Three pointer altimeters. Tests shall be performed at approximately 77 (±9) °F or 25 (±5) °C is a Hass Type A-1 or e!

"i#ale$t mer%"rial barometer& '$less other(ise spe%ified ea%h test for performa$%e may be %o$d"%ted (ith the i$str"me$t s"b)e%ted to #ibratio$ to remo#e fri%tio$ effe%ts a$d (ith the barometri% press"re s%ale of the altimeter set to29&92 i$%hes of mer%"ry (H*)

Counter pointer altimeters

+erform the follo(i$* tests i$ the i$str"me$t shop Tests shall be performed "$der the follo(i$* %o$ditio$s "si$* a Hass Type A-1 or e!"i#ale$t mer%"rial barometer or ma$ometer, --oom temperat"re is 77 (±9) °F or25 (±5) °C & .arometri% press"re is 29&92 i$%hes of mer%"ry (H*)& -/i*hti$* po(er 5&0 (±0&1) #olts a% or d% or 1&0 (atts maxim"m& - 2ibrator po(er 23 (41&0) #olts d% or 90&0 milliamps -1 5%ale error test& -Co$$e%t barometer a$d #a%""m p"mp to altimeter& Co$$e%t ele%tri%al li$es to altimeter& For a period of at least 6 ho"rs prior to testi$* altimeter shall be held at atmospheri% press"re& The barometri% dial shall be set at 29&92 i$%hes of mer%"ry (H*) a$d remai$ there thro"*ho"t the test& The dire%tio$ of approa%h i$setti$*

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