The Battle of Medina Historical Society and the Southside Independent School District presents this Historic and

Educational Event

The 200th Anniversary of the “Battle of Medina”
The biggest and bloodiest battle ever fought on Texas soil. This battle was fought between the Spanish forces of General Juaquin de Arredondo and the Republican Army of the North led by Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara who founded the first constitutional government of Texas on April 6, 1813. Over a thousand Tejanos would fight and die in the battle of Medina. So disastrous was this battle that one third of the Tejano population would be dead, one third would flee to Louisiana and the remaining third would live in terror. So determined were our ancestors to achieve victory that they preferred to die on their feet than live on their knees and it was a fight to the last man. The reenactment will take place on the football field of Losoya High School 1460 Martinez-Losoya Road during the schools annual “Cardinal Fest.” Reenactors should arrive at 9:30 AM on Saturday November 16, 2013 for rehearsal. All wishing to participate, including women and children must dress in period attire eg; Tejano, Indigenous, Spanish soldier or colonial frontiersman.

Schedule of events  10-11 AM Parade Line-up  11:15 AM Parade begins  12 PM Battle Reenactment begins  12:30 Fest begins Dan Arellano President Battle of Medina Historical Society 512-826-7569

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