1. The Foreign Exchange Reserve of India are kept in the custody of…… (A) or!d "ank (") Internationa!

#onetary Fund ($) %ri&e #inister Rahat 'osh (() Reserve "ank of India (E) )one of these *. The Reserve "ank of India issues coins and notes of various deno&inations. At present R"I does not issue coins of +hich of the fo!!o+ing deno&inations , (A) 1- paise (") *- paise ($) *. paise (() .- paise (E) 1/-- Rupee 0. The European 1nion has adopted +hich of the fo!!o+ing as a co&&on currency , (A) (o!!ar (") (inar ($) 2en (() %eso (E) Euro 3. 4arious "anks in the country have insta!!ed &achines +hich dis5urse &oney to genera! pu5!ic. These &achines are ca!!ed…… (A) $oin dispensing &achines (") AT#s ($) (e5it $ard #achines (() 6edger #achines (E) )one of these .. hich of the fo!!o+ing na&es is not associated +ith the insurance 5usiness in India , (A) "a7a7 A!!ian8 (") 6I$ ($) 9I$ (() Tata AI9 (E) 9E #oney :. $o&&odity Exchanges at various p!aces in India are trading in &any &eta!s !ike go!d; si!ver; etc. #any ti&es +e read in ne+spapers that go!d no &ore has e&ained the highest trading option and has 5een rep!aced 5y a non<traditiona! &eta! kno+n as…… (A) copper (") stee! ($) 8inc (() +hite go!d (E) )one of these =. hich of the fo!!o+ing is kno+n as %!astic &oney , 1. (e&and (raft *. $redit $ard 0. (e5it $ard (A) >n!y 1 (") >n!y *

($) >n!y 0 (() "oth * and 0 (E) A!! 1. This 5usiness of the 5anks can 5e categori8ed under +hich of the fo!!o+ing heads of 5anking . (A) Indian %u5!ic >ffer (") Institutiona! %urchase ($) Industria! %urchase >rder (() Indian %urchase >ffer (E) Initia! %u5!ic >ffer hat is the fu!! for& of the sa&e . #any a ti&es +e read in financia! ne+spapers a ter&Cna&e )#$ED. (A) )e+ #u!ti $apita! Exchange (") )ationa! #ediu& $o&&odity Exchange ($) )ationa! #u!ti $o&&odity Exchange (() )et #arketa5!e $o&&odity Exchange (E) )one of these hat is the fu!! for& of the 1-. #any a ti&e +e see a ter& in ne+spapers @I%>A. In +hich of the fo!!o+ing Findi fi!&s has actor Ehahrukh 'han p!ayed the ro!e of a Fockey $oach . #any "anks these days are entering into 5usiness of offering !oans against property. sa&e . (A) 9uru (") $hak (e India ($) >& Ehanti >& (() Ga5 e #et (E) )one of these 13. * and 0 ?. hich of the fo!!o+ing organi8ationsC5anks has done a co&&enda5!e +ork in the fie!d of &icro finance and +as a+arded )o5e! %ri8e a!so in the past . B. (A) $orporate "anking (") %ersona! "anking ($) #erchant "anking (() %ortfo!io #anage&ent Eervice (E) )one of these 11. )o5e! %ri8es are not given for the perfor&ance in the area of… (A) 6iterature (") %hysics ($) $he&istry (() #usic (E) #edica! Ecience 10. (A) Gapan . hich of the fo!!o+ing countries has not &ade any significant invest&ent in India . (A) 9ra&in "ank of "ang!adesh (") $R2 ($) AEFA (() )A"AR( (E) )one of these 1*.

. hich of the countries represent !etter @$A in the category kno+n as "RI$ countries . (A) Internet "anking (") "ranch visits ($) 9oing to &oney !enders (() Te!e "anking (E) A!! of these 1:. (e!hi .(") 1EA ($) )epa! (() "ritain (E) France 1. hich of the fo!!o+ing a+ards is given for exce!!ence in the fie!d of sports . (A) Inf!ation (") Eensex ($) Fu&an (eve!op&ent Index (() E6R (E) )one of these 1?. ho a&ongst the fo!!o+ing addresses the nation on the Independence (ay fro& the ra&parts of the Red Fort. (A) $anada (") $hi!e ($) $u5a (() $roatia (E) $hina *-. hich of the fo!!o+ing indexes is deve!oped to &easure !ife expectancy. (A) "ang!adesh (") "hutan ($) )epa! (() #a!dives (E) Eouth Africa 1=. hich of the fo!!o+ing is considered an infor&a! &ethod of getting creditCfinance . education and standard of !iving of peop!e in a country . (A) %resident of India (") 1%A $hairperson ($) Epeaker of the 6ok Ea5ha (() %ri&e #inister of India (E) )one of these *1. hich of the fo!!o+ing is not a %u5!ic Eector 1nitC1ndertakingCAgency . hich a&ongst the fo!!o+ing nations is not a &e&5er of the EAAR$ . (A) E$9$ (") EE"I ($) EI("I (() Axis "ank (E) "FE6 1B. (A) 'a!idas Ea&&an (") (hyanchand A+ard . !eve! of !iteracy.

