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Volcano 2012 Part 1 Vesuvius

Volcano 2012 Part 1 Vesuvius


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The volcanic eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD was similar to other major and worst disasters like the Tsunami in December 2004 in that the Galactic Centre was strongly involved. In ancient times the volcano was involved in most myths and sacred texts, it represented the whole galactic astrological cycle, and in fact the whole galaxy. Volcanic eruptions will also be involved in the End Time, in the years 2010 to 2013.
The volcanic eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD was similar to other major and worst disasters like the Tsunami in December 2004 in that the Galactic Centre was strongly involved. In ancient times the volcano was involved in most myths and sacred texts, it represented the whole galactic astrological cycle, and in fact the whole galaxy. Volcanic eruptions will also be involved in the End Time, in the years 2010 to 2013.

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Published by: Susan Seymour Hedke (b. Susan. S. K. Haub). on Aug 05, 2009
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The Galactic Centre Galactic Astrology Cause of Eruptions Vesuvius and Predicting „The EnD of the World“ IN 2012

Pt 1.
Susan Seymour Hedke August 2009

Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, climate disasters, plagues and famines. Is that what awaits us? Not a pretty picture, yet these and similar disturbing events have already begun to change our world. I made the discovery of what was causing the climate changes, the polar melting and other disasters after the Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 2004 I drew up an astrological chart for the disaster and compared it to other similar disasters like the eruption of Krakatau in August 1883 and I came up with a repeating pattern for disaster in general: the Moon or some other body was often placed close to the summer solstice in the June position of late Gemini or early Cancer. There seemed to be little reason for this, and astrology gave me no clue. So I questioned why two major, deadly earthquakes had occurred on the same date in two consequetive years: December 26 2003 and December 26 2004. I was looking for a missing piece that would explain these things. I remembered Graham Hancock's writing in Fingerprints of the Gods about the Mayan Prophecy of the „End of the World“ coming in a future December and I read John Major Jenkins How and Why of the Mayan End Date in 2012. That was how I found out that the

reason for this prophecy was the coming alignment of the centre of our Milky Way galaxy with the winter solstice Sun. It seemed, on further research, that hundreds and even thousands of years ago, there were people who knew about the centre of our galaxy 26,000 light years away, that we only „discovered“ a few decades ago.They built this knowledge in to their holiest symbols, artwork and religious treasures. Yet to nearly all I fear the meaning has become a mystery. How could we „lose“ such a vital piece of information, the very centre of our whole galaxy? The Galactic Centre is placed in the tropical astrological chart at 27° Sagittarius in 2010, but motion of the tropical year leads to a seeming progression of the Galactic Centre through the signs so that in 250 years time the Galactic Centre will be in the sign Capricorn. This seeming procession takes the same amount of time as the precession of the constellations over the vernal equinox (1°in 72 years or 1°24'in 100 years) and is part of the same Great Year cycle of over 25,000 years1, I explain all this in more detail in my book: THE GALACTIC CENTRE 2012 and the Great Waves Coming in December. This means anyway that 2000 years ago the Galactic Centre was apparently just entering the tropical sign of Sagittarius and is now, when it crosses the winter solstice in the next 250 years, ending a Great Year. According to tropical calculations the Galactic Centre is not yet in perfect conjunction to the winter solstice, though other other researchers are suggesting it is perfectly aligned in 2012. However, if it is not a perfect alignment, were there perhaps additional reasons why the Maya saw this as the end of the calendar? Further astrological research showed that the aspects occurring in the years between 2010 and 2013 have not been possible before in the last Great Year cycle. The alignments occurring in these years with Uranus conjunct the spring equinox squaring the Galactic Centre conjunct the winter solstice conjunct Pluto conjunct and Neptune also aspecting, so that all known outer bodies are aligning, not in a straight line as someone suggested, but certainly all in aspect is very powerful – in fact its dynamite. If you look through history as far back as possible, as I have been doing the last five years, you see how just one of these aspects mentioned can caused disasters, but all together could certainly mean some very big disaster and I think anybody who knew our planet and would fly over it today, as a documentary film has done showing the wild animal
1 The Great Year is usually claimed to be 25,920 years: 12 X 2,160 ages, but this is I feel too long.

s forced from their homes, the loss of glaciers and polar ice, the destruction of forests, seeing the floods and the poverty in which many millions of people live, I think you would have to admit that something big must be „about“ to happen. If you are informed over all the changes going on in the whole solar system now, you may be quite unable to avoid this conclusion. It is just a question, as the film The Day After Tomorrow put it, of whether it will come tomorrow or later. As to what form it may primarily take, that is what I am dealing with here. A similar mix of aspects did occur on Pluto's last transit over the Galactic Centre c. 250 years ago. That was a time when the Galactic Centre was in c. 23° of the sign Sagittarius. Then the Galactic Centre and Pluto were involved in a wide square to Uranus as Uranus entered Aries over the spring equinox in 1762. A number of disasters occurred as the square began,while Uranus was still in the water sign Pisces, like the All Saints Day Earthquake and Tsunami in Lisbon on November 1 1755.

