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Date: 31 - Oct - 2013 Total Marks: 67 Marks


Time: 1hour 30 mins Obtained Marks:

1. Define the following terms. a. Equal matrices b. Multiplicative Identity c. Transpose of a matrix d. Singular matrix e. Skew symmetric matrix f. Scalar matrix 2. Perform any 5 questions from this section (5 x 3 = 15) a. Find additive inverse of F = [ ]


b. Find transpose of M =[

] . Is it a symmetric matrix?

c. If A = [

] then verify that

d. Prove the associative property of addition for any two given matrices. e. Show that are given matrices are multiplicative inverse of each other?

f. BA?

] Then find AB and BA. Is AB =

g. What is the required condition which must be fulfill for the multiplication of two matrices?

Long Questions
Attempt any 4 Questions from this section 1. If [ ] [ ] [ (4 x 10 = 40) ] then prove right

distributive property of multiplication over subtraction. 2. If [ ] [ ] then prove

3. Solve the following simultaneous equations a. b. (By Matrix inverse Method) (By Crammers Rule)

4. If the length of the rectangle is 3 times and 6 cm less than its width and its perimeter is 140cm. Then find its dimensions? (By Matrix inverse Method) 5. If the third angle of an isosceles triangle is 16 less than the sum of its other two angles then find its all three angles?