($) Ehra& 4ir A+ard (() Ehanti E+arup "hatnagar A+ard (E) )one of these **. T+enty<*. (A) 2EE (") F(F$ ($) TATA (() 'otak #ahindra (E) Axis *0. I%ick up correct state&ent(s)J 1. is the fu!! for& of @%EA as used in the financia! +or!d . %roviding Insurance cover to each and every citi8en so that heCshe can !ive a hea!thy and !ong !ife. (A) %rofessiona! and Ecofriend!y (") %rofita5!e EHuity ($) %rofita5!e and Econo&ica! (() %rivate and Econo&ica! (E) %rivate EHuity hat *=.&atches are p!ayed in the ga&e of…… (A) Fockey (") Foot5a!! ($) "ad&inton (() Tennis (E) $ricket *3. hich of the fo!!o+ing is a type of tax !evied 5y the 9ovt. *. 0. hich of the fo!!o+ing dea!s 5et+een India and one &a7or country +as put on a ho!d for so&e ti&e as India is finding difficu!t to i&p!e&ent it . hich of the fo!!o+ing does not represent the na&e of a 5ank +orking in India . (A) EAT (") )ET ($) %A) (() 4AT (E) )one of these *:. Expending the net+ork of 5anks in such a +ay that peop!e fro& !o+er strata of society a!so get the 5enefit of services provided 5y 5anks. on goods and services .. (A) 1*0 %act +ith 1EA (") Fifth generation fighter p!ane dea! +ith Russia ($) Feavy ater dea! +ith Iran (() "order ta!ks +ith $hina (E) )one of these *. As per the ne+s appeared in so&e &a7or ne+spapers India is nu&5er t+o in getting @%EA. hat does it rea!!y &ean . (A) >n!y 1 (") >n!y * ($) >n!y 0 . #any a ti&es +e read in ne+spapers a5out @Financia! Inc!usionA. A!!o+ the &erger and acHuisition of 5anks so that on!y fe+ 5ig 5anks exist and continue to cater to the need of corporate sector.

*. The 9ovt. Feavy ater is nor&a!!y used 5y +hich of the fo!!o+ing industries . hat is the fu!! for& of @E#EA . Exports are gro+ing in vo!u&e 5ut sti!! they are poorer than i&ports in ter&s of va!ue. As per ne+s ite&s pu5!ished in various ne+spapers. hich of the fo!!o+ing countries for the first ti&e e!ected a !ady as its %resident recent!y . Exports are not i&proving the +ay they +ere gro+ing t+o years 5ack. Ita!y has offered its he!p in deve!oping @E#EsA in India. hich of the fo!!o+ing state&ents a5out the @exportsA fro& India is true . * and 0 *?.(() "oth 1 and * (E) A!! 1. Exports are sho+ing good rate of gro+th. 1. (A) Argentina (") $hina ($) )e+ Kea!and (() Russia (E) )one of these 00. hat does the !etter @EA represent in the @EEKA . (A) >n!y 1 (") >n!y * ($) >n!y 0 (() "oth 1 and 0 are correct (E) )one of these 0*. (A) Eoft (") E&a!! ($) Epecia! (() Eupportive (E) )one of these 03. hich of the fo!!o+ing is not a foodgrain . . (A) )uc!ear %o+er generation p!ants (") %har&a Industry ($) %aper Industry (() Eugar p!ants (E) )one of these 0-. of India keeps on c!earing the proposa! of setting up ne+ EEKs at severa! p!aces. 0. (A) R"I (") IR(A ($) EE"I (() A#FI (E) )one of these *B. hich of the fo!!o+ing organi8ations recent!y issued so&e guide!ines re!ated to @%articipatory )otesA as used in financia! +or!d . (A) E&a!! and #onopo!istic Econo&y (") E&a!! and #ediu& Enterprises ($) Epeedy and #echanica! (() E&a!! and #ediu& 6eve! Econo&y (E) )one of these 01.

