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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY HEADQUARTERS, US. ARMY AERONAUTICAL SERVICES AGENCY $825 GUNSTON ROAD, SUTENG"@ FORT BELVOIR, VB 22060-8582 ATAS-Al DEC 21 2006 MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, US Army Training and Doctrine Command (ATTG-IA/ Mr. Johnson), 102 McNair Dr, Fort Monroe, VA 23651-1047 ‘Commander, US Army Test and Evaluation Command (CSTE-OP-AV), 4501 Ford Ave, Alexandria, VA 22302-1458 Commander, US Army Military District of Washington (ANAV-CB), 103 Third Ave, Fort MeNair, Washington, DC 20319-5058 Commander, Installation Management Command (IMAH-OPS), 2511 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202 SUBJECT: Army Aircraft Landing Authorization Number (AALAN) For Canadian Forces 1. Reference: a. AR 95-2, Air Traffic Control, Airspace, Airfields, Flight Activities, and Navigational Aids, 10 August 1990. b, Memorandum, US Army Aeronautical Services Agency, 27 Mar 01, SAB c. Memorandum, US Army Aeronautical Services Agency, 21 Nov 01, SAB. 2. References 1.b. and 1.¢. are rescinded. 3. Canadian Forces aircraft are granted an exemption to AALAN requirements for the following Army airfields (AAF) provided the aircraft do not carry hazardous materials or VIPs: Biggs AAF, Fort Bliss, TX Cairns AF, Fort Rucker, AL Campbell AAF, Fort Campbell, KY Davison AF, Fort Belvoir, VA Godman AAF, Fort Knox, KY Gray AAF, Fort Lewis, WA Hunter AAF, Fort Stewart, GA Lawson AAF, Fort Benning, GA Libby AAF, Fort Huachuca, AZ Los Alamitos AAF, Los Alamitos, CA Phillips AAF, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD ATAS-Al Subject: Army Aircraft Landing Authorization Number (AALAN) For Canadian Forces Polk AF, Fort Polk, LA Redstone AF, Redstone Arsenal, AL Robert Gray AAF, Fort Hood, TX Simmons AAF, Fort Bragg, NC Wainwright AAF, Fort Wainwright, AK Wheeler-Sack AAF, Fort Drum, NY 4, Canadian Forces aircraft operating in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and/or Noble Eagle carrying hazardous materials are included in the exception to AALAN requirements outlined in paragraph 3. Canadian Forces are required to obtain advance approval from the destination airfield a minimum of 24 hours prior to requested landing. Exceptions to the 24 hour advance approval, for short notice or classified missions, may be granted by the installation/garrison commander or designated representative. 5. Point of contact is Mr. William McCormick, DSN 656-4864, COMM (703)806-4864, email ALLEN S. BAKER COL, AV Commanding CF: Canadian Defence Liaison Staff HQDA, DAMO-ODO