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Published by: A.K.A. Haji on Nov 04, 2013
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Eclectic Energies

Working with your energetic state
written by Ewald Berkers
From the website at
-- SAMPLE --
Copyright © Ewald Berkers 2003 - 2011
Enneagram type names: Copyright, 2001, The Enneagram nstit!te - "ll #ights #eser$ed
"ll rights reser$ed% &o part o' this p!bli(ation may be reprod!(ed or (opied by any means,
ele(troni(, me(hani(al, photo(opying, re(ording, or otherwise, witho!t the prior written
permission o' the a!thor%
About this text
This te)t has been a!thored by Ewald Berkers *the &etherlands+%
t was originally p!blished on the website www%e(le(ti(energies%(om *parts earlier on
www%,energies%in'o +%
wo!ld like to e)press my gratit!de to the 'ollowing people 'or helping me o!t%
n parti(!lar -arie, 'or the enneagram type des(riptions, many o' the .!estions in the
enneagram test, many o' the book des(riptions, editing and $ario!s help'!l (omments% /itho!t
her help, this site wo!ldn0t ha$e been what it is now%
1ina, 'or the name o' the site *E(le(ti( Energies+, the pi(t!res o' the Chinese (oins, and
'eedba(k on the estheti(s%
2anet, 'or part o' the .!estions identi'ying 3e$ens in the enneagram test%
"nnie, 'or (he(king the (hakra test%
The a!thor is not responsible 'or any damage to yo!r health yo! get as a res!lt o' !sing this
Eclectic Energies
Working with your energetic state.
Assessing it by using the ! "hing or the chakra test or tuning it by doing chakra
meditations exercises or other techni#ues.
"hakras *11+
1o the (hakra test on the site to learn the state o'
yo!r (hakras and open the ones ne(essary !sing the
(hakra meditations
Acu$ressure *23+
"(!press!re points 'or emotional well-being
Energy Exercises *34+
5ptimi6e yo!r energeti( state with these e)er(ises
and m!dras
! "hing
7"$ailable separately8
Energy and the Enneagram *40+
Energy 9ealing 'or the Enneagram personality
types: do the Enneagram test on the website
to 'ind o!t yo!r type
Ego *;<+
=earn abo!t the ego and the !n(ons(io!s
To work with yo!r energeti( state, it is ne(essary to be aware o' what that state is, and ha$e
te(hni.!es to t!ne it%
t (o!ld 'or e)ample be seen as the state o' yo!r (hakras, whether they are open, !nder-a(ti$e
or o$er-a(ti$e, b!t also as the he)agram in the Ching that applies to yo! at a parti(!lar
moment% t is also, o' (o!rse, important to be aware o' how yo! 'eel%
Energy te(hni.!es to (hange yo!r state are 'or e)ample the (hakra meditations and the
e)er(ises% 'o!nd the (hanges in (ons(io!sness that these te(hni.!es make possible, are m!(h
better 'or yo!r health and m!(h more s!ited to s!pporting yo! than dr!gs (an e$er be, be(a!se
they0re (loser to the energies yo!0re (onstit!ted o'%
t is a good idea to e)periment with them *and others, 'or that matter+% This helps to be(ome
aware o' what yo! need and don0t need% -aybe e$en more important is that this helps yo! learn
to a(t!ally 'eel the energies in yo!%
Do the chakra test to learn the state o% your chakras and o$en the ones necessary using the
chakra meditations.
• ntrod!(tion to the Chakras *11+
/hat the (hakras are, and their properties%
• Chakra test *www%e(le(ti(energies%(om>(hakras>(hakratest%php+
?ind o!t the states o' yo!r (hakras by doing the (hakra test on the website%
• 5pening the Chakras *1@+
9ow to open the (hakras by per'orming (hakra meditations%
• /orking with the Chakras *1,+
9ow to pro(eed while working with yo!r (hakras%
&ackground in%ormation
• 9ow emotions a''e(t the (hakras *20+
Emotions and states that are able to (lose down (hakras%
• 1i''erent $iews o' the (hakras *20+
1i''eren(es in names, lo(ations and properties attrib!ted to the (hakras%
Acu$ressure $oints and techni#ues.
• 9ow to do "(!press!re *23+
"(!press!re te(hni.!es% 9ow to toni'y and red!(e points%
• nde) to the "(!press!re Aoints *2B+
=ook !p points 'or emotional well-being%
• "(!press!re Aoints *2<+
"ll points to impro$e emotional well-being%
&ackground in%ormation
• Emotions and the -eridians *3@+
9ow emotions a''e(t the a(!p!n(t!re meridians%
Energy Exercises
'$timi(e your energetic state.
Energy Exercises
• E)er(ises 'or better Energy 'low *34+
" set o' stret(hing e)er(ises that promote energy 'low%
• ?oot sole re'le) massage *3;+
Csing a roller to massage yo!r 'oot sole, and some e)periments to learn abo!t re'le)
• -editation *@;+
9ow to meditate and what it does 'or yo!%
• ntrod!(tion to m!dras *3<+
/hat m!dras are and how to !se them%
• 3et o' @ m!dras *@0+
-!dra set 'or balan(ing energy%
• nde) to the m!dras *3,+
=ook !p m!dras 'or emotional well-being%
• Colle(tion o' m!dras *@1+
-!dras 'or emotional and physi(al well-being%
•3o what is energyD *@,+
Chi > Ei > Arana%
Energy and the Enneagram
Learn your $ersonality ty$e by taking the Enneagram test and enhance your emotional well-
being with the Energy )ealing recommendations %or each Enneagram ty$e. *hese consist o%
acu$ressure $oints and chakra meditations.