4arious 9ovt. (A) "ena8ir "hutto (") %arve8 #usharraf ($) Arun Ehourie (() Arun 9andhi (E) )one of these . The 1)> has dec!ared year *--? as the year of…… (A) AI(E %revention (") %otato ($) ater Farvesting (() Eocia! Gustice to $hi!dren (E) )one of these 3-. (A) E&t. 1?. ho a&ongst the fo!!o+ing +as &ade the $hair&an of the )ationa! 6and Refor&s $ounci! . The or!d "ank sanctioned Rs. ho a&ongst the fo!!o+ing is the author of the 5ook @%akistanL The 9athering Etor&sA .--. (A) (eputy $hair&an. agenciesCorgani8ations are given responsi5i!ities for i&p!e&enting various po!iciesCdecisions of the 9ovt. %!anning $o&&ission (") %ri&e #inister ($) Finance #inister (() $hair&an Finance $o&&ission (E) )one of these 0?.crores to +hich of the fo!!o+ing states for its %overty A!!eviation %rogra&&e . %o!icies a5out credit f!o+ to the agricu!tura!Cpriority sector are fra&edCi&p!e&ented through +hich of the fo!!o+ing apex 5odies . ho a&ongst the fo!!o+ing exact!y takes this decision in India . (A) E$9$ (") )A"AR( ($) 1TI (() I("I "ank (E) )one of these 0=. Eonia 9andhi (") Ar7un Eingh ($) %ranav #ukher7ee (() 'a&a! )ath (E) #an&ohan Eingh 0:.. As +e read every then and no+ the #onetary and $redit %o!icy is revie+ed and changesCcorrections are &ade freHuent!y.(A) heat (") Rice ($) #ai8e (() Go+ar (E) $otton 0. (A) 'arnataka (") 9u7arat ($) #aharashtra (() 1ttar %radesh (E) )one of these 0B. of India.

Recent!y. 2our friend has received a su& of Rs. Fe +ants to deposit this su& in a 5ank under a condition of not to +ithdra+ fu!!y or partia!!y for at !east t+o years. ho a&ongst the fo!!o+ing is the $hair&an of the 10th Finance $o&&ission . (A) FE"$ (") "arc!ays ($) Etandard $hartered (() 2es "ank (E) A!! are foreign 5anks 33.31. (A) "i&a! Ga!an (") 2.. 4. hich of the fo!!o+ing states has approved sharing )eyyar Irrigation %ro7ect +ater +ith Ta&i! )adu . this +as in ne+s that AEEA) is an association of …… (A) $o&&on+ea!th nations (") EAAR$ nations ($) Eouth<Eastern Asian nations (() >i!<exporting nations (E) African nations . Reddy ($) $. (A) 'arnataka (") Andhra %radesh ($) 'era!a (() #aharashtra and 'arnataka (E) )one of these 30. hich of the fo!!o+ing is not a ga!!antry A+ard . hich of the fo!!o+ing is not a foreign 5ank +orking in India . (A) 4ir $hakra (") Geevan Raksha %adak ($) Ashok $hakra (() #ahavir $hakra (E) Earas+ati Ea&&an 3*. (A) E&a!! savings account (") $urrent account ($) Fixed deposit account (() (e&at account (E) )one of these 3=. India has the !east or neg!igi5!e trade re!ations +ith ………… (A) Gapan (") "ritain ($) Eouth Africa (() 1ganda (E) Iran 3:. Fe +i!! 5e needed to open +hich type of account in the 5ank . 1---. Rangara7an (() 4i7ay 'e!kar (E) )one of these 3.fro& his grandparents.

(") 01. (E) 3. (() 10.. ($) 3B. (") 13. )a&es of t+o i&portant persons are often visi5!e in ne+spapersC&aga8inesCe!ectronic &edia.. (A) *. ($) *B. (E) B. (") 3-. (A) 31. ($) 0*. (") 11. (A) $rop insurance p!an (") E<$haupa! ($) Eu5sidy for che&ica! ferti!i8ers (() Reconstruction of +atershadeC+ater<5odies (E) #id<day &ea! Ans+ers 1. hich of the fo!!o+ing p!aces of est "enga! +as in ne+s recent!y. Rangara7an and (r. (A) 1*. (() *. These na&es are (r. (() ?. ($) 03. (") .-. "i&a! Ga!an. (") 1B. $. (() 3:. (E) *3. (() 3. (() *:. (E) *-. (") 0. ($) 30. (A) 0-. (E) *=. hich of the fo!!o+ing facts are identica! in the !ife of 5oth these t+o persons . ($) 3=.. ($) 1-.3?. (") . ($) 3?. the 9overn&ent of India and so&e )9>s have dec!aredCstarted so&e pro7ects to he!pC to provide re!ief to the far&ers in genera! and specia!!y to perp!exed far&ers. (E) 0. ($) 1:.. (() *1. since so&e vio!ent incidences took p!ace due to an atte&pt of agricu!tura! !and aHuisition for industria! purposes .-. (() 33. (A) 00. ($) 1?. (E) . (E) 3*. (E) 1=. hich of the fo!!o+ing is not such a p!an .. ($) 1. (A) "oth are principa! econo&ic advisors to the %ri&e #inister (") "oth are the #e&5ers of the 6ok Ea5ha ($) "oth are the for&er 9overnors of R"I (() "oth +ere the Finance #inisters of India (E) There is nothing si&i!ar in 5oth 3B. (") **. (E) 0?. (E) 0:. ($) *0. (") 0=. (() =. (") *?. In accordance +ith the reports pu5!ished in the papersC&aga8ines. (() 0B. (A) 'hadakpur (") )andigra& ($) Fo+rah (() "o!epur (E) )one of these . (E) :.

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