Command & Conquer(tm) Generals

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February 11, 2003 For latest news and updates visit GE E!A"#.EA.$%&
- - Incoming transmission - General, 'ictory against our ene(ies is al(ost at hand, but constantly changing battle)ield conditions re*uire that we re(ain ever vigilant. %ur )orces have co(piled a list o) issues that you need to be aware o) i) we hope to achieve our ulti(ate goal o) global supre(acy. Good luc+.

- - End transmission - 1. ,I -%,# ./0./#E0&E02000012 1.1. &icroso)t -irect1 2. 3!%45"E #6%%3I G 2.1. 5e)ore 7ou #tart 2.2. 3he &ini(u( #yste( #pec 2.3. 8nown 'ideo $ard Issues 2.4. 8nown #ound $ard Issues 2.5. 'irtual &e(ory #ettings 2.6. Auto2lay 2.7. East Asian Font 2.8. Ga(e 4pdates and 2atches 2.9. Firewall Issues 2.10. Firewall0 A3 2ort u(ber In)o 2.11. 4ninstalling 2.12. ,indows 12 Issues 3. A-'A $E- -I#2"A7 %23I% # 3.1. %ptions E9plained 4. %36E! I F%

/6e (+n+mum %7stem %8e. as this (ay con)lict with $o((and : $on*uer Generals. 2e-ore 5ou %tart. Ga(eplay $hanges 1./#E.B0 3 not supported< C*1A /00 &6C Intel 2entiu( III or A&. 2. 3he (ini(u( re*uired syste( speci)ications to run $o((and : $on*uer Generals is as )ollowsA     $%A .? 3he ?options.indows .2.. EA 3ech #upport 4. $o((and : $on*uer.indows 120&E020000. or 2000.1.t)..ini? )ile will be located in there.2.and you have the option to install it when $o((and : $on*uer Generals is installed.indows des+top.ini? )ile.eb site. and then open the )older na(ed ?$o((and and $on*uer Generals -ata. be sure that you have the latest drivers )or your video and audio cards installed onto your 2$.t(< Generals is a &icroso)t -irect1 application. 5e sure that you have disabled anti>aliasing in your . you can )ind this )ile by double>clic+ing ?&y $o(puter? icon. 3his includes any virus>protection progra( that you have running. 'ersion /.1. I) you@re running .indows 12.Athlon processor 09(A 12/ &5 C#&#:#-0om %8eedA /9 . !"#$ % 98&98%'&('&2000&)* 1. (+.4.indows display properties be)ore running $o((and : $on*uer Generals.1. . 5e)ore running $o((and : $on*uer Generals./ . I) you should e9perience proble(s running $o((and : $on*uer Generals a)ter changing so(ething in the ga(e=s %ptions.roso-t #+re. -o not run any other progra(s in the bac+ground./. 7ou can download the appropriate drivers )ro( your video and audio card (anu)acturer=s . /0$123' %4$$/!"G 2. opening the ?&y -ocu(ents? )older. and then opening the ?$o((and and $on*uer -ata? directory. si(ply double>clic+ on the ?&y -ocu(ents? )older located on your . 2. you can always revert bac+ to the de)ault settings by deleting the ?options. I) you=re running .indows . "eaving this )eature enabled (ight con)lict with so(e o) the ga(e=s e))ects. &E.1 o) &icroso)t -irect1 is included on the $.

