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Hindu Fast & Festivals

Hindu Fast & Festivals


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Published by Jyotindra
Describes about festiovals and fasts.
Describes about festiovals and fasts.

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Published by: Jyotindra on Aug 05, 2009
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THIS FALLS on the first day of the month of Chaitra (March-April) according to
Chandramana. This is a day of rejoicing. This is new year’s day for the people of Andhra Pradesh
and also the Telugu people all over the world.

Those who live north of the Vindhya hills observe Barhaspatyamana. Those living south of
the Vindhya hills observe Sauramana or Chandramana.

There is a peculiarity about the practices of the various sects of Brahmins; one who is not
conversant with them finds it difficult to understand their meaning. Even though they are all
Brahmins, certain differences in their lineage may be traced among them. These become manifest
the solar system, and others according to the lunar system, with the result that despite all being
Brahmins, the New Year differs among different sects. Thus there is a Telugu New Year’s Day; a
Tamil New Year’s Day, and a New Year’s Day distinct from these in the almanac of North India.

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