*he Enneagram
• ntrod!(tion to the Enneagram *40+
The Enneagram system o' the nine personality types%
• Enneagram type 5ne *4@+, Two *44+, Three *4B+, ?o!r *4;+, ?i$e *4<+, 3i) *4,+,
3e$en *B0+, Eight *B1+, &ine *B2+
1es(riptions o' the personality types%
• nstin(t!al $ariants *43+
The sel'-preser$ation, the se)!al and the so(ial instin(t%
• Enneagram Test *www%e(le(ti(energies%(om>enneagram>test%php+
1etermine yo!r Enneagram personality type *only a$ailable on the website+%
Energy )ealing %or the Enneagram ty$es
• Type 1
The #e'ormer *B@+
• Type 2
The 9elper *B4+
• Type 3
The "(hie$er *BB+
• Type @
The ndi$id!alist *B;+
• Type 4
The n$estigator *B,+
• Type B
The =oyalist *;1+
• Type ;
The Enth!siast *;3+
• Type <
The Challenger *;@+
• Type ,
The Aea(emaker *;4+
Additional in%ormation
• "dditional ways o' working on yo!rsel' *;;+
3ome ideas 'or sel'-de$elopment%
• "bo!t the Enneagram Test
3ome ba(kgro!nd in'ormation abo!t the enneagram test *only a$ailable on the
*he Ego and the +nconscious
What the ego is and how it is made out o% the unconscious.
• The 1e'ensi$e Ego *;<+
9ow the ego prote(ts and de'ends itsel' 'rom !npleasant 'eelings%
• The Cn(ons(io!s *;,+
/hat the !n(ons(io!s is, and how it works%
• The 3!perego *<1+
The s!perego that, in irrational ways, makes !s adhere to lots o' r!les%
• Being Fo!rsel' *<2+
1ealing with the !n(ons(io!s to be more yo!rsel'%
More in%ormation
• Energy, ntent and the Ego *<3+
9ow the ego and the !n(ons(io!s relate to the s!bGe(ts o' the other se(tions o' this
!ndex to the energy techni#ues %or emotional well-being.
"((eptan(e m!dra *@1+
HB-@@ a(!press!re *2<+
=-11 a(!press!re *2,+
=I-2 a(!press!re *30+
=I-1 a(!press!re *30+
&a$el (hakra meditation *14+
@ m!dra set *@0+
Energy e)er(ises *34+
Hyan m!dra *@@+
=-@ a(!press!re *2,+
#oot (hakra e)er(ises *1<+
#oot (hakra meditation *1@+
3A-B a(!press!re *32+
3T-3B a(!press!re *32+
Clarity o' mind
Energy e)er(ises *34+
3-4 a(!press!re *32+
9eart (hakra meditation *14+
3a(ral (hakra meditation *1@+
9eart (hakra meditation *14+
@ m!dra set *@0+
Hyan m!dra *@@+
9akini m!dra *@@+
3-4 a(!press!re *32+
Crown (hakra
Crown (hakra meditation *1;+
HB-@@ a(!press!re *2<+
&a$el (hakra meditation *14+
=I-3 a(!press!re *30+
HB-@@ a(!press!re *2<+
3-4 a(!press!re *32+
Emotion, too m!(h
A-; a(!press!re *31+
=C-1 a(!press!re *30+
=C-3 a(!press!re *30+
@ m!dra set *@0+
"pan m!dra *@2+
Energy e)er(ises *34+
?oot massage *3;+
Aran m!dra *@4+
Arith$i m!dra *@4+
3T-3B a(!press!re *32+
Energy 'low
Energy e)er(ises *34+
E)(itement, too m!(h
A-; a(!press!re *31+
3a(ral (hakra meditation *1@+
TB-4 a(!press!re *33+
"hamkara m!dra *@2+
E-3 a(!press!re *2<+
E-@ a(!press!re *2<+
E-B a(!press!re *2,+
#oot (hakra e)er(ises *1<+
#oot (hakra meditation *1@+
3A-B a(!press!re *32+
3a(ral (hakra meditation *1@+
TB-4 a(!press!re *33+
HB-@@ a(!press!re *2<+
3-1, a(!press!re *31+
3-4 a(!press!re *32+
=-@ a(!press!re *2,+
=C-1 a(!press!re *30+
=C-3 a(!press!re *30+
=C-; a(!press!re *31+
=C-, a(!press!re *31+
Energy e)er(ises *34+
?oot massage *3;+
Hyan m!dra *@@+
#oot (hakra e)er(ises *1<+
#oot (hakra meditation *1@+
9eart (hakra
9eart (hakra meditation *14+
nner worth
=C-1 a(!press!re *30+
=C-3 a(!press!re *30+
Third eye (hakra meditation *1B+
nternal emptiness
=C-1 a(!press!re *30+
=C-3 a(!press!re *30+
Bh!dy m!dra *@3+
Third eye (hakra meditation *1B+
3A-B a(!press!re *32+
=isten to one0s heart
3-1, a(!press!re *31+
=C-3 a(!press!re *30+
=C-, a(!press!re *31+
&a$el (hakra
&a$el (hakra meditation *14+
Energy e)er(ises *34+
#oot (hakra e)er(ises *1<+
#oot (hakra meditation *1@+
3A-B a(!press!re *32+
3T-3B a(!press!re *32+
5neness with the world
Crown (hakra meditation *1;+
=I-1 a(!press!re *30+
&a$el (hakra meditation *14+
3h!ni m!dra *@B+
Energy e)er(ises *34+
=I-3 a(!press!re *30+
3A-B a(!press!re *32+
E-B a(!press!re *2,+
#oot (hakra
#oot (hakra e)er(ises *1<+
#oot (hakra meditation *1@+
3a(ral (hakra
3a(ral (hakra meditation *1@+
3e(!re, 'eeling
#oot (hakra e)er(ises *1<+
#oot (hakra meditation *1@+
3T-3B a(!press!re *32+
"hamkara m!dra *@2+
"pan m!dra *@2+
&a$el (hakra meditation *14+
=I-1 a(!press!re *30+
&a$el (hakra meditation *14+
3a(ral (hakra meditation *1@+
