Dell Current and Prospective Target Markets

Current Market
Dell currently has a number of computers that target 2 particular markets.
1. Large- to Mid-Size Business
– 36 to 50 year old
– White males
– Upper-Middle to Upper Class
2. Consumers, Students, Small Home Office
– 18 to 35 year old
– White males
– Middle Class

The coipoiation maikets ceitain bianu names to uiffeient consumei segments. It
typically sells the 0ptiplex, Latituue, anu Piecision names to miu anu laige business
customeis, wheie the company's auveitising emphasizes long life-cycle, ieliability anu
The Bimension, Inspiion, anu XPS bianus have an oiientation towaius consumeis,
stuuents, anu small home office enviionments, emphasizing value, peifoimance anu
expanuability. (laige focus in this consumei base)
Bell iecently ie-intiouuceu the Bell XPS bianu to taiget the luciative gaming
maiket. Bell XPS uesktop systems use blue iathei than the black cases founu on newei Bell

Our Prospective Target Markets
Our team will refocus the advertising and marketing to target 2 particular markets.
1. Women
2. Minorities (particularly African-Americans, Latinos, and Asians)
Both in:
• Large- to Mid-Size Business
– 36 to 50 year old
– Upper-Middle to Upper Class
• Consumers, Students, Small Home Office
– 18 to 35 year old
– Middle Class

We will stay in the same demographics for the business and consumer class as Dell is
currently pursuing. The only difference is that we will replace the "white male" in each category
with women and/or minorities. The reasoning behind this is that women are becoming equal
decision makers in the home and in business and minorities tend to show brand loyalty. Since
the components of Dell computers are similar to other PC manufacturers (because the
components rarely vary that drastically across manufacturers) Dell needs to build the current
customer base and maintain a strong customer loyalty.

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