onl# needs hea+il# leached soils" 5iEagkkur1 +er# rare, but basicall# onl# in the !outh !haar, <eep Lands area" Iron1 most common metal, mined throughout the Realms and 6nderdark b# man# races from large sedimentar# ore bodies, from $hich the pure metal is smelted. <$ar+es control ed" man# of the largest or purest deposits. Mercur# is from geothermall# acti+e areas1 7ilhon, 6nther said to ha+e picked up the curse of that land", and +olcanic islands of the Trackless !ea Meteoric Iron1 ore garnered from meteors that ha+e fallen to Toril%s surface.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


Mithril1 <eposits are scattered in small +eins and pockets all o+er Faerun, but concentrated mostl# in the easternmost lands of the !$ord /oast *orth such as beneath Mithril 5all and scattered beneath the 5igh Forest". Mines usuall# under the control of $ar# el+en or d$arf clans. *ickel1 mined across the !outh mostl# b# gnomes" and the 6nderdark. 6sed in the east to make *ickel-sil+er. Perhaps rare on the surface in the *orth. Platinum1 Vuite rare, found +er# occasionall# in nuggets in ri+er beds placers", or as +eins in in mountain ranges in the rare green rock t#pe ophiolite". Purpure1 purple hued iron mined from shallo$ deposits on some islands in the Trackless !ea ,urassic Islands, Moonshaes, 9+ermeet and the *elanther". !il+er1 Found in +eins, sometimes associated $ith gold and $ith lead and Einc ores. Mined throughout the realms especiall# the northern regions" and 6nderdark. Rare in 5ordelands the# use *ickel-sil+er as a substitute here" and possibl# all eastern Faerun. Tin1 used mostl# in bronEe, so $ould be mined in areas near $here bronEe is popular e.g. mined mostl# from the 7ilhon area for e&port" and east through the 'ld 9mpires region. ZardaEil1 found onl# in mountains and del+es around the Lake of !team particularl# near !aelmur" and in certain sand-scoured fissures in the heart of Raurin. There are small del+ings about !aelmur. Zinc1 !hining !ea lands, Zakhara areas $here brass is popular". Much comes from !emphar used for man# uses, including in *ickel-sil+er allo#" --------------

Minin" by Re"ion
Region 1: 7he /alelands

9392 FRS1 The (a&e&ands, 1993 )loodhorn1 mines of ores undetermined t#pe", east of thunder Peaks Mountains !$ordscrag1 mines of undetermined ores in <esertmouth Mountains, mined b# orcs Mines of Teth#amar1 old d$ar+en mines no$ held b# orcs. !mall deposits of man# metals 8laun1 e&traction of peat and pig iron from the 8laun )og <agger 5ills1 some small scale mining, ores undetermined ,rchendale1 5eart of Mine1 abandoned mine, ore undetermined, $as the lair of a dragon. Thunder Peaks1 rich gems, copper and iron mines and also others metals in smaller scale mining. Rumors of deeper gems mine called The !parkling !tone guarded b# unkno$n d$ar+es.

Region 2: (orm!r
Isolated iron mines in the Thunder Peaks area. !mall deposits of +arious metals north$est of 9spar. Iron mines in 8noll PassH /astle /rag area.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


9410 )orm*r, 1994 !torm 5orns1 /halaSs mine, ore undetermined Mine of /ursed 8old1 gold and possibl# mordakur" $est side of the mountains 8noll Pass1 e&tensi+e coal mines northeast of mountains Thunder Peaks1 gemstones mines on northern slopes

Region 3: Sembia

Region &: 7he Moonsea

9474 The Moonsea, 1995 Zhentil -eep1 ancients mines of rich ores undetermined t#pe". Mel+aunt1 shallo$ deposits north of the cit#, mostl# pla#ed out 8ra# Land of Thar1 shallo$ mines operated b# humanoids. Ironfang -eep1 north of 9arthspur Mountains, large iron deposits not mined. ,rea reputedl# controlled b# po$erful, reclusi+e mages. 8lister1 ancient mines of iron and trace metals. !arphil1 eastern end of the Moonsea. Remains of d$ar+en copper mining in the !carp near 5illsfarH9l+entree.

