November 3, 2013

Iowa State - 87 Augustana - 65

An Interview With:

THE MODERATOR: uestions !or "oa#h$

Q. Was this invaluable, the way the game was calle , !ea y "#! seas#n #$ening% "OA"H M#"A%%ER&: I thin' it was inva(ua)(e in a (ot o! wa*s$ "(ear(* the ga+e is going to )e #a((e, ,i!!erent(* at (east !or a whi(e- i! not the rest o! the season .ut I thin' there/s a #ou0(e o! wa*s *ou #an go with this ga+e$ &ou #an s#he,u(e however *ou want$ &ou #an !in, a tea+ that gra,uate, ever*)o,* or *ou #an !in, a tea+ that/s got ever*)o,* )a#'$ &ou #an 0(a* a tea+ that was 12-17 or *ou #an 0(a* a tea+ that wins #ha+0ionshi0s an, is 13-8 an, has a terri!i# #oa#h$ I 'new what we were going to get !ro+ this tea+ the ,a* we s#he,u(e, this ga+e$ We got out0(a*e, an, we won the ga+e$ We were su)stantia((* out0(a*e, to,a* )* that tea+$ An, I thin' it/s e4a#t(* what our tea+ nee,e, to,a*$ I thin' we nee,e, to get out!oughtto get out0(a*e,$ We nee,e, a tea+ that was going to !or#e us into so+e +ista'es- an, we ,i, so+e things that were goo,- ,i, enough goo, things to win an, there were so+e in,ivi,ua( 0er!or+an#es that I thought were terri!i#$ I thought Woo,)ur* was terri!i#$ Aaron White was terri!i#$ 5a#h M#"a)e- s0e#ta#u(ar$ There were so+e great in,ivi,ua( 0er!or+an#es !or us an, so+e gu*s that ste00e, u0 when things weren/t going we(($ Throughout the #ourse o! the season *ou noti#e so+eti+es things

go we((- so+eti+es things ,on/t go we(($ It wasn/t going we(($ We weren/t +a'ing shots$ We weren/t +a'ing 0(a*s$ Our assist nu+)ers 0er !ie(, goa( were horren,ous$ I thought we ha, too +an* turnovers !or a tea+ that was 0(a*ing a #ontaine, 0ress )a#' to a 6one +at#hu0$ The* weren/t rea((* 0ressuring us$ So I thin' it was a great o00ortunit* !or us to 0(a* a tea+ that/s use, to winning- that/s 0h*si#a((* #a0a)(e o! #o+0eting- an, have to ,o so+e things in that 0erio, o! ti+e where we ,i, so+e things that won the ga+e or we were going to rea((* go in the #o+0(ete o00osite ,ire#tion an, strugg(e the who(e ti+e$ .e#ause we strugg(e, a (ot to,a*$ Q. &i y#u e'$ect Augustana t# #ut$lay (#wa% "OA"H M#"A%%ER&: I ,i,n/t e40e#t the+ to out0(a* us$ I e40e#te, the+ to )e rea((* goo,$ What I sai, was the* out0(a*e, us$ I ,i,n/t e40e#t the+ to out0(a* us$ Q. Clemm#ns, what)s the issue% "OA"H M#"A%%ER&: He twea'e, his an'(e on %ri,a*$ He/(( )e goo,$ He was sti(( a (itt(e )it swo((en- a (itt(e )it sore to,a*$ I! he ha, to- he #ou(, have gone$ It wasn/t worth 0ushing it$ I thought he wou(, )e )etter )* to,a*$ He/(( 0ro)a)(* )e goo, )* Tues,a*$ Q. &# y#u e'$ect him t# $lay F!i ay% "OA"H M#"A%%ER&: E40e#t hi+ to 0(a* %ri,a*$ Q. *+$#int !ange, ,+-.% "OA"H M#"A%%ER&: We/ve )een shooting the )a(( we(( !ro+ 7-0oint range$ Againwe starte, 0oor(*$ We 8a#'e, a !ew- the*/re in the 6one$ It/s goo, to see 5a#h hit one ear(*$ He/s rea((* the on(* one that hit one ear(*$ The other one we hit was (ate$ .ut 9ete was a (itt(e )it gun sh*- whi#h is not nor+a((* hi+$ He 8ust !ire, too :ui#'(* an,