and you (ay e9perience abnor(ally slow per)or(ance and poor graphics with a 2$I>based graphics card.Athlon processor  09(A 2BE &5 or (ore  :+deoA vidia GeForce3 or better -irect3. and pillars will )lic+er brie)ly.AG2. I) this happens.e GeForce 2 G3# . >no<n :+deo Card !ssues. 4ard #r+. I) this happens.1 co(patible 2$I 1E>bit sound card !n8utA 8eyboard. BE8bps or )aster direct Internet connection  !nternet (5-8 8la7ers). EF&5< Additionally. try reducing the ga(e=s resolution. -isc 1 and -isc 2 cannot be used si(ultaneously )or  !nternet (2-4 8la7ers).3.AG2. EF&5<  Gainward 1abre F00 .eA 1. or a )aster direct Internet connection  "et<or= (2-8 8la7ers).4.  C*1A 1. A3I !adeon DB00.capable video card oteA #o(e 2$s e*uipped with the 'IA 83133a chipset (ight encounter proble(s with $o((and : $on*uer Generals. #o(e vidia GeForce 2 &1 owners (ay e9perience so(e stuttering proble(s during (ovies. you (ay e9perience that so(e obGects li+e trees. the video cards listed below are below our (ini(u( supported specs. -#".  "eadte+ . . the ga(e (ay crash to the des+top./ G6C or )aster Intel 2entiu( I' or A&. we highly reco((end that you run $o((and : $on*uer Generals with an AG2 video card. 32&5<  #i# 1abre . or (ore recent chipset with -irect1 /. walls. I) you atte(pt to run $o((and : $on*uer Generals at 1E0091200 with a 32&5 vidia GeForce 2 video card.1 :+deoA 32 &5 AG2 video card using the vidia GeForce 2. Additionally. &ouse Additionally. For opti(u( video per)or(ance. . and -irect1 /. >no<n %ound Card !ssues. $able. saving and reloading your ga(e will resolve the issue. 2./ G5 )ree hard dis+ space plus space )or saved ga(es. the )ollowing speci)ications are re*uired )or (ultiplayerA  2BE &5 !A& )or 3>/ players  %ne set o) ga(e discs per player.AG2. 2$I video cards are generally (uch slower than AG2 cards. 3$20I2 co(pliant networ+ !eco((ended syste( speci)icationsA (ultiplayer ga(es. 2.indows swap>    )ile. 4nder all resolutions.1 co(patible driver %oundA -irect1 /.

indows.indows 12.? and then selecting the ?Auto2lay? tab. $o((and : $on*uer Generals (ay need to use (ore !A& than is present on your syste(. double>clic+ing on the ?!egional and "anguage %ptions? icon.indows 12 user (anual. 2.? which uses space on your hard dis+ to si(ulate the (e(ory it needs and swaps data bac+ and )orth )ro( your hard dis+ as re*uired.8. $o((and : $on*uer Generals does not support any I#A sound cards.indows 12.does not Auto2lay when inserted in the drive. 7ou can download the appropriate audio drivers )ro( your sound card (anu)acturer=s .-rive icon and choosing ?2roperties. %nce this process has been done.eb site. 'ast 9s+an @onts. Ensure that the (a9i(u( setting is at least B12&5. and chec+ing the ?Install )iles )or East Asian "anguages? bo9. I) you are running . $o((and : $on*uer Generals contains an auto>update )eature that will auto(atically let you +now when new patches and updates are available to you. I) the $o((and : $on*uer Generals $. All players who use a . you will e9perience stuttering or dropped sound e))ects as well as )re*uent pauses during ga(eplay.indows user (anual. :+rtual (emor7 %ett+n?s. 2.7. Auto2lay should be always enabled. I) you are running .ea. .eb site at generals. you will be pro(pted to download and install it when you clic+ on ?&ultiplayer? )ro( the ga(e=s (ain (enu. you can either log onto the o))icial Generals . be sure that you have your sound card=s latest drivers installed onto your 2$. 7ou can custo(iCe your Auto2lay options by opening ?&y $o(puter.? and right clic+ing on your $->!%& or -'. . 7ou will be as+ed )or your .5e)ore running $o((and : $on*uer Generals.hen an update to the ga(e is available. be sure that the ?Asian 3e9t? option has been selected under your ?2ersona? screen in $o((and : $on*uer Generals= ?%nline? (enu. I) you don=t intend to play Generals online. 2. please consult your . but still wish to download the latest updates. 2.5.6es. I) Auto2lay doesn=t wor+ properly. you can install the Asian language )ont pac+ by opening your $ontrol 2anel in .indows 12 $ or choose the ?$hec+ )or 4pdates? option )ro( the $o((and : $on*uer Generals Auto!un )eature. . 3o enable Auto2lay.estern version o) . I) you own an I#A sound card. you (ay have this )eature disabled. 9uto*la7.indows will see bo9es in place o) Asian te9t in the $o((and : $on*uer Generals online lobby. Game 18dates and *at. selecting the ?"anguages? tab.indows will auto(atically ta+e care o) this by using what is +nown as ?'irtual &e(ory. please consult your . and you will need to restart your 2$.