Region F: 7he @ast

Region G: 7he /ragon (oast

Region H: 7he 3estern 8eartlands

Region I: 3aterdee$

Region J: 7he *sland +ingdoms

9217 FR2 Moonshae, 1987 ,laorn Isle1 Fairheight Ranges. Rich mines of iron ore, gold, sil+er and other precious metals, near /antre+ )lackstone, most mines in south and $est of range. 8narheim e&ploit the north side of the mountains, and controlled b# *orthmen chieftains. !no$do$n Isle1 mines in ,ndo+er 5ieghts, ores undetermined from FR ,tlas" Mora# Isle1 Mines in Trollcla$ Ranges, ores undetermined from FR ,tlas", and in the 'rcskull Mountains, ores undetermined from FR ,tlas". Presumabl# controlled b# *orthmen chieftains. 8$#nneth Isle1

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


M#rloch 7ale1 gold and other precious metal placers e&ploited b# the <$ar+es of 6nderhome. Thornd#ke1 mines $est of the to$n, ores undetermined from FR ,tlas" *orland Isle1 ,ncient d$arfholds, possible mines in the north .otanhammer Ranges.

Region 10: 7he .orth

9300 FR11 (+ar,es (eep, 1990 unfinished" Mithril 5all and /itadel ,dbar are the t$o primar# sources of mithril in d$ar+en hands.

1142 The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier, 1996 Mithral 5all1 mithril ore, controlled b# d$ar+en /lan )attlehammer Leilon1 /opper, nickel, sil+er !outhkr#pt1 old sil+er mine, ancient d$ar+en hold Fireshear1 Rich +eins of copper and sil+er, cit# and mines. /ontrolled b# trium+irate of Mirabar, !undabar and Daterdeep. 5undelstone1 Mining tunnels b# d$ar+es and gnomes, ore undertermined Ironmaster1 Largest iron deposits in Faerun, controlled b# d$ar+en clan !star Mirabar1 mithril, sil+er, gold, copper, platinum, adamant and metals of all kind. /ontrolled b# Mirabar go+ernment and d$ar+en /lan 5ardhammer. -el+in /airn1 9&hausted d$ar+en mine, ore undetermined 8riffonSs *est1 gold panning in the !hining /reek b# 8riffon 6thgardt tribe. *esme1 Iron and +eins of ores and gems. ,bandoned d$arfholds. /itadel ,dbar1 Iron, mithril in solid granite, controlled b# d$ar+es under -ing 5arbromm Felbarr1 8old, mithril deposits, but mostl# pla#ed out. /ontrolled b# d$ar+es under -ing Darcro$n, subject to /itadel ,dbar.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


Llorkh1 Iron, sil+er. !hallo$ mines e&hausted 9#egad1 Mithril. 'rc hold of the !kortcla$ tribe. Phandalin1 'ld mithril mine, recent platinum disco+er#. 8auntlgr#m1 6nderground d$arf cit# near the <essarin, aandonned mines. 're undetermined. )erranEo1 'ld gold mine, ruins. !trong possibilit# of mordakur present also. Tuern Island1 ores of adamantite and diamonds, +olcanic area. /alling 5orns lodge1 !trong rumors of +eins of ore nearb#. 're t#pe undetermined. 5alls of the 5aunting ,&es1 ,ncient d$arf to$n and mines. 're undetermined. 5ouse of !tone1 ,ncient +er# deep 6nderdark mine. 're undetermined. Lost Peak1 ,ncient d$arf mines, ore undetermined. *ether Mounains1 Rumors of rich ores. 'res undetermined. Mines of <ekanter1 Iron e&hausted *etheril times" 8re#peak Mountains1 Mostl# e&hausted *etheril times", ores undetermined. 5alls of the 5ammer1 ,ncient d$arfhold and deep mines, ore undetermined.

