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sample lang example test
sample lang example test

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Course: Pain and Pain Management Learners: Nursing Students DURATION: 6 HOURS/2 S SSIONS

U!on "om!#etion o$ t%e sessions& t%e #earners 'i## (e a(#e to: 1. Compare the characteristics of acute pain, chronic pain, and cancer pain. 2. Explain the pathophysiology of pain. 3. Demonstrate the appropriate use of pain measurement instruments/pain scales. 4. Identify and compare different pharmacologic and non pharmacologic management of pain. !. Explain the physiologic "asis of pain relief inter#entions. $. Explain the impact of pain on health status. %. &se the nursing process as a frame'or( for the care of patients 'ith pain. ). De#elop a plan of care to pre#ent and relie#e the ad#erse effects of analgesic agents. *. De#elop a plan of care for patients 'ith pain TOPICS CONT NT: 1. Definition +f ,ain 2. -ypes +f ,ain/Classification +f ,ain 3. Characteristics +f ,ain 4. ,athophysiology +f ,ain !. .armful Effects +f ,ain $. /actors 0ffecting ,ain 1esponse %. 2ursing 0ssessment +f ,ain %.1 Instruments /or 0ssessing ,ain %.2 ,ain 3cales ). 2urse4s 1ole In ,age 5anagement *. ,ain 5anagement 3trategies *.1 ,harmacologic *.2 2on ,harmacologic *.3 2eurologic 0nd 2eurosurgical 0pproaches -o ,ain 5anagement 16. E#aluating ,ain 5anagement 3trategies 11. 3ample Case 3tudy

0 . ).Course: Pain and Pain Management Learners: Nursing Students DURATION: 6 HOURS/2 S SSIONS LEARNING DOMAIN / TOPICS )*C%ara"teristi"s /T+!e O$ Pain Knowledge Comprehen Applicati Analysi Eval ati !ynthe sion on s on sis TOTAL 2*Pat%o!%+sio#o g+ O$ Pain -* $$e"ts O$ Pain and P%arma"o#ogi"a# T.*Pain Management Strategies 6*Sam!#e Case Stud+ TOTAL ! ! . ! . ! ! ! 20 ! ! )0 ! ! )0 ). /*Nursing Pro"ess on Patient 'it% Pain . )0 )0 .

to"acco. mari<uana. 3pinal Cord C. lo' "ac( pain. 7hich medication is the "est choice to treat "rea(through pain for a patient 'ho is currently recei#ing methadone 8Dolophine9. Cere"ral Cortex D. C. e#ery ) hours= 0. -ransdermal fentanyl 8Duragesic9 . TOPIC: CO2NITI3 L 3 L: NURSIN2 PROC SS ON PATI NT 5/ PAIN 3ALUATION 2. 5edulla +"longata . 3ustained release morphine 853 Contin9 D. alcohol.. 5ethadone 8Dolophine9 .. the pain management nurse as(s the patient a"out the use of: 0. D. . -he nurse correctly explains to the patient that pain is percei#ed and interpreted in 'hich of the follo'ing "rain structures= 0..rain 3tem. TOPIC: 11 CTS O1 PAIN AND PHARMACOLO2IC TR ATM NT CO2NITI3 L 3 L: 3ALUATION 1. 16 mg. 7hen assessing a patient for possi"le side effects related to acetaminophen 8-ylenol9. opioids.TOPIC: CO2NITI3 L 3 L: PATHOPH4SIOLO24 O1 PAIN ANAL4SIS 1. . 0 !3 year old patient is as(ing the nurse 'hy he is experiencing chronic. Immediate release morphine 853 I19 C.

. pain assessment. D. -halamus >. 0n )! year old male patient. the patient4s family is included in the education sessions. D.rain 3tem. C. . . . additional time is needed for the patient to process the information. 3 times a day.. older adults are una"le to use pain scales relia"ly. D.lan the nurse initially focuses her 2C. on patient?s: 0. . psychological e#aluation. TOPIC: CO2NITI3 L 3 L: SAMPL CAS a!!#i"ation STUD4 3. need for antipsychotics. Cere"ellum . . is recei#ing methadone 8Dolophine9. +n formulating 2ursing Care . E. C.rain 3tem .. 7hen teaching a $! year old patient to use a pain scale. physical therapy e#aluation.TOPIC: CO2NITI3 L 3 L: Pain Management Strategies APPLICATION 2. the nurse anticipates that: 0. TH M : OPTIONS: 0. the . and an ina"ility to get out of "ed.ain 0ssessment in 0d#anced Dementia 3cale is appropriate for the patient.ypothalamus /. 16 mg. -he patient4s 'ife tells the pain management nurse that her hus"and exhi"its a lac( of moti#ation. loss of appetite.ons I. . PATHOPH4SIOLO24 O1 PAIN 5edulla +"longata 3pinal Cord Cere"ral Cortex .. C. 'ith a history of prostate cancer and metastasis to the lum"ar spine.

3ulfasalaDine E.. -etracycline 1.aracetamol C. 5orphine reinforce his (no'ledge explaining that the "ody structure mainly in#ol#e in gate control theory is the= 0ns'er . 0CE inhi"itors D. . .rocainamide +. 5orphine I. 3pinal Cord 0. . .. patient as(s the nurse 'hy he is experiencing nausea and #omiting 1.. -he nurse correctly explains to the patient that pain is percei#ed and interpreted in 'hich of the follo'ing "rain structures= 0ns'er C. Demerol . 0mitriptyline 3. 0cetaminophen . Cere"ral Cortex 6T ND D MATCHIN2 T4P TH M : PHARMACOLO24 1OR PAIN 2. 7hich of medications should theControl nurse anticipates to 'ill se#ere pain isthe stillfollo'ing confused a"out the term F>ate -heoryG. 0tenolol /. -he nurse correctly responded to lo'er extremities that is not responding to 230IDs. 5edulla +"longata A. 5etronidaDole A. 0fter the doctor?s rounds. 0mitriptyline B. 0miodarone C. lo' "ac( pain. @ou anticipate that the the patient if she 'as a"le to explain that this is due to in#ol#ement of 'hich physician 'ill order 'hich ad<u#ant medication for this type of pain= 023: "rain structure= 0ns'er 0. 0spirin E.rednisone 2. I"uprofen . +xycodone .o. 0 !3 year old patient is as(ing the nurse 'hy he is experiencing chronic. the patient 'ho is diagnosed 'ith moderate to 2.1.enicillin 5.. . 0 32 y. @ou prescri"e for patient"y 'ith cancer pain= .leomycin >. 0 time client 'ith neuropathy a "urning.. electrical type in the e#ery she is dia"etic experiencing se#ere reports pain.

is recei#ing i"uprofen 85otrin9 466 mg. 1ORMULATIN2 NURSIN2 CAR PLAN S4NTH SIS . t'ice a day. -he patient states.SUPPL4 T4P : CAS SC NARIO: 0 4! year old male patient reports pain in his foot that mo#es up along his calf.H -he patient further descri"es that he has no pre#ious history of in<uries or falls. and that his pain started yesterday. H5y right foot feels li(e it is on fire.

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