17) What is the symbol of the field effect transistor?

18) Silicon Control Rectifier (SCR) symbol?

19) Common emitter symbol?

Reverse bias .ener diode (ill be? .20) Photo cond cti!e diode symbol? 21) "i!es the meanin# of $%&'? 22) 'his dia#ram sho(n? 2)) *n a !olta#e circ it+ a .

3 face stator and 3 face rotors 22) 1 silicon diode (hen com3ared to #ermani m diode has? .Higher forward bias .2.) *n a /P/ transistor+ the P stands for? 20) 1 differential synchronal bias? .

com 3. www. Lecturer notes 2. Hashim Bin Ibrahim .wikipedia. Mr.R&%&&R&/C&4 1.

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