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US Defense Intelligence Agency History of Afghanistan (Presentation)

US Defense Intelligence Agency History of Afghanistan (Presentation)

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Graduate of al-Azhar University (Cairo)
and member of Muslim Brotherhood

Brilliant writer, organizer, lobbyist

Issued 1979 fatwa “Defense of Muslim
Lands, the First Obligation after Faith”

1981 evicted from Jordan, moved to KSA,
then Pakistan; estab. Maktab al-Khadmat

(“Services Office”)

First volunteers in anti-Soviet Jihad were his
students and associates
Salary at International Islamic University
paid by Muslim World League

"Whoever can, from among the Arabs, fight jihad in Palestine, then he must
start there. And, if he is not capable, then he must set out for Afghanistan"

Directorate for Human Capital

U.S. sees conflict as means to weaken the Soviet Union

1978: Anti-Soviet Propaganda

Operation Cyclone: financial
support increases ($20 million
1980 to $630 million in 1987)

1980s: U.S. authorizes Stinger
MANPADS & PM trainers

1985-87: Soviets focus on Exit Strategy

Charlie Wilson’s War

Directorate for Human Capital

Sept 1987: Dr. Muhammad
Najibullah Ahmadzai
Pres. Karmal

Becomes 4th President of DRA
Effective manager
Charismatic politician-orator
Ghilzai Pashtun, born in Kabul, family from
Gardez, Paktia
AKA Najib-e Gaw (“Bull”) for wrestler’s
physique & bullish manner

1980 - 85: Serves as Min. of
State Security (KHAD)

Arrested & tortured many Afghans
Pol-e Kharki Prison becomes more infamous

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