TB-4 a(!press!re *33+
Throat (hakra meditation *1B+
TB-1; a(!press!re *33+
TB-4 a(!press!re *33+
=I-1 a(!press!re *30+
&a$el (hakra meditation *14+
#oot (hakra e)er(ises *1<+
#oot (hakra meditation *1@+
3pirit!al emptiness
=C-, a(!press!re *31+
@ m!dra set *@0+
Energy e)er(ises *34+
Arith$i m!dra *@4+
3T-3B a(!press!re *32+
#oot (hakra meditation *1@+
3T-3B a(!press!re *32+
3a(ral (hakra meditation *1@+
Thinking too m!(h
3A-B a(!press!re *32+
3T-3B a(!press!re *32+
Third Eye (hakra
Third eye (hakra meditation *1B+
Throat (hakra
Throat (hakra meditation *1B+
"hamkara m!dra *@2+
HB-@@ a(!press!re *2<+
&a$el (hakra meditation *14+
3T-3B a(!press!re *32+
Cnblo(k emotions
=I-3 a(!press!re *30+
3a(ral (hakra meditation *1@+
TB-4 a(!press!re *33+
E-B a(!press!re *2,+
&a$el (hakra meditation *14+
E-@ a(!press!re *2<+
&a$el (hakra meditation *14+
3A-B a(!press!re *32+
3T-3B a(!press!re *32+
C9"E#"3 11
!ntroduction to the chakras
What chakras are and their $sychological $ro$erties.
Chakras are (enters o' energy, lo(ated on the midline o' the body% There are se$en o' them,
and they go$ern o!r psy(hologi(al properties% The (hakras lo(ated on the lower part o' o!r
body are o!r instin(t!al side, the highest ones o!r mental side%
The (hakras (an ha$e $ario!s le$els o' a(ti$ity% /hen they0re Jopen,J
they0re (onsidered operati$e in a normal 'ashion%
deally, all (hakras wo!ld (ontrib!te to o!r being% 5!r instin(ts
wo!ld work together with o!r 'eelings and thinking% 9owe$er, this is
!s!ally not the (ase% 3ome (hakras are not open eno!gh *being
!nder-a(ti$e+, and to (ompensate, other (hakras are o$er-a(ti$e%
The ideal state is where the (hakras are balan(ed% To 'ind o!t what
the state o' yo!r (hakras is, do the (hakra test on the website%
There e)ist lots o' te(hni.!es to balan(e the (hakras% -ostly
te(hni.!es to open (hakras are !sed% t makes no sense to try to make o$er-a(ti$e (hakras less
a(ti$e, as they are (ompensating 'or other (hakras% To restore the (ompensation they0d be o$er-
a(ti$e again in no time% To stop them 'rom (ompensating, the (hakras they are (ompensating
'or m!st be opened%
, - -oot chakra
The #oot (hakra is abo!t being physi(ally there and 'eeling at home in sit!ations% ' it is open,
yo! 'eel gro!nded, stable and se(!re% Fo! don0t !nne(essarily distr!st people% Fo! 'eel present
in the here and now and (onne(ted to yo!r physi(al body% Fo! 'eel yo! ha$e s!''i(ient territory%
' yo! tend to be 'ear'!l or ner$o!s, yo!r #oot (hakra is probably !nder-a(ti$e% Fo!0d easily 'eel
' this (hakra is o$er-a(ti$e, yo! may be $ery materialisti( and greedy% Fo!0re probably obsessed
with being se(!re and resist (hange%
. - Sacral chakra
The 3a(ral (hakra is abo!t 'eeling and se)!ality% /hen it is open, yo!r 'eelings 'low 'reely, and
are e)pressed witho!t yo! being o$er-emotional% Fo! are open to intima(y and yo! (an be
passionate and li$ely% Fo! ha$e no problems dealing with yo!r se)!ality%
' yo! tend to be sti'' and !nemotional or ha$e a Jpoker 'a(e,J the 3a(ral (hakra is !nder-
a(ti$e% Fo!0re not $ery open to people%
C9"E#"3 12
' this (hakra is o$er-a(ti$e, yo! tend to be emotional all the time% Fo!0ll 'eel emotionally
atta(hed to people and yo! (an be $ery se)!al%
/ - 0a1el chakra
The &a$el (hakra is abo!t asserting yo!rsel' in a gro!p% /hen it is open, yo! 'eel in (ontrol and
yo! ha$e s!''i(ient sel' esteem%
/hen the &a$el (hakra is !nder-a(ti$e, yo! tend to be passi$e and inde(isi$e% Fo!0re probably
timid and don0t get what yo! want%
' this (hakra is o$er-a(ti$e, yo! are domineering and probably e$en aggressi$e%
2 - )eart chakra
The 9eart (hakra is abo!t lo$e, kindness and a''e(tion% /hen it is open, yo! are (ompassionate
and 'riendly, and yo! work at harmonio!s relationships%
/hen yo!r 9eart (hakra is !nder-a(ti$e, yo! are (old and distant%
' this (hakra is o$er-a(ti$e, yo! are s!''o(ating people with yo!r lo$e and yo!r lo$e probably
has .!ite sel'ish reasons%
3 - *hroat chakra
The Throat (hakra is abo!t sel'-e)pression and talking% /hen it is open, yo! ha$e no problems
e)pressing yo!rsel', and yo! might be doing so as an artist%
/hen this (hakra is !nder-a(ti$e, yo! tend not to speak m!(h, and yo! probably are intro$erted
