PPJAP9 Aduan to MPK (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Persekitaran


Dated: 4th Nov 2013

We have file an official complaint to MPK for uncollected garbage along PPJAP9 especially along Jalan A and J.

Garbage along Jalan J

Garbage along Jalan J

We have also file another official complaint to MPK with regards to the way the garbage is collected. We want them only take out the garbage from our bin when the garbage truck has arrived and immediately throw it to the truck.

Current method of collection- Garbage are collected and then group together however garbage truck is nowhere to be seen

As a result…animals (dogs, cats and birds) come and find foods here and of course dirty the place

Thank You
Presented by: Committee member of PPJAP9 (Term 2013/ 2014)

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