In 1761-2 as Uranus moved from the water sign of Pisces to the fire sign of Aries, volcanoes erupted causing in China, America and other places a mini ice age. Uranus will enter Aries in 2010. The near aspect in 1762 only lasted for a short few months and was not exact yet a number of violent human and natural disasters were connected to it, including the Seven Year War and the Sikh Holocaust. This period gives us a warning, as do the events of the 1920s to 30s which brought the Great Depression and marks Uranus last transit

over the spring equinox into Aries, which also caused a number of natural disasters and Hitler's rise to power. Also large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occurred, yet at this time Pluto was not in aspect to the Galactic Centre at the same time as Uranus aspected the Galactic Centre back in the 1920s to 30s. Nevertheless, from 1927 to 28 Anak Krakatau, at least one Mexican volcano, a Russian volcano called Sarychev Peak erupted and is now erupting again this July, in 1928 one of the worst eruptions of Mount Mayon in the Phillipines also occurred and in November 1928 Ätna erupted. This is just a partial list of what was going on last time Uranus entered Aries. Let us look at the charts of some of the worst volcanic eruptions in history for this is what is also predicted for the end time in the Bible's Revelation. It is warning us of a massive volcanic eruption, as also telling us of the happy end, or should I say new beginning which comes after. For in the cyclic understanding the omega or end of the Great Year leads to alpha the birth of a new Great Year. the new Earth that will be created through these massive events. This is also how I interpret the pieces discovered that make up the Mayan Prophecy and the the Aztec Codex turned into a book by John Major Jenkins in „Pyramid of Fire“.All await the return of volcano gods: Tezcatlipoca; the Smoking Mirror (made of obsidion from the volcano) who will rise tiger like out of the ocean and chew up and swallow the Earth at the End. (Chronicles of Akakor). This understanding of the volcanic return is given in all the ancient prophecies the world over, about the freeing of giants from their chains and bonds, sometimes they rise as beasts- the wolf Fenrir or as part leopard ,lion or tiger. Yet as the fire of life has been burning low and the volcanoes have slept we have forgotten the gods. What has been forgotten is the elementary association in the Great Year cycle and therewith also the volcanic association which is the root of a deeper spiritual meaning, for in fact the volcano and later the pyramid represented not only the human body with its chakras and kundalini power but also the whole galaxy as a larger unit in which the Galactic Centre played a central role as the source of the kundalini- the muladhara-root chakra of the whole galaxy. She created from her womb in an explosive way like a volcano. The earth and heavens reflected the same pattern as the galaxy and the human body so that the Earth too had a womb through which the Sun god was born, created through the volcano. The volcano was the creator god/ goddess married in one aas Shiv-Shakti, Yin aand Yang the two polarities were united through a third force which turned it into a holy trinity, and so all our demi-god figures were originally shown with snake bodies

often tied to a partner of the opposite sex. They were associated with volcanoes and their copy the pyramid, this includes Jesus and Osiris and the legendary emperor Fu Xi and Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan down which the snake is seen to run.

Left: Picture of Nuwa the original goddess later wife-sister of Fuxi another of those nagual pairs. They married on a mountain - she his sister. They represent the chakras of each body, the volcano and the galactic axis from the Pleiades, Alcyone and Orion and the Yang Sun power above, to the Galactic Centre and the Full Moon below at root. The skirt of Fuxi and Nuwa combined shows the volcanic connection as it is formed like a mountain out of which their reddish flaming bodies arise, and the mountain skirt is decorated with lava. The form of the lava is curled like the smoke rising from the central American engraving of the volcanic eruption. This I believe is the origin of the so called jaguar paw motif in Mayan art which is shown aslo in many crop circles connected to volcanic themes and placed near sacred mountains. In legend Fuxi and Nuwa were married in the Kun-lun mountains under rather eruptive circumstances, perhaps in the same way that Jesus will marry his bride and birth the new Earth. K'un is also the name of the Sagittarius (galactic root-serpenttail) area in the I Ching and Kun is the root of words like kunt- cunt a hollow place- womb. Above far right you see the volcano and the astrological

cycle with the Galactic Centre at base and root in the kundalini womb of the Earth. The whole cosmology and mythical reality was based on this cosmic understanding of the volcano. So the entrance to the underworld was in caves close to a volcano, so the river styx was envisaged to begin at 8° Libra etc, so we see how the signs of winter are associated with the underworld and the signs and houses of day and summer were originally and correctly associated with heaven. The peak of heaven was in the Gemini area. Aries the first son of God, the first born Ram was the volcano as it first erupted, as the solar power first ascended out of the underworld. The higher gods reigned on top of a mountain but the root creator elements might live at the base. Astrology has been terribly handicapped by its loss of knowledge of the Galactic Centre. It has been like playing chess against a scientific adversary when one has lost one's queen. Of course this hysterectomy on astrology has also cut us off from any possibility of conceiving what our ancestors understood in their myths. Let us look at some of the worst eruptions in history and replace the galactic womb area in the chart. THE ERUPTION OF VESUVIUS AUGUST 79 AD Look at the chart of the eruption of Vesuvius back in 79 AD.