and shy% &ot speaking the tr!th may blo(k this (hakra%
' this (hakra is o$er-a(ti$e, yo! tend to speak too m!(h, !s!ally to domineer and keep people
at a distan(e% Fo!0re a bad listener i' this is the (ase%
4 - *hird Eye chakra
The Third Eye (hakra is abo!t insight and $is!alisation% /hen it is open, yo! ha$e a good
int!ition% Fo! may tend to 'antasi6e%
' it is !nder-a(ti$e, yo!0re not $ery good at thinking 'or yo!rsel', and yo! may tend to rely on
a!thorities% Fo! may be rigid in yo!r thinking, relying on belie's too m!(h% Fo! might e$en get
(on'!sed easily%
' this (hakra is o$er-a(ti$e, yo! may li$e in a world o' 'antasy too m!(h% n e)(essi$e (ases
hal!(inations are possible%
C9"E#"3 13
5 - "rown chakra
The Crown (hakra is abo!t wisdom and being one with the world% /hen this (hakra is open, yo!
are !npreG!di(ed and .!ite aware o' the world and yo!rsel'%
' it is !nder-a(ti$e, yo!0re not $ery aware o' spirit!ality% Fo!0re probably .!ite rigid in yo!r
' this (hakra is o$er-a(ti$e, yo! are probably intelle(t!ali6ing things too m!(h% Fo! may be
addi(ted to spirit!ality and are probably ignoring yo!r bodily needs%
"hakra *est
*ake the chakra test on the website to %ind out how o$en each o% your chakras is.
The .!estionnaire (onsists o' 4B .!estions, to whi(h yo! (an answer Jnot at allJ thro!gh
Jde'initely%J Try to be as honest as possible abo!t yo!rsel', as this will get yo! the most
a((!rate res!lts%
&e)t to a list indi(ating whether ea(h (hakra is !nder-a(ti$e, open or o$er-a(ti$e, the test
res!lts (onsist o' a graph displaying the a(ti$ity o' ea(h (hakra%
The (hakra test is at:
The (hakra test is also a$ailable as so'tware 'or installation on a /indows (omp!ter%
"CCA#E33C#E 2<
Acu$ressure Points
*hese are acu$ressure $oints %or emotional well-being. *heir location $hotogra$h use and
warnings are listed.
 6&-22
 7!-/
 7!-2
 7!-4
 L!-,,
 L!-2
 L!8-,
 L!8-.
 L!8-/
 L+-,
 L+-/
 L+-5
 L+-9
 P-5
 S!-,9
 S!-3
 SP-4
 S*-/4
 *&-,5
 *&-3
0ame: Fin Aortals o' the ?oot *Hall
Bladder @@+
Location: 5n the 'o!rth toe, in the
o!ter (orner o' the nail *so near the
smallest toe+%
+se: Aress%
E%%ects: Enhan(es de(isi$eness and
'o(!s, while resol$ing anger% ?or

0ame: 3!preme 3tream *Eidney 3+
Location: 5n the inside o' the 'oot, hal'way between the "(hilles-
tendon and the side o' the ankle-bone%
+se: Aress%
E%%ects: 9eals e''e(ts on the body o' too m!(h 'ear% *"lso 'or lower

E&E#HF EKE#C3E3 34
Energy Exercises
*hese exercises are meant to increase energy %low throughout the body. *hey are mostly
stretches %or the acu$uncture meridians and the s$ine.
"s this set o' e)er(ises is easy and doesn0t take m!(h time to do, it0s ideal to start the day with%
' yo!0re not !sed to doing e)er(ise in the morning, yo! might 'ind it wakes yo! !p better than a
(!p o' (o''ee% t makes yo! 'eel (learer and (almer and better able to 'a(e (hallenges%
?or all e)er(ises: keep yo!r body as rela)ed as possible and breath 'rom yo!r belly% 1o them 'or
the le't and the right side o' the body%
;lexibility $rocedure %or the %eet
This exercise makes your muscles relaxed and supple, as several acupuncture points that have
this effect are stimulated. As the rest of the exercises go more smoothly when the muscles
are in better condition, this is the perfect one to start with.
1o this while sitting on something low, a bed e%g%
1% A!t the lower part o' yo!r le't leg on top o' the other knee% 9old it with yo!r le't hand by
p!tting the hand o$er the ankle with the th!mb o$er the a(hilles tendon% *1o not press the
th!mb in the spa(e between the tendon and the ankle%+
9old the sole o' the 'oot with yo!r right hand by p!tting the hand o$er the ball o' it%
&ow rotate the 'oot with yo!r right hand 'or say 20 times total% T!rn both dire(tions and keep
the 'oot rela)ed%
2% 9old the le't 'oot with yo!r le't hand on top% 9old all toes with the right hand, by p!tting
the 'ingers on top, th!mb aro!nd the big toe and top part o' the palm !nder the toes% #otate
the toes, both dire(tions, abo!t 20 times% "gain keep the 'oot rela)ed%
#epeat with the right 'oot%
Exercises done while sitting cross-legged
As these exercises are pretty light to do, they are good for doing in the beginning of the set.
