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Media Release

18th July 2013 CBS REMOVES 8 UNSAFE PRODUCTS IN 12 MONTHS The Office of Consumer and Business Services have recalled 8 unsafe products from shelves in the last financial year due to the vigilance of South ustralia!s "roduct Safety Officers# The Commissioner of Consumer and Business Services "aul $hite said that since July 2012% "roduct Safety Officers have conducted over &'0 retail inspections and e(amined over )%'00 items for sale in South ustralia# *These e(aminations have resulted in 33 product lines +eing removed from sale and 8 items +eing the su+,ect of national voluntary recalls#The 8 products su+,ect to a recall comprised of Ba+ies ./! 0s dummies% "aradise 1ro2th Ba+y Toys% 0ppa+a+y Strollers% Curapro( +a+y dummies% 3ncy 3nteriors /eece Cots% Britt /omper ll in Ones% and t2o models of 4c1loins hot 2ater +ottles# The products 2ere removed as they 2ere missing important safety information for consumers% including 2arnings a+out cho5ing ha6ards and fire danger# 7ational "roduct Safety standards and +ans are in place to identify hidden dangers in common household products% and these items 2ere identified as li5ely to cause serious in,ury and sometimes death 2hen used incorrectly# *Our officers continually conduct mar5etplace surveillance for these products to identify instances of non compliance% 2hich could pose a danger to the pu+lic- 4r $hite said# The specific details of recalls% including the identified ha6ard and the action re8uired to +e ta5en +y consumers can +e found on the /ecalls ustralia 2e+site% 222#recalls#gov#au# 3nformation relating to product safety is availa+le through the "roduct Safety ustralia 2e+site at 222#productsafety#gov#au# 3f you have any product safety concerns please contact CBS on 131 882 or visit the 2e+site at 222#c+s#sa#gov#au#