I found this chart, which I had long been curious about, on the blog of a fellow astrologer called Valerie Lavina, with a really excellent interpretation, emphasizing correctly the importance of Mars conjunct the South Node (Ketu) in Aries, and Saturn in Aquarius. Yet how empty and directionless this chart now looks to me when compared with the chart showing the missing piece of the puzzle, the Galactic Centre, in c. 3°i of the tropical sign Sagittarius. You can see how the picture is changed by the inclusion if you look below.

In the above chart we can now see that the Moon is conjunct the Galactic Centre and the ascendant of the chart. Also it is opposite Jupiter and in fact the Galactic Centre makes a grand cross with the Moon and the other most important body, our Sun, as also Mercury and Uranus and all this occurs on the angles of the chart. Now we have three „bows“ in the chart, one to Mars (the Lesser Malefic) conjunct the South Node, and two new ones:one to Saturn (the Great Malefic) and one to the Galactic Centre. The constellation Sagittarius where the Galactic Centre is found is associated with an even more malefic area in Vedic astrology. This is where the

disastrous South Node Ketu is given his true home. He is shown as the tail of a snake. Below is the full adaptation of the chart in colour including the Galactic Centre with what I call a bow and arrow aspect pointing at the Galactic centre, as also at Saturn and at Mars in the fire sign Aries conjunct the South Node. This mixture of a grand cross or T square and then with a bow and arrow or partial bow and arrow pointed at the Galactic Centre is one of the most lethal signs one can have for disasters, so it is interesting that Sagittarius, the sign and constellation in which the Galactic Centre is placed, is also given such a bow and arrow pointing towards the Galactic Centre and the deadly scorpion whose sting is close to and below that centre.

Pluto was not included in Valerie Lavina's chart but would have been at the end of Aquarius closing on Uranus opposite

the Sun and square Jupizter and the Ascendant with the GC, so exaggerating the grand cross. This chart above, of the 79 AD eruption, is quite a typical chart for a major disaster. Compare it with the Tsunami 2004 below in which there is also a bow and arrow to the Galactic Centre and a grand cross.

The Earthquake and Tsunami occurred as the Moon was opposite the Sun conjunct the Galactic Centre and a bow and arrow forms. It has also been claimed that the earthquake that caused the Tsunami 2004 was a typical volcanic earthquake and that the flanks of Mount Toba beneath the seas rose by many meters during the earthquake. Certainly afterwards, in January and again in April 2005 a number of volcanoes erupted. The North NOde of the Moon(Rahu) was then travelling through Aries. Mars was square Uranus as the earthquake occurred, however there was no bow pointing at Mars or Aries, or essential involvement of these signs, to suggest that this disaster would be a volcanic one as there had been by the 79 AD eruption. The most famous eruption is perhaps that of Krakatau in 1883 and here again you can see a similar involvement of planets, especially Uranus in a T square, just as it was by the eruption of Vesuvius that buried Pompeii, Stabiae and Herculanum, killing about 30,000 in 79 AD. Krakatau's eruption and calderic collapse caused a tsunami with over

36,000 deaths. By Krakatau Mars was opposite the Galactic centre with the Moon. This conjunction is very explosive.

VOLCANO KRAKATAU ERUPTS 1883 By this eruption Mercury is conjunct Uranus in a T square and the North Node in both cases is involved in a bow to the GC. VOLCANO ERUPTS 1815 TAMBORA

The worst eruption in recent times of the Indonesian volcano Tambora, caused the deaths of over 90,000 directly and led to famine and weather anomalies in the following year all over the world. In June 1816 New Hampshire, USA experienced snow and the crops failed.

Here again we see the involvement of Uranus, this time conjunct the Galactic Centre in the fire sign Sagittarius. The Sun and Moon are in the fire sign Aries. Looking at all eruptions (ie of Krakatau and Vesuvius) you will notice that the fire signs and particularly Aries are significant, as also the placings of Mars, and the Nodes of the Moon. Volcano Pelée erupts 1902 On May 8, 1902, the volcano Montagne Pelée on the Caribbean island of Martinique exploded sending pyroclastic flows and surges that went directly into the city of Saint-Pierre, then the capital of Martinique. The city was completely devestated killing all but one of its estimated 30,000 inhabitants. Nevado Colombia del Ruiz,

On November 13, 1985, the glacier-covered volcano in the Colombian Andes Mountain awoke. The small eruption sent and pyroclastic flows across the glacier and snowfields, generating a great flood. The resulting mudflow swept down the valleys. The town of Armero was struck at night, when most of the town’s inhabitants were sleeping, and it was buried. An estimated 23,000 people were killed.

Having seen the involvement now of Uranus aspecting the Galactic Centre, as also various other typical involvement of the fire signs, Aries etc, one should not be surprised that in the coming years when Uranus enters Aries aspects both the Galactic centre and Pluto and is often involved in powerful T squares and grand crosses there will be large volcanic eruptions. End Part I

Susan Seymour Hedke

5 August 2009


Galactic Centre has always been astronomically (or sidereally) at the beginning of the constellation Sagittarius and here in 79 AD was also tropically in the same area.

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