9233 FR5 The Savage Frontier, 1988 unfinished" 5igh Forest !tar Mounts"1 mining of mithril b# orcs under the super+ision of Readoc 2the 'ne%. Mirabar1 +er# rich deposits of man# ores. Fireshear1 iron mines. Ironmaster1 largest iron deposits of the north. Mined b# reclusi+e d$ar+es.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


Region 11: #na)roch

9320 FR13 Anauroch, 1991 The !$ord1 9&tensi+e tunnels under ,nauroch, has ancients mines dating from *etherese times, ores and gems undetermined. 7arious areas controlled b# phaerimm or their pa$ns", tomb tappers or uninhabited. ,Eirrhat1 rich gold +eins. ,rea controlled b# laertis /oloured Daters1 7olcanic area, possible ores Plain of !tanding !tones1 ,erithaeSs Rest1 Iron rich nuggets and ores Fallen 8iant Rift1 8old +eins reported Ri+er of 8ems1 8emstones The Throat1 8emstones The 5igh Ice Rift of !tars1 8emstones beljurils", rubies, sapphires and amaratha 6ntri++in1 rumors of gems and rare metals ores.

Region 12: 7he (old ,ands

9267 FR9 The !ood"tone #and", 1989 9arthfast Mountains1 Destern slopes 7ast" 'ld mines, moderate amount of iron and sil+er ores 9astern and southern slopes1 scattered but rich iron deposits upon $hich much of the $ealth of Impiltur $as founded. 9arthspur Mountains1 Rich iron and sil+er ores, about !udra+ and Tomra+ Monte 7eldelio mineR ruins no$, old mine of iron, copper, sil+er and bloodstone. 8alenas Mountains1 8old, iron, sil+er I $ould add lead and Einc" and bloodstone. )aron# of )loodstone1 bloodstone a deep red chalcedon#" mined b# humans, d$ar+en clan 'rothiar and s+irfneblin deep belo$ the baron#. 5illsafar 5all Ironspur and .ustinSs Mine ha+e bloodstone and ores. /ontrolled b# d$ar+en 5illsafar clan. 8iantspire Mountains1 reputed rich $ith precious minerals and gems, = mines acti+eR 5o$serSs mine and one near /utrock, ores undetermined. ,rea mostl# controlled b# barbarians and humanoids.

Region 13: 7he Kna$$roachable East

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


1121 S$e!!%ound: Tha&, Ra"he'en, and (g!arond, 1995 Tha#1 Tha#mount1 9&tensi+e gold mines man# no$ pla#ed out and abandoned", dormant +olcanic area, controlled b# the Tharchion of Tha#mount. Lapendrar 7alle#1 shallo$ gold mines along the ri+er +alle#. !urague 9scarpment1 scattered copper and sil+er deposits in the debatable lands to the $est of Tha#. ,glarond1 scattered gems and copper mines locations undetermined". Rashemen1 Mines of Tethkel, iron and copper ores.

1055 The -orde, 1990 8littering !pires 5agga !han"1 tin mined and smelted b# 5erlinga d$ar+en clan. !old to merchants from *aupau in !ossal. !mall surface deposits of copper $orked b# nomad smiths. ,lmorel1 small amounts of +aious metals mined beneath the cit#. Perhaps copperHleadHEincQ" Rashemen1 man# metals mined in eastern mountains, including copper mined in the 6rling Mountains. Mountains of /opper Murghom"1 riddled $ith operating and abandoned copper mines, these mountains ha+e been mined b# man for man# centuries. Most e&ported to Mulhorand and !emphar, though some is traded to the horsemen of the steppes. !unrise Mountains1 some copper mining. Firepeaks1 clear cr#stalline sk#stone mined, amongst $hich small deposits of natural glassteel are e&tracted.

Region 1&: 7he Cld Em$ires

Region 1F: 7he @ilhon Reach

9520 The )i!hon Rea*h, 1996 Turmish1 ,laoreum Mountains1 gold and gems mined about the Ironfang d$ar+en realm. 'sraum Mountains1 scattered mining b# orcs and goblins for their o$n use onl#. Ra+ilarSs /loak1 mines north-$est in the mountains, gold +eins. 8ildenglade1 Rich mines of gold under the cit#, e&tracted b# +arious d$ar+en companies. 5londeth1 e&tensi+e hea+il#-(uarried green marble deposits in the 'srauns to the $est of the cit#. ,phrunn Mountains1 ,elor1 ghost to$n no$ in ruins, mines of +eins of gold e&hausted. <aroush1 'ld d$ar+en mines still mined b# humans, +irtuall# pla#ed out gold +eins Torl1 rumors of ne$ gold disco+er#. /lo+en Mountains1 Dest of Dinter$oods, mined b# goblinoid tribes.

