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Dear sir, Application – marketing manager I am interested in the marketing manager position advertised in THE STAR, Thursday, 4August , !!"# My long term experience in the ser ice industry has taught me ho! to meet and exceed each customer"s expectations !ith ser ice that sells# $ ha e assisted all types o% customers in all types o% settings& $ reali'e that ac(uiring and maintaining loyal repeat business as !ell as spreading the !ord o% your business through these loyal patrons is o% the utmost importance in e ery company& Positioning a company %or better exposure and greater mar)etability is a tas) that $ ha e per%ormed !ith success many times& *o %urther ac(uaint you !ith the speci%ics o% my bac)ground $ am enclosing my resume& $ hope you !ill consider me %or this position& $ loo) %or!ard to meeting !ith you and discussing my (uali%ications in more detail& Sincerely, Your Signature Your *yped Name +++++++

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