NOTE: Afghan is worked holding 3 strands of yarn together as one throughout. SPECIAL ABBREVIATIONS: inc (increase) = Knit in front and back of next stitch. SSK (slip, slip, Knit) = Slip next 2 sts knitwise, one at a time, to right needle; insert point of left needle into the fronts of these 2 sts and knit them together from this position. AFGHAN Cast on 121 sts. Do not join but work back and forth in pattern as follows: Row 1 (Wrong Side): With 3 strands of CA held together, Knit. Rows 2-5: Knit. Rows 6, 8, 10 (Right Side): With 2 strands CB and 1 strand CA held together, * K2tog, K2, [inc] twice, K3, SSK; repeat from * across. Rows 7, 9, 11: Purl. Row 12: With 3 strands CA held together, repeat Row 6. Repeat Rows 1-12 for pattern 15 more times, then repeat Rows 1-5 once more. Bind off loosely. Weave in ends. RED HEART® “Eco-Cotton™ Blend”, Art. 749 available in 3oz (85g), 145yd (132m) balls.

Knit Wave Afghan
Afghan measures 44” x 50”. RED HEART® “Eco-Cotton™ Blend”: 14 Balls 1340 Almond CA and 8 balls 1105 Vanilla CB. Circular Knitting Needle: 9mm [US 13] - 36” circular Yarn needle. GAUGE: One repeat of 11 sts = 4”; 12 rows = 3” in pattern holding 3 strands of yarn together as one. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size needle to obtain the gauge.

ABBREVIATIONS: CA, CB = color A, B; K = knit; mm = millimeters; P = purl; st(s) = stitch (es); tog = together; * = repeat whatever follows the * as indicated; [] = work directions in brackets the number of times specified.

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