Region 1G: 7he Em$ires of the Sands

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


9561 +'$ire" o, the Shining Sea, 1998 !aelmur ,rnaden" ZardaEil e&tracted and refined from hidden sources in or around the cit#. p4BC"

Region 1H: 7he Shining So)th

9389 FR-1 The .ung!e" o, /hu!t, 1993 D#rmheart Mine1 emerald and diamond and others undetermined. /ontrolled b# D#rmheart clan of /hultan .ungle" d$ar+es. Dild /oast1 other d$ar+en mines, gems and ores undetermined.

9388 FR16 The Shining South, 1993 5alruaa1 Maeruhal1 in mountains east of to$n ha+e rich electrum mines amongst the purest in the Realms", <ambrath1 Rich lodes of sil+er and nati+e electrum mined from the 8noll$atch Mountains. Mined b# sla+es. More +eins are disco+ered each #ear. !il+er and copper is mined from beneath the mountains. 're is sent to 5erath or Prastuil for smelting. 7ar the 8olden1 Mountains of Disdom1 Iron ore and gemstones, especiall# about 'rmpe /urna Mountains1 emeralds mines, controlled b# the 8emstone /haka <urpar1 8iantSs )elt Mountains1 iron mines near !eEilinta ,damaSs Tooth1 rich mines of copper and iron ores near 5uorm, controlled b# the !alipur /haka <ust$all Mountains1 Rich iron deposits mined b# d$ar+es in orc territor#. 6lgarth1 8aluil Mountains1 rich Iron and gold mines, near to$ns of <ralpur and !urbar Luiren Toads(uat Mountains1 d$ar+en sil+er mines clan undetermined"

+ther References ,ited9300 FR11 (+ar,es (eep, 1990 unfinished" Mithril 5all and /itadel ,dbar are the t$o primar# sources of mithril in d$ar+en hands. The 8reat Rift and <eep Lands beneath the !haar1 8old, iron, gems, stonesR 7er# rich in all t#pes of ores. 'ne of the fe$ southern souces of mithril. /ontrolled b# gold d$ar+es +arious clans".

#$$endi% 3: (onstit)ents of M)ndane 8istorical #llo!s
Modified after aEothath G,EothathKaol.comJ

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


Metal#Alloy Platinum, fine Platinum, Platina Platinum, ,linco Platinum, 6lloa 8old, fine 8old, mint 8old, ,urume 8old, Red 8old, Dhite 8old, Wello$ == carat 8old, Dhite 4? carat 8old, Wello$ 4? carat 8old, Dhite > carat

!omponents Platinum >B, /opper B Platinum ?B, /opper 4:, Zinc B Platinum C:, /obalt =@, /opper C Platinum B:, !il+er 0:, /opper 4: 8old >B, /opper B 8old ?B, /opper 4:, !il+er B 8old A:, /opper @?, Zinc = 8old CB, /opper =B 8old CB, Palladium 4C, !il+er 0, /opper 0 8old >4.C, !il+er B.B, /opper =.? 8old CB, /opper B.B, Zinc :.B, *ickel 40.B 8old CB, !il+er 4A, /opper > 8old @C.?, /opper 0:, Zinc 4:.0, *ickel 44.?

