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Biology Essentials- Communities Guided Viewing Worksheet

1: What is ecology? The study of our house. The study of life on our planet and how they interact. 2: What is BBECP ? !"e#ine each$ Biosphere (where ever life is on our planet) Biome (areas that have similar climate) Ecosystem (adding a biotic factors; temperature) Community (not only that one specie, but others as well. population is interacting) !opulation (a group of a specie together) "rganism (cells ma#e tissues, tissues ma#e organs, organs ma#e organ systems, and organ systems ma#e organisms) one individual %: What is a community? Communities have structure. They are based upon what species are found there and what$s the total diversity of the species in that area. The species are then going to interact, the intimate interactions are called symbiosis. Communities are made up of populations and populations change over time one of the ways they change over time is they grow. ll populations will under go e%ponential growth as they start to ta#e off, but eventually they hit some limiting factors, some of those are based on their density and some are not they are called density dependent and interdependent limiting factors. &: What is s'ecies com'osition? &tarting with a community itself and counting a certain thing li#e pine trees and counting how many there are of each type and put the results in a pie chart would be species composition. (: What is s'ecies di)ersity !*iodi)ersity$? Where is the greatest s'ecies di)ersity? &howing the total of something that was collected in an area. The greatest species diversity would be where the rain forests are located.

+: E,'lain the e,am'le o# sym*iosis with -ea# Cutter .nts and the #ungus and *acteria on the ant/ 'eaf cutter ants cut a leaf off and carry it bac# underground into their mound. &o basically what they do is they feed it to a fungus within that leaf cutter ant colony. The fungus then brea#s down the cellulose and produces this sugar that the ants can then eat. This is a symbiotic relationship between the ant and the fungus, the fungus gets the constant supply of food a place to live and then its going to provide food for the ants. nd when they form a new colony the ants will carry the fungus with them. There is a bacteria on the ant that is similar to the bacteria we use to ma#e our antibiotics so now we have a materialistic relationship between the ant and the bacteria. 0: What is an e,'onential growth 'attern? E,'lain/ (rowth whose rate becomes ever more rapid in proportion to the growing total number or si)e. 1: What are the limiting #actors to growth/ E,'lain *oth density de'endent and density inde'endent #actors/ 'imiting factors due to e%ponential growth means that we will run out of resources, disease is going to ta#e over. *ensity dependent is based on the si)e of the population li#e lac# of food and density independent are going to be things not related to population si)e, related to chance li#e a tsunami or volcanic eruption. 2: What is a logistic growth 'attern? E,'lain/ Both independent and dependent density are going to act on the e%ponential growth and eventually going to level it off and all populations will under go logistic growth. &o logistic growth is the leveling off. 13: What is the carrying ca'acity? "e#ine/ Carrying capacity is the ma%imum number of individuals in an area that it can support. 11: What is an age-structure diagram !'o'ulation 'yramid$? 4ow it is set-u'? What does it tell you? n age structure diagram is set up with guys one one side girls on the other. &hows which population that is going to ta#e off become e%ponential growth. 12: What is the sha'e o# a 'o'ulation 'yramid o# a young 'o'ulation !e,'onential growth$? What is the sha'e o# a 'o'ulation o# a sta*le 'o'ulation !logistic growth$? The shape of a population pyramid of a young population starts out wide from the bottom and gets smaller as you go up li#e a triangle. The shape of a population of a stable population is there are a lot of people that are older and there is this bubble in the middle that are the baby bloomers. nd then it drops off at the bottom.