EEED. choose ?Install? )ro( the splash screen. consult your )irewall docu(entation or contact your Internet service provider.A! I GA -oing so will open your )irewall ports to everyone. @+re<all&"9/ *ort "umAer !n-o. I) you have (ade changes to your )irewall con)iguration since the last ti(e that you played $o((and : $on*uer Generals online and are e9periencing connection di))iculties.? "oo+ )or the ?Firewall2ort%verride? entry.10. !ight clic+ on the options. 3hese ports need to be open in your )irewall in order to play on Generals %nlineA 3$2 portsA /0. 3hen assign the port you want to use to the port override entry. this entry should loo+ li+eA Firewall2ort%verride K 1111 . 2.9. and go to the I$o((and and $on*uer Generals -ataJ directory. Go to your I&y -ocu(entsJ directory. . I) you do not +now how to con)igure your )irewall settings. 2/.. 2D. I) you don@t see this entry.ini )ile and choose ?Edit. I) you encounter any proble(s reinstalling $o((and : $on*uer Generals a)ter the ga(e has been uninstalled. install the ga(e once again. @+re<all !ssues. you will have to speci)y which port you want $o((and : $on*uer Generals to use )or co((unicating with other players. I) you use the port override )eature. I) you are running a )irewall . I) you are still e9periencing connection proble(s. 3he ga(e will need to tal+ to e9ternal servers that use the )ollowing port nu(bers. .here 1111 is the port nu(ber you have chosen.. 7ou will need to open the chosen port in your )irewall )or co((unication with players e9ternal to your )irewall or A3 device. insert the )irst ga(e dis+ into your $->!%& drive. It is highly reco((ended that you clic+ this bo9 every ti(e you change your Internet or )irewall settings. clic+ the !e)resh A3 bo9 under the etwor+ %ptions portions o) the ga(e=s %ption (enu.10. 1n+nstall+n?. or you e9perience proble(s connecting to other players.00 I) your )irewall does not allow outgoing pac+ets to open ports to inco(ing tra))ic. add it as a new line.11. 2.2. and then select the ?!epair? option.00. and this should only be done as a last resort<. chec+ the #end -elay bo9 under the etwor+ %ptions portion o) the ga(e=s %ptions (enu.. %nce this process has been co(pleted. you (ay want to place your )irewall in -&H (ode. per)or( the )ollowing steps. 3o do this.20 4-2 portsA F321.particularly a E3GEA! solution< and are unable to connect to other players while in the $o((and : $on*uer Generals (ultiplayer lobby. A)ter (a+ing this change. the port you have chosen can not be (as*ueraded by a A3 device. 2. 2.