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


8old, Wello$ > carat 9lectrum !il+er, fine !il+er, !il+erbrit !il+er, !terling *ickel-!il+er, ,lpaca *ickel-!il+er, 7irenium *ickel-!il+er, ,rgentan )illon )rass, PinchbeckH8uilding )rass, TombacH.e$eller# )rass, red )rass, 'richalchumHLo$ )rass, hard )rass, na+al )rass, highHWello$ Tin)rass, electric Tin)rass, Lu)ronEe )ronEe, , )ronEe, / )ronEe, )= )ronEe, casting )ronEe, !peculum /opper, fine /opper, mint /opper-*ickel /opper-*ickel-Tin Pe$ter, hard Pe$ter, med Pe$ter, soft Pe$ter, sil+er Potin

8old @C.B, !il+er 4:, /opper 0B, Zinc C.B 8old A:, !il+er 4B, /opper 4B, Zinc 4: !il+er >B, /opper B !il+er B:, /opper 0:, *ickel B, Zinc B !il+er >=.B, /opper C.B /opper C=, *ickel 4?, Zinc 4: /opper ?4, *ickel >, Zinc 4: /opper B=, *ickel 4@, Zinc =C, Mangenese ? /opper A:, !il+er @B, Zinc B /opper >B, Zinc B /opper ?C, Zinc 4@ /opper ?B, Zinc 4B /opper ?:, Zinc =: /opper C>, Zinc =:, *ickel 4 /opper C:, Zinc @: /opper AA, Zinc @0 /opper >B, Zinc 0, Tin 4 /opper ?C.B, Zinc ?.B, Tin .B /opper >0.>, Tin B, Phosphorous :.4 /opper >4.>, Tin ?, Phosphorous :.4 /opper ?>, Tin 0, Lead 0, Zinc @ /opper ?:, Tin =: /opper CB, Tin =B /opper >>, Tin :.>>, !il+er :.:4 /opper >:, Tin ?, Zinc = /opper A>.0, *ickel @:, Iron :.A /opper ??.=, *ickel >.B, Tin =.@ Tin >=, ,ntimon# 0, Lead 0 Tin A:, ,ntimon# @, Lead @C Tin @B, ,ntimon# @, Lead A= Tin >:, ,ntimon# ?, /opper = /opper A:, Zinc =:, Lead 4:, Tin 4:

#$$endi% &: #lternati0e @ie: of Metals in (ombat
Ric' (ross <b)gh)nter earthlin'.net" Most metals are not suitable for use as $eapons and armourR onl# the strongest and most durable steels are $idel# crafted into instruments of $ar. )ronEe and Iron see $ide use in more primiti+e cultures, but are inferior to modern $eapons. 8old, sil+er and platinum see occasional use as decorati+e or ceremonial items, but are seldom intended for regular use in combat. Tin, pe$ter, lead, and other less +aluable metals ne+er see use as $eapons or armour e&cept perhaps as deco#s or theatrical props. In the Forgotten Realms, ho$e+er, mages, sages and alchemists regularl# emplo# the nati+e aspects of metals to achie+e desired effects. These effects sometimes re(uire that an enchanted item, sacrifice, or material component take the shape of a piece of armour or a $eapon. 'ther enchanters ma# $ish to create an item ser+ing a specific function or opposing a specific foe, choosing a metal or allo# for its magical aspect, not its combat efficac#. In such cases, it is +er# useful to kno$ e&actl# $hat material deficits must be o+ercome b# enchantment and d$oemercraft in order to make the item usefull# durable. The metals described abo+e are di+ided into fi+e t#pes, according to hardness and brittleness, as described in Table I.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


7able *: 7!$es of s$ecialt! metals )sed in combat
,1 5ard1 ,ll steels, most e&otic and magical metals. )1 )rittle1 )ronEe, Iron tempered", Zinc, )rass, /hrome, Manganese. /1 !oft1 *ickel, !il+er, 9lectrum, Platinum, Iron annealed". <1 7er# !oft1 8old, /opper, Lead, Tin, Pe$ter, !older, Magnesium. 91 Light$eight1 5alrulite aluminum" - e(ui+alent hardness to categor# ). *e$ allo#s should be categoriEed appropriatel# b# the <M." Refer to a specific metal description for an# adjustments to item sa+ing thro$s or other properties. Man# e&otic metals ha+e unusual properties affecting combat. Pure mercur# ma# not be used as a $eapon or armour $ithout po$erful enchantments to solidif# it e.g., permanent chill metal"R solid mercur# is categor# <.