3it (ross legged on a mat on the 'loor or on a bed%
- 9old yo!r ankles with yo!r hands, and slowly bend yo!r ba(k 'orwards and ba(kwards%
1o @ - 10 times%
- 3it with yo!r lower legs t!(ked !nder yo!, with yo!r b!tto(ks on yo!r heels% 3lowly bend yo!r
ba(k 'orwards and ba(kwards, while keeping yo!r hands on yo!r knees%
1o @ - 10 times%
- Cross yo!r 'ingers and p!t them in yo!r ne(k% "lternate mo$ing yo!r !pper ba(k sideways, to
the le't and right% =et yo!r elbow almost to!(h the gro!nd at ea(h side%
1o @ - 10 times%
- T!rn yo!r head and look ba(k o$er yo!r sho!lder%
1o this twi(e on both sides%
- Hently p!ll at yo!r ears at all sides%
"s the ears (ontain a(!p!nt!re points that a((ess the whole body, it is a good idea to enhan(e
their (onne(ti$ity by this e)er(ise%
Exercise done while sitting
To open the meridians in the legs.
- 3it on a bed or a mat with yo!r legs straight% "lternate t!rning both o' yo!r 'eet to the right
and to the le't% T!rn 'ar eno!gh 'or the sides o' yo!r 'eet to to!(h the s!r'a(e%
1o abo!t 1 min!te%
Exercises done while standing
To wake up some more.
Het !p on yo!r 'eet and stand with yo!r 'eet parallel, and sho!lder width appart% The knees
sho!ld not be lo(ked, b!t a bit bended and rela)ed, so energy (an 'low !ninterr!pted%
- /alk in pla(e, by alternately stand on the toes o' ea(h 'oot% -o$e the opposite hand
'orwards, as i' walking%
1o 10 - 20 times%
- -o$e G!st yo!r sho!lders aro!nd, !p, to the ba(k, to below, to the 'ront%
1o @ - 10 times%
- T!rn yo!r arms, in windmill 'ashion, in 'ront o' yo!%
1o @ - 10 times%
- T!rn yo!r arm at the side, holding the m!s(le right !nder the armpit with the other hand%
1o with both arms, @ - 10 times%
- Hently stret(h one arm !p and one downward%
The !pper hand with palm 'a(ing !pward, 'ingers pointing to opposite side,
the lower hand with palm 'a(ing downward, 'ingers pointing to the 'ront%
Eeep 'or a one or two se(onds, then slowly and rela)ed (hange positions with palms 'a(ing ea(h
1o @ - 10 times%
- A!t yo!r hands on yo!r hips and t!rn yo!r bottom aro!nd, by mo$ing it to the 'ront, then to
the right, to the ba(k, to the le't, the 'ront, and so on% "lso mo$e (o!nter(lo(kwise%
1o @ - 10 times%
- =et yo!r arms dangle at the sides and t!rn yo!r !pper ba(k aro!nd to the le't, to the right,
and so on% Eeep yo!r arms and !pper body rela)ed, mo$e 'rom yo!r hips%
1o 10 - 20 times%
E&E#HF EKE#C3E3 3;
- A!t yo!r heel on a table or (hair to stret(h the ba(k o' yo!r leg% =ay yo!r hands near the knee
to gently stret(h a bit '!rther%
;oot massage roller
-e%lex (ones on the sole o% your %oot can in%luence you entire body. )ow to massage your
%oot soles using a roller and some ex$eriments.
n nat!ral health stores, one (an b!y a roller that0s intended to
massage the soles o' the 'eet% There are se$eral ways s!(h a roller
may be b!ilt% The one ha$e is 'or one 'oot at a time and has three
separate rollers, b!t there are also rollers that are 'or both 'eet
together, or that ha$e only one roller%
5n the 'eet, and parti(!larly on the soles, there are areas that are
(onne(ted to e$ery part o' the body% By massaging a parti(!lar area
on the sole o' the 'oot, one more or less massages a part *like an
organ+ somewhere else in the body at a distan(e% 5ne (an 'eel that part a(t!ally be(ome warm
while massaging%
This (an ha$e a healing e''e(t or (an be !sed to G!st be(ome a bit more awake% " roller is a
simple way to massage the whole 'oot sole at on(e, and thereby rea(hing the bigger part o' the
There are more body parts that are similarly (onne(ted to the rest o' the body% The hands, the
ears and the 'a(e also are%
5ne (an be(ome aware o' this inner(onne(tedness by some simple
e)periment% #oll the sole o' yo!r 'oot on a broom sti(k *witho!t
broom+ or a t!be or something% /hile the sti(k is pressing on di''erent
parts o' the 'ootsole, yo! (an a(t!ally 'eel it mo$e thro!gh yo!r body
as well% "(t!ally yo! (an sim!ltaneo!sly 'eel it mo$ing thro!gh yo!r
Fo! (an do a similar e)periment with the palm o' yo!r hand%
5n the 'eet, it0s not G!st the sole that has re'le) 6ones% The sides and !pper part o' the 'eet are
sensiti$e as well% Eeep in mind that these parts aren0t massaged by !sing a 'oot massage roller%
E&&E"H#"- 40
!ntroduction to the Enneagram
 *he Enneagram system
 Wings
 Enneagram ty$e descri$tions
*he Enneagram system
The Enneagram is a personality typing system that (onsists o' nine di''erent types% E$eryone is
(onsidered to be one single type, altho!gh one (an ha$e traits belonging to other ones% /hile
it0s !n(ertain whether this type is geneti(ally determined, many belie$e it is already in pla(e at
The nine types *or JenneatypesJ, JenneaJ means JnineJ+ are !ni$ersally identi'ied by the