1. choose the $usto( option )ro( the -etail pulldown (enu.1. 3urning o)) the )ollowing options will i(prove ga(e per)or(ance. but it will also i(prove per)or(ance. .2. +ndo<s )* ! please re)er to the user (anual. but it will also i(prove per)or(ance. "eave this unchec+ed )or opti(u( per)or(ance. I) you have *uestions about the progra( or trouble with $o((and : $on*uer Generals.  2e6+nd 2u+ld+n?A 3his toggles the silhouettes o) any units that are standing or (oving behind structures.  /eBture 0esolut+on %l+der.12. &oving the slider to the le)t will reduce the visual clarity o) the te9tures in the ga(e.  *art+. that appear in the ga(e.  %6o< *ro8sA 3his toggles the appearance o) trees and shrubs that are scattered throughout the various levels in the ga(e. "i(ited user accounts are not supported by $o((and : $on*uer Generals.  Cloud %6ado<sA 3his toggles the appearance o) (oving cloud shadows on the ground in the ga(e.  %moot6 ater 2ordersA 3his toggles s(ooth water borders along the shores in the ga(e. 3his toggles the auto(atic adGust(ent o) the ga(e=s detail level. 3.  2# %6ado<sA 3his toggles showing 2. $/4'0 !"@$ 4. you (ust use the !un as Ad(inistrator option. li+e e9plosions and dust clouds. 4.  'Btra Ground 3+?6t+n?A 3his toggles the appearance o) detailed lighting on the ground in the ga(e. &oving the slider to the le)t will reduce the a(ount o) particle e))ects. 3o access the Advanced -isplay %ptions.le Ca8 %l+der. 7ou (ust have ad(inistrator access to install or uninstall the ga(e. 9#:9"C'# #!%*395 $*/!$"% 3.shadows in the ga(e.  #+saAle #7nam+. 3$#.  'Btra 9n+mat+ons.  3# %6ado<sA 3his toggles showing the dyna(ic 3. I) you are playing under a "i(ited 4ser account. $o((and : $on*uer Generals also includes the EA 6elp )ile that provides solutions and answers to the (ost co((on di))iculties and *uestions about how to properly use this product. 9d. It also allows you to send a detailed report o) your proble( directly to EA 3echnical #upport via e>(ail. you can try adGusting one or several o) the Advanced -isplay %ptions under the %ptions (enu in $o((and : $on*uer Generals.ed $8t+ons 'B8la+ned I) you are e9periencing slow )ra(erate during ga(eplay. 3his toggles e9tra e))ects li+e tree>swaying (otions in the ga(e. '9 /e.shadows that units and buildings in the ga(e.6 %u88ort.

substitute the correct letter o) your $->!%&0-'->!%& drive i) other than N-A@<. 3. I) you win a (atch. F.elco(e screen by clic+ing the s(all arrow in the botto( corner. "aunch the EA 6elp )ile. you will earn three points. EA 6elp contains a utility that detects your syste(@s hardware and organiCes this in)or(ation into a detailed report.hen it )inishes. 3o send this in)or(ation to EA 3echnical #upport.. you can also use it to contact EA 3echnical #upport. )ill out the blan+ sections under the 4ser tab including a detailed description o) the proble( you are e9periencing and clic+ #end . Go to page 2 o) the . I) the Auto!un (enu does not auto(atically appear. 3ype ?-AMautorun. $lic+ %8 to begin detecting your hardware.indows operating syste(. EA 6elp opens. I) you are still e9periencing di))iculty a)ter utiliCing the in)or(ation in the EA 6elp )ile.indows des+top. /o run t6e ut+l+t7.i) you wish to e>(ail the )ile (anually<. $lic+ the $ontact 3echnical #upport button. . 2. you will not earn any points. $lic+ the 6elp button on the Auto!un (enu. 1.e9e? in the !un dialog bo9. #tart the . 2lease note that you will need to have registered your copy o) $o((and : $on*uer Generals in order to ta+e advantage o) this utility. 2. I) you lose a (atch while playing against opponents online. 3his report helps EA 3echnical #upport solve your proble( in the *uic+est possible ti(e./o a. 3. le)t>clic+ the ?#tart? button )ro( the . then clic+ %8 . Insert the $o((and : $on*uer Generals disc into your $->!%&0-'->!%& drive.i) you have an open Internet connection< or #ave In)o . 3he user (anual incorrectly states that players will earn one point )or every (atch lost while playing $o((and : $on*uer Generals online. you can view the gathered in)or(ation by loo+ing through the various category tabs. 3he Auto!un (enu appears. 3he utility opens. A copy o) the report is auto(atically saved to your .indows 3as+bar and select !unL. F. 1.2.ess t6e '9 4el8 -+le. . 4. Game8la7 C6an?es.

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