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+isse, a #ou0(e$ He shot a (itt(e )it as an a!terthought$ I want hi- i! he/s o0en- to shoot it$ An, one ti+e he ha, a wi,e o0en 7 an, he trie, to !ee, the high 0ost an, turne, it over$ Shoot the )a(($ He/(( get that !igure, out$ Q. /h#ughts #n the technical% "OA"H M#"A%%ER&: I thin' he was a (itt(e )it ants* when he !ou(e, the 7-0oint shooter an, the 'i, +a,e it$ %our-0oint 0(a*$ He has great 0ri,e in hi+se(!$ So he !ee(s (i'e he (et his tea+ ,own when he +a'es a +ista'e (i'e that$ .ut we ha, tra00e, on the si,e$ We trie, to rotate$ He wha#'s out on the shooter$ He got there a)out ha(! se#on, (ate$ Trie, not to !ou( the gu*$ %ou(e, hi+$ O! #ourse the 'i, +a'es it$ The goo, thing !or ;a)e was he #a+e )a#' an, ,i, so+e rea((* goo, things a!ter he +a,e so+e +ista'es$ An, I thin' that/s a )ig ste0 !or hi+$ Q. /hey g#t s#me $enet!ati#n+wise t# the bas0et. Was that $##! e"ense, $##! #""ense% "OA"H M#"A%%ER&: Their o!!ense got us a(( s0rea, out- an, we were 0ressuring the ne4t 0ass$ So the < is on the O$ We ,i,n/t 0(a* so+e gu*s #orre#t(*$ An, the* have so+e gu*s who #an ,rive$ The* a(so ha, a s+a(( (ineu0- we ha, a )ig (ineu0$ We #ou(, have a,8uste, to that$ .ut again we !e(t we ha, so+e a,vantages on the other en,$ Q. What i y#u thin0 #" 1#0% "OA"H M#"A%%ER&: De!ensive(* he was not goo,$ I thought the goo, thing was he ,i, show so+e aggressiveness$ He ,i, en, u0 with si4 0oints- got to the !ree-throw (ine a #ou0(e ti+es when he rea((* nee,e, it$ An,- (i'e I sai,- I/, (i'e to see hi+ shoot the )a(( as soon as he/s o0en- )ut he/s going to have to )e a )etter ,e!en,er at this (eve( to )e e!!e#tive- )e#ause the gu*s he/s going to )e guar,ing in this (eague- the*/re 'i((ers$ Q. What ab#ut 2th#""% "OA"H M#"A%%ER&: He (oo'e, nervous to +e at the start o! the ga+e$ We a(( !orget- I tr* not to !orget an*wa*- he hasn/t 0(a*e, in two *ears$ An, !irst ti+e out there in Iowa uni!or+ I thought he ,i, so+e rea((* goo, things$ .ut it too' hi+ a (itt(e )it o! ti+e to sett(e ,own$ An, what ha00ens is he ,oesn/t ta'e shots that he nor+a((* ta'es$ He/s tea++ates e40e#t

hi+ to ta'e shots- he 0i#'s u0 his ,ri))(e an, then he gets 8a++e, u0 an, now he/s strugg(ing$ He/s si,ewa*s an, we nee, hi+ to 8ust )e +ore aggressive$ He/s too goo, an o!!ensive 0(a*er$ He/s o0en !ro+ three- shoot it$ I! he ,oes a #rossover ,ri))(e- e()ow raise u0 an, get the 0u(( u0- shoot it$ He was hesitant I thin' the !irst ti+e I 0ut hi+ in$ The se#on, ti+e he was +u#h )etter an, the se#on, ha(! he was +u#h )etter$ Fast3c!i$ts by A3A4 3$#!ts

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