7able **: #( of armo)rs made $rimaril! of s$ecialt! metals
Metal $ype ' ! & Armour !lasses C C C A A C B A A B A A 0 B *, @ 0 *,

A Armour $ype !tudded leather, Ring Mail )rigandine, !cale /hain Mail, Metal Lamllar !plin, )anded Plate Mail Plate ,rmour C A B 0 @ =

E C A B B 0 @ !omments /, <1 *ote 4 /, <1 *ote 4 /, <1 *ote @ /, <1 *ote = 91 *ote =R ), /1 *ote 0R ),91 *ote B 91 *ote =R ), /1 *ote 0R ),91 *ote B

*otes 0; This armour must be mended after each combat in $hich the $earer $as struck b# at least one $eapon or suffer a 34 penalt# to armour class. Repair re(uires a successful armourer proficienc# check at 3=. If unrepaired armour sees use in combat, refer to *ote =. B; This armour must sa+e +s. crushing blo$ if struck b# a bludgeoning or slashing hit from a $eapon made primaril# of a harder metal or suffer a cumulati+e 34 penalt# to ,/. A; This armour must sa+e +s. crushing blo$ if struck b# a piercing or slashing hit from a $eapon made primaril# of a harder metal or suffer a cumulati+e 34 penalt# to ,/. C; This armour must sa+e +s. crushing blo$ if struck b# an# hit from a $eapon made primaril# of a harder metal or suffer a cumulati+e 34 penalt# to ,/. ?; /ritical failure a natural roll of 4" on a sa+ing tho$ made as the result of a $eapon strike means that the armour is destro#ed. [*,\ means armour of this t#pe is impossible to make $ith metal of that categor#. If armour is e+er damaged to the point $here it pro+ides no protection natural ,/4:" then it is considered destro#ed. <estro#ed armour ma# onl# be used as scrap to make ne$ armour. Repair of damaged armour re(uires a successful armourer proficienc# check $ith a penalt# of one less than the penalt# the armour suffers. Repair re(uires proper tools pliers, a$l, hammer, $ire, an+il". Dithout proper tools, onl# 4 point of ,/ penalt# ma# be repaired. These rules do not appl# to normal t#pe ," armoursR these armours are listed onl# for comparison.

7able ***: (ombat ad4)stments for :ea$ons made $rimaril! of s$ecialt! metals

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


A Weapon $ype PiercingHMelee PiercingHMissile )ludgeoningHMelee )ludgeoningHMissile !lashing : : : : :

Metal $ype ' ! & !om"at Modi.iers 4 = @ : 4 = : -4 -= : : : -4 -@ *,

E 4 4 : : -4 !omments /, <1 -4,-= +s. unarmoured skin <1 = dmg +s armour <1 -4 +s unarmoured skinR 91 -= dmg Lead, 8old, Plat1 34 dmgR 91 -= dmg /1 -= +s unarmoured skin

*umbers listed are modifiers to hitR unless other$ise stated, modifiers to damage are less se+ere b# one than the listed number. Metals of t#pe / must sa+e +s. crushing blo$ after each successful hit upon an armoured opponent or suffer a cumulati+e -4 to hit and damage. Metals of t#pe < must sa+e +s. crushing blo$ after each successful hit upon an armoured opponent or suffer a cumulati+e -= to hit and -4 to damage. )ludgeoningHMelee $eapons make these sa+es at 3= to the die rollR )ludgeoningHMissile t#pe $eapons ne+er suffer a penalt# to damage. [*,\ means $eapons of this t#pe are impossible to make $ith metal of that categor#. Deapons e&ceeding a total penalt# to hit of -B at an# time are considered broken and must be reforged. Deapons crafted from metals of t#pe / or < ma# be repaired $ithout a forge. 6sing the proper tools, a successful $eaponsmithing proficienc# check ma# repair 4 point of penalt# to hit and 4 point of penalt# to damageR failure means the $eapon suffers additional -4 to hit and -4 to damage and is subject to breakage". 6sing this method, a series of successful repairs can return the $eapon to its normal state. These rules do not appl# to normal t#pe ," $eaponsR these are listed onl# for comparison.

Meta&s of the 'orgotten !ea&ms


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