n!mbers 1 to ,% These n!mbers ha$e a standard way o' being pla(ed aro!nd the Enneagram
symbol% Enneagram a!thors ha$e atta(hed their own indi$id!al names to these n!mbers% 5n
this site the type names by a!thors #iso and 9!dson are !sed% They are

Aeople o' a parti(!lar type ha$e se$eral (hara(teristi(s in (ommon, b!t they (an be .!ite
di''erent ne$ertheless% t depends among other things on their le$el o' mental health%
Cnhealthy *ne!roti(+ people 'rom a parti(!lar type (an look .!ite di''erent 'rom healthy ones%
#iso and 9!dson disting!ish , le$els o' mental health *see their book Aersonality Types+ and
ha$e type des(riptions 'or ea(h le$el o' ea(h enneagram type%
Cs!ally one has (hara(teristi(s o' one o' the types that lie adGa(ent to one0s own that are more
prominent% This is (alled the wing% 3o someone who is a type 4, might ha$e a @ wing or a B
wing% This may be abbre$iated to J4w@J and J4wBJ% ' one doesn0t ha$e a dominant wing, it is
said that the wings are balan(ed%
To 'ind o!t whi(h Enneagram type yo! are, see whi(h des(ription 'its yo! most, or do the 'ree
Enneagram Test on the website%
E&&E"H#"- 41
Enneagram ty$e descri$tions
*y$e , - *he -e%ormer
Per%ectionists res$onsible %ixated on im$ro1ement
5nes are essentially looking to make things better, as they think nothing is e$er .!ite good
eno!gh% This makes them per'e(tionists who want to re'orm and impro$e, who desire to make
order o!t o' the omnipresent (haos% *4@+
*y$e . - *he )el$er
)el$ers who need to be needed
Twos essentially 'eel that they are worthy inso'ar as they are help'!l to others% =o$e is their
highest ideal% 3el'lessness is their d!ty% Hi$ing to others is their reason 'or being% n$ol$ed,
so(ially aware, !s!ally e)tro$erted, Twos are the type o' people who remember e$eryone0s
birthday and who go the e)tra mile to help o!t a (o-worker, spo!se or 'riend in need% *44+
*y$e / - *he Achie1er
;ocused on the $resentation o% success to attain 1alidation
Threes need to be $alidated in order to 'eel worthy: they p!rs!e s!((ess and want to be
admired% They are 're.!ently hard working, (ompeteti$e and are highly 'o(!sed in the p!rs!it
o' their goals, whether their goal is to be the most s!((ess'!l salesman in the (ompany or the
Jse)iestJ woman in their so(ial (ir(le% *4B+
*y$e 2 - *he !ndi1idualist
!dentity seekers who %eel uni#ue and di%%erent
?o!rs b!ild their identities aro!nd their per(eption o' themsel$es as being somehow di''erent
or !ni.!e: they are th!s sel'-(ons(io!sly indi$id!alisti(% They tend to see their di''eren(e 'rom
others as being both a gi't and a (!rse - a gi't, be(a!se it sets them apart 'rom those they
per(ei$e as being somehow J(ommon,J and a (!rse, as it so o'ten seems to separate them 'rom
the simpler 'orms o' happiness that others so readily seem to enGoy% *4;+
*y$e 3 - *he !n1estigator
*hinkers who tend to withdraw and obser1e
?i$es essentially 'ear that they don0t ha$e eno!gh inner strength to 'a(e li'e, so they tend to
withdraw, to retreat into the sa'ety and se(!rity o' the mind where they (an mentally prepare
'or their emergen(e into the world% ?i$es 'eel (om'ortable and at home in the realm o'
tho!ght% They are generally intelligent, well read and tho!ght'!l and they 're.!ently be(ome
e)perts in the areas that (apt!re their interest% *4<+
E&&E"H#"- 42
*y$e 4 - *he Loyalist
"on%licted between trust and distrust
3i)es essentially 'eel inse(!re, as tho!gh there is nothing .!ite steady eno!gh to hold onto% "t
the (ore o' the type 3i) personality is a kind o' 'ear or an)iety% 3i)es don0t tr!st easily: they are
o'ten ambi$alent abo!t others, !ntil the person has absol!tely pro$en hersel', at whi(h point
they are likely to respond with stead'ast loyalty% *4,+
*y$e 5 - *he Enthusiast
Pleasure seekers and $lanners in search o% distraction
3e$ens are essentially (on(erned that their li$es be an e)(iting ad$ent!re% They are '!t!re
oriented, restless people who are generally (on$in(ed that something better is G!st aro!nd the
(orner% They are .!i(k thinkers who ha$e a great deal o' energy and who make lots o' plans%
They tend to be e)tro$erted, m!lti-talented, (reati$e and open minded% *B0+
*y$e < - *he "hallenger
*aking charge because they don=t want to be controlled
Eights are essentially !nwilling to be (ontrolled, either by others or by their (ir(!mstan(es:
they '!lly intend to be masters o' their 'ate% Eights are strong willed, de(isi$e, pra(ti(al, to!gh
minded and energeti(% They also tend to be domineering: their !nwillingness to be (ontrolled
by others 're.!ently mani'ests in the need to (ontrol others instead% *B1+
*y$e 9 - *he Peacemaker
7ee$ing $eace and harmony
