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Published by: Robert B. Sklaroff on Nov 04, 2013
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Illustrating established themes, Dem calls for law to require all doctors to treat Medicaid/Medicare patients, Some

'Substandard' Health Insurance Plans Were Pretty Good, GALLUP shows OBAMA CRASHES TO 40%, the GOP civil-war continues [NRSC’s-Josh-Holmes-Just-Cost-Mitch-McConnell-HisPrimary], & a GOP Rep. Predicts Half of Republican Caucus Will Support Immigration Reform Legislation. Young People Will Not Save ObamaCare By Ross Schriftman, Ross Schriftman Insurance Almost everyone has bought into the idea that, if lots of young people enroll in insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, premiums will be stabilized and affordable. I have my doubts. The numbers do not add up. First, the Obama Administration goal is to enroll 2.7 million young people in the exchanges. The total enrollment goal by March 1st is 7 million. For this concept to work, not only do these people have to enroll, they must then pay their premiums on an ongoing basis and use very little healthcare. Someone needs to tell the ObamaCare promoters that a significant number of young people do get sick and have serious health problems including drug and alcohol abuse, mental conditions included attempted suicide and other conditions like diabetes. Young people are a large percentage of the victims of violent crime resulting in many having lifetime injuries requiring extensive treatment. Young people also represent a large portion of the people injured in car accidents. Many young people sustain sports injuries as well. It is good public policy to insure these people, but I doubt that adding them to the insurance rolls will have any significant effect reducing everyone else's costs. There is also this moral hazard. If you force someone to buy a product, they will use it. Some may take this course and load up on medical services to try and recover the premiums being charged. Even if none of the above were true, the other people who will be enrolling are either losing coverage or now can get coverage when they perceive they need care. Many of the millions being dropped from their current coverage are in guaranteed issue policies. For example, Independence Blue Cross in Southeastern Pennsylvania is migrating 27,000 members from their guaranteed issue plans into the exchange plans. None of these enrollees faced medical underwriting when they got their coverage. If they were healthy, they would have applied for the regular individual market plans. The reality of ObamaCare is that rates for almost everyone will be higher except for those receiving a substantial taxpayer-paid subsidy. So, I can't see how a few million young people enrolling will save us from this disaster. All roads again point to Mike, for he is complicit in the predictable sequellae; indeed, BHO probably doesn’t care if his polling drops, for ObamaCare will be implemented and funded…as of 1/1/2014.


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