Managing Human Resource Processes at RHRS

Presented by: Suresh Bhatt

Reliance HR Services Pvt. Ltd. Is a Company instead of an HR Department. Functions as a proficient HR Consulting agency. HR Consultancy agency for Reliance, By Reliance…

Their Clients
-R.Com -R.Cap -Reliance Webworld etc.

-Field -Walk- Ins -Advertisement -Employee Reference -Employment Exchange -Tele Calling -Campus Recruitment -Mailers

-Filtering as well as screening the data. -Arranging as well as handling the interviews -Helping with documentation and complying with laws e.g. PF documents like 10c/19, etc. -Constant follow up.

We were trained at:
-Trends of the inflow of the data -Screening of the data -Right Horses for Right Courses. -Convincing the “Right Horse”.

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