&ines essentially 'eel a need 'or pea(e and harmony% They tend to a$oid (on'li(t at all (osts,
whether it be internal or interpersonal% "s the potential 'or (on'li(t in li'e is $irt!ally
!bi.!ito!s, the &ine0s desire to a$oid it generally res!lts in some degree o' withdrawal 'rom
li'e, and many &ines are, in 'a(t, intro$erted% 5ther &ines lead more a(ti$e, so(ial li$es, b!t
ne$ertheless remain to some to degree J(he(ked o!t,J or not '!lly in$ol$ed, as i' to ins!late
themsel$es 'rom threats to their pea(e o' mind% *B2+
E&&E"H#"- 4@
Enneagram *y$e , - *he -e%ormer
Per%ectionists res$onsible %ixated on im$ro1ement
Aeople o' this type are essentially looking to make
things better, as they think nothing is e$er .!ite good
eno!gh% This makes them per'e(tionists who desire to
re'orm and impro$e: idealists who stri$e to make order
o!t o' the omnipresent (haos%
5nes ha$e a 'ine eye 'or detail% They are always aware
o' the 'laws in themsel$es, others and the sit!ations in
whi(h they 'ind themsel$es% This triggers their need to
impro$e, whi(h (an be bene'i(ial 'or all (on(erned,
b!t whi(h (an also pro$e to be b!rdensome to both the 5ne and those who are on the re(ei$ing
end o' the 5ne0s re'orm e''orts% The 5ne0s inability to a(hie$e the per'e(tion they desire 'eeds
their 'eelings o' g!ilt 'or ha$ing 'allen short, and '!els their in(ipient anger against an
imper'e(t world% 5nes, howe$er, tend to 'eel g!ilty abo!t their anger% "nger is a JbadJ emotion,
and 5nes stri$e sin(erely and wholeheartedly to be Jgood%J "nger is there'ore $igoro!sly
repressed 'rom (ons(io!sness, b!rsting 'orth in o((asional 'its o' temper, b!t !s!ally
mani'esting in one o' its many less ob$io!s perm!tations - impatien(e, 'r!stration, annoyan(e
and G!dgmental (riti(ality% ?or this reason, 5nes (an be di''i(!lt to li$e with, b!t, on the high
side, they tend to be loyal, responsible and (apable partners and 'riends%
5nes are serio!s people: they tend to be highly prin(ipled, (ompetent and !n(ompromising%
They 'ollow the r!les and e)pe(t others to do so as well% Be(a!se they belie$e so thoro!ghly in
their (on$i(tions, they are o'ten e)(ellent leaders who (an inspire those who 'ollow them with
their own $ision o' e)(ellen(e% #e'orm mo$ements are 're.!ently spearheaded by 5nes%
5nes are o'ten dri$en and ambitio!s, and are sometimes workaholi(s% B!t whate$er their
pro'essional in$ol$ement, they are de'initely a(ti$e, pra(ti(al people who get things done%
They are nat!ral born organi6ers, listmakers who 'inish e$erything on the list, the last one to
lea$e the o''i(e, the 'irst one to ret!rn, ind!strio!s, reliable, honest and d!ti'!l%
The relentlessness o' their p!rs!it o' the ideal (an make 5nes tense people who ha$e a hard
time rela)ing and who !nne(essarily deny themsel$es many o' the harmless pleas!res o' li'e%
They tend to be emotionally repressed and !n(om'ortable with e)pressing tender 'eelings: they
generally see emotionality as a sign o' weakness and la(k o' (ontrol% They are seldom
spontaneo!s% They ha$e m!ltiple interests and talents howe$er: they are sel'-reliant and
seldom r!n o!t o' things to do%
5nes are o'ten intelligent and independent and (an easily mistake themsel$es 'or ?i$es, b!t
!nlike ?i$es, 5nes are primarily people o' a(tion, not tho!ght% 5nes tend to worry and are
prone to an)iety and (an sometimes mistype as 3i)es, b!t they are 'ar less a''iliati$e than 3i)es
and their standards are not rea(hed by seeking (onsens!s with a gro!p% ?inally, the relentless
p!rs!it o' per'e(tion (an take its toll and lead to depression% "t s!(h times, a 5ne (an mistype
as a ?o!r% B!t ?o!rs ha$e a tenden(y towards sel'-ind!lgen(e whereas 5nes are sel'-denying%
?o!rs are emotionally e)pressi$e: 5nes are emotionally (onstrained%
EH5 ;<
*he De%ensi1e Ego
/e don0t 'eel parti(!larly sa'e with o!rsel$es, tho!gh it may not always be that ob$io!s% /e
o'ten are prote(ting o!rsel$es, in one way or another, 'rom some kind o' h!rt% Asy(hology (alls
this sel'-prote(tion Jde'ense%J /e per(ei$e threatening e$ents or 'eelings as Jatta(ksJ that we
need to Jde'endJ 'rom% t is the ego0s primary a(ti$ity%
De%ending in con%licts
That we de'end o!rsel$es 'rom 'eeling h!rt is ob$io!s d!ring (on'li(ts, espe(ially when these
es(alate into .!arrels and 'ights%
t seems more noti(eable in others than in o!rsel$es that this sel'-prote(tion (an be more
important than the tr!th% The other person o'ten seems to be saying things that we are
(on$in(ed aren0t tr!e% t seems that the other says these things G!st to de'end himsel', and
sho!ld know that they aren0t entirely tr!e% B!t e$eryone 'eels the need to de'end 'rom
emotional pain, and parties do make e''orts to in'li(t it onto ea(h other d!ring 'ights% The tr!th
