Sorry I’m late. May I come in? May I go to the toilet, please? May I go out please?

Can you explain it again, please.

I don’t understand. Could you repeat , please?

Sorry, %or !eing late.

What does ...... mean in portuguese?

Could you help me please?

What do we have to do now?

What page are we on?

I’m ready. May I start it?

May I open/close the window?

What is the homewor ? I could not do my homewor !ecause .... $o we have to hand in this exercise?

"ow do you say ....... in #nglish? "ow is this word pronounced? I don’t have a .... Can I !orrow one?

I was a!sent on the last lesson.

"ow do you spell that word?

$o we have to write this down?

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