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The Two Brothers Egyptian Folktale

Act while opportunity happens .•Bata makes hay while the sun shines.

Thoroughly beaten that bruises are visible .The wife of Anpu was beaten black and blue.

blood pours into his face Face becomes red due to emotion .Knowing the wife‘s dishonesty.

anger. or exasperation .After killing the wife. Exhausted from exertion. Anpu was blue in the face.

an easy solution .Bata had made an easy way out to the mountains.

with sincerity . Bata supported his brother Anpu.In good faith.

A feeling of annoyance .Anpu felt a pain in the neck when he heard his wife‘s explanation.

with humility .She bent her knees for forgiveness.

a consequence of her act .Anpu‘s wife accepted the dose of her own medicine.

Ra to seek consolation find comfort or refuge .Bata kept company with god.

Anpu took the law into his hands pass his own judgement .


The Two Brothers Egyptian Folktale .

The selection which you are about to read is considered the oldest literary piece believed to have been written 3000 years before Christ. respect and love for family and reverence to God as depicted in this selection. . Find out the similarities of Egyptians and Filipinos in terms of culture. beliefs.

so he took his little brother with him and treated him like his son. When their parents died. Anpu was the elder. . and Bata was the younger. Anpu was already married and had a house of his own.Once there were two brothers.

When the little brother grew to be a young man. he became an excellent worker. He harvested the corn. Behold the spirit of the god was with him . and there was no one his equal in the whole land. He did the plowing.

and he took with him his bread. the younger brother followed his oxen and worked all day in the fields. He laid all these before his elder brother. he returned to the house with vegetables. and he drove the cattle into the field .Every morning. and wood. and every evening. milk.

―Get up and give me some corn that I may run to the field for my elder brother is in a hurry.Because Anpu loved his younger brother very much. Do not delay. they needed some corn. his wife became very jealous and she wanted to destroy Bata.‖ . One day. so Anpu sent Bata home to get some. when Anpu and Bata were in the fields. The younger brother found the wife combing her hair and said to her.

She did not give him water to wash his hands with.At eventide. She showed him her arms and legs which he had painted black and blue and accused Bata of having beaten her up. She pretended to be in great pain. . Anpu was met by his wife. She pretended that she was very sick. Anpu returned home earlier than his brother because Bata had much work to do in the fields. She did not light the fire for him. who was crying bitterly.

. When the sun went down. loaded with herbs. he saw the feet of his brother and the sharp knife hanging by his side. milk and wood. Bata came home as usual. As he entered the door.Anpu became very angry. He sharpened his knife and waited for Bata in the stable.

―My good Lord! Save me from death. thou who divines the evil from the good.‖ Ra heard his cry. He made a river flow between one brother and the other and filled it with crocodiles.The brother sprang from him and Bata fled praying to the god Ra. .

‖ Bata answered. Have I told you that I have always looked upon her as my mother?‖ .Bata asked his elder brother. I shall go to the Valley of the Acacia.‖ Anpu answered. ―Why did you beat up my wife and almost kill her. ―I did not do such thing. ―Why do you seek to kill me? Am I not your brother and have you not always treated me as if you were my father? Has not your wife been as mother to me? Now since you want to kill me.

So. Filled with great anger. Anpu killed his wife and cast her to the dogs. He found his wife near the river washing off the black and blue dye with which she had painted herself. he sat down. poured ashes on his head and mourned for his younger brother . Then. Anpu went home.

She was like a goddess. ―Behold.‖So Khunumu made for Bata a wife to dwell with him. Since there was no one with him. and Bata loved her very much. Ra said to the god Khunumu. . She was indeed more beautiful than any other woman in the whole land. frame a woman for Bata that he may not remain alone.Bata reached the Valley of Acacia. built himself a house and met the Nine Gods who knew of his innocence and goodness. he slew wild beasts for food.