is the 'irst thing that is o!t o' the window, 'or the ego, then%
Blaming is o'ten a part o' (on'li(ts% /hen someone blames !s 'or something, we may get to
blame the other person instead% 3ometimes, the other person is really a((!sing !s !nG!stly% B!t
sometimes what0s happening is that we G!st (an0t bare to 'eel the g!ilt, and blame the other
person G!st be(a!se o' that, on the belie' that one o' the parties has got to be blamed%
Telling the other person that he0s only de'ending himsel', and be(a!se o' that not a((epting the
tr!th, will !s!ally ha$e the e''e(t o' the other person de'ending himsel' e$en more% The need
to de'end is .!ite (ompelling%
Sel%-$rotection %rom hurt
B!t e$en when we are not in an ob$io!s (on'li(t do we de'end o!rsel$es% 5!r egos ha$e
n!mero!s ways o' doing that%
/hen we noti(e that we are abo!t to 'eel h!rt, we may get tense, whi(h makes !s not 'eel it%
n 'a(t, when we are not 'eeling rela)ed, we are !s!ally a$oiding some kind o' !npleasant
'eeling, or se$eral 'eelings%
/e may be !sing one 'eeling to a$oid 'eeling another% /hen we get angry, b!t don0t want to a(t
angry towards the other person, it may be hard to a(t!ally stop being angry% "ngry tho!ghts G!st
keep (oming !p% /e are angry, o' (o!rse, be(a!se we got h!rt% The reason we (an0t stop being
angry, is be(a!se we0d ha$e to 'eel the !nderlying !npleasant 'eelings that (a!sed the anger in
the 'irst pla(e, and we don0t want to do that%
/e (an also deny 'eeling something% /hen we want to be with someone, and that person
doesn0t want to be with !s, we may de(ide that we a(t!ally don0t like that person a'ter all% t0s
not entirely tr!e, b!t it does make li'e more bearable%
Lack o% %eeling
This de'ensi$eness makes !s $ery (on(erned with the o!tside o' !s, with how we appear to
other people% t makes it harder to noti(e what goes on inside o' !s, with o!r inner 'eelings%
EH5 ;,
/hen we are thinking and 'antasi6ing, we don0t 'eel m!(h o' what goes on with o!r more s!btle
'eelings% /e then only noti(e 'eelings that are at the s!r'a(e, i' we 'eel anything at all%
#etreating into o!r tho!ghts th!s is a way o' a$oiding 'eelings that are !npleasant%
5!r (onstant (on(ern with sel'-prote(tions makes that we don0t really 'eel m!(h any more when
we0$e arri$ed at an ad!lt age% 3ometimes, it (an seem !nsa'e to 'eel anything at all% /e then
ha$e the same 'lat state all the time% 3ome will deny that 'eelings are a real part o' them, and
(onsider themsel$es J(ompletely rationalJ people%
Losing touch with oursel1es
The res!lt o' all these de'ensi$e ta(ti(s is that we0re not really in to!(h with o!rsel$es% /e
don0t really know o!rsel$es, when we don0t 'eel o!rsel$es% Conse.!ently, we are !naware why
we really are doing things%
The sel'-prote(tion makes it impossible to deal with o!r deeper 'eelings, and the res!lt is that
these 'eelings stay hidden and don0t dissol$e% They disappear into o!r !n(ons(io!s, b!t do not
(ease to in'l!en(e !s%
*he +nconscious
/hile to most people it0ll seem that what goes on inside o' them is pretty straight'orward,
e$eryone does ha$e an !n(ons(io!s% This !n(ons(io!s is a part o' !s that we aren0t aware o',
b!t whi(h does in'l!en(e m!(h o' o!r a(ts and 'eelings% 5' lots o' things we do or 'eel, we do
not really know where they (ome 'rom, altho!gh they 'eel (ompelling ne$ertheless%
0oticing the unconscious
/e (an sometimes noti(e parts o' the !n(ons(io!s, or what it makes !s do or 'eel%
/e may start 'eeling sad, s(ared or angry 'or no apparent reason, altho!gh it does seem to
make sense somewhere inside% /e may, as ad!lts, sometimes start 'eeling like a (hild *and
perhaps try to resist that 'eeling, as we are ad!lts, rightD+% /e may not 'eel m!(h at all, ha$ing
the same 'lat state all the time, while we (an remember that this was not the (ase when we
were yo!ng (hildren%
/e may stay o((!pied with parti(!lar tho!ghts 'or long periods o' time% /e may 'antasi6e
abo!t sit!ations 'rom the past, or things that might happen in the '!t!re% /e (an stay angry
abo!t things way longer than seems reasonable% E$en when we reali6e that this doesn0t a(t!ally
help !s in any way, we are not really able to stop doing that%
/e 'eel we need to prote(t or de'end o!rsel$es 'rom some kind o' emotional h!rt .!ite o'ten%
/hile this need 'eels .!ite real, we o'ten (annot .!ite p!t o!r 'inger on what it is e)a(tly that
is happening in !s that needs prote(tion%
/e ha$e pretty standard ways o' rea(ting to sit!ations, that most o' !s take 'or granted% t
seems that we G!st are that way, e$en when we think some o' these patterns are not $ery
help'!l to li$ing o!r li$es satis'a(torily%

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